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A knowledgeable EEE engineer, can teach all the electrical subjects and maths too

I hold M.tech degree in Power system engineering and have good knowledge about electrical and electronics engineering. Can teach all the subjects related to EEE branch, especially the problem subjects where I am having much interest in handling those kinds.

Greater Noida
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M.Tech student in ElectricalEngineering(Power Systems) gives Maths,Physics lessons to Higher Secondary & Sr. Secondary students and all Basic Engineering (Semester 1 & 2) subject's lessons to Engineer

I am Mukul Singh currently studying in M.Tech semester-1 of Electrical Engg. (Power Systems). I can teach Maths & Physics to Higher Secondary & Sr. Secondary students and all Basic Engineering (Semester 1 & 2) subject's lessons to Engineering Students.

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God damn! I just came to check the platform, I need crazy students.

Have you ever wondered why computer needs programming? Or, you just blindly gone to programming thinking that the machine somehow magically understands your brilliant C's and Java.

Vikas kumar
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Classes to Electrical Engineering student, latest technology for school and college and physics for senior secondary

I am Youtuber abd my videos has benefited more than 30000 student by you tube.I teach electrical engineering subject,I also give training in institution on the latest technologies which I learnt during my Europe visit and as physics is my favourite subject so i love teaching physics to the senior secondary students and high school as well.

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Assistant professor in electrical engineering gives power system analysis, basic electrical engineering lessons and willing to help the students in their final term projects( electronics engg only)

With a year of experience in research in Central Research Laboratory,BEL,Bangalore and also worked as Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

New Delhi
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Come to learn basics in simplest and practical way ; rest will become easier automatically.

I believe in basics and try to view all the concepts in our surroundings. I believe we understand anything only when we make a picture in our mind and i try to do same during teaching .I can take class as per student comfort.

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Assistant engineer in a powerplant construction company gives tution in basic electrical and physics for high school students since 2015

my teaching method is to get my students thorough knowledge in the basics of the subject.without the base it is impossible to go deep in the topic.so whatever the topic i split it into two.one is the basic and fundamental and second is main.

Sampath kumar
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All Electrical Subjects from basics to GATE level, Visakhapatnam,Btech and Diploma students

I start teaching from basics so that people can understand the subject easily. I can help students become self sufficient.provide a friendly environment which makes student more comfortable I can improve the problem solving skills of the student with complete knowledge on the topic.

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M.Tech student gives tution in digital electronics, basic electronics, analog and digital systems, signal & system.

I always try to teach friendly with no pressure on students. I am able to teach the subject in time with proper planning. I go through the topic and discuss that in point basis. A proper notes I can reare for exams. That will be sufficient enough.

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The student in Engineering studying in Anna University affiliated colleges for Electrical Engineering Analytical subjects and Mathematics

My teaching method is with a power point presentation for the engineering subjects in particular for analytical subjects in electrical and electronics engineering. Also, I'm having a teaching experience in engineering mathematics for the past 15 years.

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Electrical Subjects specialist with more than 8 years of teaching experience.

I have advance knowledge of my subjects, secondly i have friendly nature so that my students are very comfortable to ask me any related question.they clear their doubts. i always discussed latest trends in technology, also encourage pupils to learn things by curious and let them drive the classes.

Bairam Chak
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I am an m.tech from normal college i worked for a long time in a pvt ltd company

I teach in a very friendly manner and never beat or scold any of my students I let my students understand the lesson in their way I explain the same lesson until all the doubts are cleared I don't skip any part of the lesson

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Electrical Engineering for College students by an NITian. EE, ECE, Instrumentation branches can approach too in Hyderabad.

I will try to focus more on drawbacks of the student and enhance numerical solving ability. Timing will be extended, focus will be on completion of syllabus as soon as possible with perfection. Test will be taken for analysis of students.

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Students in engineering schools gives the tution for electical circuits in hyderabad.

My teaching method is through white board with marker,i can give the lectures to the diploma and undergraduate students and also i can teach the basics subjects through skype.i will explain each and every topics with basic fundementals ,can clarify the doubts regarding any subjects.

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An Electrical Engineer tutoring Electrical machines, Circuit theory and power systems .

My methodology is to plan the topics sequentially and focus more on basics and help student's to understand the concept thoroughly and not to memorize it. Also, clearing the doubts after each session and making sure all students understood the topic.

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15 years experience in Physics / Electrical Engineering subjects in India and Abroad

My interaction on facebook page and available youtube videos explain my way of teaching through which students feel confident to interact with me even on social media platform even after the class. The students feedback about my lectures acknowledge my teaching methodology in the best possible way.

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Electrical Engineering passed out student from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra and gives tuitions for electrical engineering and physics, chemistry, english.

My teaching method is the ''WW and H method'' i.e,What, Why and How method. I always believe in teaching through this method that WHAT is this? WHY is this? and HOW this happens? and after that ''WHY THIS ONLY?, WHY NO THIS?''. I believe that these are the keys that will open the locks of your successful studying.

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Assistant professor with more than 5 years of experience, giving assistance for Electrical and Electronics engineering subjects.

I have taken many graduate classes. I normally do classroom approach. My approach can be changed according to students need. Online teaching can also be done. I will give notes for each subject and assignments for further practice. I normally teach according to university standards.

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Professional, Industry Oriented Teaching in Electrical Engineering for GATE, PSU & Various Entrance Exams

When you properly understand the basics, whatever entrance you face in your future life, be it GATE, PSU or semester exams, you will remain a step ahead from the others. I mostly teach B. Tech (Electrical Engineering) students. However, I take mathematics classes for class IX-XII Students and General Science classes for Class IX of all boards.

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Undergraduate student gives counselling regarding studies of all levels especially electrical engineering

I will teach with current scenario topics and nearby future and I have some experience in teaching to diploma students but not teaching them right now and my classes are for all levels who are interested in listening about the world

Thirumal Nagar
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Learn Engineering from the base, to solve real World problems with ease.

My method of teaching is for all to get through their hard time in studying. By learning all concepts from day to day practical example.

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I would like to teach electronics subjects for diploma and engineering levels...

Teaching method would be online..i would like to teach for diploma and engineering students in the field of electronics and i would like to teach the subjects related to electronics......I have even taught Engineering mathematics of first and second semesters of diploma and engineering levels....

Rakesh singh
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Teaching to Students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering for UG Level as well as Power Electronics for PG level

I tought to studnets as students expectation and knowledge. I also motivate students about subject or topic depth so awareness of students is very clear about topics realted to electrical engineering. I taught through animations in power point presentation because students learn from what he/she watch.

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Student in engineering passionate in teaching electrical subjects like digital electronics with giving handy notes and more uniquely.

Myself vijay, being passionate in teaching my students with clear explanation in electrical engineering subjects.Being strong in fundamentals is the key feature of cracking any exam.My teaching will be in that way so that they can master the subject and give ample amount of questions related to them.

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The most awesome thing about being a teacher and coming to class everyday.

Ideally you need to start with an interesting fact or detail about you, your situation or your interests which makes you appear interesting and intelligent. You might also try a more general truth or saying, then show how this applies to your situation.

Banshi lal
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Dear Sir /Madam, The position (Technical Assistant) you have mention on your website it has caught my Intrest ,i believe i could match the requirement you have mention, my background inclouds 2+

Dear Sir /Madam, The position (Technical Assistant) you have mention on your website it has caught my Intrest ,i believe i could match the requirement you have mention, my background inclouds 2+ years experience as Technical Assistant in Poornima University Jaipur and 1+year exprience skit engg.

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Come and learn the new electrical engineering techniques with new facts .

I am An electrical Engineering student pursuing B.tech in Electrical from Maulana Azad National Institute of technology, Bhopal. The content of my teaching is made by myself. the method will be very easy so that anyone can understand the concepts.

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Elctrical Network ,Basic Electrical #100% Result #If Not then Money Back Gurranty

As I already Have 5year Experience in teaching field and specially For Electrical Network, I thought The specify Subject approximately 5 time and have good response from students and I also have knowledge of other subject in Electrical Engineering so that i can help needy person.

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I m M.Tech. with experience of teaching in engineering college n home tutions.

Hey I am a technical person , I taught to school to college. I teach single student to 60 students class . Method of my teaching is copy , board and ppt presentation . I always preffer to teach student by giving example.

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Engineering study is not a rithimic study, It should be a technical way

Technical study is very easy if you know the technic to study it. I will try to understand the technic and practice the technic to you. A very normal student can take it easily and will get the better marks.

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