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Carnon Downs
Przemyslaw 'prez'
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Falmouth University graduate based in Truro specialising in fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Also happy to teach beginner electric and classical guitar. DBS qualified.

I specialise in acoustic guitar. I can teach advanced fingerstyle guitar, but also aspiring electric and classical guitarists. During the first lesson I ask students what music they listen to and what they would like to learn. My teaching method is to design lessons that will suit my clients requirements and create lesson plans to every student individually.

Puente Alto
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Acoustic guitar lessons for different musical styles in the metropolitan region of Chile

First class of diagnosis of alunm with the purpose of determining their interests, goals and previous knowledge. Preparation of repertoire and exercises to guide students in their objectives. Exploration of different resources to encourage interpretation and creativity. Accompaniment with other instruments (keyboard, bass, trombone) to instruct the interpretation as a whole.

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Self taught but extremely talented and capable guitar teacher experienced with kids and students of all ages

My methodology is to make it a safe environment to make mistakes but also to grow and develop self confidence as well as becoming better musicians

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Local Montréal Rocker and Bachelor of Music gives guitar, bass, theory and composition lessons.

I think my strength as a music teacher resides in my versatility, my engagement and my passion. My experience covers a great range of musical styles, which I believe, helps me cater to the musical interests of my students. I'm someone who loves meeting new people and working kids. My goal is to help students grow and become musicians rather than just guitarists.

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Guitar player of 10 years - currently studying Japanese at Oxford Brookes University

My teaching method is personalised and catered to the level of the student. From the basics, to intermediate level. I will teach the student how to read tab and chords, and the different picking techniques eg fingerstyle and plectrum based.

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If you love guitar as much as I do then I am the right tutor for you

I have a different teaching method to every student. After a trial lesson I can see what is the best approach and plan accordingly. It all depends on you speed of learning, abilities, experience and time. I wouldn't class myself as a professional and prefer teaching beginners that want to know the basics.

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Chilled Guitar Tutoring for beginners who are looking for a fun teacher

My teaching method is to keep the student entertained by teaching songs and riffs but also i teach the theory behind things such as scales and the CAGED system. I take my time with each student and i am patient to no end.

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Guitar Classes, Rhythms, Grooves, Repertoire, Musicality in Laranjeiras RJ. Graduated in Classical Guitar by the School of Music Villa-Lobos and Performing Arts by the Faculty of Theater CAL.

Every human being is unique. My method is based on the sensitivity and individuality of each one, approaching the music and its elements in a fluid and organic way. Respecting the student's desire and intuition, added to my understanding of the transforming power of music.

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Rock Guitarist offering Guitar lessons from beginner to Advanced Higher in central Scotland

I base my classes around where the student is, and what fundamentals they require. The constants across all abilities will be a focus on the techniques needed to play guitar, as well as a havy emphasis on playnig to a metronome. Whether preparing for an exam, or you just want to get better, my teaching will make you a well equipped player.

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If you just need someone to get you started or you’re in it for the long haul, I can happily get you there.

Everybody wants something different out of these lessons so I plan them accordingly. You will learn theory, scales, chords and advanced techniques but it’s all done whilst playing your favorite songs. Whit Guitar/Bass you will also learn maintenance from cleaning, tuning using ears only to upgrading pickups and adjusting the action using various techniques.

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Passionate College student offering fun Guitar lessons up to High School level!

I teach young aspiring musicians from nursery to primary school. I hold a BTEC Level 2 Qualification in Music Performance and I have performed in schools with my current band Urchin. My lessons will be held in Leeds and it will be via Skype or Messenger. Ideally, if you're an audial learner, I will help with sharp listening skills and follow your instincts when tuning a guitar.

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Electric bass, guitar and music theory tutor available (London, ICMP masters student)

My teaching method is very much about building lessons around a student's personal goals. This can, of course, vary greatly, so I am happy to teach practical techniques, music theory and harmony, as well as home production and more about the industry.

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Learn Guitar, bass, songwriting & music production with a friendly and professional musician & composer

I base my lessons on the level of my student and on his personal taste and music. I like to adapt techniques and theory to whichever style my student wants to learn. First the basics and then more complex material. Wether you want to play for fun or professionally, I can help you with that.

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Amateur guitarist who has been playing over 15 years teaches in Sharon, PA area or online

I'm happy to teach lessons to students of all kinds, though generally I have had more experience with beginners. The way I approach teaching is to let the student guide the process. I inquire about what they wish to learn, and we map out a path to get there using my knowledge and expertise along with input from the student.

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Hi! I am a university student thrilled to teach, songwriting, acoustic guitar, and/or electric guitar. I have 12 years of guitar experience and 10 years of songwriting experience.

➢ A typical class lesson would often depend on the particular student. I differentiate how I teach based on a students interests, capabilities, and skill level. From soloing on the electric guitar to fingerpicking on an acoustic or just learning the basics (chords, scales, notes, etc) I really emphasize the foundation first. ➢ I pride myself on my patience and my love for teaching music.

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Guitar player with 10+ years of independent experience offering lessons in Frederick, MD

I have only taught guitar to mentally disabled adults in my teaching history so I try to lay out the basics of the instrument in simple, easy-to-understand terms. I would begin by teaching my students simple chords and how to read guitar tabs. After each lesson, I would give them a simple scale, riff or lick (possibly a full song) to learn that includes the techniques that we covered in-lesson.

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Bachelors of Music Graduate Offering Music Theory, Guitar, Ukulele Lessons in Edinburgh

My teaching methodology is to approach each topic in the most beneficial way for each student. No two students' learning styles are the same and I think it is important to recognise this and adapt my teaching style accordingly. My aim is always to get the most from each student and allow them to achieve their full potential.

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Guitar lessons in Göttingen and surroundings for all ages by student with 11 years of experience

My lessons are especially for students who have never, or rarely, held a guitar in their hands. This involves children and adolescents who want to learn the guitar "from scratch". Of course also returnees and advanced students of all ages will be accepted. The lessons should be as free as possible and should demand (but not overstrain ) the student and integrate his / her ideas and wishes.

Vila Suissa
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Pedagogist gives Music lessons for beginners - Instrumentation and Theory of music

My teaching method is based on theoretical knowledge coupled with practical knowledge, using the prerequisite of the student to start from the point he already knows. We usually assume that the student has some musical knowledge. However, if he does not know is possible, so start from scratch.

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Brazilian musician 25 years of electric guitar and guitar. Introduction and deepening in theory and practice.

My methodology for teaching is full of adaptation to the student. After the student master the knowledge base necessary for technical development, the classes are improved and adapted to the time and dedication of the same.

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Professional Guitarist with 10 years experience in playing and performing up to advanced higher level.

I approach all teaching (and even if I'm teaching myself) with a slow and steady, start from scratch attitude. Let's make sure we're both on the same page and understand what we're really looking at and hearing before going forward. I like to recreate the teaching structure that I had at the age of 9 onwards.

Los Angeles
(1 review)
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Fun guitar lessons for all ages and abilities with a British session guitarist based in LA

I thoroughly enjoy teaching students of all ages because I can relate to students who are learning and trying to progress in their instrument as I can remember being in their position when I started learning music. Seeing students progress and improve as a result of helping them, I find to be one of the most rewarding aspects for me personally.

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Electric Bass guitar tutor from Hirwaun, South Wales. Easy prices for new and experienced bassists!

My teaching method is all about foundations and basics to begin with e.g. theory and playing technique. Then after, we will explore what it is that makes a great bass guitarist. Generally I will try to cater to what the student asks for too, so that they are getting the most out of the experience.

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Professional Guitar Tutor Providing in Lessons Birmingham; Acoustic, Electric, Bass and Ukulele

What Do I Offer? As a guitar tutor, I offer a modern-day environment to allow people of all ages to learn how to play the guitar. Zaid TeachingIncorporating the digital age, I go two steps further than simply offering one-to-one sessions from my base in Central Birmingham.

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Guitarist of 17 years offering fun, affordable and engaging lessons in a range of styles and techniques.

I will teach the songs YOU want to learn, show you more challenging songs in styles you enjoy playing to aid your progression, and work on techniques to begin your songwriting journey. I have recording equipment available at my home, and can travel within 10 miles of Leeds City Centre.

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(Online) Guitar lessons with a guitarist of 9 years of playing experience/ Acoustic + Electric

My teaching methodology is to look at the student's style and needs and tailor the lessons accordingly. Since everyone is different, an one size fits all approach is not enough to properly teach, especially when one is learning a musical instrument.

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Guitarist with 10 years of studio and live experience offers guitar lessons in Rostock.

Guitar lessons for all ages: (Currently age 9-65 ) Rock / Charts / Blues / Country and much more. Tabs / Notes / Strumming / Fingerpicking Get in touch for a free intro session so that I can find out more about your goals on guitar.

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Passionate music student with 15+ years of playing experience gives classes in for aspiring musicians in Vancouver.

My goal is to help students achieve their goals and learn to play the music that they are passionate about. Whether your goal is to play the music of your favourite artists, or to prepare for formal conservatory exams, I take the knowledge you need and break down into simpler, manageable that you can practice to build your skills.

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Classical guitar lessons, technique, analysis and interpretation with Eddie Lara .

My classes are adapted according to what the student needs, many times we focus on technical issues, other times in questions of interpretation, analysis, harmony applied to fingerboad, etc. depends on the needs of each student is the focus we gave to the class.

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Dundee guitar tutor, specialises in jazz, funk and rock, teaches from home or comes to your door.

My teaching method is very laid back, chilled and positive, guitar playing is supposed to be a fun experience. My lesson structure will depend on the level each student is at, I will give exercises based on what you tell me you want to learn.

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Perfect! Riyma was the best guitar teacher I've come across in my pursuit to learn playing Guitar. She has utmost patience and has expertise to make your learning experience the best. I would recommend Riyma if you are looking to learn Guitar the right way!

Hem, Student
2 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Pant is a really good teacher. Very well learned and passionate about music. It was a great experience to learn from him

Jasmeen, Student
3 months ago
Gunjan pant
(11 reviews)

Perfect! He's a great teacher. Very professional and teaches very well. He's patient with the student and makes the class interesting. Definitely to for it!

Mohor, Student
3 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Respected Sir, I am feeling very lucky that you give me opportunity to be student of you and feels my dream will be coming to reality because of you Sir. Actually I was zero knowledge but after meeting with you in first class and way you are...

Sudipta, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

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