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Versatile self-taught guitarist and pianist with over 10 years of experience (Madison, WI)

I am patient and open-minded with others, but also honest and strict when I need to be.

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Guitar player of 10 years - currently studying Japanese at Oxford Brookes University

My teaching method is personalised and catered to the level of the student. From the basics, to intermediate level. I will teach the student how to read tab and chords, and the different picking techniques eg fingerstyle and plectrum based.

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If you love guitar as much as I do then I am the right tutor for you

I have a different teaching method to every student. After a trial lesson I can see what is the best approach and plan accordingly. It all depends on you speed of learning, abilities, experience and time. I wouldn't class myself as a professional and prefer teaching beginners that want to know the basics.

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An innovative music tutor ready to help you journey through the world of music!

Unlike most tutors I have interacted with, my key approach to tutoring any student is to make sure that they are having fun. Progress and improvement is always a given key objective, but sometime the fun in just learning and playing an instrument can be lost.

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Learn Guitar, bass, songwriting & music production with a friendly and professional musician & composer

I base my lessons on the level of my student and on his personal taste and music. I like to adapt techniques and theory to whichever style my student wants to learn. First the basics and then more complex material. Wether you want to play for fun or professionally, I can help you with that.

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Professional Guitarist with 10 years experience in playing and performing up to advanced higher level.

I approach all teaching (and even if I'm teaching myself) with a slow and steady, start from scratch attitude. Let's make sure we're both on the same page and understand what we're really looking at and hearing before going forward. I like to recreate the teaching structure that I had at the age of 9 onwards.

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Electric Bass guitar tutor from Hirwaun, South Wales. Easy prices for new and experienced bassists!

My teaching method is all about foundations and basics to begin with e.g. theory and playing technique. Then after, we will explore what it is that makes a great bass guitarist. Generally I will try to cater to what the student asks for too, so that they are getting the most out of the experience.

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Music composition, theory, production, guitar and piano lessons in and around Woking

I prefer to teach in depth and give the whole picture of music. This includes theory and history. I believe this is most important in quality performance and creation of music. I give new information very carefully and don't overload the student with information.

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Professional Guitar Tutor Providing in Lessons Birmingham; Acoustic, Electric, Bass and Ukulele

What Do I Offer? As a guitar tutor, I offer a modern-day environment to allow people of all ages to learn how to play the guitar. Zaid TeachingIncorporating the digital age, I go two steps further than simply offering one-to-one sessions from my base in Central Birmingham.

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Vocal and instrumental teacher available to teach guitar, piano, violin and early years music

I teach children and adults. I help them develop the required technique and expand their repertoire. I use Kodaly and Dalcroze method that help develop solid musicianship skills. I enter my students for ABRSM and Trinity exams if they are ready.

Brierley Hill
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Acoustic Percussive Guitar Player offering Lessons for People On Web Cam Only

Teaching guitar is a slow process. You need to slowly build it up to progress. Learn the strings, chords, patterns etc.

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Passionate music student with 15+ years of playing experience gives classes in for aspiring musicians in Vancouver.

My goal is to help students achieve their goals and learn to play the music that they are passionate about. Whether your goal is to play the music of your favourite artists, or to prepare for formal conservatory exams, I take the knowledge you need and break down into simpler, manageable that you can practice to build your skills.

Ciudad de México
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Lyric musician in the middle for almost 10 years, he teaches techniques and instrument knowledge. Electric guitar. CDMX and some metropolitan areas. (Rock and sub genres, as well as

I think anyone can find growth in a musical instrument. With practice, perseverance and patience. My teachings are based on first manipulation and knowledge of the instrument, in order to be able to fully enter the theory. Open to almost any type of music, extensive knowledge of musical genres and their execution, patience and positivity during class.

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Professional guitarist with more than 10 years of experience offers guitar lessons in Madrid

My approach consists of going for the part of music that most motivates us, and paying close attention to the development of the ear and the understanding of the songs. The goal is to be able to play songs by ear, quickly accompany other musicians just by listening (or even composing!) and so learn to express yourself with the instrument and understand music.

Morro Bay
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Learn how to play basic electric rhythm and lead guitar for Metalcore

Instruction will include the basic fundamentals in starting electric guitar and cover the rhythm and lead areas of playing that will help student develop a grasp on the first stepping stones to being able to play like the band Metalcore. If you are desiring to learn and are willing to learn via webcam then we can help you learn.

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Student with 10 year musical experience offering guitar lessons in london. Tailored approach to meet your goals and make a chore into a pleasure

I approach my lessons the way I was taught: enjoying what you play is necessary to getting your head around the much dreaded theory, most notably for beginners. It is time to start taking the fun seriously to make this guitar sing.

Fco javier
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I teach guitar at various levels in Cullera (Valencia). In person or by Discord, Skype etc.

My teaching method is adapted to the student through the base (if he has) and the short-term objectives (a particular song).

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Musicist and student of electrical engineering, I offer musical theory classes, acoustic bass, ukulele and guitar for beginners :) I live in Joinville.

Musicalization classes and musical instruments: - Know the student (if he or she has knowledge in the area and in what way he or she learns better); - Complete classes (half theory and half practice); - Methods (Pozzoli, Smandl, Suzuki, among others); The student is free to bring the songs he wants to learn.

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University Student Offering Guitar Lessons (14 years experience) for beginners and more advanced

My teaching method is through online video calls/skype sessions. Each lesson can be between 45 mins and 2 hours long. Will be teaching how to read music also for beginners, so if you fancy that, would be happy to assist you. Lessons start with introductory chords and basic theory and songs are taught a long the way to aid in the learning of chords and various techniques.

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University of Toronto Jazz Guitar Major gives affordable Guitar/Theory Lessons online! (Skype/Discord)

The student who will benefit most from these lessons is someone who has the drive to look deeper into harmony, rhythm, melody. Someone who loves music theory but is having trouble understanding the language.

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Ex Grind Core Guitarist offering Beginner Guitar Lessons and Metal singing techniques in Southampton

My lessons Run at your pace.you are in control. Face to face play along, Included you will be shown how to read basic Guitar Tabs, Understand Chord progression and How to bring it all together Techniques in creating the best Tones for what you want to play. Plugins what studio programs you can utilize along with the plugin that go along with it.

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Teacher of piano, acoustic guitar and musical theory for beginners, located in the Serra Gaúcha

I have a range of handouts written by great teachers and musicians, involving studies of rhythm, speed and technique, which are gradually passed on to the student, teaching along musical theory, chord formation and scales. In addition, the student will learn to play songs that increase in difficulty as the studies improve, among them classic songs, rock and blues, but not limited to them.

New York
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Experienced professional musician offering Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Music Theory, and Composition lessons

My lessons are focused solely on the goals and aspirations of my students. I build curriculums that are unique to each individual student in order to help them achieve these goals. In our lessons, we will cover all the areas that are essential to one's development as a musician including; music theory, ear training, rhythmic analysis, and technique.

Sandy Bay
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Sam applies decades of experience and learning to provide engaging music lessons

Struggling with your range or endurance vocally? Can't finish your songs or get them to sound as good as they do in your head? I've been there too. I'll come to you or you can come to me, we'll play, enjoy ourselves, come up with a plan and a strategy that suits us; and through mutual hard work, learning will ensue.

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Self-taught guitarist offers lessons to start playing the instrument and studying music

I started playing the classical and acoustic guitar 4 years ago, I can teach anyone, of any age, who wants to learn from scratch or has difficulty starting alone (I myself have been helped by friends at the beginning) providing basics on the techniques and the theory.

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Professional musician gives guitar/bass/acoustic guitar lessons at home. Get in touch to start learning.

I'm Dale, a professional musician with tons of experience here to teach you how to master the guitar or bass. Be it pop music or metal rock, I will teach all genres. My lessons will be fun and unique and you will go away better on the guitar after every lesson.

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Affordable guitar and ukulele tutor based in Lancaster, with 8 years experience and academic qualifications in music and music tech.

I am a student at Lancaster uni, looking to give term-time lessons to people of any ages who wish to start learning the guitar or improve their existing skills. As a teacher, I pride myself on being adaptable, allowing students to choose the learning methods and styles of music they like best, which is often useful for those struggling with other music tutors or online lessons.

Buenos Aires
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Music student gives guitar lessons - Buenos Aires Argentina Capital Federal

Hi, I'm Juan, a professional music student with guitar orientation and I'm dedicated to teaching and working as a musician in bands of different musical styles, among them Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, Jazz, etc. The learning methodology that I carry out is simply to try the goal that the student wants to carry out. Using for that songs, exercises, rhythms, etc.

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Student of Music of the School of Music of Brasilia teaches guitar and guitar lessons

It is a more direct metology, focused on making you play, but without giving you all the knowledge of what you will be performing and I will go from the most basic to the most advanced. It is a guarantee of learning. Come and check it out. You will not regret! There will be practical and theoretical classes, full of exercises and songs for learning efficiency.

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Learn to Make Your Own Music - Piano/Guitar Improvisation/Composition Tutor in Cardiff

I teach all skill levels how to create and compose music on the spot. This is the most liberating aspect of being a musician.

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Perfect! Best teacher . Extremely helping and a real good human being . I would like to recommend him for evetyone who is interested to learn guitar.

Sadiya, Student
1 week ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Glad to have anam as my guitar teacher, she is very friendly, she is so patient, and she is available on time that we prefer. Thanks your classes anam teacher

Sherin, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Riyma was the best guitar teacher I've come across in my pursuit to learn playing Guitar. She has utmost patience and has expertise to make your learning experience the best. I would recommend Riyma if you are looking to learn Guitar the right way!

Hem, Student
6 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Pant is a really good teacher. Very well learned and passionate about music. It was a great experience to learn from him

Jasmeen, Student
9 months ago
(14 reviews)

Perfect! He's a great teacher. Very professional and teaches very well. He's patient with the student and makes the class interesting. Definitely to for it!

Mohor, Student
9 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Respected Sir, I am feeling very lucky that you give me opportunity to be student of you and feels my dream will be coming to reality because of you Sir. Actually I was zero knowledge but after meeting with you in first class and way you are...

Sudipta, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)

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