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Teaching secondary, higher secondary and electrical engineering sutdents and clearing doubts.

I am a B.Tech passout student of EE branch. I can teach the EE branch subjects and also help the students in secondary and higher secondary standard especially 10th and 12th students. You will gonna really enjoy my teaching friends.

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Electrical engineering is one of the most important in life - coimbatore students learn more

starting from basics of electrical and electronics engineering. understanding the concepts. analyzing the concepts and implementing for the real life by developing mini projects and live projects. solving more problems to understand the concepts for real time implementation of the concepts.

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I am an IITian completed my M-Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Gandhinagar

My approach and teaching methodology is simple so that the students can connect the dots from the scratch that is student can build their concepts from very basic level to advanced level. I used to start the things from the theory level than build the concept and numericals over that theory.

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Basic concepts of Electricity, Electrical Engineering, Engineering calculations like cable sizing, earthing

My teaching method is to clear the concept thru some practical or models.

José fr/en/nl/sp/it/pt
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Electrical and electronics Industrial Engineer with 25 years experience

I am an electrical engineer and industrial electronics with 25 years experience. I work as a teacher for the morning. I can teach in the evenings and weekends.

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IT engineer (Data Scientist) & scientific subjects' teacher/tutor (Maths, physics, chemistry and many other subjects) in addition to learning mental tools

French below. Thanks for visiting my page. I am a Data Scientist working currently for a French leader of Data in Paris. Resourceful and able to motivate others, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I can help you with mathematics, physics, chemistry and many others science subjects ALL LEVELS as I master a wide range of sciences.

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In applied physics engineer gives during electronic / mechanical / programming on the basin Annecien

Hello, physical engineer applied to Epagny and former student of preparatory classes for schools physical Specialty / Engineering Sciences, I give science lessons for 7 years. From a jovial and "how-to" natural, my motto is the students' understanding of scientific fields with examples and cultures and historical points.

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Student Electrical Engineer gives courses in mathematics and physics in Brabant Wallon at home or by webcam

I am a student civil engineer in 2 nd Master in UCL. I master all that concerns physics and mathematics for high school students and 1st bachelor. I like that the courses I give are satisfactory for the student, that is why I adapt to the person in front of me in order to achieve the best teaching possible.

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Learn and approved by individualized and fully adapted to your previous level classes.

Explain the matter has not yet managed to set so that they can soon be part of your analysis techniques. To do similar exercises simulating exam situations that could be repeated. It is very important to ensure the involvement of students to improve much faster.

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Mechanics and Electronics - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

Glasgow City
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Professional Engineer and PhD student offering tutoring in STEM subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Maths, Programming), Glasgow City

I am a PhD student at the University of Glasgow offering tutoring in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects to secondary and post-secondary students. In addition to previous academic degrees, I also have 6 years of industrial experience as a professional engineer.

Pabellón de Arteaga
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Graduated in automotive engineering, he teaches electric and electronic circuits for high school and university.

I teach by using video call using a blackboard. My method is to provide progressive feedback solving exercises to clarify doubts at the time they arise as well as to train the student by providing the best techniques with steps to follow to analyze and solve circuits.

Ciudad de México
Christian manuel
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Student of Engineering gives classes of the physical-mathematical area to students from secondary level to high school at CDMX

How are you! My goal is to help you and drive you on your way as a student, I know the difficulties that one goes through in that path so we will look for the best method that suits you for learning. My support is for kids from the secondary level to the bachelor level, so you have a wide letter for you. The class will be divided mainly into two parts: - Theoretical aspect. - Practical aspect.

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Engineering student teaches Static also all referring to Mechanical Engineering in Tlalnepantla de baz

Engineering student gives lessions to students that require support in the basic area of ​​engineering such as static, dynamic, fluid and thermal area, with what common teachers sometimes do not know how to explain in common words that are not very commonly seen.

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Academic support in mathematics, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, industrial science and thermodynamics

engineering-student in mechatronics, ENSIAME school, I have got a technical BAC since 2014 and I passed through the preparatory classes (TSI course), I give private lessons in mathematics, physics, chemistry, electricity and industrial science also if you are interested.

Santa Fe
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Private, Primary, Secondary and secondary technical teacher (electricity, metalworking, etc.) consult , Thanks

My classes are dedicated to the support of students to learn these subjects, help in their instances of recovery, final instances, recovery instances, etc.

São José dos Campos
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Graduating in Automation and Digital Manufacturing, mechatronics technician, designer designer and private teacher of Mathematics, Materials and Electrical Machines.

I started the activities with an objective explanation of the subject and then I resolve a demonstration exercise, so that the student can understand the method of resolution. The class closes with some exercises for the student to try to solve and get the last doubts.

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Nuclear Engineering Master's student offering to tutor engineering, math, physics, and computer programming to all levels of students

I have an ABET accredited Bachelors of Science in Nuclear Engineering (GSP=3.74) and Physics (GPA=3.75) from the Idaho State University. I am currently enrolled at ISU as a Master's student in Nuclear Engineering. I am a certified engineering intern as well.

Tyne and Wear
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Electrical & Electronic Lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne by Recent Distinction MSc Electrical Power Graduate

I have recently graduated from Newcastle University with an MSc in Electrical Power which I achieved a distinction classification. I am looking to teach other students and pass what knowledge I have so it is put to good use and hopefully help other people. I can teach anything from basic electrical and electronic topics to more sophisticated subjects regarding the field.

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Consultant specialist in fire prevention and safety gives up a level courses for the preparation of competitions related to security (SSIAP, Patent prevention, architects, MO, MOe) Betting

Experienced consultant, diplomas SSIAP3, IFP Training, National School of Chemistry (26 sect. Oilgas / nuclear / construction) based in Paris. During a speaking adults or young engineers eager to get into the trades of security and fire prevention (ERP / IGH / Labour Code / Industries).

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PhD gives Math/Physics tuition (12+ year experience in private schools and tutoring)

I am a Physics Engineer with a PhD. I give math/physics tuition. I analyse the way the students think, whilst they face an exercice. After that, I go back to the exercise, explaining it according to their mindset, so that they can understand it in their own words.

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Engineer provides mathematics and physics classes for pre-university entrance examination and ENEM

I prepare dedicated classes for those who will take exam or ENEM. In addition to those who need school reinforcement in the middle level. I dedicate the class time to present the concepts related to the subject in a clear and detailed way, as well as for solution of examples and exercises. At the end, I leave the student with suggestions for exercises to complete the studies.

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Professional Journyman Electrician training and thoery lessons NEC and students seeking answers answers

Bachelors degree in electronics communications and licensed Electrician Journeyman. specialize in industrial control applications and commercial, residential NEC county and state requirements. Education ITT Technical College-Tampa Sep 2004 ~ Sep 2008 B.S. Electronic Communication, Electronic; Four year electronic communication degree program received honors.

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Experienced tutor gives GCSE and AS-level physics and mathematics lessons from home

I am huge science and maths enthusiast with a strong academic background. I have been tutoring physics and mathematics for several years and am about to embark on a degree in physics with nuclear astrophysics. I very much like to take an intuitive approach to tutoring through the clear explanation of relationships and derivations.

London Apprentice
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A PhD finalist and Lecturer with experience in Electrical, Electronics, and Telecommunications Engineering giving Tutorials

I am a qualified electrical and telecommunications engineering with extensive experience both in industry and in academics. I give tutorials both in text and video presentations. Assignments are given to gauge the understanding of the students and to find out where to have more emphasis.

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Math & Science Tutor in SE Louisiana or Online Available for You

I have experience in electronics and math and degrees in chemistry and environmental chemistry. I have an advanced degree in environmental chemistry. I work regularly to teach basic math. I can also teach laboratory methods. I have a degree in electronics also.

St Petersburg
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Aire Acondicionado y Calefacción para Automóviles. Excelente experiencia en electricidad. EPA Certificación

En 2005 acudí a los campos de PTEC, en Clearwater city, donde obtuve diploma de completar curso de electricidad. Poseo Certificación EPA tipo Universal. Además Certificación de la ley 609 como técnico de AC automotriz.

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Electronics engineer with electrotechnical base gives course in electricity or all technical subjects visible in BAC or BTS electrical engineering or automatisms

I can lead several types of courses, either specialized courses on points where there are difficulties or attend classes of a school teacher to increase the grades in these subjects.

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PhD student tutoring almost all ECSE courses (undergrad & grad) + Math, Physics, and English (college & high school)

1) Asking their problems 2) Giving them effective clues 3) Watching their work and progress 4) Discovering their best learning method 6) Let them find the confidence to teach the course back to me. --- This is all about learning how to learn :) .

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To be an engineer will teach you engineering at home. Electricity , Electronics and Electrical Engineering are my subjects. Teach you like an Expert tutor friend

-I Start off slowly; students may not have much experience in active learning. -Introduce change at the beginning of a course, rather than midway through. -I mostly Avoid giving students the impression that you are "experimenting" with them. I'll share knowledge, demonstrate my expertise, advise students and provide feedback to improve understanding and promote learning.

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