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St Petersburg
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Electricidad residencial. Lectura de diagramas. Reemplazo del main panel. Instalacion de circuitos.

En 2005 me incorporé en los campos de PTEC Clearwater, donde obtuve el diploma de completar curso de tecnología eléctrica. Poseo EPA tipo Universal . Además certificación como técnico de AC automotriz bajo la sección 609. Soy el autor del libro "El automóvil y su buen aire acondicionado".

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Global Academy Gijón: personalized instruction with optimal results for secondary school and university

Industrial engineer teaches at the level of secondary school and university. Global Studies Centre is an academy that has more than 15 years of dedication to teaching with optimal results. Our goal is that students acquire knowledge and develop to improve and optimize its resources. We adapt to schedules and groups level to the different needs of each student with individual monitoring.

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Broadcast Television Engineer tutors algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus and calculus in Gwinnett County Georgia

I have loved math most of my life and I took a lot of it in school. I also attended math contests and placed in the top ten in the state of Tennessee. Now it's my turn to help others with their math. I have been tutoring for more than nine years and I really enjoy it. I work with students in middle school, high school and college level math.

São Paulo
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I am an engineer and I teach mathematics and physics classes for elementary school. I really enjoy teaching and I give classes at the south region of São Paulo or via Skype.

My classes are aimed at students from the 3rd to the 9th grade (elementary school). I like, besides using the school exercises, to create examples and activities along with the student in order to develop logical reasoning. I also like to take a whiteboard, because I use the images very much for the explanations.

São Paulo
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Engineer degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Telecommunications. Dou calculus classes, physics and related matters in Sao Paulo, SP

Check what level the student is currently. From there, slowly we begin to study simple themes that allow a grounding and solid structuring and then develop more complex topics in class. For my training, I am specialized in calculus classes, physics, electricity, engineering and computing.

El rhazi
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I'm an Engineering student in second year of engineering studies. I master very well science subjects! Mathematics, Physics, Computational ... I am open to giving courses at all levels

Engineering student in triple cursus, I prepare two engineering degrees and a Master degree. Before joining the engineering schools. I've learnt in the preparatory classes for the engineering high schools. I can make my student with the very brave time, aspired and autonomous.

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Tutoring available for engineering, technology, ICT and student coursework, Belfast, PhD, MSc, BSc, online tutoring and mentoring

I assist students, with breaking down complex problems into manageable portions, to enable rapid understanding and comprehension of the subject area being taught. For coursework, dissertations or thesis tutoring I can provide outline structures or assist the student in developing their own, demonstrating in full the use of IT software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Engineer (Centrale Lille) gives math and physics from primary to higher Lille and its surroundings

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Lille, I offer tutoring and homework help in math and phyysique, college and high school level and undergraduate level. Having taught at different levels, I am able to adapt to the needs of the student. I can move on Lille in Villeneuve d'Ascq, ..., by public transport.

São Paulo
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Mechatronic engineer graduated with master's degree in system engineering in progress, tutoring in São Paulo.

Classes will be taught through videos, where lists of exercises and then will be reserved a space for questions and doubts will be presented. The idea is the student to practice and get their own conclusions, but with the supervision of the teacher.

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Professor of Mathematics (college and 2nd). At home or Skype. Technology and Computer Science.

I have taught for 12 years in public and private schools and I give private lessons for 6 years. I teach mathematics and technology college and 2nd level. I have an electronics Technician degree with an option (English). I also teach English following the training received by the "European vocational training program" (Loughborough College in Leicestershire in Great Britain).

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Electronics, with its own laboratory, from schematic to circuit board, theory and practice

I am Electrical Engineer, I set up a laboratory for me and I can share with you. Has access to what is best in a process already experienced and successful to made circuit boards. If you need help, you will find the didactic explanation, simplifying problems that seem complicated.

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Students in the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of Nancy teaches math, electrical and engineering sciences

Hello, I am Marouane student in 3rd year Degree in Sciences Engineering , I'am ready to help you and answer your questions. Instead, I will help you acquire the methodology to solve and understand the problems alone. See you soon.

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Science as a hobby ! Educative Digital Sciences through personal projects (Fablabs, Makers)

What will you learn? Today I give training to motivate youngs (or adults) to discover THE WORLD OF DIGITAL SCIENCE and "MAKERS". As a hobby, you can learn to use or extend your academic knowledge to complete projects using digital tools in a FabLab (laser cutter, 3D printers, etc).

Paris 9e
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Prep / High School / University - Engineer - Physics / Maths / SI / Science / Chemistry

The courses I offer is open to any student in college preparatory classes MPSI / PSI. I have an ease and a particular interest in science engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. I can also teach English, to level B2-C1.

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I am available to give math, Engineering science, phisics and english courses (level: college, high school, BTS)

Hello, I'm graduated from the EIGSI engineering School in La rochelle as an industrial engineer , I am currently student at IAE of METZ in business management .

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A level physics, maths and English Conversation Course for young and adults

Third year Engineer Student, Higher diploma graduate in Physics Measurements English Trainer: Diploma TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) + 2 months experience as a teacher course technique: working individually or in groups. Values ​​the ongoing conversation related to science.

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Engineering Student at Centrale Lille in Villeneuve d'Ascq, teaches math, Computer science, English and programming in high school. Recieved a mathematics Bachelor with honors.

It is important to establish a good working atmosphere with the student to help him feel comfortable and love studies. It is also essential that students have confidence in him: key to reach success. I work thereby to boost capabilities by motivating him to excel and go beyond what it already provides. I attach great importance to the first session.

Campagnano di Roma
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PhD in environmental and building physics offers private online math, physics, geometry, electricity online classes

There's an Einstein's quote that says "You don't really understand something until you're able to explain it to your grandmother." Every student needs a personalized teaching style, based on his/her previous knowledge and learning preferences.

San Luis Potosí
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Post electronic audio and music production, electricity and diagnostic and audio and video signals. San Luis Potosi, SLP

IT Engineer with experience on acoustics, music and post production (Avid, Adobe AU). Students will develop and increase their self-criticist hability targeted to their actions and procedures, grounding the steps on clear knowledge, with pragmatic tasks that allow diversify aptitudes.

Barberà del Vallès
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Superior Naval engineer, specialized in Numerical Methods and Offshore Technology, Excellent English.

I'm a Naval Engineer, my field is related to mathematics, physics and engineering (civil / naval / or others). I can teach English if you are also required (I have a C1 level accredited by Cambridge, and I've been living in England for more than one year). The price of the classes can be arranged, it is important that it facilitated the agenda or reference.

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From Philosophy to Physics and all Science in between, including programming and Mathematics.

I've Bachelors in Physics with Sigma Phi Sigma Honors Society, Graduate work in Electrical Engineering particularly Full Stack Programming (from build to front end user experience on web pages using L.A.M.P.), Graduate work in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Engineering, and a PhD in Philosophy. I'm an award-winning software programmer.

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Engineer, math, physics, worked in design and in teaching high school and college. some foreign languages: fluent in Czech and Arabic, some Russian, German, and Polish.

Master's degree in electronics, minor physics. I grew up in the Czech Republic, lived in different east European countries. My education covers the subjects I liked the most: Mathematics, physics, electronics, and electricity. I went for the PhD in physics, but circumstances made me quit after 3 years, get married and go to practical life.

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Hello! My name is Alvaro, and I am a Electronic Engineerind graduate. I was approved in many renowned institutions, like Aeronautics Intitute of Technology and Military Institute of Engineering.

My classes are usually dynamic and stuffed with content. I try to give the student a pleasant intermediate between theory and exercises, by connecting the subject to everyday life. I love to talk, so the classes are usually very fun and light. At the same time I try to bring a theoretical solid foundation and to give the student experience with solving problems and exercises.

Djamel eddine
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Support professor of scientific courses in île de France at your complete disposal

I am an engineer and student of Master 2 in control theory (Electrical Engineering), I can give lectures to students of different educational levels from primary school to university.

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Student at the School of Mines - tuition from the 6th to the end

Being a student at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne and having completed two years of preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles (Aux Lazaristes - Lyon), I will wish to provide a working methodology and my knowledge gained in recent years.

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Master degree in electronical engineering with passion for pedagogy offers lessons in science subjects

My teaching techniques are based on the student on first: you have to understand the type of person that's in front of you and realize the lesson based on the capacity/learning skills of the student. I like to use experimentations as a learning method, so this offers to the student the better way to remember what he has learned, in addition to being able to reuse in different fields what learned.

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Student in preparatory class ATS Possessing an excellent level, I wish to use my knowledge in delivering courses to students in need of tutoring. Serious and hardworking, I

Having a baccalaureate +2 in industrial engineering (curriculum multidisciplinary ) .. Currently in a preparatory class ATS . Rigorous with a certain methodology. My courses are for anybody with a level higher than a baccalaureate +2 . My courses can be unrolled in a public place (library. Faculty ) and of course in the person's house with his/her permission. My method is basic .

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Specialized training in Renewable Energy: Design of the facilities, cost assessment, the

I am a talented and dedicated teacher; I exercise very often with variable level learners to give them technical skills Proven electricity, electronics and solar energy; what fascinates me is the result created by the active teaching method which consists in putting the learner at the center of learning by encouraging the production of content by models or questions

Bracknell Forest
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Passionate Tutor for Your Future. Shape it in the way you work.

I teach to a range of classes from GCSE upto pre graduate level. My lessons offer a wide range such as activities and plenty of IT work and getting groups to work in groups. However ensuring knowledge is assessed on a regular basis is also important.

Pozuelo de Alarcón
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Student in computer engineering offers private lessons Madrid Pozuelo de Alarcon and area Somosaguas and

What I usually do with my students is to start with an overview of the contents and see how this student in the matter, explain the doubts you have about the content offered and then do exercises type exam test.

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