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Learn Math by Examples

PhD in Electrical Engineering /Applied mathematics.I can teach middle school/High school and college students.I always use simulation software to visualize the concepts.I teach math with simple real life examples .

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Industrial Engineer student having experience as a science tutor at home - (Physics, chemistry, electricity, maths... at any level) near LLN or Brussels - always patient, pedagogical & cheerful

After spending high school in maths and science options, I kept my attraction to these important tools through my engineering studies. I am currently in 3rd electromechanical bachelor and soon will begin my first master year. Elementary level: former Chief Cubs (Scouts), I have always had a very easy contact with children. Secondary level: this is where I had the most experiences as a tutor.

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Graduate engineer in 2013 gives high school physics class college math On Paris area

I am an excellent teacher, my method and my rigor allow you to learn quickly with the acquisition of practical method. I teach college up to the top, ie after bin. Trust me you will not be disappointed with my methods.

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Double BSC in mathematics and physics (several years of experience as tutor)

I'm a double BSC graduated at University of Barcelona in physics (2003) and mathematics (2003), with more than 15 years of experience in tutoring: I offer classes/tutoring in : - Physics and/or Maths (all levels, from primary school to university) - Chemistry (only up to pre-universitary level) - Computer programming (Pseudocode, Algorithmics, C, Pascal, Visual Basic/.

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Experienced engineer gives italian lessons

Italian mother tongue I teach Italian to people of all ages. I also teach and coaching students in trouble with scientific materials and electrical / electronics sector.

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Electrical engineer gives math lessons to middle and high school levels within 25 miles radius of Freeport, Texas.

Associate in Electronics, BS in Electrical Engineering, Six Sigma Black belt (Statistics), Certified in multiple Analyzer Systems, and Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). Trained in Infrared and Ultrasound Scanning. Electrical Grounding Studies, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and other troubleshooting methods.

Capel Saint Mary
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College student in electronics gives lessons to secondary school pupils over internet

I am currently studying electronics at an outstanding rated College (Suffolk One) in which I am in my final year, looking to go into electronic engineering at a university. As a student I have learnt many exam tips and tricks within my course, and can share these experiences while also setting past paper exam questions and going through them.

West Sussex
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Aviation-Business-Lean Six Sigma Professional with 38 years of experience in Horsham/Billingshurst UK

Mr Holmes teaches as an Adjunct Professor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the College of Aeronautics - Worldwide for Undergrad and Graduate Learners.

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Professor of mathematics, physics, science and English for primary and secondary school

Personal tutor for subjects of science, technology, drawing and English can teach all classes in English. Naron classes with audiovisual support enjoyable and fun. Skype distance classes and lessons for adults Classgap English conversation, preparation for job interviews.

Los Angeles
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ELectrical engineering Tutor with 8 years of teaching experience to teach middle and high school students

A committed teaching Professional with almost 9 years of experience at leading academic institution teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. After my Graduation, I studied my masters as well continued my teaching for 4 years. Well, I had tutored students in math and science.

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Graduated engineer gives during math, physics and other science on the vendee

I am a graduate engineering school, I propose to provide courses in math, physics, chemistry, optics and electronics / electrical engineering. I may as well help you understand a course by taking the foundation has deepening realizing practical exercises.

Velilla de San Antonio
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Engineering and Technical Classes, 8 year experience, classes in English or Spanish

>University/College/Vocational School: -Circuits, Electricity and Electronics. -Automation and Control. -Programming, C++, VHDL. -Other subjects, don't hesitate to ask. >School -Math and Physics. -Technical drawings. AutoCAD. -English or Spanish. -Others, please do ask. Help with assignments, projects, exams, etc. Teaching individuals or small groups, (less than 6 aprox.

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Master student tutor subjects and industrial / electronic engineering bchto

My name is Borja Martinez Menendez. I recently graduated in industrial and automatic electronic engineering and from September I will move to Madrid to study a Master at UPM. During the last year of the race, I finished with note of 7.4 and 4 years, I taught classes in different subjects (analog instrumentation, digital electronics, automation, computer control systems, etc.

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Student at the INP ENSEEIHT teaches math, physics, chemistry and sciences engineer

my name is anthony, I give Particular lessons in math, physics, chemistry, electricity, biology in college, high school or other, and prep materials for the support of schools of engineers. I studied electronic engineering and signals processing at INP Toulouse ENSEEIHT (BAC +4). I practice some good pedagogical methods to transmit information.

Paris 15e
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PhD student in physics, interested in teaching Physics and Maths in Paris

I am a second year PhD student in Photovoltaics at Ecole polytechnique, and I'm interested in teaching maths and physics for students of all levels. What's interesting to me is that the student will be able to understand. The number of teaching hours plays a role, but what is more important is that the student understands and that his understanding can evolve more and more during the year.

Fort William
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Oxford Engineering graduate teaching maths, physics, engineering and geography from Fort William

Having graduated less than 6 months ago, I was a student and school pupil very recently too, meaning I can offer a different perspective and approach to most teachers and textbooks. Everyone learns differently and I will find the best way for you, focusing on understanding rather than rote learning.

City of Bristol
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Brainstorming that complex numbers are a mathematical realm for describing real differentials

There is a beautiful meaning of mathematics when we see that mathematics leads to everything around us - and not the other way around. When we practice, it is not just seeing the problem - it's also what it means.

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