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B-tech graduate in electrical and electronics engineering and able to give lectures in electrical engineering

My teaching methods 1. I prefer uploading videos of my classes including the topics regarding the subject taken by me. 2. virtual classes prepared by me along with online audio classes. 3. online video classes.

New Delhi
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Three times Gate exam Qualifier with high marks in electrical engineering. Presently working in Pmkvy to trained student in electrical subject

My teaching method is very much systematic. Before the start, I teach Introduction why are you studying this subject, topic. what is the method to study the particular subject then I focus on the topic. after completing the topic what are the possible question will be raised on the topic i make a note on all.

Dr. s,
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I have got 21 years of experience of teaching in engineering college.

My teaching methodology ensures in depth learning of the subject in such a way that student can understand the subject easily & able to apply the knowledge.

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Graduate in EEE and preparing for exams after a 1.5 year job , fluent in english and explanation of topics

i start with the basic books written by some best teachers in this field which include easy language , lots of examples and practice problems also NEPTEL videos and some PPT are helpful the rest resides in the hands of student,how much he/she practices never dealt with lots of student, but taught in groups .

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Basic concepts in Basic Electrical Engineering for High School and Engineering students

My teaching method is very simple, it mainly focus on Basic concepts and their application in electrical engineering field.In Basic Electrical Engineering subject the main focus on real life numerical and their effective solution. For that we basically know the Basic concepts and theory behind that.

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Electronics & instrumentation supports to students with 12 years of industrial experience from power plant in Asansol, West Bengal.

Industrial Instrumentation & Control having Masters with 12 years of industrial experience and author of many instrumentation books. Visiting lecturer to diploma and degree level engineering collages for AEIE, EE and I & C related subjects. Key Features of teaching- 1.

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Expert in electrical engineering and masters in power electronics and electrical drives

I am expert in teaching electrical engineering in degree level in friendly manner. My strengths are self confidence and positive attitude. I can teach in a class of 30-60 students and also for each student separately. I can understand each student stage and will start classes from basics in electrical engineering. Thanks for all students for your support.

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Diploma and degree Electrical engineering students gives Lessons for Academic and other exams

As per interest and Time we can manage the teaching Method and language . It is most important to clear all basic concepts of students and to create interest in Electrical Engineering. All the students thinks Electrical is most difficult subject but it is the most interesting and creative subject.

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Electrical Professional gives Electrical lessons Power systems, Control systems, power electronics from Hyderabad India

I am an Electrical Professional with very a sound academic knowledge and very good on field experience. I prefer to take classes for students of Diploma and Degree level. A good combination of knowledge and hands-on experience I can deliver my knowledge to students who are serious about their career.

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A knowledgeable EEE engineer, can teach all the electrical subjects and maths too

I hold M.tech degree in Power system engineering and have good knowledge about electrical and electronics engineering. Can teach all the subjects related to EEE branch, especially the problem subjects where I am having much interest in handling those kinds.

Greater Noida
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M.Tech student in ElectricalEngineering(Power Systems) gives Maths,Physics lessons to Higher Secondary & Sr. Secondary students and all Basic Engineering (Semester 1 & 2) subject's lessons to Engineer

I am Mukul Singh currently studying in M.Tech semester-1 of Electrical Engg. (Power Systems). I can teach Maths & Physics to Higher Secondary & Sr. Secondary students and all Basic Engineering (Semester 1 & 2) subject's lessons to Engineering Students.

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God damn! I just came to check the platform, I need crazy students.

Have you ever wondered why computer needs programming? Or, you just blindly gone to programming thinking that the machine somehow magically understands your brilliant C's and Java.

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Engineer, worked in various industry segments, in India & abroad gives tuition in automation & instrumentation to make engineers employable and industry ready by exposing them to state-of-the-art tech

My approach is to expose students to real-life engineering challenges and situations beyond bookish knowledge. Impart an application oriented teaching to enable students to face interviews. Familiarize students with diversity of problems faced in industries and their solutions.

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Oriented engineering for would be technocrats, we brush and polish your Engineering skil

Theory followed by practical or through video conference. Arrange practical training in leading electrical companies which includes transformers,transmission lines,distribution and Sub stations. Training on Diesel Generating Sets and Solar plants and latest Geo thermal concepts and implementations technology system.Engineering coaching in my way.

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Electrical Engineer, PG Diploma in Management extensively experienced Industry Professional in Design and Engineering offers online teaching in Electrical Diploma subjects in Mumbai.

Industry application oriented, engineering, design of electrical systems in large industries on a practical basis with fundamental theoretical explanation. Electrical Diploma level subjects.

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I like to teach electrical engineering ,electronics ,physics too. through online or offline in boduppal region.

U G students / school students. Electrical and electronics subjects for B tech. Physics for degree students,all subject for school students. Research method,case studies depending upon the topic.

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Engineer with research background in industrial automation and instrumentation gives tuition and notes for excellent study

My learning method involved a thorough research on each topics of my concern by writing down my own notes. I prefer to teach more or less the same way. I believe in reading a lot, so I inspire students to read from standard authors and I'm also willing to prepare notes for the students.

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You Engineering Passed out and thinking to build Carrier in Industrial automation, Have this

Topic based on basic s and question related to machine application, Drive Blocks configuration, PLC bclock and application development basics to application on multiple make systems with communication with Laptop for configuration, Modification as well new applications with blocks and diagrams.

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Working Professional in a multinational company, working with people of multiple countries across globe.

Learning should be in easy way by explaining any topic in simplest way. To learn any topic completely & with interest, one should understand its physical significance & application. You can memorize any topic forever if you co-relate that with any live example or any incident/activity of your surrounding.

New Delhi
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Electrical Power system, machines, network, electronics device and circuit , 10th class maths & science, diploma subjects

I starts from basics of each subject and proceed towards results. I try to make student familiar with subject by taking general life example so everybody can understood the level of subject. I also take the numerical problems after completing the topic of subject.

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A Veteran and Subject Matter Expert in Electronics Engineering with Academic / Product Design & Development Expertise for Industry can nurture you for higher goals

Will mold you towards critical thinking and self learning than spoon feeding Change ones attitude towards learning process Upraise ones knowledge and caliber with sound practical and conceptual ideas Quick think approach in right direction than beating around the bush Train the student with simple but elusive problems leading to sound conceptual knowledge

M senthamil
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Do you want coaching for core Electrical Engineering subjects, get it from me

I try to teach the known things of a student to unknown concepts by giving detailed examples. I primarily use the curiosity of a learner to learn the ideas and concepts . I explain the interrelated concepts along with the original concept so that it is easily understandable.

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Teaching electrical engineering subjects from diploma students to engineering students in visakhapatnam

my teaching methodology is illustrating the concept either in the board or in the sheets. the class will contain the basic concepts also based on the student knowledge level. i will teach lessons to diploma students and engineering students. i will also teach intermediate physics class.

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Assistant engineer in a powerplant construction company gives tution in basic electrical and physics for high school students since 2015

my teaching method is to get my students thorough knowledge in the basics of the subject.without the base it is impossible to go deep in the topic.so whatever the topic i split it into two.one is the basic and fundamental and second is main.

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The student in Engineering studying in Anna University affiliated colleges for Electrical Engineering Analytical subjects and Mathematics

My teaching method is with a power point presentation for the engineering subjects in particular for analytical subjects in electrical and electronics engineering. Also, I'm having a teaching experience in engineering mathematics for the past 15 years.

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Electrical Subjects specialist with more than 8 years of teaching experience.

I have advance knowledge of my subjects, secondly i have friendly nature so that my students are very comfortable to ask me any related question.they clear their doubts. i always discussed latest trends in technology, also encourage pupils to learn things by curious and let them drive the classes.

Bairam Chak
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I am an m.tech from normal college i worked for a long time in a pvt ltd company

I teach in a very friendly manner and never beat or scold any of my students I let my students understand the lesson in their way I explain the same lesson until all the doubts are cleared I don't skip any part of the lesson

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Students in engineering schools gives the tution for electical circuits in hyderabad.

My teaching method is through white board with marker,i can give the lectures to the diploma and undergraduate students and also i can teach the basics subjects through skype.i will explain each and every topics with basic fundementals ,can clarify the doubts regarding any subjects.

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An Electrical Engineer tutoring Electrical machines, Circuit theory and power systems .

My methodology is to plan the topics sequentially and focus more on basics and help student's to understand the concept thoroughly and not to memorize it. Also, clearing the doubts after each session and making sure all students understood the topic.

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15 years experience in Physics / Electrical Engineering subjects in India and Abroad

My interaction on facebook page and available youtube videos explain my way of teaching through which students feel confident to interact with me even on social media platform even after the class. The students feedback about my lectures acknowledge my teaching methodology in the best possible way.

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