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Learning is not preparation for life, learning is life itself. Let’s do this.

Mostly will go by 3 main agendas for every topic 1) what 2) requirement 3) mathematical link if topic have some.

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A practising Electrical Engineer at hand to enhance knowledge to deligent student

My teaching methods include Academic, practical, video based , one to one Interaction.

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Me strong subject Iti electrician thoury best performance in class Tnx sir

My technical teching experience in 2 year's malani pvt iti balotra best performance in the technical class happy me class

Ved prakash
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Students above the higher secondary wants a good relevant efficiently manner studies for its own bright future particularly math & physics

My teaching method is in a proper way from basic to advance level in a easier way as per students understanding capacity.

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If you understand the real electronic think and grow up your knowledge in practical.that you are power ful in electronic subject

My teaching methodology is different to other technic . We take a topic and clear concepts. and after clear concept we can solve problem according topic to better understand.

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Faculty for Electronics and communication branch like digital electronics, analog, communication, network theory, signal and system , Physics,Maths etc

First, I will clear your basics then move to advance level. While moving, i will perform some basic level test so that it will be easily judged about your basics. Without basic, you can not enjoy learning anything.

Harish kumar reddy
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Student in engineering give tuition in electricity and various theories in that

My teaching method is by online only if you have any doubts then I will clarify by writing in paper

Obula reddy
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Power systems in yella reddy guda ameerpet metro railway station. Approach b. Tech method

My teaching method approach related to the daily usage purpose with reliable approach the relavent to the knowledge

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Student in school gives tuition for mathematics and physics from school to college.

My teching method is student must try all the problems yourself as he can right or wrong and more you practice more you learn.....

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Coaching for students in physics. place-Bangalore also for electrical engineers (both diploma and graduation )

i start from basic and then cover all topic in detail according to capacity of students.

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Energetic electrical...use ur subject to build an object that needs only you for that object.. SMART REST IN PEACE

Way of approaching and grasping the main thing...and implementing with other concept.Finding the reason behind for its evolution and learning with practical way of approaching.

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I wish every student most explore the new technology and upgrade their technical skills

I like to used lot's of practical example to better understand the concept to students.....

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A B.tech graduate, and an IES written qualified. If u are interested kindly ping me

Make basic clear and then move forward in the area. As basics are too much required in engineering subjects.

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Electricity is a form of time quantum electromagnetic waves the power of which is decided by dawmaa quanta mass otherwise it is an charge in stable form .

My teaching method is based on empirical human case study and quanta mass execution of symmetric and non symmetric observation.

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Technical Teaching regarding Electrical and Electronics Engineering subjects in Puducherry, villupuram regions

Analogy based teaching (from known concepts to unknown concepts of technology issues) High Voltage Engineering Electrical Machines-I, II HVDC Transmission Power Electronics Electrical Machine Design Control System Power System Stability Electrical Engineering Electrical Measurement Apparatus Circuit Theory Electrical Safety and...

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Teaching electrical and physics having experience as assistant professor in engineering college

Explaining even a tough subject in simple n easily understandable manner. Basic knowledge giving in every area to make understand the concept.

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Engineering student in the field of electrical and electronic engineering at chennai

Explain the concept using real time examples And real time activities, explain the concept in simple manners,

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Electronics engineering subjects particularly Electronics devices, circuits, material sciences . home based tuition experience 2 years. 'Learn then Teach'

My teaching techniques based on the "Learn then Teach" concepts. both theoretical, practical studies are very important for clear understand. "Ordinary thing, we have to teach in Extraordinary way" i would like to teach by using PPT .

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I can help student to clear his or her academic in electrical to achieve good score

My teaching method based on topic with complete explanations and proper cummunication

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Engineer is a man who accepts the process and apply in to invite invention in technology

My methodology is understanding the nature principles by looking into deep. And use those principles for sustainable development of world.

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Gate 2017 qualified.Good hold in basic circuits and core Electrical Engineering subjects

Learn basics,solve the problems and repeat. Very friendly with my students. Got enough experience to teach someone.

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A graduate in Electrical Engineering with GATE percentile of 99.24 gives tuitions in Electrical and electronics subjects and on basic mathematics in India.

Hi Friends, I am a Graduate from Electrical Engineering with an aggregate of 90.4% in Bachelors. I can teach u subjects related to electrical and electronics engineering. Being an engineering student I have a great command in basic physics and mathematics. I can teach you in a simple friendly manner.

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Electrical machines 1, 2, 3, 4, power system1 ,2 ,3, networks,

I can briefly teach about electrical machines ,power systems and networks .. .

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Tuitions for electrical and electronics students,from an electrical consultants / industrial experienced person.

Making students visualize the subject for better understanding. By giving appropriate real life sechanario and demonstration. Using more realistic stuff and presentation.

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Post Graduate in Engineering passionate about teaching Engineering subjects and related softwares.

I have a PG in Electronic Design Technology and PG Diploma in Industrial Automation. My experience in teaching is 2.5 years for engineering students of two distinguished Universities in India. I have also conducted individual tuition's to engineering students for specifically difficult subjects and softwares (like Matlab, Modelsim, Labview etc) related to engineering mathematics and electronics.

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I have done b tech diploma iti all in elecrical field. And doing job in gov sector want to teach about electrical subject

I teach to students topic by topic. So students could get good comand on that topic. My teaching method is to get aware the students about particular topic.

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Being an electrical and electronics engg I give electrical and electronics tutions

My teaching method is giving picture examples and gives easy memorising ideas and give them short notes to quick memorising

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Tuition for 1). Basic Electrical Engineering 2) Signals & Systems 3)Control System 4) High Voltage Engineering 5) Power Electronics

My approach to the topic is from basic engineering knowledge. Materials will be provided. Electrical Engineering students can approach me.

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I am an Economics graduate and enthusiast. Teaching it to anyone is my hobby and I am very good at it.

I approach the subject with different tactics and practical examples which help students to get better understanding. It is none less than science and a better approach of teaching makes it fun to understand.

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