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Classical or Folk Guitar Lessons, Online or in Maesteg, friendly qualified teacher

Anyone can learn to play an instrument. All it takes is a little regular practice, access to music you enjoy, and effective guidance from a professional who tailors lessons to your needs. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach guitar (classical, acoustic, folk, spanish, finger style), piano/keyboard, violin, ukulele, recorder and music theory.

Rio de Janeiro
(4 reviews)
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Professor of Music throughout the Rj (Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar and Ukulele)

Teaching method shaped into the path the student wishes to pursue, either by initiating the instrument or by enhancing their skills. Initial Focus on: Technique Exercises Chord Formation Intervals Scales Greek Modes Harmonization and Improvisation The first lesson is free only if I have free time between students in the South Zone or at my residence.

(3 reviews)
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Professional teacher of modern guitar lessons, conservatory graduated, 10 years experience, including at home


São Paulo
(1 review)
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Monitor at São Paulo Symponhy Orchestra, student at São Paulo College, conductor at São Paulo Music School. Teaches singing, instrument and theory.

With a methodology that always departs from the specific needs of each situation, it has a wide and deep pedagogical experience with didactics that originate and always depart from the repertoire contemplating individual or group classes (including classrooms for preparatory courses for the specific vestibular of music) .

Le Rouret
(7 reviews)
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Guitar lessons / rouret & home / diploma & university conservatory

Professor of guitar (electric, folk and classical), specialty Rock / Metal but versatility (jazz, funk, pop, blues, classical), quality education (15 years experience). Graduated from the Nice Conservatory in music theory, jazz guitar. License Musicology Training in classical guitar at the Academy of Cagnes sur Mer Experience Contemporary Music (concerts, recordings).

(1 review)
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Musician with 12 years of experience offering guitar lessons in Aberdeen or online, specialising in improvisation

I'm a self-taught musician inspired by a wide variety of styles and techniques. I believe that the best way to learn is to just do it. I provide exactly that - learning through practice.

(2 reviews)
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Beginner's Music Class: Acoustic guitar, Eletric guitar and Bass (private or group lessons)

Personalized classes according to the studen's objective. Whether you are an adult or a child, in the first class we will talk about your goals and passions with music and we will put together a plan to reach your goals quickly and efficiently in a fun way. Classrooms involve theory and practice.

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Personalized guitar lessons, I adapt to the style you want to play.

My methodology is largely governed by what my students require; As I say, I fit the style you want. In addition, my professional training in psychology has provided me with key tools when teaching a practice, my goal is to make you improve in any possible way.

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Guitar Lessons in North/East London from professional performing musician Oliver Day

I am an experienced teacher giving guitar lessons around what songs and interests the student would like to learn, whilst teaching all the fundamental core techniques and elements of music and playing their instrument, making each lesson fulfilling, fun and enjoyable.

A Coruña
(2 reviews)
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Guitar Instructor Berklee College Of Music Grad. Specialized in Jazz and modern improvisation

I do not like to focus on the technical or theoretical aspects of music in excess. My method can be simplified to locating a musical goal and perfecting the technique necessary to execute it. The best way to learn technique and theory is through the music that we are passionate about and interested in.

(8 reviews)

Guitarist with a degree in guitar and experience in various musical styles gives classes in classical and electric guitar and musical theory at home.

My objective as a teacher is to provide a complete and well-founded training, what I seek is to give the maximum of practical and theoretical tools for the student to be constantly evolving, to be more autonomous and to maintain high levels of motivation.

Carrum Downs
(1 review)
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Guitar and Uke lessons by professional musician with 15 years experience and Ad dip. Any style with great individual goal based program, specialising in songwriting.

I teach an engaging song based method, which is customised to you. Teaching you how to play a song you love as soon as possible helps with your confidence and is overall more enjoyable. I can teach a range of songs and styles which help you with the correct technique, building a foundation of songs while introducing helpful theory. I can also teach you through AMEB studies.

(5 reviews)

Taught hundreds of students over the past 10 years. I'm a signed and published artist, have a Master's degree in teaching, I'm passionate about music and my aim is to achieve your individual goal.

I am Vinnie and I love music. Sharing my passion with my students is very rewarding. I have a MA, 10 years experience of teaching and am a very active musician. Most of my students reach a distinction in their grade exams. I also like lemon cake.

(3 reviews)
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Professional musician with 8 years of live, composition, and recording experience offering instrumental, composition, and music theory lessons.

I believe in a holistic learning environment that is based on the interests and goals of the individual. Having worked with full classes, small groups, and over 20 indivual students, I view teaching as a collaborative exercise, working with the individuals to create a unique an indidual plan that will create fantastic results.

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Professional guitarist of "Las Rosas" Conservatory of Music, private lessons at home. All levels. Juriquilla, Querétaro.

The teaching method is individual and personalized, adjusting to the needs and goals of each student. My technique is developed based on the pedagogical philosophy of my alma mater. For the initial levels I focus on the most elementary details of the execution of the instrument to avoid bad habits in the future.

(6 reviews)
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Guitar lessons individual. More than 20 years of experience as a teacher.

We set up a work plan according to the musical tastes and level of each student. We work with technique, theory, composition. We study all your guitarists and favorite bands. We develop your own style together. We produce your songs.

Sutton Coldfield
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Music Honours Degree, 4 years school teaching experience, guitar, ukulele, violin, DJ.

Fun, passion and enthusiasm! A half hour or hour lesson of carefully worked material to accommodate the students needs. The lesson will be packed with fun, informative practice as well as the theory for understanding. Available to teach; Beginner Violin Beginner-Advanced Guitar Beginner-Middle Ukulele Beginner DJ Please get in touch for enquiries.

Côte Saint-Luc
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Learning guitar should be fun. Let me teach you all you need to know.

I am a guitarist with thirteen years of experience who has been teaching students of all levels for five years. I will first teach my students the basics as well as the theory behind guitar playing, and gradually make our way to learning songs and understanding the significance of improvisation.

(1 review)
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Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar Lessons - Florianópolis SC - (Beginner Intermediate Advanced)

Develop your music in a fun and efficient way! With me you can learn about composition, improvisation, musical perception and a lot of others subjects that belongs to this world. There is no casting method, each class is made according to the doubts and needs of those who are there to learn.

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Graduated in Parma Conservatory Jazz Guitar available for guitar lessons, improvisation techniques and Ear Training; available in Cremona area for lessons in person and on Skype

Hello! Welcome to my Superprof profile! Tommaso is a graduate in Jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Parma and he graduated in Jazz at the Conservatory of Parma. I have been teaching music for five years at all levels, from the beginner to the advanced level.

New York
(1 review)
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Singer, actor, multi-instrumentalist (6 yrs professional experience and currently performing) seeks students of any age

My methodology is: work smarter, not harder. Technique is of the upmost importance to achieve musical goals without damage to the musician. I give lessons up to college level voice (especially audition cuts and musical theatre singing) and up to intermediate guitar/ukulele/piano. I will expect students to warm up before a lesson as well as with me at the beginning of each session.

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Music producer and professional guitarist with more than 15 years of playing and teaching experience

- Assesing students's personality type. - Creating the right lesson materials to use with my students that are consistent with: their personality type, their stated goals and their musical strength and weaknesses. - Getting my guitar students to do what they like so they actually make progress and become great players.

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Guitar lessons in Brisbane from Griffith Film student with ten years' experience.

I like to teach by guiding a student along, from the basics to the more advanced material. I'd like to be teaching a student how to play the guitar as if it's second nature, and generally would like things to be light-hearted and fun.

(2 reviews)
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Proggy metal head looking to spread out some knowledge to help you express yourself.

My main focus in my courses are for beginners and intermediate guitarists. Im going to teach you how intervals work together, how to play in scales and patterns that come with them, modes and much more! This is a course for those that can play guitar but want to really understand their instrument to the maximum level.

(1 review)
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Music Producer, Audio Engineer and Guitarist in Eugene, Oregon with 5 years experience can teach all audio and music related subjects

My method first is knowing all the abilities the person have to guide him/her to the right path. Knowing the level of the student is essential, that way I can teach the things that are missing. I'm a very patient guy and I will work until you learn what you want.

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High school graduate from Brisbane offers private guitar lessons at home/travel within

Hi there! :) I am Wyandrhine and I am an 18 year old high school graduate from Northpine Christian College. I believe my music education in and outside of school, practical experiences, self-learning, and my enthusiastic and outgoing personality would make me your great tutor.

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Professional music and guitar tutor offers on-line lessons to help you understand your instrument thoroughly.

I am a working musician, well qualified, friendly with a good sense of humour experienced in teaching at degree level in a variety of styles including Classical, Jazz and related improvisational styles. My approach is always to assess the student's needs and current knowledge and to go from there. I have well worked out progression paths in all I do.

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Berklee scholar and alumnus with more than 10 years teaching experiences gives guitar and music theory lessons for all ages and levels in Boston area.

I graduated Berklee College of Music (summa cum laude) - guitar performance. During my studies at Berklee every semester I earned placement at Dean's List and 10 March 2016 I also received John LaPorta Award for outstanding achievement in my major.

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Qualified Music teacher and grade 8 guitarist, I've been playing for 17 years, gives guitar lessons in Leicestershire.

I am someone who has loved music all their life and I want to share that by teaching others. I've had music teachers for most of my life so I know what it feels like to have a good (or a bad) guitar teacher. From a classical background I began learning contemporary music such as classic rock, blues, jazz and metal and achieved Grade 8 with Rockschool.

(1 review)
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Guitarist with 15 years of experience on American stage presents contemporary guitar lessons blues jazz funk rock ..... learn the American sound and the importance of the groove! The lesson has the du

My lessons are based on 2 great musical influences of all modern music: jazz and blues. I firmly believe that studying these styles can give a musician a great technical and expressive mastery to deal with any situation concerning modern music.

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Perfect! Best teacher . Extremely helping and a real good human being . I would like to recommend him for evetyone who is interested to learn guitar.

Sadiya, Student
1 day ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Glad to have anam as my guitar teacher, she is very friendly, she is so patient, and she is available on time that we prefer. Thanks your classes anam teacher

Sherin, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Riyma was the best guitar teacher I've come across in my pursuit to learn playing Guitar. She has utmost patience and has expertise to make your learning experience the best. I would recommend Riyma if you are looking to learn Guitar the right way!

Hem, Student
6 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Pant is a really good teacher. Very well learned and passionate about music. It was a great experience to learn from him

Jasmeen, Student
8 months ago
(14 reviews)

Perfect! He's a great teacher. Very professional and teaches very well. He's patient with the student and makes the class interesting. Definitely to for it!

Mohor, Student
8 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Respected Sir, I am feeling very lucky that you give me opportunity to be student of you and feels my dream will be coming to reality because of you Sir. Actually I was zero knowledge but after meeting with you in first class and way you are...

Sudipta, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)

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