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Greater London
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Italian and Spanish teacher for all the language levels!come and have fun at the lesson with a native graduated teacher !

Are you going on holidays abroad and you want to improve your basic language knowledge to speak with natives? Are you passionate about Italy/Spain and you want to learn a new language?Can you speak Italian/Spanish but you want improve your language skills? Well,this is the place for you! Ciao,Hola, Hi Italian,Spanish Lovers e benvenuti/bienvenidos/Welcome! I'm Giuseppe ,a graduated teacher...

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Italian MBA professional gives italian classes for everyone and at any level

I have an MBA and several professional certifications in finance but I always enjoying teaching on my spare time. I enjoy seeing progress on my students. I am flexible and I can teach at any level you need and at your own pace.

Colorado Springs
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Italian teacher available for online classes in Colorado Springs and Denver area

I was born and raised in Italy where I also earned a Bachelor degree in Communication at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo. I moved in the United States 10 years ago and I have been teaching Italian privately since 2014.

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Italian lessons with native Italian teacher - skilled and professional - lessons via Skype

My name is Fabiana and I’m Italian. I’ve attended University studies in Italy, Brazil and Portugal. I have two years of experience in teaching Italian. I’m working as an Italian business instructor in an international fashion company.

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1st generation Italian-American gives Italian lessons for beginner to intermediate students in Denver.

1st generation Italian-American providing beginner to intermediate Italian language lessons. High energy and supportive instruction focusing on conversational Italian, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Additional studies include introduction to Italian culture, regional cuisine, and insider travel advice.

1st class FREE!

Italian tutoring online by Italian native speaker who have lived abroad for 7 years. PhD

PhD in Statistical Genetics. I changed my career path a few years ago to become an artist. Right now I support my art tutoring in Italian and Mural Painting. I love tutoring and have experience. I decided to give Italian lessons since I love languages even if I only know English. My programme starts from the basic pronunciation, meeting and greeting people,...to more complex grammar.

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Qualified native speaker teacher of Italian for foreigners offers lessons in Valencia

Italian qualified teacher (title DITALS) experienced with all levels of CEFR in private or group lessons. You start to learn a living language, spoken or written, and then the rules are learned.

(3 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Native Italian, a student of History of Art and Literature gives classes in Paris

I'm a 22 years old italian girl who graduated in Art History and Italian literature, and I am curretly in Paris for an internship. I am (necessarily) Italian mother tongue but I speak 3 languages ​​at the time, and I'm still studying: I know the importance of having an effective learning method to get independent. That's it for languages ​​and the history of art and literature as well.

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Discover and improve your passion and skills for the Italian language in Toronto!

My teaching methods are structured but extremely fun allowing for creativity and growth at all stages. I implement and incorporate a variety of teaching strategies for all learners. Anyone and everyone is accepted regardless of ability or skill level! I can accommodate small groups as well as one on one lessons.

1st class FREE!

International Bsuiness honor student offering Italian and Spanish lessons online or near Grand Valley State University

The way I teach really depends on the age of the student, its knowledge, and the goal of our lessons. I taught 2 years old children as well as 60+ years old adults. Some of them wanted to learn the basics of a language, some needed it for school or to pass a certification exam, and some just wanted to improve their accent.

1st class FREE!

Mothertongue with five years of experience in language learning gives private lessons by Skype.

I base my lessons on what interested the student. Topics and humor are essential to help people in language learning, especially when they feel demotivated or tired. My personal experience can contribute to reach what students desire. I give exercises to practice also independently.

(2 reviews)

French-Italian Student in SciencesPo Paris, giving French, English and Italian lessons

Hi, Currently student at Sciences Po Paris, and would like to give my time to help anyone who wants to learn English. As a Franco-Italian, I could also give Italian lessons if desired. My price is € 25 per hour. I have a lot of experience as a teacher, which allowed me to develop an adequate method, which is adapted to all.

(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Graduated in Languages, I offer Italian lessons in Rome for all those who want to learn Italian.

To offer you a great and high quality experience, each student will be evaluated at the beginning so that I can apply the best method. Since we are all different, the right method is certainly customizable. In any case, based on field research, I propose a situational approach with particular attention to grammar.

1st class FREE!

Native Italian Teacher offers personalised and tailored Skype lessons - qualified and experienced!

My teaching method is the TEFL method of total immersion in the target language, which means we will only speak Italian during the lesson. This is so that you are exposed to a real-life environment. Don't worry if you don't understand everything - This is also part of the plan! I will start with a lesson to assess your level of Italian.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

Anything you ever wanted to know about Italian language and culture from UK Italian top college graduate

I like to tailor my teaching around the student. I am very perceptive of a student's strong and weak spots and I like to foster an environment of trust and self-worth. My methodology consists of introducing a concept or core topic, and to build on the interest the student has of it.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Native Italian, I was born in Rome and I live in Paris for a year and a half for my studies, trilingual Italian, English and French, I got my degree in Science Politi

Of Italian origin, I was born in Rome and I live in Paris for a year and a half. Trilingual in Italian, English and French, I got my Bachelor of Social Sciences in 2010 and my degree in Political Science and International Relations at the LUMSA University in Rome in April 2014.

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Master Graduate, bilingual in Italian and English gives Italian lessons (Conversation and writing)

I have lived in 4 different countries throughout my studies and professional career and love meeting people from different cultures and learning new languages. The lessons I would be giving with give you the chance to converse in Italian and learn practical ways of getting around if planning travelling to Italy.

Sant'Angelo All'esca
(7 reviews)
1st class FREE!

ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS - Lessons by skype or face to face in Avellino and its surroundings.

Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature with full marks I give private lessons of ITALIAN LANGUAGE to foreigners, mainly through the "direct" method (that is the exclusive use of Italian, during all the lesson) in the case the level of the student is intermediate (A2 / B1) or higher; while, in the case the student has a basic-elementary level the "direct" method will be alternated...

1st class FREE!

Alessandro teaches the Italian language and culture on the Gold Coast, Brisbane.

From grammar and the pronunciation to the particular meaning and the sound of the Italian words. Lessons for everybody with a deep explanation of the beauty behind one most unique sounding languages.

1st class FREE!

Master of Teaching student with undergraduate degree in Physiology and Italian tutors High School students in Perth

Hello! My name is Clare, I'm 21, living in the western suburbs of Perth and looking to help out with tutoring! Having just completed my undergraduate degree, I'm excited and passionate about both Science and Italian and can't wait to share my enthusiasm with you! I believe that every student has a different method of learning and I am more than happy to work with the student and discover what...

(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Phd gives Italian courses - Italian courses - in Mulhouse, Basel (CH) gold Webcam

Learn Italian at home or via the internet. Bilingual French and Italian native speaker, holder of a research Postdoctoral of Romance Studies: Italian, I teach Italian to foreigners for 10 years now. I taught mainly Francophone, Milan -Italy- and leTessin -Suisse- but also to people of many other nationalities.

(16 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Interpreter and Translator with 25 years experience. I give lessons in Italian to foreign students and adults/professionals, from basic to advanced in Monza, districts of Monza and Milan.

I am an Interpreter and Translator with 25 years of experience gained in multinationals and international start-ups and as a freelance. Sectors followed: financial, purchasing, facility, legal, fashion, design and much more. I love partaking my knowledge and skills in different areas by making people grow.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

Authentic Italian - learn and have fun with experienced Msc graduate teacher

My students always say that I teach with a smile and they have fun while they learn. According to the level of the students, I use grammar, conversation, reading, translation or other teaching techniques. Now I chose the teaching via skype as it saves time for both the teacher and the student and it is easier to make appointments.

1st class FREE!

Final year uni student from Italy gives Italian lessons: any level is welcome!

Italian is my mother tongue and I love to teach it to people interested in improving their language skills or starting from zero. I would stress the importance of grammar and sentence structure, but above all focus on the speaking and listening.

1st class FREE!

Italian mothertongue teacher available in Belfast for intermediate to advanced UK students

I help my students improve their language skills by conversing with them, pointing them to their most common mistakes in both grammar and pronunciation, and helping them discover appropriate idioms that will set them apart from other learners in the same bandwith.

(8 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Mother tongue teacher offers fun and engaging Italian lessons in Rome

My Italian lessons are designed for all ages and levels, from kids to adults, from beginners to advanced learners. I've been teaching Italian using fun and engaging techniques that I learned when I got certified as a teacher of English as a second language (TELF) and that I use for my Italian lessons as well.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

ITALIAN teacher in SE London! easy way to learn my language in few steps

HI everyone, i'm Fatmata an italian girl from Milan! Coming here i understood that lots of people would like to visit italy , so why not learning the language? I can help everybody achieving this goal. My lessons will be really easy and they would adapt to your level.

1st class FREE!

Need help in Italian? With your first lesson free, let's setup a lesson plan for you to be successful and practice some Italian.

I have tutored college students as well as adult educators. I focus on speaking Italian as much as possible during the lesson where appropriate. I will follow the guidelines that you were given for homework if you are needing help with academic Italian. I am available to help answer cultural questions about Italy as well.

(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Native Italian teacher with extensive experience and a passion for teaching and foreign languages

I graduated from the University of Bologna with a thesis on learning foreign languages through subtitled tv series. I taught Italian as a foreign language (but also English and French) in high schools and language schools in Italy and France. I use the direct method, which allows learners to speak from the beginning and to learn grammar by using it right away in the context of a real conversation.

Lyon 8e
(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Italian Native gives Italian lessons in Lyon for all ages and levels, IMPARIAMO ITALIANO!

My name is Antonella, I am Italian and I work as a specialized translator and teacher of Italian. I hold a Master 2 in specialized translation and conference interpretation and I have been working for 7 years in the field of interlinguistic and intercultural communication. I have had several teaching experiences both in public and private establishments in France and Italy.

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