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Student from a management college gives social science tuitions to secondary class

I don't have a huge batch of students so I can give my attention to each and every individual .

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Nivedita Srivastava Education Section for better grow up in his/her life & achievement

Myself Nivedita Srivastava. I like to teach History, Geography, Civics, Political Science & Basis science as well. I am able to teach Senior secondary school with confidently. As a teacher, I need to convey the message to all of student try to learn from everywhere. Mistake can happen that is not a big issue but if we dont learn from that mistake then we are doing wrong.

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Physical geography and geomorphology...and Indian geography or any other geography branch's what do want to learn

I will teach by the diagrams and solve their queries properly and take them all with me in class with my words...I will give them questions to solve them in front of all...give some easy medium and hard tests to improve their their stream.

Ratna shankar
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MA in History of Art can give tuition for NET Visual Art, History ,culture

My teaching is more interactieve one so that students can learn lesson in true sense . They will be vale to know crux of the lesson.

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Preparing for UPSE and good skills in teaching with excellent knowledge of geography.

Detailed knowledge of subject and the mathod to convey that knowledge are basic essentials of a good teacher. I always try to engage children through interesting examples and daigrams.

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Since 2011 i am giving exam score teaching with different teaching methods. i provide ambitious approach to students through exam approach skills.(NTSE-SST/SSc Specialist)

1-Former Faculty of Aakash Education Services Private Limited and selected in 2017 in FIITJEE, New Delhi as a post of Lecturer of Social Science for NTSE and CBSE. 2-Masters in English, Geography, History . 3-Teaching since 2011 in CBSE schools. Social Science for 10th class. History, Geography Indian Polity for 12th class. GK and GS for SSC.

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A lawyer, coming across everyday news of some moral or civic violation at various geographical places inhabiting various philosophy.

My approach is to make any topic simplified by assuring it with daily lives example so that student can easily imbibe into his understanding. And for doing so I can provide the class notes, give you ppt for future references.

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To run the Geography department and be active and supportive of its members  

To lead the learning and teaching in Geography, demonstrating best practice and supporting colleagues to deliver challenging and exciting lessons  provide a well‐planned, challenging and purposeful learning environment for students in Geography  monitor, challenge and support colleagues in Geography  within the academy policy for the monitoring of teaching and learning, evaluate...

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Geography for class 5 to 10 for ICSE amd CBSE boards. Wish you all the best.

I try my level best to clear all the doubts and complete the entire syllabus on time so as to help students revise well before exams.

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There is need a political revolution in our country for fighting against communalism

3 years head master in little rose school sagolmang imphal east manipur post office pangei yangdong first of all i teach social science to the students of that school, than i have some experience with the children as my student

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B.Ed student giving Geography,History and Economics tution to middle,secondary, higher secondary students in Kolktata

I am a B.Ed student from a reputed college in Kolkata. I have a graduation and master degree in Geography(Honours). I have been teaching middle and secondary school students of ICSE board school since past One year. I usually discuss the chapters with my students and together we solve the questions from the chapters and also the exercises given in the end of the chapter.

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Research Scholar and GIS professional gives classes for Remote Sensing and GIS in Calicut or Trivandrum

I am a research scholar in the domain of Geographic Information Systems. I have more than three years of experience in the domain of GIS and Remote Sensing. I am a postgraduate in Remote Sensing and likes to give classes for UG and PG students. Also, Civil, Urban Planning and Geography projects related to GIS can be taken care of.

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The school remains in the same location as the beginning but has expanded to occupy the ground floor of the block where it is situated, and continues to expand to occupy more space.

The school was founded in 1992 in the centre of Valencia as a coeducational British School with a small class of seven children. These children have now gone to university and the number on roll has increased to 800 children in 31 classes.

Penha de França
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Geography at grade C required if the first degree subject is not Geography.

Students will be part of a school team from the start and will receive intensive support from experienced teachers in the classroom. Opportunities will exist to build networks with fellow trainees. This route leads to the award of QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). There are two compulsory school placements.

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Further information about each route, where to train, applying for courses and funding is provided by the Department for Education.

Universities and colleges offer teacher training courses for both graduates and undergraduates. Universities work with groups of schools to offer at least two school experience placements as part of your training. A PGCE is available through all university-led training.

New Delhi
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I am happy to coach you in a simplified manner with lots of examples and anecdotes.

My Class will at my home space with more of a lecture method and video.

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Easy Social Science (SST) lessons for school students: Grades VI to VIII

I restrict myself to topics given in the NCERT books to ensure that the syllabus doesn't get too vast.

New Delhi
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History is pretty important subject to know about. geography helps you understand it better sometimes.

my teaching method is based on introduce lessons like story , creative teaching, formative assesment. in a good lecture technical terms are carefully explained. Rehearse my presentation in advance of the lesson. Make sure all students can see and hear the lesson.

New Delhi
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Tuitions of current affairs and gk from high school to college ,delhi

i am teaching current affairs and gk as this is the subject that needs to be given an attention as it the subject that student lack or is worried about during their entrance exams ,ssc or upsc.schools in india don't pay attention to these subjects.

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UPSC aspirant gives coaching in Geography, history, civics, environment, Macro economics in Pune

I approach any topic by first knowing how much the student already knows about it. Then I start by answering his questions first and filling the gaps in his understanding after that by simple examples.

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I am promising teacher who admires and appreciate little improvements made by anyone.

My teaching method is making the concepts clear to the student and then topic by topic learning without jumping and skipping the topics

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Certified teacher of letters and geo story in a Parisian high school at your service

Professor of literature and geography history course provides academic support for student College, High School or Higher Can I help you prepare Patent, BAC PRO, Techno, General and diplomas of higher education. Opportunity to help in English only for the college level.

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Cardiff University Geography student with 5 years tutoring experience, location Stourbridge or online

- French tutoring at GCSE, secondary or primary school level. - Peer-to-peer approach to teaching. - Friendly, approachable and understanding of individual needs. - Adaptable to different learning needs, flexible teaching style. - Can teach from scratch or work on specific areas that need work, it is up to you! - Online or face-to-face tutoring offered.

Paris 14e
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Student in engineering school gives courses in history - geography and civic education near Paris

I joined an engineering school in life sciences after doing a preparatory class. I propose courses of history - geography of college level in high school. I start by making sure that the course is understood and then we resume the exercises done in class and I plan additional exercises to train on what is requested in exam.

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Professor of History Geography EMC offers courses of preparation for the national exams BAC, DNB ....

There is no single method for ALL students. Each apprentice advances at his own pace and in his own way so I take the time to do a learning check before finding a suitable and appropriate way for the student to learn and UNDERSTAND.

San Antonio
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College Graduate with a focus and passion in US, European, and World History

I teach all levels of students from elementary through college. I like to help students practice research and writing and help them develop the skills that they need to succeed as historians. I am a critical reader and will grade fairly, but intently in order to help students grow as much as possible during their time with me.

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Annabelle is qualified, experienced and passionate about teaching geography to online students worldwide.

I am retired and live on a beautiful small farm where I breed cattle. I would like to bring the beauty of the natural environment to those children living in cities. My lessons will start with the skills needed to understand geography - and progress, as the student requires, to the creation of excellent short and long answers needed for assignments and examinations.

Greater London
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Recent PhD graduate, available to tutor is subjects across the humanities and social sciences

My PhD was interdisciplinary, taking in both anthropology and human geography. While these are the subjects I have the most specialised knowledge in, I have a good grounding in subjects ranging across history, sociology, and political philosophy. I am well-placed to provide short-term exam preparation or longer-term learning assistance in any of these areas, or areas related to them.

Porto Alegre
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Professor of Humanities (from History to Philosophy) in Porto Alegre, trained in history

I have a degree in History from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. I have studies in the areas of history, philosophy, sociology and geography. I develop research on antiquity, middle and modern ages.

New York
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Warm and friendly Ph.D student in Psychology offers lessons in History, Social Studies, Geography and Current Events to Primary, Middle, High School, College and Adult learners in NYC

My teaching philosophy is that every student learns differently and has different needs. This is why I don't believe in a one size fits all teaching method. I asses each student and create a lesson plan based on their needs and the subject matter being taught. I have found from my years of teaching that this methodology is what works best.

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