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Italian Culture Evangelist, Greater Seattle, classes to all-level, In-person, online, cook-together class

Italian native speaker, B.A. and M.A. in Foreign Languages, Italian and Spanish. Adjunct Professor, school teacher, Translator and Interpreter. Cooking classes; cultural sessions.

Greater London
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Native speaker offers Italian conversation lesson online through Skype to all levels

Italian native speaker, with about 10 years experience in teaching 1 to 1 and and to small groups (Italian and Spanish) offers Italian lessons tailored to your needs. All levels. Groups welcomed Lesson through Skype, all material included. Each class can be book up to 24 hours in advance.

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Fun and effective Italian, English, Creative Writing and Yoga teaching in Leeds from Oxford educated graduate

I have completed an MA in Italian Literature from Oxford University and have lived in Italy for many years. I am currently teaching yoga, Italian and writing a novel in Leeds. I taught English language for years in Naples, Italy and teach in a fun, instinctive and effective style.

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Italian University Student in Mathematics and Statistics gives Italian and Maths lessons in Glasgow/Edinburgh

My teaching methods rely mostly on helping my students to engage more with the subject taught, to understand why certain things are unclear and to work excitedly towards a goal. Some of the method I could use based on the level taught would be The Direct Method, Grammar-Translation, Suggestopedia etc..

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Learn Italian with an experienced native teacher. I am based in Cambridge where I teach privately and in a secondary school. I can prepare you for exams (GCSE, a-level or Plida) or simply help you lea

I have been teaching Italian in both language institutes and state schools in Spain, Australia and England. I have a solid knowledge of the Italian curriculum and requirements for GCSE, AS and A2-LEVEL exams. My approach is communicative and I teach the real language in the context.

Greater London
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Italian native speaker gives italian lessons to pupils, offering didactic materials to learn and a customized teaching

I'm an italian native speaker who gives italian lessons. I'm study languages at the university. I think the best way to learn a language it's practice a lot. That's why the lesson structure is about not just rules, but even speaking, writing and listening.

Greater London
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Native Italian Speaker with many years of experience gives Italian lessons online

I am a Tourism Services Technician and I teach anyone interested in learning Italian. Lessons take place online via Skype. In my lessons, I use a wide variety of official Cambridge and Oxford materials. A lot of conversation will be also at the 1st place.

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Italian native speaker available for speaking lessons in Cambridge city centre or online

I offer friendly and open teaching to people keen in learning the Italian language at different levels of learning. We can work on a learning system that will work effectively for you according to your interests. I can improve your spoken and written skills making it fun so talking about your hobbies, the last film you watched or your favourite football team.

Greater London
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Italian language 1to1 lessons for adults, students and children with mother tongue teacher

I am specialized in tutoring Italian for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. My objective is to keep students challenged but not overwhelmed.

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Native Italian Graduated in Languages ​​gives class and repetition (all levels are welcome)

Each person has his / her requirements, so let's see the student's 'weak points' together and from there we'll plan a targeted course. We will train everything in general (writing, vocabulary, oral expression and grammar) during our lesson with also tips and curiosity of Italian culture. We can also use video, extra material or my manual.

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English student and Italian native speaker teaches in Brighton online or meeting

I am a 22 year old student from Switzerland currently living in Brighton.

New York
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A tutor with 10 years of experience in teaching English, Italian and Russian! Click here

I am a foreign languages tutor with 10 years of experience, and I am looking to develop professional network and to traget students. I am a hardworking professional and a skilled teacher. I graduated with honors in 2007. Then, I got the second teaching category after only a year of teaching in 2010 and worked for two years as a freelance translator.

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Enjoy learning Inglese and Italian with me - only online language courses

Hi everybody! I am a bilingual teacher of Italian as a second language and of English as a foreign language in Italian public and private schools. I have a top-notch expertise in teaching these two languages, but also other subjects in English, like geography or history. I grew up in Italy but I have spent various periods of time in English, Spanish, and German-speaking countries.

Richmond County
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A Journalist and Writer with a Law Degree gives lesson in her native language: Italian!

Even if Italian is not one of the most spoken language in the world, is absolutely one of the most fascinating, for its sound and its melody. I will teach the basic rules and how to create a simple sentence for who is just interested in visit the country.

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Degree in English Language imparts lessons in Palermo in person or via Skype

Degree in Languages ​​with a major in English, I have already made a lot of lessons to private and I also had an experience abroad as a teacher of English and Italian for Foreigners in various schools of Poland and at different levels (from 3 to 18 years). They are available in displacements and online lessons.

Cinisello Balsamo
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Italian as a foreign language and Hungarian as a foreign language teacher in Milan and via Skype

Hi, my name is Andrea. I was born in Hungary and I studied in Budapest. I have a degree in Education and Psychology. I am an Italian and Hungarian as a foreign language teacher. I spent six months in England as an au-pair, so I had the opportunity to improve my English. I'm currently living in Cinisello Balsamo, in the province of Milan. At university I studied so much about methodology.

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Certified Italian L2 Teacher, mother tongue, Online lesson through Skype, CELTA and CELTYL qualified, natural approach, Skype Lessons

I have been teaching for the past 10 years giving lessons to both children and adults at all levels. My teaching method is the so called natural approach, emphasising communication and oral expression while learning the grammar through speaking.

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Italian native speakers gives lessons in Italian from beginner level to UNi level

I'm a qualified native speaker and I'm really passionate about Italian language and culture. I adapt my teaching to the individual needs. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Italian (GCSE, AS, A level and post A level) Italian cookery - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Master student graduated in Literature, Art and Contemporary Dance offers Italian classes language and literature oriented up to University Level and French classes up to medium level.

My teaching method of the language is strongly grammatically oriented, which helps to understand the structure of the language itself and gives tools to decrypt languages in general, along with literature and art suggestions to embrace the culture as well as the language.

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MSc Italian native student based in Manchester offering Italian tutoring based to your needs ( conversation, grammar , holiday classes, reading , speaking , exam preparation)

My teaching is based on the student requirement, I have always prepared my lessons in advance using a mix of methods for every lesson. These methods included conversation , introduction of a new word as well as practice in reading , speaking and listening.

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Broaden your travel horizons by learning Italian from an American linguist online

I believe that every individual learns and thrives differently and my most important job as a tutor and teacher is to help the student decipher their best learning experience.

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Planning to visit Italy? Fancy learning a new language? Have you ever noticed how many Italian words we use in everyday chit-chat? Learn Italian with a native Italian speaker based in Cheltenham, avai

Depending on my students' level I adapt the language method and tailor it to your needs. I like combining personal interests as I believe it is more effective for achieving a successful learning process. I try to make the lessons enjoyable combining grammar with practical written and oral examples. It's crucial not only to focus on grammar but to practice by speaking with a correct pronunciation.

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Italian speaker offering lessons at beginner and intermediate levels at a competitive rate in Maidenhead, surrounding areas and Central London

My lessons are very interactive and focus on speaking, reading and writing skills. I will also give my students work to take away with them and practice before our next lesson.

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Italian teacher with several years of experience and loads of patience offering lessons in London

Every student learns differently, so as a teacher I adapt to what works best for each student. If a student wants to learn vocab though puzzles or improve their conversational skills through cartoons or simply work on standard grammar through books, I do my best to prepare each lesson accordingly.

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Italian native speaker with a master degree in Languages and Literatures gives private lessons of Italian language in Kogarah

A passionate Italian tutor for all ages- from school-aged through to university and those who simply want to learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world.Happy to conduct sessions at a local library in Kogarah or all around the area.

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Paolo Polini, Italian teacher/ tutor in Brisbane for anyone who wants to learn Italian.

My teaching method is to ask the client what they intend to do with the language whether it be for business purposes or travelling, then give an evaluation based on what the client wants to do with the language and make a program based and suited to their needs.

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Native Italian speaker recently graduated from Durham University offering language tutoring all levels

I am very flexible with class structures since I want all sessions to be student-tailored. I usually with vocabulary and consolidation of previous topics. Then I often start a conversation to introduce the new topic. For non-academic Italian, my focus is on conversation and vocabulary. I often make use of creative games and role plays during teaching.

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Italian PhD Bioengineering students living in Sicily/San Diego, offering italian lessons online

My teaching method is mainly focused on oral communication. I believe that a language first goal is to understand and being understood. Later, when the student becomes confident in basic communication skills (listening/speaking), I will focus on perfectioning grammar and writing skills.

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Learn how to speak Italian like local with entartaining and fun lessons. I can give lessons in Reading and Bracknell or on Skype.

I try to make my lessons interesting and not boring at all. I strongly believe that you can never learn a language just studying it, but the best way to learn a new language is to have fun while learning it, and funny enough the only way to learn how speak a language is actually speak it, therefore we will have lots of conversations about different topics.

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Italian native speaker offering Italian lessons to become an absolute Italian Pro!

My teaching method is clear and relaxed. I prefer to start from the very beginning and make sure that students have been provided a solid basis to the language. I prefer not to overload students with excessive information, but instead to make sure that what I have taught them is fully understood and verify that via oral and written exercises. No language is too difficult if approached properly.

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