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San Antonio
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Native Italian with Teaching and Tutoring experience at a university level, in San Antonio Texas

I like to teach by immersion. I speak and write in Italian during the entire lesson and encourage my students to do the same. In the beginner classes I allow the students to speak some English; however I have found the most success when I speak Italian for the duration of the lesson as it helps the student become accustomed to hearing the language spoken.

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Italian native speaker, who lives in Dusseldorf, offers Italian lessons to improve your Italian knowledge.

I know that learning a new language is not easy. You should always have the ability to speak that language. My method is simple: not too much grammar: when a baby learns to speak, he can not read; You talk to me and you hear what I say and then repeat until when you are safe. You do not learn single words but sentences with more words to learn in a short time.

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College student in dentistry teaches Italian, English and Catalan in Barcelona.

I offer grammar, conversation and preparation classes for official degrees at all levels. They can be carried out both at home, in a cafeteria or by webcam (Skype).

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I'm an Italian native speaker. I offer online lessons for all ages .

My teaching method is different from others tutor. I think that the best way to learn a language is to behave like a child. My lessons will be tailor-made. We will talk about your level and your goals. In my lessons we will start with italian sound, then with pronunciation, intonation and gestures, facial expressions.

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Italian student gives Italian private lessons in London, it's a come up!

I am a very friendly teacher. I strongly believe that the best way to learn a language consists in a good mix of mastering the main structural rules of the language and being exposed to that language. Beyond teaching you the grammar, I don't think a textbook is going to significantly help you learn Italian.

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German&Music Student offering Italian (Native) and BassGuitar(10 Years experience) lessons in Leeds

My teaching method is to approach the language in a serious and entertaining way recognising the good and bad skills of the person who wants to learn. Therefore working on the difficult sides while keeping the more spontaneous ones fresh and exercised.

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Cursos de Italiano para todos os niveis. / Italian native speaker gives Italian lessons.

My lessons are suitable for every level and purpose, we will talk about your goals and decide together on what to focus on (conversation, comprehension, writing). I have helped guys from my hometown studying and / or reviewing Italian homework and literature.

Queens County
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Native Italian Teacher offers Italian lessons in New York to all ages

I am a mechanical engineer with more than 6 years of professional experience. I left Italy 5 years ago and while working abroad I found that many of my friends, colleagues and later people who lived in the same town I was, were really interested and curious about learning Italian for the first time or to improve their personal level.

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Do you need some help with the Italian language? Feel free to contact me!

I'm an Italian native speaker, graduated in italian literature. I can help you if you want to learn italian language, grammar and reading. I will work in Birmingham for two months. I can reach you at your home or we can Skype.

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Recently graduated native Italian speaker offering Italian classes for all levels in London

My name is Maddy and I have been tutoring people in languages for a long time. I recently graduated from King's College London in Comparative Literature with Film Studies. I am open to all level students, whether they are studying for academic purposes or just for fun.

Thousand Oaks
1st class FREE!

Italian 25 yo, ESL teacher , offering Skype italian language and culture lessons. Do you wish to live or study in THE beautiful country? CONTACT ME. First lesson free

Italian living in italy but heart based in California.Wheter you are a very first time laerner or an advanced speaker, I'm going to make sure my classes will be suitable for you. I focus on your passions and hobbies to make learning this beautiful language more attractive.

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Italian mother tongue, resident in Germany with a real passion for writing, offers online Italian language lessons (translation, oral comprehension and written writing).

I am Marta I am 26 years old and I am originally from Rome. I have a three-year degree in pharmaceutical science - curriculum: herbal techniques. Despite my degree in science, I have a great passion for writing, and this leads me to want to help anyone who wants to learn, or simply perfect the Italian language.

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ITALIAN AND EXT TUTORING FOR HSC STUDENTS (sydney university student majoring Italian)

My name is Milly and I have recently finished high school- I want to help students achieve their best with grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and oral practice to HSC students and give tips and tricks on how to achieve the highest band as well as how to avoid errors.

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Italian native speaker with more than 10 years of experience of teaching Italian

Ciao, my name is Silvia and I am from Napoli. I have been teaching and tutoring to American and English people for the last 13 years; first in US and here in Leeds. I have experience of teaching and tailoring lessons to students of all ages and all levels. Since I started in US, I have been teaching to kids through songs and games and I have used the "scenario" technique for more advanced students.

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PhD candidate in Melbourne Uni, experienced and mothertongue for Italian classes at all levels.

Need to pass a test? Want to visit one of the best countries in the world? Or simply you want to expand your language pool? I am an Italian mothertongue with excellent English and experience in teaching languages to a variety of ages and level. I am available for your needs: regardless of your goal and level, I can assure your Italian will improve.

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Educated Italian native speaker with teaching experience offers Italian lessons in Aachen for every level

My teaching method is adapted to the needs of the students. I believe in learning by immersion. That is, I will explain as little as possible in German or English, unless it is necessary to achieve a correct understanding of the grammar.

Greater London
Denise ingrid
1st class FREE!

I am Denise and I am Italian, come learn with me :)

My method is simple: One free appointment to understand your motivation for learning my language and what's the best way for you to learn, so that I can create tailored lessons for you!!! Common methods are: Visual Learning - I create illustrations for you to associate with words/phrases Audio Learning - I create mp3 for you to practice outside class Game Learning - I create games for you...

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Graduate in Foreign Languages ​​offers Italian lessons for foreigners in Perugia and online

The lessons will be held with the use of textbooks related to the grammar of the Italian language, but also with textbooks related to Italian literature, which thanks to my studies of literature I learned to know well and I am convinced they can help those who want to learn the language to learn it better.

1st class FREE!

Native Italian Speaker, Lessons, conversations and preparation of exams, Madrid, 12 euros

I am a passionate expert of the Italian language who is deeply excited about helping others learn to speak Italian in a practical, real-world context. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as an interest in teaching my own language. I do classes both in person and online.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

Russian speaking tutor happy to offer Italian language lessons online and at home in London.

I am a Russian speaking Italian language tutor with 8 experience. I have a Master degree in Translating and International Relations. I lived for 5 years in Italy where I studied culture and history. I build my lessons by discovering the student’s learning styles, goals, strengths, and challenges.

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Buongiorno! I am Cesar! I am an Erasmus student in Paris! If you take the Italian and you want the etudiet, do not hesitate to write me a message :) Arrivederci!

My einsegnements are for all levels! My specificity is: to make learning and learning! We can study together this language and I, being an Erasmus student, I will be honored to know your culture and language better :) For all information, CV, studies, level of learning you wish to have, do not hesitate to contact me ! I will answer you immediately!

1st class FREE!

Italian Culture Evangelist, Greater Seattle, classes to all-level, In-person, online, cook-together class

Italian native speaker, B.A. and M.A. in Foreign Languages, Italian and Spanish. Adjunct Professor, school teacher, Translator and Interpreter. Cooking classes; cultural sessions.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

Native speaker offers Italian conversation lesson online through Skype to all levels

Italian native speaker, with about 10 years experience in teaching 1 to 1 and and to small groups (Italian and Spanish) offers Italian lessons tailored to your needs. All levels. Groups welcomed Lesson through Skype, all material included. Each class can be book up to 24 hours in advance.

1st class FREE!

Fun and effective Italian, English, Creative Writing and Yoga teaching in Leeds from Oxford educated graduate

I have completed an MA in Italian Literature from Oxford University and have lived in Italy for many years. I am currently teaching yoga, Italian and writing a novel in Leeds. I taught English language for years in Naples, Italy and teach in a fun, instinctive and effective style.

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Teach foreign languages and literature (italian for foreigners, english, french, spanish, japanese) naples, downtown area - graduate specialist.

My lessons are tailored for those who want to learn the language for personal purposes, both for those interested in receiving the right skills for the knowledge of the language in business associations or study.

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Italian University Student in Mathematics and Statistics gives Italian and Maths lessons in Glasgow/Edinburgh

My teaching methods rely mostly on helping my students to engage more with the subject taught, to understand why certain things are unclear and to work excitedly towards a goal. Some of the method I could use based on the level taught would be The Direct Method, Grammar-Translation, Suggestopedia etc..

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Learn Italian with an experienced native teacher. I am based in Cambridge where I teach privately and in a secondary school. I can prepare you for exams (GCSE, a-level or Plida) or simply help you lea

I have been teaching Italian in both language institutes and state schools in Spain, Australia and England. I have a solid knowledge of the Italian curriculum and requirements for GCSE, AS and A2-LEVEL exams. My approach is communicative and I teach the real language in the context.

Greater London
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Italian native speaker gives italian lessons to pupils, offering didactic materials to learn and a customized teaching

I'm an italian native speaker who gives italian lessons. I'm study languages at the university. I think the best way to learn a language it's practice a lot. That's why the lesson structure is about not just rules, but even speaking, writing and listening.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

Native Italian Speaker with many years of experience gives Italian lessons online

I am a Tourism Services Technician and I teach anyone interested in learning Italian. Lessons take place online via Skype. In my lessons, I use a wide variety of official Cambridge and Oxford materials. A lot of conversation will be also at the 1st place.

1st class FREE!

Italian native speaker available for speaking lessons in Cambridge city centre or online

I offer friendly and open teaching to people keen in learning the Italian language at different levels of learning. We can work on a learning system that will work effectively for you according to your interests. I can improve your spoken and written skills making it fun so talking about your hobbies, the last film you watched or your favourite football team.

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