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Student of architecture, teach different types of drawings, i.e. perspective sketches, live sketching, abstract,doodle and many more

On First week I start up with warm up with hands and mind of students. After they both are ready then thej ourney begins.

1st class FREE!

I think simple living nd high thinking is necessary to make us happy.we must do our duites honesty and sincerity.

My methodology is very simple or cute.I teach,any student very mind.I amn't given burden any student.topic according teach any student.

Md manjar
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All types of students one to ten classes I teach them now

My teaching methods are very strong and I teach deference type I teach all ways in mind of cool teach

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Drawing is better than talking and I can teach that type of expressing

My teaching methods are simple I take it step wise and they get to learn new things every class they attend

(2 reviews)
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An art connoisseur to tutor the budding artists of all age groups.

ART is something that isn't taught but rather a subject that is explored. My techniques include 3 levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced. During each level, the student gets an insight on a new skill development. In all, the the exploration journey is very comprehensive and expository.

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Want to become a gud artist Nd want to impress everyone then come Nd join me as ur best frnd artist

My teaching method is so simple that anyone can become a good artist..

1st class FREE!

Art is a microscope which the artist fixes on the secrets of his soul, and shows to people these secrets which are common to all.

My teachin method is use teaching materials like chart , poster,books,black board,nature......

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I m a good in drawing I like this subject life is enjoy with colouring

Any good topic to my art ND I have a good topic my diferant defrant art soo good knowledge with art

1st class FREE!

Car designing sketching of cars coluring of design 3d illustration of car

I teach you how to connect within CARs car world in environment car production basich starture of cars and its

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I looking for students who are interested in doing arts and i can fulfill their hobbies

My teaching method is to entertain students and to teach then so that they can learn easily

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I am a good desginer and i have 1experienced in designing ..

My teaching method good and ita my experience and ...and designing is my passion... and its good for me...

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I am a Student from Nirma University Department of design. I can teach drawing well

My teaching method is (OCL)outcome based learning approach.

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Drawing is a strong arm of an artist. Be an good Artist. Thank You

Understand the stracture. Subdevide pices in mind image Draw and connect the pices. Its better in video calling with audio method to live explenation.

New Delhi
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Students for like interested in drawing ....like to contact me now. On for girls

My teaching style is very easy and how to learn very quickly draw a drawing easily on paper s.

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Can teach drawing classes for kids in cbe for affordable price in your place itself

Will start with the basic sketching... And will teach the methods for pencil drawing and shading...

(8 reviews)
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UI UX designer and developer in an MNC. 10 years experience in Paintings, sketches and drawings.

My teaching method is one on one approach. I understand the student’s perspective and make them learn the best way for the student with lots of Motivation. Its important that a student understand what they are thinking and how to implement the creativity. I help them in that. :-) I have been doing all kind of drawings and watercolor paintings since long.

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Student from Fine arts school gives tution in Drawing and related subjects from school to college in Delhi.

My teaching method is.. I base my class on free learing with fun and enthusiasm. I approach to the topic that will carve a professional artist from the student.

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Student in bipc from osmania university very much interested in drawing and I am from shamshabad

My teaching method is I work hard on ur and I start teaching with techniques that from starting point of it

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Not a experienced person but, learning the form of art by sharing it with others.

My teaching methodology will be based/set from the basics, and depending on the students knowledge related to the field...

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I m ashwini Kumar I m ready to tech the Art of my students.....

My character is very good That my life is very good So that I feel the good my life's and good my thauts

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Hi, I teach u a drawing...m from Gurgaon sector 17 a..if any body interested..so contact me

My teaching method is the how to start drowning first with the metiriyals we need than we start

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Student of fashion communication from NIFT(National Institute of fashion technology) gives tuition for drawing, painting, illustration, photography, graphic design etc

my teaching method include a lot of practice,regular speed test, using creative skills. I prefer starting the course with basics.

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I'm interior designer I want give class for school going students etc

My teaching methods are I'm focusing on expression movement, reality reflect in teaching methods Iteach them on personality development also

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Learn 3d craft, innovation craftd items. Make Craft items from houshold things

I would be teaching by sharing videos of the items and by practising the steps live on video conferencing.

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.Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.Develop a passion for learning

It's help your concentrate .and it's help your mind setup ..it's bright future in your home and your mind.

1st class FREE!

I'm an artist. Creativity and abstract art is my talent. I help each student to come out of their shell and show their beauty in art

So I teach according to my studends level I try to make the student very comfortable and try to remove best of him or her

Navi Mumbai
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Let's pen your page with full of creativity and passion for drawing

My teaching method be by start from basic of drawing lky from dots n till the full picture, even I will teach you how to doodles

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Members of luminere takes to the world of creativity in guwahati,assam with lots of fun and learning..

My teaching method is full of fun n people.can enjoy doing it. And any age group can learn from us.

1st class FREE!

A Help to discover the artist in you, located presently in Bhopal

My methodology is adapting to how the student will learn the best...

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Perfect! Very dedicated teacher. Very patient. He understands what the kid wants to draw and then teaches him. He also entertains other kids who come to my house during the class.

Praveena, Student
3 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Really it was my dream came true. Jude is such a talented person in calligraphy. I was amazed. My class with him is going on super good... I would recommend him for online calligraphy classes. Thanks superprof for this wonderful teacher.Thank you...

Kani, Student
4 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Ebin has very good knowledge of the subject, being a student of Architecture. He is super nice and patient with kids. Highly recommend Ebin. All the best!

Sai, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Nikki is super good with kids and has good knowledge of the subject. Her special ability is to draw on the paper holding the book in her other hand and showing to the student (via webcam). All the best, Nikki.

Sai, Student
5 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Good teacher, was there on time. Calm, professional, understanding of children. Have asked for regular classes. Hoping for good learning outcomes.

Snehal, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! i,m not continuing with him. Because, he lives far away from my residence. Yes, i recommend.

Debashis, Student
9 months ago
(2 reviews)

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