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José ramón
1st class FREE!

Electrical engineering teaches Math for every level to any student by webcam

Mi name is José Ramón Mireles Yuriar, im an electrical engineering and im a particular professor for several subjects since many years. The capable of the student is not represented by a prize ir by a calification, the inteligence oficina the student is represented by the knowledge learned un classes and how the student uses that in their lives in their future.

Las Vegas
1st class FREE!

The best math and fourth best English tutor in the Las Vegas area.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Physical Sciences. I also have a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering. I have a Master's of Education in General Education. I graduated with a cum laude honors and over a 3.0 average.

João Monlevade
1st class FREE!

Graduated in Electrical Engineering gives private lessons or via Skype of courses taught in the course related to his area of ​​formation.

My teaching method is based on content demonstration with examples / slides in addition to solving exercises that the student has difficulty. It can be done via Skype or in person, or on any platform that the student wants, eg platforms based on moodle, etc.

1st class FREE!

MSc student proving coaching to pupils at all levels in london

I believe in interacting with the pupil just to understand the degree of understanding possesed by the student and then help them with the problems that they were facing but relating their problems with simple and real life phenomenon. Moreover I believe in visualisation of the knowledge that will enhance the understanding of student. As it is easy to remember experiences then converstions.

1st class FREE!

College lecturer with 3 years of experience, expert in delivering technical lessons to students from Secondary to Undergraduate levels.

- Setting tasks which challenge students and ensure high levels of interest from them. - Planning, evaluating and revise curricula, course content, and course materials and methods of instruction. - Using clear and concise language when teaching in a class.

1st class FREE!

Ingeniería Industrial en automatización y manufactura, Electricidad y Robotica, enseñanza didáctica y practica

Ingeniero Industrial en el sector de manufactura las clases son para las personas que quieren aprender algo con respecto a la industria y a su funcionamiento. Saber como funciona la electricidad y la automatización de maquinaria en la industria. Los ejercicios son prácticos y dinámicos con simuladores para poder aprender a programar PLC para la industria.

Greater London
Sivasankar reddy
1st class FREE!

Master in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur with Teaching and Industry Experience. Total 8 years of experience of which two years in Malaysia as a lecturer. Eperience in Power System, Power El

Teaches each concept in simple language with real time examples. I taught students from class to degree level. Taught Electrical Engineering concepts with example of Laboratory experiments. Each teaching session has learning outcomes. Lesson Structure. 1. Introduction 2.Objective. 3.Learning outcomes. First I will understand the level of student before delivering the lecture.

Sierra Vista
1st class FREE!

I have seen failures in many ways you can never imagine,so im a pretty good teacher

maths and a fun way of learning both are complicated, here lets break the barriers. we have got ourselves prepared to break the barriers.maths is the most practical lesson in the entire world it becomes harder when we cant relate it with daily scenarios.so lets start making maths our life.

Paris 11e
(5 reviews)

Young experienced engineer gives courses on Paris Math / Physics at all levels. Also opportunity to review methods

I teach mathematics, physics college in high school (after being able to give Bac well). I can help you prepare for an exam, contest or simply deepen and consolidate bases. My rigorous and my teaching will allow you to easily overcome the challenges you face in science. I am very understanding and patient in order to trust the student and create an atmosphere where it is pleasant to study.

Loteamento Industrial Coral (Mauá)
(3 reviews)

Engineer Control and Automation teaches Mathematics (Fundamental or College), calculation, Electricity, Logic, PLC Ladder w / Greater ABC

I'm Automation Engineer with over 10 years of industry experience and passion for teaching. Very good mood, you can teach in a way that the other person understands and records permanently. I teach children from the elementary school to students of colleges and engineering, always accurate or logical matters, including PLC and programming.

(3 reviews)

Professor of Math and science primary level to higher on Louvain-La-Neuve and around. In Master in Engineering, 5 years of experience to teach in the secondary, have a car for displacements.

-I'm In Master in Civil Engineer at Louvain-La-Neuve (in applied physics). -I Have a car available, so I can move to give lessons at home. - I teach: - Math - Chemistry - Physics -Electricity -Engineering sciences - I can do all levels from primary to university level. For students in university, I will check that I have the skills necessary to give you the lesson you ask fo.

1st class FREE!

Electrical and Computer Engineering tutor giving lessons in courses containing Mathematics, Electricity, Computer Programming and Industrial Controls.

We cover basic principles in sufficient detail to ensure concrete understanding at higher levels of abstraction. I use a meticulous yet patient, open-minded, encouraging and non-judgemental attitude to my students, their abilities and their goals.

Campinas (São Paulo)
(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Degree in Engineering with specialization in technology gives math classes, physics and Portuguese for elementary and high school in Campinas.

I graduated in Electrical Engineering and have expertise in programming, but my strength is project management. But these classes are aimed at students who are deficient in the basic disciplines of basic and secondary, such as mathematics, physics and Portuguese, subjects that I always did very well in college.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Quality Tutor for Math,Physics,Chemistry - GCSE & A level in Grays, Essex

I'm an experienced teacher of GCSE and A-level Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer. I'm currently teaching GCSE and A level student. I've honours degree BEng (hons) in Electrical and Electronic engineering from London Southbank University. I've always achieved A* in Maths and Science. I've also achieved 1st class marks in Mathematics and Science related subjects in university.

Greater London
1st class FREE!

Power electronics basic electrical engineering power quality renewable energy m

I am an mtech student specialized in industiral drives and control. I completed my Btech in electrical and electronics engineering.Subjects are taken for under graduate students.Teaching mainly focuses on average students.Both theory and problems can be solved.Try to clarify the doubts of the students.

Porto Alegre
(5 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Industrial Automation, Electricity, Electronics, Mechanics, Instrumentation, Physics, Solar Energy Alternatives, solar cookers

I am a content writer for ODL, I develop ODL courses with more than 20 years of teaching at various levels, from qualification to higher education, including Special Education (PCD students). I have experience of institutions like UFRGS, SENAI, FTEC. I am webmaster of a website in the area of ​​alternative energies, emphasis on solar cookers.

Tyne and Wear
1st class FREE!

PhD Engineering Student offering lessons in Electrical and Electronics in Newcastle upon Tyne

I am an Engineering PhD student, I have been given lessons to undergraduate students for 3 years now, my technique are that I start from the basics and build on to more complex part of the course. I am friendly and easy going and work to improve your strength and build on those areas your are not too good at.

(1 review)
1st class FREE!

University teacher with over 6 years of experience. I intend to help you with your courses in physics, mathematics and engineering.

Each person has it's own method of learning, so I think it's very important to know my students and then propose them a working method adapted to his/her needs. However, I believe that the best way to learn physics and mathematics is practicing, of course, in certain concepts sometimes the help of an expert on the subject is necessary.

(1 review)
1st class FREE!

Custom classes for Higher Education Electronics Electrical Robotic Automatic Mathematical Statistics

More than fifteen years of experience in teaching for Higher Education and Baccalaureate. Extensive experience in matters of science and technology. custom classes focused on the needs and academic needs of each student. classroom / online tutorials.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Jose antonio
1st class FREE!

PhD engineering student at ULPGC teaches physics, mathematics, engineering, electricity, thermodynamics in Las Palmas.

Students led to careers in science or engineering, level and scores obtained in the last courses are tested to know their level of knowledge of the subject. The techniques depend on the student's needs and seek to obtain results, these depend on the student's level and ability, it adapts to the level.

Englefield Green
1st class FREE!

Provide private Tution For Electrical & Electronics engineering ( Control Systems)

I am electrical engineer which has done master with specialization in control system. I teach control system to undergraduate students. My way of teaching is to focus on understanding of the concepts of every topic.

1st class FREE!

Engineering student double engineering degree in Mechatronics at ENSIAME and Electrical Engineering at ENIM teaches electronics, Maths, Physics and C programming

Since September 2015 ENSIAME (INSA group - VALENCIENNES) -Ecole general engineering: Mechatronics Option 2013 -2015 ENIM (Double degree ENIM Tunisia -ENSIAME) general engineering school: Electrical Engineering Option 2011-2013 Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies El Manar: Physical-Technical High School in 2011 Bardo- Tunisia - Scientific Baccalaureate series: Science Technology Section

(1 review)
1st class FREE!

Math and Physics Tutor for high school, college, and graduate school students

My lessons are primarily aimed and high school and college students. I try to get my students to understand basic concepts rather than memorize material. As a teacher, I consider myself thorough and somewhat disciplinarian, but I try to be as understanding as possible of student needs.

1st class FREE!

University Student in Engineering level gives electricity and technological aspects to junior, High School and college level students.

Hello, Myself ADIT PATEL Student of UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR Pursuing Masters in Electrical Engineering. I am more emphasized on basic concepts as a roots of subjects as they are the basic building blocks in order to manipulate with the concepts. Moreover advancing technologies interfaces change in the modification level and tries to govern us towards more flexibility.

1st class FREE!

A doctor in Physics with years of teaching experience teaches college level physics courses.

With a PhD in physics, I would like to teach college level physics lessons. The exact content is adjusted based on each student's past knowledge and experience. Each lesson will include three parts. They are concept discussions, trouble shooting and problem solving.

1st class FREE!

Professor of Exact. I teach Physics, Mathematics, Electrical, Mechanical, statistics and other areas of engineering.

I am a student of the 5th Semester of Mechanical Engineering, so I know what you spend or spent on certain matters haha. My teaching technique is always to give a simple lesson, so that you can understand the essence and the core idea of ​​the matter. After that, we solved some exercises together and let other complementary to future classes. Most importantly, to me, is solve all your doubts.

1st class FREE!

Scientific materials - A complete disposal for any technical and scientific argument at every school level

I have superior experience and 15 years teaching at all levels: secondary school, high, college and specialization. Competent and full of all theoretical and applied materials resulting from physics and mathematics. In the province of Cuneo, available lessons at home or in my office.

1st class FREE!

Student in engineering school provides college science courses in high school and around Talence

During my school years I learned to mix the best working time and leisure to enjoy the best of my studies. Patient, smiling and hardworking, I mastered high school knowledge that I am able to pass through good teaching qualities. Learning course by understanding through other concepts and refining the methodology of resolution of standard exercises is the best way forward.

1st class FREE!

Student in engineering school gives math and engineering science lessons in Cherbourg

Hello, I am a student in second year at ESIX Normandy, I research work in parallel of my studies, and lessons are a great way to supplement my financial needs. I took care of several students in mathematics last year, and it is that I love to learn, I'm patient and I really want to share what I know.

Papantla de Olarte
1st class FREE!

Mechatronic Engineer; UNAM entitled teaches mathematics, physics, electricity and basic engineering sciences in Poza Rica, Papantla, Tuxpan and neighboring areas in the beautiful state of looks

teaching classes, theory and practice of basic engineering sciences such as (algebra, analytic geometry, physics, applied mathematics, electricity and magnetism, etc ...

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