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Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Digital power system protection and control a

I am ANANDA KUMAR M.Tech in Electrical power system in NIE and also having post graduation from IIT Bombay. My mobile number is (concealed information) Teaching all Electrical and Electronics subjectis particular to the content with practical schnerio and making students to understand the subject . Increase the creativity of students by giving information the innovative questions.

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Basic electronics concepts to understand better for electronic engineering students and diploma students

the art or science of teaching; education; instructional methods." Pedagogy is a systematic approach to creating an educational process that will lead to knowledge transfer - the appropriate reuse of knowledge and learning experiences gained in one setting to a variety of new situations.

Ravi k
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Concepts of Electrical Engineering & Lightening India & Society Get & Grasp..... From M. Tech & IIM guy

Effectively delivered lectures and proper understanding of the concepts with easy illustrations.

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Student Gives A Coaching In Electrical Machine Design, Design Of Electrical Systems Course in Mumbai.

I would teach as per the syllabus of Diploma and Degree for Electrical Engineering. My explanations will involve lot of Practical knowledge because of field experience. I would use PPT at times to explain tougher contents. I will teach till the subject is completed, irrespective of time period.

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I am Ph.D. scholar and doing my research work in renewable energy

I believe in a systematic way of study.According to my opinion first, you should clear your basic in a particular field than go for advance. if your base is not clear you can not understand and enjoy that particular subject.

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Student in engineering school gives tuitions in electrical and electronics topics from high school to college in india

I am a post graduate student in Electrical & Electronics Engineering stream. My technique of teaching include explanation, notes, tips for remembering the topics. I prefer to give complete details of the topics in simple important tips along with video lecturers for explaining working of machines etc.

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You can't Regret my teaching in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and can also give little knowledge in PLC SCADA Automation

Myself I'm an Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. Trained in PLC SCADA Automation. It is my Passion to teach Electrical Subjects. I love to share my knowledge with others. My teaching environment will be very student friendly. No targets and no limits.

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Teaching secondary, higher secondary and electrical engineering sutdents and clearing doubts.

I am a B.Tech passout student of EE branch. I can teach the EE branch subjects and also help the students in secondary and higher secondary standard especially 10th and 12th students. You will gonna really enjoy my teaching friends.

Nihar ranjan
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Electrical Engineering subjects in Bhubaneswar or anywhere for SSC JE or other PSUs and B.Tech semesters

I have completed my M.Tech in Electrical Engineering from NIT Rourkela and teaching is key passion.I will be teaching most subjects of Electrical Engineering with practical ways which are usually not covered in classrooms. The subjects can fetch you good marks in semesters as well as you can write any competitive examination.

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In applied physics engineer gives during electronic / mechanical / programming on the basin Annecien

Hello, physical engineer applied to Epagny and former student of preparatory classes for schools physical Specialty / Engineering Sciences, I give science lessons for 7 years. From a jovial and "how-to" natural, my motto is the students' understanding of scientific fields with examples and cultures and historical points.

José fr/en/nl/sp/it/pt
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Electrical and electronics Industrial Engineer with 25 years experience

I am an electrical engineer and industrial electronics with 25 years experience. I work as a teacher for the morning. I can teach in the evenings and weekends.

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IT engineer (Data Scientist) & scientific subjects' teacher/tutor (Maths, physics, chemistry and many other subjects) in addition to learning mental tools

French below. Thanks for visiting my page. I am a Data Scientist working currently for a French leader of Data in Paris. Resourceful and able to motivate others, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I can help you with mathematics, physics, chemistry and many others science subjects ALL LEVELS as I master a wide range of sciences.

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Learn and approved by individualized and fully adapted to your previous level classes.

Explain the matter has not yet managed to set so that they can soon be part of your analysis techniques. To do similar exercises simulating exam situations that could be repeated. It is very important to ensure the involvement of students to improve much faster.

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Engineering student from the University of Chile offers private classes in Physics and Mathematics, secondary education and PSU

My teaching method is based on a simple explanation of the theory of the subject to study, ensuring the understanding of this. Then the realization of exercises of all kinds for an adequate preparation at the time of rendering. This is based on the curriculum of the middle school level or PSU to be prepared.

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Mechanics and Electronics - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

Muhammad rafiqul
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CSU PhD student would like to teach Electrical & Electronic Engineering courses (AC & DC circuits, Analog & Digital electronics, Microprocessor, Numerical analysis etc.) and like to solve assignments

I have lots of teaching experience at University level and as well as 11 & 12 level. I have around 2 years of working experience in University as a full time lecturer. In this period, I have conducted lectures on Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses to undergraduate students and also supervised few thesis students. I have practical working experience with industries as well.

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PhD gives Math/Physics tuition (12+ year experience in private schools and tutoring)

I am a Physics Engineer with a PhD. I give math/physics tuition. I analyse the way the students think, whilst they face an exercice. After that, I go back to the exercise, explaining it according to their mindset, so that they can understand it in their own words.

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Maths and Physics tutor based in London (over four years tutoring experience!)

I teach maths and physics up to A Level - my lessons are relaxed and I do like to have a laugh with my students as well as work hard to meet their educational needs.

Santa Fe
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Private, Primary, Secondary and secondary technical teacher (electricity, metalworking, etc.) consult , Thanks

My classes are dedicated to the support of students to learn these subjects, help in their instances of recovery, final instances, recovery instances, etc.

Paris 6e
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Young experienced engineer gives courses on Paris Math / Physics at all levels. Also opportunity to review methods

I teach mathematics, physics college in high school (after being able to give Bac well). I can help you prepare for an exam, contest or simply deepen and consolidate bases. My rigorous and my teaching will allow you to easily overcome the challenges you face in science. I am very understanding and patient in order to trust the student and create an atmosphere where it is pleasant to study.

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Electronic engineering student teaches calculus, trigonometry and physics at the preparatory or core level (First 4 semesters).

My method of teaching consists of two steps: 1. Review the student's bases, correct something or strengthen it if necessary. 2. I continue explaining the necessary topics to understand what they want to know.

Angel fernando
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Professor of Technology offers class of: Technology of materials, electronics, electricity, control system, technological design, technology manages, GANTT and PERT graphic. etc.

My methodology of educational work is based on the THEORY AND PRACTICE, with daily examples, based on all the previous knowledge that the student has. I am a young teacher, with experience in private classes, in general I teach at all levels, Primary, secondary, tertiary and university.

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Double Masters student at Griffith ready to tutor streams in Engineering, Science or Maths

I base my entire class on writing and learning. Rigorous notes will be part of tutoring, which can thereafter help in quiz and assignments. I make sure, conceptual understanding is vital alongside, practical understanding. Text-book and outside resources shall be used effectively.

São José dos Campos
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Graduating in Automation and Digital Manufacturing, mechatronics technician, designer designer and private teacher of Mathematics, Materials and Electrical Machines.

I started the activities with an objective explanation of the subject and then I resolve a demonstration exercise, so that the student can understand the method of resolution. The class closes with some exercises for the student to try to solve and get the last doubts.

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Nuclear Engineering Master's student offering to tutor engineering, math, physics, and computer programming to all levels of students

I have an ABET accredited Bachelors of Science in Nuclear Engineering (GSP=3.74) and Physics (GPA=3.75) from the Idaho State University. I am currently enrolled at ISU as a Master's student in Nuclear Engineering. I am a certified engineering intern as well.

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Consultant specialist in fire prevention and safety gives up a level courses for the preparation of competitions related to security (SSIAP, Patent prevention, architects, MO, MOe) Betting

Experienced consultant, diplomas SSIAP3, IFP Training, National School of Chemistry (26 sect. Oilgas / nuclear / construction) based in Paris. During a speaking adults or young engineers eager to get into the trades of security and fire prevention (ERP / IGH / Labour Code / Industries).

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Tuto of Mathematiques and science primary level to higher education on Louvain-La-Neuve and around. Master in Engineering, 7 years of experience to teach, have a car for displacements.

-Civil Engineer at Louvain-La-Neuve (in applied physics). -I Have a car available, so I can move to give lessons at home. - I teach: - Math / statistics - Chemistry - Physics -Electricity / informatics -Engineering sciences - I can do all levels from primary to university level.

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Doctor in Electrical Engineering gives lessons in Linear Circuits Theory and its applications

My methodology is to know each student's need, e.g. what subject is to be learnt; what is the required level; what is the time-frame. Then, I outline the schedule, breaking it down to the lessons.

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Learn Engineering Mathematics as Brain Booster. Engineering Mathematics Lahore Pakistan MS Electrical Engineering (Scholar)

My teaching method is fully based on concepts. First of all I realize the deficiencies of students then I grow their knowledge and learning skills. Often i repeat my lecture two to three time for best fruit. I want to put my all knowledge to my pupils and having wish that may my students will be the best students in the planet.

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Engineer provides mathematics and physics classes for pre-university entrance examination and ENEM

I prepare dedicated classes for those who will take exam or ENEM. In addition to those who need school reinforcement in the middle level. I dedicate the class time to present the concepts related to the subject in a clear and detailed way, as well as for solution of examples and exercises. At the end, I leave the student with suggestions for exercises to complete the studies.

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