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History and Math tutor done online. Good rates. Master degree anytime

College graduate. Masters degree in teaching. 20 plus years of coaching. Worked in special Education. Work well with all students. I will take the lessons your student is working on and break it down so they can understand it better. We will master the content before moving on.

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Qualified teacher and highly experienced Humanities Tuition - All Exam Boards - Oxford

I have more than five years experience as a personal tutor, specialising in English, MFL and Humanities subjects. I am a qualified teacher with a deep commitment to supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with SEN issues; particularly ASD. I hold a first class degree in English from the Universities of Amsterdam and Sussex and an MA (with Merit) from University College London.

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Student at HEC Paris, I teach in History, Geography, Geopolitics, General Culture, Philosophy

Hello, Student at HEC Paris, I obtained my baccalaureat S with the congratulations of the jury, and I did 2 years of preparatory class ECS. I received a quality education in philosophy and history geography, which allowed me to obtain the score of 20 in the competitions. Thus, I offer my help in these fields, whether it be in terms of understanding the course, training on subjects, methodology ...

Lyon 7e
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Holder of the English CAPES, University teacher gives English and French courses along with support in other subjects in and around Caen.

I offer English courses for all levels, from primary to university. I offer French courses but only for beginners. I also offer support in Spanish but only to college and high school levels. Throughout my studies, my knowledge of history, geography and geopolitics became quite large and now allows me to offer support in these matters on many levels (except university level).

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Graduated in journalism, I teach history / social, Pontevedra / Vigo area, different knowledge, ask without commitment.

Good, I am a journalism student armed with a lot of patience and desire to teach, responsible and studious. I would teach history, social and related to any level, except university or higher. I have training in many other subjects, for which they can ask without any kind of commitment. Greetings to all.

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History teacher gives History and Geography lessons in West and central London

I am Borja Fernandez waiting to get a job as a teacher, I am Qualifyed to teach in secondary levels but I tutored children in the past from the ages of 8 to 17. As history is seen as boring subject I always had the intention of changing that vision and change the subject into something that the children would like.

Greater London
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History graduate from the University of Cambridge with tutoring experience in history, english literature and geography; from GCSE-A level. London based.

I am a recent Cambridge history graduate with a passion for tutoring. I am proficient in modern and early modern history; my expertise lies primarily in British history, with the exception of modern American and European history. I can provide first hand advice on how to master exams (GCSE's and A levels), and how to write the 'perfect' essay.

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Enthusiastic Sociology graduate here to support up to undergraduate level in sociology in the Leicester area and online.

I am positive that I can engage with students well and encourage critical thinking; I've learnt all the tips and tricks for success and am ready to share my knowledge to help you succeed! I believe in positivity and creativity, using a tried and tested essay method that has a proven successful record with myself and my mentees, supporting everyone to reach a 2:1 or above at degree level.

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Experienced tutor in Boston would love to help you with history, geography, and civics.

While I hold other jobs, I am writer, freelance editor/proofreader, and tutor. I tutor a wide range of ages: children, teenagers, college/graduate students and adults. I try to help the student learn how to learn the material, through using mnemonics, looking for patterns, associating new material with ideas already learned, and providing background information on the topic.

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History and geography courses for pupils of primary and secondary school (including preparation of the tray)

This course is designed for primary school students - college - high school who would have difficulty in history and geography. The goal is to rework the curriculum while also making a link with current international relations but also to extend the course beyond the program to push a little more knowledge to the general culture.

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Student at Sciences-Po Aix offers courses in History and Geography from primary to high school

As a student at Sciences-Po Aix, history and geography are obviously essential points in our curriculum. Thus, I propose a course of refresher, deepening of knowledge, as well as of setting up a methodology of work essential to a better learning.

Greater London
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Exeter Graduate with a high 2.1 teaching Geography, Maths and Science - to any level up to A-Level

Hello!, I have just graduated from the University of Exeter with a 2.1 in a Geography degree, i have a strong academic background with high A-level results in Maths and Biology including an A* in Geography, i also received 6 A*'s at GCSE including Maths, English Language and Geography as-well as Chemistry and Biology.

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Geography, Social Sciences and environmental science tutor - breadth and depth guaranteed!

Before I am able to deliver the appropriate content and tailor my subject to a students needs, I spend a good 15 minutes trying to gauge the students requirements and what they aim to achieve from this tutoring. What they are trying to achieve? - Whether answering exam questions, structuring essays or sourcing reputable resources and literature to answer essays/dissertations.

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Specialist in university jobs offers easy problem solving, advice and support through development guides, tutorials and final corrections

I adapt to the needs of the student, and have a strong pedagogical vocation. I am young and dynamic. I can take my experience and my knowledge on economics and accounting to guide, tutor or correct your TFG, TFM and Thesis. Solving problems in order to keep progressing with your projects.

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GCSE, AS and A Level Geography tutoring in North Manchester by Physics Undergraduate

I am a third year Physics student at the University of Manchester and I offer tutor lessons in Geography at GCSE, AS and A2 level. The structure of the lessons is entirely dependent on your needs and which subject topics you require the most help with. I aim to tailor my lessons accordingly in order to provide you with an effective, comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.

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Contemporary Geography and Environmental Science Help from soon to be Postgraduate Student

Support can be given to students in any of the following fields: - Geography, both Human and Physical - Sustainability and Sustainable Development - Environmental Science - Atmospherics and Climate Change - Pollution - Ecology and adaptation - Conservation - Geographic Surveying - Physics and Engineering Lessons can be given based on needs if notice is given.

Greater London
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Experienced Geography Tutor and current PhD Candidate offering high quality classes around London or online

I am an experienced tutor and PhD candidate at University College London, as well as a graduate from the University of Oxford. Teaching is a true passion of mine and, apart from providing private tuition, I am also preparing to teach undergraduate students at UCL later this year.

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Teacher and Researcher helps others understand the relevance of history in Pendleton, IN

I am a recent graduate with a degree in History and hold an Indiana Teachers License. I typically give lessons to elementary school through high school age. I utilize primary sources, lots of question and answer and historical literacy. My goal is not just to have the student memorize dates and people, but understand how and why historical events happen.

West Wickham
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Geography Tutoring, Focus on Edexcel GCSE as well as Primary and Secondary Education

Fun and patient, I am happy to help with individual topics and can answer your questions. Happy to help those currently in Primary and Secondary education. Proud of my A* in my GCSE which has taught me a lot of information that i aim to pass on.

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Social Sciences student from France giving general knowledge lessons, Geography, History, Sociology, etc.

Hello ! I am a French student in Exchange at the University of Bath for the full academic year. I am teaching general social sciences, and am willing to concentrate on particular points that are of interest to you.

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Current BSc Physical Earth Science student offers Geography GCSE tutoring in Kenilworth

I am an undergraduate doing BSc Physical Earth Science at Swansea University. I offer 1-2 hour long sessions in geography at primary, secondary and GCSE level. I myself got A* at GCSE, and A at AS and a B at A-Level in geography. A significant proportion of my degree is geography based.

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Cambridge University graduate offering Sociology and Psychology tutoring to GCSE and A-Level pupils in London/Hertfordshire

I am a recent graduate from the University of Cambridge, where I studied Human, Social and Political Sciences, specialising in Sociology and Psychology. During my A-Levels, I achieved 3 A*s in Sociology, Psychology and Religious Studies, and I achieved an A in AS Level Spanish. Since graduating last year, I have worked in an international school in South Korea.

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Student in third year of teaching history courses (mention TB bac) gives history lessons at middle and high school level near Avignon

WIP not translated yet, sorry it's just auto translation! Hello, I am a student in Avignon and I moved this year to live in an apartment near the town center. Being from a family of teachers, I'm used to give and receive tutoring.

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Prominent A level student gives geographical knowledge to gcse students over internet

My name is Jack Lynch. I give lessons to GCSE students in the subject of geography. I like to sturcture my lessons with a strong method of building general knowledge alongside the specific knowledge needed with geographical theory. I like to be straight to the point and try to help the knowledge stick.

Greater London
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English and Portuguese tutoring. All levels and ages. Professional, calm, clear and not over excited. There will be no fake plastered smiles from my behalf. A real teaching experience. I am a native Portuguese and English speaker, being raised bi-lingual, I have a clear and neutral pronunciation but I am also able to explain how other accents work.

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Udayan, found their geography teacher

Hello meenakshi. I am a 5 year law student preparing for UPSC CSE 2018 also. I am especially weak in geography as I have avoided the basic books while completing other basic books. Now the concepts of class 11 geography just don’t settle in which...

3 months ago

Tadeusz, found their geography teacher

Dear Binoy ji , I have two problems : 1. I want to learn how to use GIS tools for geo-referencing and inverse georeferencing 2 . I want to learn programming in any open-source written in Java or Javascript for GIS I am mathematician , ...

3 months ago

Manoranjan, found their geography teacher

Hi, Greetings! Congratulations on clearing Prelims. I'm preparing for CSE 2018 and have decided to opt for Geography for Mains. So I'm in need of a teacher to get the basics initially. So if you've substantial knowledge in this subject kindly...

3 months ago