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If you want to enjoy and learn with Drawing and Painting, count with me / Spanish and English

Living at the time that we live, it is very important to you enjoy, learn, surprise, play, interact with what surrounds you, but above all, be curious with every thing that you do. Money comes and goes, time does'nt come back.

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To one art student to another- Trying to help when I can

I'm an art student on the way to an uncertain world. The only comfort comes from drawing and I want to share this comfort with others. I have an associates and am almost done with a bachelor's. Probably going for my Masters as well.

Paris 18e
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Comics book author offers courses in Paris, with all that it can offer.

Sketching the exteriors and the interior, sometimes quick to capture attitudes, postures, sometimes more focused for architecture ... With the pencil, pen, brush ... gradually ... My tools are the pen and watercolor.

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Student of fine arts gives classes of painting and sensory art bcn

I finished the university degree of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. I am currently studying a degree in Fashion Photography and Advertising at Fotodesign Barcelona. I teach all the plastic arts and photography. In addition to talking about the psychology of art.

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Art and Design Tutor available for private lessons in Edinburgh and Glasgow

I hold a BA in Visual Communication and an MA in Illustration. I have a total professional working experience of 5 years in the the Art and Design industry and have taught children and adults of all ages in Hong Kong.

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How to paint like a pro? Easily learn the basics of drawing and painting

A course of painting to learn the different techniques of drawings and paintings (pencil, watercolor, gouache, oil, pastel and not that ....) is addressed to anyone interested in painting, drawing, Experience, journey, figurative / abstract desires ... Or to students interested in the entrance exams in art school, can give advice and help prepare a portfolio.

Marseille 8e
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Understand key concepts, build a case, reach a problem

Courses for children and adults 5-88 years, different techniques and meduims: gouache, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic. Professor teacher, knowing how to put within reach of the student. History of art courses, learning vocabulary visual arts, moving from theory to practice.

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Art Professional with over 20 years of experience. Drawing, painting (different techniques with different materials), 2d art, illustrations.

My teaching methods: I paint simultaneously with the student, and the student repeats after me. I work with each student individually, depending on his level and desire. The standard lesson lasts 2 hours, but at the student's request it can be up to an hour or more.

Greater London
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Art Tutor, Drawing, Painting, Fashion, German, English, London, Creative beginner to advanced

Beginners or Advanced. no matter if you would like to get into drawing or are already an advanced student. Drawing or painting together is always more fun and rewarding than doing it allone. It helps to have support from a friendly person if its moral or professional.

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Classes of engraving, drawing, stencil, plastic arts, history of art, aesthetics and philosophy of art in the CDMX.

To offer the student theoretical and practical tools to develop visual and plastic proposals that take care of their context, for their immersion in the public space. I am Omar Castillo and I am a student of the last year in the Lic. Of Visual Arts of the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM. In the same way, I developed theoretically in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, UNAM.

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Classes of therapeutic or child illustration. Digital techniques (photoshop) or manuals (watercolors, graphite, pencils ..)

I am a graduate in Communication, Design and Illustration. I am currently studying a master's degree in creativity. I have worked in France teaching children about illustration. The objective is to find inspiration techniques and encourage creativity, both in children and adults. I think that drawing can be very therapeutic and a very introspective activity to take a very nice part of us.

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Fine artist, professional art teacher, very high evel in London, U.K.

I'm fine artist, Emad Taai, master degree, worked for a long time as private Art teacher and also in Art college, I give a very high level lesson contain all the techniques of oil painting, drawing, abstract, acrylic, honest, friendly, and serious

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Art student with A-level and foundation degree in art, offering tips and tricks to experienced artists or beginners.

The best way to learn is to try new things and get better at it through repetition but doing what you enjoy, not forcing yourself to do something you dislike.

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Art is the most beautiful thing and it beautifies the world too

I teach by observing first getting to know what an individual is capable of an then correcting them and explaining the reasons for that

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From the violin of Ingres to the control of the illusion in painting in charente-maritime

History of techniques / Apprehension of forms by shadow and light / Laws of perspective / Fresnel theory on color / Rubens theory on glacis and aerial perspective / Small chemistry classes / Preparation of funds and raw materials / Maintenance of the material / Practical course of classification of colors and their realization etc .....


Artist and Archaeological Designer gives classes in drawing, painting and other plastic arts in Toulouse

My teaching method is practical. I base my courses on what the student wants or seeks, if the student had no idea I can suggest an idea and we can work on it. I approach the subject in a free but structured way, reaching goals.

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Graduate student in Design and Marketing, I give courses in different fields of art and I also accompany you well in your school projects, professional or private.

Through my studies and experience in the design, I bring you my help and my knowledge in many artistic areas such as design projects, art, drawing, painting ... I'm versatile, flexible and I know to listen to the student and his demands.

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Game Art and Design university student gives traditional and digital drawing lessons

My teaching method is not strict, as I wish to guide the student rather than enforce hard and fast rules that they should or should not do. Rules are, of course, meant to be broken, however the student must know the rules before they can break them. I will provide them with assistance and support them, and help to teach them skills they can use in their own art.

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Artist with B.A. in Art teaches Drawing and Painting classes Online or in Austin Tx area for all Age groups

I am a lifelong artist with a B.A. in Studio Arts and minor in Theater teaching everyone of all skill levels and all ages who have the passion for learning and doing art. I do a bit of everything in the art world so my structure for teaching is to show you how to do a technique rather than just telling you how because I'd love to be making art right alongside you.

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Art Teacher both digital and traditional for beginners. Photoshop, Clip studio or Classic traditional art

Depending on your skill level I can teach you art principles, how to do life drawing or digital art. I can work in many different mediums I have a broad skill set. For beginners I would start with colour theory and some simple drawing exercises. For more advanced we can work with new multiple mediums or digital.

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Tradition Artist offering lessons in drawing and painting. Fine detail artists for many years with many Techniques to share.

My teaching method is demonstration followed by one-to-one assistance. I have been selling my artwork for a few decades now, through both galleries & shops & started tutoring a couple of decades ago. My method is for the student to watch how I do the technique, then for them to have a go with guidance from me.

Lake Worth
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Art and drawing tutor and adviser in Palm Beach, Florida. With three years of art studies.

My teaching filosophy is encouraging students to apply drawing methods and techniques that challenge not only their artistic abilities, but their whole art knowledge in general. But always with the mindset of them enjoying what they are doing and get the necessary motivation to move foward. The aproach of my class teaching the theoretical in the one's own practice.

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Start-up freelance illustrator here to help you find your own unique style and make art easy

I like to teach in person or over skype. Hands on is the best way to learn, especially with art. I want to share everything I know with others to build their confidence and get them started on the right artistic path. I can teach basic entry level students or students with intermediate skills. I work with pencil, ink, and digital media. Art takes patience and persistence.

South Kingstown
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Retired Art Teacher, 28 years experience in college portfolio preparation in Rhode Island.

I don't expect you to be like anyone else. I have a knack for working with individuals to help them grow into their own unique style and voice. I will break it down in very specific terms where your work needs improvement and exactly how to go about it. Some of my teaching techniques are traditional and some are more avantgarde, it depends on what the situation and individual require.

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Canberra freelance artist teaching and give advice on illustration, drawing and painting (Canberra ANU SOA graduate, CCS art teacher)

KIDS Class: Teach cartoon drawing and quick sketch for developing observational skills and imagination. I currently teach 4-8 years old students at CCS, one theme in each class and using pictures, videos and stories to inspire children's creativity, at the same time, teach basic drawing skills including mixing colour, building composition, drawing through observation.

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Professional art teacher give drawing training to all age students in Melbourne

The lessons are about how to use right tool and material to paint,including oil painting and sketch.Painting skills training. *Theory of painting *Sketch training(from copy to create) *Oil painting training(from copy to create, it needs longer time in relative terms) *Paint with different materials.

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Digital/traditional artist working out of North Carolina, and just wants to help others learn

My teaching method is more critique - based. I see where you're currently at, and helps you improve from there. If that includes the fundamentals, we will tackle one fundamental at a time.

South Brisbane
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DeviantArtist gives private digital and traditional art lessons to middle school students and upper

you will be taught the basics of digital art and traditional art. Learn color theory, how colors affect moods and how to use colors effectively. Learn to use various types of brush and create ones yourself. Learn techniques varying from basic to advanced. personalized lessons.

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Design student offering group and individual drawing and art classes up to university level in London

My teaching methodology is through explanations and demonstrations, followed by time spent with the students helping to improve technique, skill and presentation of work.

Pinantan Lake
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Experienced digital artist gives art theory lessons from their home in Kamloops

I like to approach my classes based upon what my student would like to learn-- then build upon what skills they already know.

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Perfect! Very dedicated teacher. Very patient. He understands what the kid wants to draw and then teaches him. He also entertains other kids who come to my house during the class.

Praveena, Student
3 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Really it was my dream came true. Jude is such a talented person in calligraphy. I was amazed. My class with him is going on super good... I would recommend him for online calligraphy classes. Thanks superprof for this wonderful teacher.Thank you...

Kani, Student
4 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Ebin has very good knowledge of the subject, being a student of Architecture. He is super nice and patient with kids. Highly recommend Ebin. All the best!

Sai, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Nikki is super good with kids and has good knowledge of the subject. Her special ability is to draw on the paper holding the book in her other hand and showing to the student (via webcam). All the best, Nikki.

Sai, Student
5 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Good teacher, was there on time. Calm, professional, understanding of children. Have asked for regular classes. Hoping for good learning outcomes.

Snehal, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! i,m not continuing with him. Because, he lives far away from my residence. Yes, i recommend.

Debashis, Student
9 months ago
(2 reviews)

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