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History student (4th year) brings tutorings and methodology (Toulouse and surroundings + webcam))

Passionated about my studies and planning a career in teaching, I offer tutoring lessons from the primary school to highschool, basing my priority on having a good time while progressing. Whether it is pure knowledge or methodology, I can adapt to the demands and objectives of students by transmitting a passion and a rigor which I care for.

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Tutoring French and Geography in Australind - fully qualified High school teacher with 38 yr experience

Student-centered teaching style in a relaxed atmosphere for students who just haven't quite caught on in the classroom but who are keen to succeed. Every student is different so a lesson will vary accordingly. I believe very student can learn given the right environment.

Buenos Aires
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Student of History faculty gives classes of History and humanities in general in CABA and North zone

I am a student of history teaching at UBA, and I teach for high school students, admission to universities, CBC and subjects of the History career. Mainly, my method is to help understand the connections between the topics to achieve a greater understanding of the contents, help prepare summaries and questions for revision, and answer questions that arise from the students themselves.

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A Grade Geography Tutor in GCSE and A Level. Located within the Reading area, a friendly student who is currently studying at University.

I'm currently a final year University student who can teach GCSE and A Level Geography to students that require it. My lessons are structured at the pace of the student and that they do not feel rushed or pressured to learn. I view myself as friendly and have an engaging personality which is reflected in my work.

Greater London
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History, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Maths and English tutor - looking to inspire and help pupils!

I have just completed my Undergraduate Degree in History at UCL. I am young, vibrant and try to make each lesson energetic. I try to instil a great awareness of the subject for the student based on their learning. I have a wide variety of techniques, for example the art of drama, pictures, spider diagrams or more written techniques. I base my lesson around the student's needs.

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Biologist UNAM, Mexico City (South). Biology, chemistry, physics. Private lessons at weekends.

You will learn with exercises, some things that can be done practical (experimental) or an exhaustive review depending the test that you must present and the time that we have to prepare it. Scientific method, IB or normal school. I like to teach and that knowledge is learned in a simple and intuitive way, thinking and reasoning and not just memorizing.

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Student in Language School gives support courses in History of the primary to the terminal

Student in Master 1 of International Strategies and Diplomacy, I did three years of pre-literary classes and was almost eligible for the competition of the Paris Ecole Normale Supérieure. I offer courses in History and Geography to familiarize the youngest with the subject, as well as to have the older ones reviewed and to help them prepare the Bac or other competitions.

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Student Sciences Po gives courses in History / Eco / English Competition Sciences Po Paris + IEP

Student at Sciences Po Strasbourg in Master 1 Eco-Finance, passed the Sciences Po Paris exam during my last year in High School (average: 16.7 to the writings, including 19 Economics and 18 in History) as well as the exam for entering provincial Sciences Po after one year of preparatory class.

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Enthusiastic and Flexible Geography Tutor in Exeter area, all levels up to undergraduate.

I am a Geography undergraduate at Exeter university. I love Geography and can tutor up to an undergraduate level. Having got A* in my Geography GCSE, AS and A-level, i believe I can offer valuable advice and support to achieve top marks and better understandings. I have an abundance of materials that I have accumulated over my time studying Geography that I can use to help.

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History Teacher, Italian and English, offers repetitions throughout the humanistic field in Turin

My lessons are addressed to all those who need support in the learning of humanities and English. The lesson should try to be as smooth as possible, obviously respecting the issues related to the subject being discussed. Everything has its own time.

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Graduate degree in Literature and Philosophy offresi for: help in the humanities in Melzo.

Graduate degree in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Milan, in the classroom of the Degrees in the History of offresi Historical Documentation for help in the humanities in Melzo. The announcement is aimed at students of primary, middle and high schools. Obviously referenced, also available in the evenings and at weekends. Also gained experience with DSA and BES students.

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Geography Master student in Bochum offers tuition in geography of primary school to undergraduate level

I want to respond to the specific needs and problems. In understanding questions I leave the substance and usually try with everyday examples to explain circumstances. I also want to find any gaps and fill so that the overall concept is understood and further substance can build on it.

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Law student volunteers to help students with social science and others

I'm Elisabet, a Law student and Global Governance and passionate about social sciences. I have much experience as a teacher.

Alcalá de Henares
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Dynamic and effective bilingual teacher of Social Sciences in Alcala de Henares

I am a person with a very diversified or versatile profile. Degree in History, with 3 Master in different disciplines (International Relations, Master in European and Master studies in the European Union), and graduated in Political Science and Public Administration. dynamic classes, where the method of organized study will be the key to proper and effective learning of my students / ace.

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First Class Honours Geography Graduate- Private Geography tutoring primary to A-level level

Geography lessons will consist of introduction to key themes and ideas, advanced understanding of geographic principles, applied case studies, short answer and essay mock questions practice. I have a bachelor degree level competence in geography. Whilst studying I earn money as a youth worker and after school geography tutor.

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Qualified teacher offering tutoring for religious education from KS3 to degree level

I base my teaching on being able to be relational with pupils in order to engage them within a safe environment.

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Geography graduate offering tuition in GSCE and A-Level Geography on a 1:1 basis

Fully qualified teacher available for private tuition. My name is Anna and I am a fully qualified teacher with over 3 years experience working in a variety of primary and secondary schools throughout NI, England and Australia, working with children of all abilities.

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Darren - Wilton - Geography

This summer, I am moving from Salisbury to Southampton. I am afraid that long term tuition in the Salisbury area in the new academic year will not be possible. However, I would like to welcome onboard new tutees from Southampton.

Castro del Río
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Graduated in History gives classes of History and Geography for students of high school in Córdoba

Hello, I'm Inmaculada, I'm 23 years old and I'm graduated in History from the University of Cordoba (UCO) and I give private lessons to support the subjects of History, Geography and Art History at all levels from primary to Bachillerato, including cycles training and adult education. My classes are very didactic and entertaining, in which the story is not boring at all.

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Student in M1 History, offers courses, but not only history. French or mathematics

My methodology is essentially based on a discussion with the student, to understand what he does not understand, which can block him in the discipline. From this, it is important to frame the teaching so that the student understands what is expected of him, and so, step by step to get him to go beyond the stage at which he was.

San Antonio
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College Graduate with a focus and passion in US, European, and World History

I teach all levels of students from elementary through college. I like to help students practice research and writing and help them develop the skills that they need to succeed as historians. I am a critical reader and will grade fairly, but intently in order to help students grow as much as possible during their time with me.

Vicente López
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Professor with degree offers History classes near GBA (North) and CABA.

I always use new technologies to help consolidate knowledge. I think that the use of multiple intelligences and the creation of simple goals can be the perfect start for every project. Music, movies, books and paintings are the best way to improve your knowledge in History.

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A Level Geography tutor in Leicester - experience in new OCR specification (A/A*)

My experience in A-Level tutoring will begin this summer, however, I have spent the last two years supporting people in my year and the year below to understand the concepts and tackle the questions for the new spec. I have tutored for GCSE in the past too.

Las Vegas
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Understanding Memories - a look at the world, your country, and community !

I base my classes on doing real world activities and linking the past with today. You will be expected to interact and learn.

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Oxford postgraduate offers tutoring and lessons in geography, environmental science, history, and anthropology

I am a postgraduate student at Oxford that takes an interdisciplinary approach in my work. I have conducted independent and collaborative research funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation, and enjoy drawing from my academic and professional background while tutoring. I have a university background in geography, history, and environmental science, climate change, and anthropology.

Kelvedon Hatch
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Graduate from Essex Tutoing Business, Geography and English. I drive and can come to you if required.

I have a Sports Degree and I have experience in Tutoring, I enjoy tutoring and would be happy to tutor Business, Geography, English and Sport. I will plan the lessons to fit around your needs, unique to you. Lessons are always very intense but also relaxed and enjoyable.


Georgette - Stanmore - Geography

I am a well qualified and experienced Teacher of English and Geography. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach English Language and Literature, and Geography (Key Stage 3 and 4) - Tell me about your qualifications. I possess the following: - Teaching Diploma specialising in English, Geography and Guidance Counselling - B.

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Quick question: How does your-story fit in his-tory? Let's find out! :-)

Saint Theresa Bilingual School, graduating with a Bilingual High School Diploma Liberty University - Bachelor's of Science in Law and Public Policy Member of the Critical Thinking Foundation at California. Certificate of Teaching Higher Bilingual Level Honduran Pedagogical University at Honduras.

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Private Geography Classes for elementary and high school. I attend the student's house.

Using the new technologies, I will teach Geography in a simple and playful way. Use of computer and tablets for better visualization of both physical and social phenomena, as well as maps. Reinforcement classes based on what the student is currently learning.

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Geography tutor for GCSE and AS Level students in and around Portsmouth and London.

I am a geography student wishing to tutor GCSE and AS Level students. Lesson structure would consist of presentations, past papers, specific exam question structure, tactics during exams such as timing. I am a driven individual who is energised by different challenges and I pride myself in making good relationships with students.

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Perfect! The Qualities I found in Abhishek Sir, 1) He taught the topics in easy and simple way. (by sharing his laptop screen online) 2) He dealt the things in 360 degree technique, certainly where you won’t find in many coaching institutes. 3) He comes...

Muddavaram, Student
3 weeks ago
(6 reviews)

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