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University teacher with over 6 years of experience. I intend to help you with your courses in physics, mathematics and engineering.

Each person has it's own method of learning, so I think it's very important to know my students and then propose them a working method adapted to his/her needs. However, I believe that the best way to learn physics and mathematics is practicing, of course, in certain concepts sometimes the help of an expert on the subject is necessary.

Los Angeles
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ELectrical engineering Tutor with 8 years of teaching experience to teach middle and high school students

A committed teaching Professional with almost 9 years of experience at leading academic institution teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. After my Graduation, I studied my masters as well continued my teaching for 4 years. Well, I had tutored students in math and science.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Jose antonio
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PhD engineering student at ULPGC teaches physics, mathematics, engineering, electricity, thermodynamics in Las Palmas.

Students led to careers in science or engineering, level and scores obtained in the last courses are tested to know their level of knowledge of the subject. The techniques depend on the student's needs and seek to obtain results, these depend on the student's level and ability, it adapts to the level.

Loteamento Industrial Coral (Mauá)
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Engineer Control and Automation teaches Mathematics (Fundamental or College), calculation, Electricity, Logic, PLC Ladder w / Greater ABC

I'm Automation Engineer with over 10 years of industry experience and passion for teaching. Very good mood, you can teach in a way that the other person understands and records permanently. I teach children from the elementary school to students of colleges and engineering, always accurate or logical matters, including PLC and programming.

Englefield Green
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Provide private Tution For Electrical & Electronics engineering ( Control Systems)

I am electrical engineer which has done master with specialization in control system. I teach control system to undergraduate students. My way of teaching is to focus on understanding of the concepts of every topic.

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Math and Physics Tutor for high school, college, and graduate school students

My lessons are primarily aimed and high school and college students. I try to get my students to understand basic concepts rather than memorize material. As a teacher, I consider myself thorough and somewhat disciplinarian, but I try to be as understanding as possible of student needs.

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University Student in Engineering level gives electricity and technological aspects to junior, High School and college level students.

Hello, Myself ADIT PATEL Student of UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR Pursuing Masters in Electrical Engineering. I am more emphasized on basic concepts as a roots of subjects as they are the basic building blocks in order to manipulate with the concepts. Moreover advancing technologies interfaces change in the modification level and tries to govern us towards more flexibility.

Hacienda Santa Fe
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Hello! I offer courses in electronics and robotics (theory and practice) near Guadalajara. I have experience in educational robotics and participation in international level tournaments.

I orient my classes towards an objective agreed with the student, the goal is to work in basic sections, building useful and modular tools for the following sessions until the objective requirements are met. Then, we work on the objective as a whole and it is detailed and complemented. I reward creativity and participative attitude.

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Postgraduate student in Mechatronics tutoring subjects for up to undergraduate Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

I am a postgraduate student in Mechatronics with a bachelors degree in electrical and electronic engineering with First Class Honours. I try to help students in GCSE AS and A level relevant subjects as well as university students currently in there undergraduate program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Lessons can be held online through email or video calling.

Ciudad de México
Christian manuel
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Student of Engineering gives classes of the physical-mathematical area to students from secondary level to high school at CDMX

How are you! My goal is to help you and drive you on your way as a student, I know the difficulties that one goes through in that path so we will look for the best method that suits you for learning. My support is for kids from the secondary level to the bachelor level, so you have a wide letter for you. The class will be divided mainly into two parts: - Theoretical aspect. - Practical aspect.

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A doctor in Physics with years of teaching experience teaches college level physics courses.

With a PhD in physics, I would like to teach college level physics lessons. The exact content is adjusted based on each student's past knowledge and experience. Each lesson will include three parts. They are concept discussions, trouble shooting and problem solving.

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Scientific materials - A complete disposal for any technical and scientific argument at every school level

I have superior experience and 15 years teaching at all levels: secondary school, high, college and specialization. Competent and full of all theoretical and applied materials resulting from physics and mathematics. In the province of Cuneo, available lessons at home or in my office.

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Student in engineering school provides college science courses in high school and around Talence

During my school years I learned to mix the best working time and leisure to enjoy the best of my studies. Patient, smiling and hardworking, I mastered high school knowledge that I am able to pass through good teaching qualities. Learning course by understanding through other concepts and refining the methodology of resolution of standard exercises is the best way forward.

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Student in engineering school gives math and engineering science lessons in Cherbourg

Hello, I am a student in second year at ESIX Normandy, I research work in parallel of my studies, and lessons are a great way to supplement my financial needs. I took care of several students in mathematics last year, and it is that I love to learn, I'm patient and I really want to share what I know.

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Electronics engineer with electrotechnical base gives course in electricity or all technical subjects visible in BAC or BTS electrical engineering or automatisms

I can lead several types of courses, either specialized courses on points where there are difficulties or attend classes of a school teacher to increase the grades in these subjects.

Papantla de Olarte
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Mechatronic Engineer; UNAM entitled teaches mathematics, physics, electricity and basic engineering sciences in Poza Rica, Papantla, Tuxpan and neighboring areas in the beautiful state of looks

teaching classes, theory and practice of basic engineering sciences such as (algebra, analytic geometry, physics, applied mathematics, electricity and magnetism, etc ...

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Reinforcement classes - Sara Jorge e Silva - MSc Electrical Engineering -

With my experience, I developed several methodologies that vary according to the profile of classes and students. Classes in painting, practical work, slide show, seminars and round tables are some examples, but I'm always open to new suggestions and learnings.

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Rabah 43 YEARS, PhD in Electrical Engineering I offer courses in mathematics, industrial design, electrical, general electrical engineering, logic College students end up.

I offer mathematics courses for students in colleges until terminal, and courses for technical matters of school until the university level: industrial design, electrical, general electrical engineering, logic.

Ciudad de México
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Robotics, Mechatronic Engineering and Control for children and adults. With personalized attention

I give practical and theoretical classes that complement the integral development of the student. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge, i will depend on the level the course will suit each student. With this we will achieve continuous improvement through goals proposed by the student.

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Ecole Centrale Engineer / Mines of Paris donne courses Maths, physics and engineering science

Hello, I offer courses for all levels (college preparatory classes). In 2015, my students succeed in all, including 5 TB endorsements; student (s) and adults in science subjects: mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, chemistry and engineering sciences I base my course on coaching courses taken by students.

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I teach Mathematics and Physical applied to the level L1 see as materials

I am convinced that the groups are that it is best to study and teach, so I could take a group of 3-4 people to help some, while others are exercises. In fact, the physical sciences and mathematics, it's simple, and I think I can help change your mind those who do not agree.

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A level physics, maths and English Conversation Course for young and adults

Third year Engineer Student, Higher diploma graduate in Physics Measurements English Trainer: Diploma TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) + 2 months experience as a teacher course technique: working individually or in groups. Values ​​the ongoing conversation related to science.

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Industrial Technical Engineer / Sevilla / Primary - University / various subjects

Hello! I'm an Industrial Electronics Engineer and I can help you overcome the goals you mark. They are science classes for high school or university engineering subjects.

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Electronic, Programming and Mathematics classes from high school to college level !

I am objective and follow the schedule of classes / content already predefined to be followed.

Ronchi dei Legionari
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Online consulting and training, electrical and photovoltaic plants, province of Gorizia

I am Roberto Zanolla, an industrial expert registered in the register of experts of Gorizia. Owner of Studio Zanolla, a co-worker with several companies and public administrations of the territory for the design and construction of electrical and photovoltaic systems, a teacher at ENFAP FVG. I offer the possibility of teaching via web cam.

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Engineering student double engineering degree in Mechatronics at ENSIAME and Electrical Engineering at ENIM teaches electronics, Maths, Physics and C programming

Since September 2015 ENSIAME (INSA group - VALENCIENNES) -Ecole general engineering: Mechatronics Option 2013 -2015 ENIM (Double degree ENIM Tunisia -ENSIAME) general engineering school: Electrical Engineering Option 2011-2013 Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies El Manar: Physical-Technical High School in 2011 Bardo- Tunisia - Scientific Baccalaureate series: Science Technology Section

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Student, from University of Edinburgh, studying electrical engineering gives maths and physics lessons to secondary or high school, IB students.

In general, I will try to help you understand the lecture by explaining myself and getting some information from various sources that will develop your understanding in given topic. After lecturing the topic, I will give some examples and some problems that will be solved by you. We are going to discuss the mistakes and any questions generated concerning the topic. By being tutor for about 3.

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Graduate engineer in 2013 gives high school physics class college math On Paris area

I am an excellent teacher, my method and my rigor allow you to learn quickly with the acquisition of practical method. I teach college up to the top, ie after bin. Trust me you will not be disappointed with my methods.

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Learn Math by Examples

PhD in Electrical Engineering /Applied mathematics.I can teach middle school/High school and college students.I always use simulation software to visualize the concepts.I teach math with simple real life examples .

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Courses Mathematics - Technology - Information Technology - Programming - Business - PowerPoint (coaching) - Excel - Word

Dear Currently Master Specialized in Project Portfolio Management in Cesi Labège (Toulouse) I want to share my experience giving classes. I make my current dual training, specifically within the Airbus group, Group I belong to three years.

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