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Local San Antonio Musician of 14 years, has studied guitar for 16 years and is ready to pass on what he's learned!

When I've taught my friends and family about the guitar, it was always to show that making a beautiful sound isn't always about being fast or playing crazy. It's about loving what you hear. Everyone has they're own way they go about music, and they're all right. That being said, you don't want to develop habits that could hurt your hands, or even worse the guitar. Technique is important.

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All-round Guitarist with 17 Years Experience, Teaching From Home in Toronto, Canada

I tailor all of my classes to my students specific needs, depending on prior musical knowledge and goals they wish to achieve (note; no prior knowledge is required to start learning!). I outline a timeline suited specifically to them so that they have a tangible goal to reach and can track progress made.

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Introduction to the Flamenco Guitar (Compass, Harmony and Technique) in Granada Capital

Starting from learning the different measures, you will learn how to play Flamenco fundamental sticks such as Soleá, Bulerías, Tangos, Rumba, or Alegrías. You will practice both the technique and the harmony of each suit, first in isolation and then with the background compass. All the material we see in the class will have a printed version to practice at home.

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Conservatoire trained fingerstyle guitarist, offering guitar lessons and guidance for all levels.

Lessons are entirely bespoke and can be tailored to suit your needs and interests. I can teach you from scratch, or if you already play, can guide you in the best direction for you to progress.

Leamington Spa
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Learn how play guitar easy and quickly. Relax class online and enjoy the moment

I can offer online classes via Skype and before every class you can send me via email a Playlist to learn

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Classical guitarist and teacher offering classical guitar tuition all ages and abilities

I love classical guitar and will try to help you progress as quickly as possible and have as much fun as possible.

Omineca and Yellowhead
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Forget learning other peoples songs on guitar! Original music is a lot easier and cool as f!

I teach in the way I learned to play guitar.start by playing the bass. The bass guitar is the foundation and easier less intimidating brother to the guitar. It has four of the six strings and focuses on the root note of the chord the guitar plays.

Greater London
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I will help you understand how to teach yourself to play any musical instrument you'd like.

- We will start with basic rudiments but on a general level of understanding. This will allow you to QUICKLY show results in your musicianship. - Bring learning tools that are comfortable for you.

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Classical Guitar & Acoustic Guitar Teacher (lessons available in english/russian/lithuanian) Suitable for beginners as well as for advanced students

I am classical/acoustic guitar teacher from Vilnius, Lithuania. I teach children as well as adults ALL LEVELS. I have been working in Lithuanian music schools for several years as well as giving private lessons.

Herne Bay
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Lessons in vocals and guitar. I am a Singer and guitarist with 16yrs experience. Based in Kent.

Hi, I am a singer and guitarist with around 16 years experience. I teach beginners to advanced. I teach via video, for the singers we'll start off by going through some vocal training, practice pitch and tones then sing various songs. Guitarists, we'll go through chords, patterns, learn how to read guitar tab and also master how to play various songs.

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Travel and music awareness through the guitar, harmony, rhythm and vocal experience.

I play classical guitar since I was a child, as a teenager I explored the rock to lead me gently to the African American music such as blues, soul, funk and jazz to reach the improvisation. I love the feeling of travel that gives me this instrument with which I have made many trips to Brazil from Morocco where I stayed 6 months.

Grand Junction
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Guitar teacher and record label owner teaching students of all skill levels and ages. Learn how to play the guitar and produce your own music.

Each lesson is tailored to the individual student's ability and style, while simultaneously learning the concepts and techniques based on the goals of a college level curriculum.

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Guitar teacher in Madrid (Chamartín neighborhood), acoustic, classic and electric guitar lessons

Depending on the student experience, but I basically will teach how to practice to evolve on the guitar, teaching scales, fingering, how to use the guitar pick correctly, how to play different chord positions, as well as improvising (blues, rock, funk, reggae, etc.

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In studio guitar or bass lessons from an experienced Winnipeg preforming musician with teaching background

The focus of my class is improvisational theory, with little note reading necessary other than assignments the material is based on strengthening ones ability to listen constructively to identify the key of song being worked with and having an arsenal available to approach what ever comes your way.

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Guitar Instructor (93 Montreuil, Vincennes 94 ...) - effective pedagogy Warranty

From beginner to advanced, you are guaranteed to learn guitar quickly with appropriate and effective teaching.

J. r.
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Guitar, Ukulele and Bass in Madrid, effective and without suffering. So that you learn only what you like.

I am a solid musician who realises that not everyone who wants to play needs such a "solid" training. I adapt my classes to your needs, so that you learn to play in an easy and "straight to the point" way. My goal is to give you tools that will allow you to "fly solo" as soon as possible, so you won't need me anymore. Tell me what kind of guitarist you want to become.

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Classes of acoustic and electric guitar with international musician and concert in Barcelona

My classes are personalized to the student, because each student learns different and has different tastes. I like to complement classes with musical theory so that the student has a frame of reference for what he is learning, but the student chooses how much theory he wants to learn. My classes are perfect for those who just begin in music or intermediate level who want to perfect.

Porto Alegre
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Experience 10 years as a guitar player, I teach beginners the instrument in Porto Alegre

Classes usually between 45m and 1h, designed to make the student feel comfortable and happy while playing the instrument. The goal is to make you create a bond with the music so that the student can focus increasingly. Classes are taught through practical and theoretical knowledge with the aid of videos, texts and audios always looking to give more tools to the student.

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Grade 8 Guitarist Offering Affordable Lessons For Begginers In The Headingley Area

I am looking to do short cheap introductory lessons for people of any age who either feel don't really know where to start when it comes to playing an instrument or feel uninspired by teaching they have received in the past. The lessons will focus on teaching you in the areas of music you are interested weather that's grade work, reading music or just playing a few chords and songs that you like.

Manuel Alberti
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Student of Music offers classes of classic or acoustic guitar - Individual or group

My teaching method is very comprehensive, seeking more than anything the need and history of each student. My classes are based on learning to learn, not just copy and repeat.

Villa Tesei
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Guitarist with knowledge of Blues, Rock, Jazz and Classical with more than 15 years of experience

The approach of teaching is free and is focused on the concerns that the student has and brings, whether to start playing something simple to the liking of the student and then go mechando with more complex issues. The idea is to generate a Round Trip about the desire of whoever takes the classes and from there to show other options to which to venture.

Paris 20e
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Guitar Lessons Jazz, Blues, Bossa, Manouche - Study of Theme, Harmony and Improvisation

Guitar Jazz, Blues, Bossa, Manouche Jazz ... Learning themes, harmony and improvisation. For beginners, teaching based on fun learning and instrumental practice. Whether you are beginner or confirmed the goal is to play the guitar to have fun, walk step by step and practice with other musicians. Method with or without solfeggio.

La Plata
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Musician with 20 years of experience offers music, composition and production lessons

My teaching method is based both on the experience as a musician as well as an English teacher. The main idea is to recreate in the classroom a realistic musical situation, so that the students can participate actively in their learning and not just imitate theories and techniques.

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Graduated in Musicology in Paris, gives guitar lessons in Geneva, all levels

Hello everyone, I propose to you playful and concrete courses on the art of the guitar. The course will focus mainly on playing! the student will tell me his desires and I will use my experience as a musician and teacher to teach him how to play the guitar in every styles and at all levels.

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Guitar, Songwriting, Music Theory, Chords-For-Any-Song Lessons with Music Uni Graduate (Skype or Real Life) - Irish/ Popular/ Soul/ Funk/ Rock/ Classical

Hello! I will bring you from the basics of holding a guitar to learning full musical pieces in a clear, fun and fully guided method. If you wish to play a few chords or play Bach pieces then I can help.

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Experienced guitar teacher with 10 years experience in the Hawkesbury, Vankleek Hill area.

I teach using the Alfred guitar method books but mostly hands on. I can teach from beginner to expert level. The most important thing is to have fun with music and learn songs and good technique.

Blair Athol
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20 years of guitar. Acoustic and electric. I have patience and teach in ways that are easy to understand. Love to watch my students blossom and learn

Catered to individual learning styles. Student directed. From heavily scaffolded lessons to freestyle inspirational ideas. Unique and taylored for individual success.

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Self taught guitarist Who knows how to put it all together Willing to share my knowledge with you !!

I approach my lessons based on exactly what you are going for ! If you want to learn just ask !

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Beginner to intermediate guitar lessons available. All ages. Truro Nova Scotia. 28 years experience playing.

I teach what the students interest is. I want my students to love the guitar and play what that love to listen to.

Prairie Village
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Guitarist with Degree in Music in Kansas City area who teaches at several locations in both north and south K.C.

My teaching method will vary according to the student. If the student is taking private lessons I will teach that person whatever style is preferred. If the student is at the college level then reading music will be required. I generally try to play music that the student enjoys.

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Perfect! Best teacher . Extremely helping and a real good human being . I would like to recommend him for evetyone who is interested to learn guitar.

Sadiya, Student
4 days ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Glad to have anam as my guitar teacher, she is very friendly, she is so patient, and she is available on time that we prefer. Thanks your classes anam teacher

Sherin, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Riyma was the best guitar teacher I've come across in my pursuit to learn playing Guitar. She has utmost patience and has expertise to make your learning experience the best. I would recommend Riyma if you are looking to learn Guitar the right way!

Hem, Student
6 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Pant is a really good teacher. Very well learned and passionate about music. It was a great experience to learn from him

Jasmeen, Student
8 months ago
(14 reviews)

Perfect! He's a great teacher. Very professional and teaches very well. He's patient with the student and makes the class interesting. Definitely to for it!

Mohor, Student
8 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Respected Sir, I am feeling very lucky that you give me opportunity to be student of you and feels my dream will be coming to reality because of you Sir. Actually I was zero knowledge but after meeting with you in first class and way you are...

Sudipta, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)

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