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French (France & Switzerland) Language and Cultural Lessons, Custom Learning Emphasis on France & Switzerland

I like to give practice fun homework examples that not only teach language, but culture. I believe for someone to truly learn a language, they must dive into the people, customs, country and culture; from anywhere in the world. This type of learning method integrates and rounds out the learning to a broad, fun manner.

Charlton Kings
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Recent Cambridge graduate offering French and Russian language (and literature) tutoring in London

I really try to help students enjoy languages again. The GCSE and A Level courses can be dry and demanding, and it can help for students to learn to see the languages positively again using songs or extracts of films. However, leading up to exams I use past papers to show students the correct methods when preparing for exams.

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Graduate French student, originally from the UK, providing French tutoring in Boston, MA to aspiring francophones.

Why, hello there budding linguists. :) Language-acquisition beyond our mother-tongue can be an anxious undertaking. As a tutor, I endeavour to provide a non-judgemental setting for my students. Mistakes are never frowned upon here! Whenever we err, we have an opportunity to grow.

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English tutor located in Janesville, Wisconsin will be able to help you to reach your objectives, no matter if you are a begginner or advanced

Im French born and have been living in Wisconsin for over two years. I have a bachelor in Foreign languages ( English and Italian ). I do believe that learning a language is a life long experience and that you will only learn efficiently if being plunged in the language's environment. Not everyone is able to travel so the next best thing is to be taught by a native.

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Language courses (English, French, Italian, Spanish) all levels! Paris and 78100

Hello, Hi, Hola, Ciao! Student in last year of Translation and International Relations I am also currently learning Russian and Arabic, I give language courses (English, French, Spanish, Italian) for all levels. I traveled a lot, so I try to convey both a language and culture. I adapt to the person and their needs using gaming techniques (games, specific vocabulary, varied themes).

White Hall
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ESL and Accent Correcting lessons by recent French Studies graduate in United States

I give lessons to anyone of any age interested in learning English as a second language along with accent correction for more advanced students. Students will be offered lessons on vocabulary grammar, pronunciation, along with other important areas of language depending on proficiency.

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Qualified teacher offers coaching and tutoring in French in Lille and around

Former English teacher, now back to my dear studies, I offer individual tutoring classes for all levels. Self confidence is the key. I offer a wide range of methods to learn while having fun, improve your autonomy and become aware of your abilities, leaving a lot of freedom to the student to choose the methods that fit them the best. First hour of class is on me.

Thunder Bay
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Bienvenue, French native gives any support on French language in Thunder Bay

I use some methods from Tutor Doctor and the majority of the documentations, worksheets and books from France. The best method to learn is to have fun, taking the time that each individual need, working on comprehension and quality of learning.

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French native teacher with experience in teaching intuitively English and French (basic to advanced levels)

Hello! I am a French student, 22 years old. I arrived in Barcelona a year ago to study chiropractic. My studies are both in English and Spanish so I speak English every day in any situation. I sat several English exams with Cambridge University (KET, First Certificate, TOEIC 875/990 and IELTS 8/9).

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Qualified, Professional and Experienced French Teacher offering lessons in Cambridge. Learn Now!

I use the active and communication approach which means that I will give you tools to learn French but the rest is up to you ! I am not a living dictionary (you have wordreference for that :) ) so I will not spend time translating words or texts with you.

Dr peter
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Dr Peter - Wimbledon - French

Full-time Philosophy lecturer at the London School of Economics with extensive experience tutoring the major Philosophy and Religious Studies syllabi at Key Stages 4 and 5. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I specialise in tutoring Philosophy at degree and A Level, but also offer help with essay writing and university admissions.

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Teacher of French as a foreign language and second in the cities of Neuchatel and Bern

Hello everyone ! I have been teaching French for a few years. I have a Master 2 in teaching French that I obtained in Lille. I taught in Spain to children and adults in a French Institute, in Finland at university and in primary school, in France in a college and in Japan in a French Institute. I am currently working in a school in Bern.

Hillsborough township
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High school senior gives French courses to primary ,middle school and sophomore in Hillsboro North Dakota

I'm teenager of 17 and I would like to share my ability to speaking French with others ( primary,middle and sophomore students ). So grew up in French country I used to learn English since my 6th grade so I will use the same ways my English teachers took to taught me English to teach also French : by starting by Alphabet and etc....

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French teacher with more than 8 years of experience in Montreal( TEF, TCF, TEFAQ, DELF, Preperation SEL, PEQ)

My teaching method is mostly based on the videos and texts (authentic) and is also communicative. I'm so patient with my learners, I try my best to give them a good description. My courses are mostly for who wants to develop greatly his french level.

Holywell Green
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French language tutor and experienced teacher of adults and children. Tertiary educated languages graduate. Lived in France.

I am a UK tertiary educated languages graduate, experienced at teaching the French language across all educational levels. I can provide you with expert tuition designed to meet your educational milestones in a supportive and friendly manner. Perhaps you are planning on visiting France, or simply have a goal to learn French! I can also provide tuition for holiday and conversational purposes.

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Honours (St Andrews University) French student offering lessons in Edinburgh or St Andrews

I'm happy to base my lessons around whatever subject interests you. Previously, my students have asked me to edit texts they have written, explain grammar structures, and help them with prononciation.

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French teacher in Cordoba Capital with experience, 14 years living in Canada

Hello ! My name is Magali and I teach English and French at all levels. I spent 14 years in Canada doing primary, secondary and my jobs in different sectors in both languages. My technique is based on the same teaching structure that I received not only at school but also in my daily life as an Anglophone and French-speaking citizen.

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Learn French or Spanish, Tutor or Translating Services Available, B.A. and M.S. in Language, Literacy

Whether you are looking to learn a new language, brush up on your language skills, need documents translated or are in need of an interpreter in the Moline, Illinois area, I am available for these services and have 10 years of experience in the field. I have a B.A. and M.S. in Languages, Literacy, and Culture.

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Quadrilingual Ukrainian who does the PrépaLettresSup Toulon will help you become bilingual!

I come from Ukraine, where I finished my secondary education. Currently I am in 2nd year of my studies in LettresSup Prep Optional English. I am bilingual in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian and I can help you discover and speak these languages. My teaching method contains the explanation of the theory (grammar, spelling, idioms) which is then verified in practice by numerous exercises.

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French-Austrian Literature and languages student offering french lessons and practice in Birmingham

I like to adapt each lesson to the students and their interests in order to make the lesson as interesting as possible. It is important to keep in mind that languages are means of communication, therefore the study of grammar, spelling and comprehension will be achieved through texts or conversations about topics chosen by the student in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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I am a student of Journalism - Social Communication, I speak French and English, I teach in these languages ​​and everything related to the Spanish language and expressing in public

I do not have a rigid structure to teach because I know that everyone learns in a different way, I adapt to the needs and aptitudes of each student. My classes are aimed at all those who want to learn in a different way.

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French woman from Paris, graduated from La Sorbonne - Paris IV in languages

My teaching method is based on interactivity and the desire to achieve specific goals (passing university entrance exams / DELF / DALF, ability to read French literature in the original version, refreshing one's knowledge before leaving for a French-speaking country, preparing for a first business trip to a French-speaking country, mastering a particular lexicon for a particular event...

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Cours de Français , for all levels with a French native teacher!

I have students from all over the world. I teach French to children as young as 5 and adults beginner to advanced. I tailor my lessons to the level and goal of my student. I give homework, I mix academic and fun to my teaching.

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Seraphin - Bloomsbury - French

I enjoy teaching and guiding and supporting learners from various backgrounds. With adequate support, every learner has the potential to reach their goals. I have many years of experience teaching and lecturing in high schools and universities.

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Bilingual, motivated, experienced politics student offering french lessons in Cardiff at your home!

I'm a young Australian politics student who has spent the last three years working in France. I offer detailed and intensive french tutoring of all levels. Although my french is now at a native level, the fact that it was not my first language gives me a huge advantage in teaching it because I know what it's like and I know how to explain things.

San Francisco
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French lessons for all levels in San Francisco beg int adv and exp

Hi, I am à French teacher and I have been living in San Francisco for 5 years. I graduated from a journalism school and was a journalist in France. I still work as a freelancer as well as teacher French to a French after-school program. Being a teacher has been an amazing experience in which I keep in touch with my language and help very passionate students.

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I'm French, i live in Guadalajara since 3 years and i give French classes at home.

My classes are made for all ages and from beginners to confirmed. I like to lead my classes in a playful way, whether through songs, movies, books, group conversations ... The theory is important but I focus more on the practice.

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Anatomy and Cell Biology student at McGill gives French, English and Arabic lessons in Montreal.

I will divide and organize the topic into different parts. I will first explain the subject, covering different parts during each session, and I will give you exercises for practice that we can do together. I will show you how to approach different types of problems.

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Psychology student at McGill gives (private) French, Math, and Arabic classes for Elementary school students in Montreal.

I'm a (soon-to-be) second year McGill student from Morocco. French and Arabic are my native languages, and I've always been one of the firsts of my class in Math. I think that patience and listening are one of the most important skills necessary for tutoring, and I believe that I have both of them.

Greater London
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La vie est belle. Les gens doivent rester positive. Passez une Bonne journee

I usually start with teaching how to pronounce alphabets in French as well as numbers. Then I move on to the verbs that's is more fundamental. I make sure that I teach how to pronounce words, reading aloud and construct sentences.

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Perfect! She is amazing with my kid ..I am extremely happy with her teaching and prompt service. Thank you Krisha

Nithya , Student
4 days ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Experienced, engaging and very patient She is very patient and knowledgeble person with great approach. She explained everything very clearly and it was just like a conversation. The whole class was very engaging and fun learning. I have just...

Naveed, Student
3 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! though the classes didn't happen due to some circumstances , the method of teaching is recommendable

Antara, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Shreya... Excellent Teaching! ...very interesting and the lessons are made simple and understanding. Ben got high score for his French exam, though he was new to the subject...

Anju, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Excellent to have tutor lik her.such a brilliant ,calm and understanding the needs of student...great

Saravana, Student
3 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! She is an amazing tutor. We have the best experience with her. I recommend her to anyone.

Krishna, Student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

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