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Artist shares basic techniques with gouche, acrylic and oil paintings with a touch of sacred geometry

I have been an artist for more than 20 years and I am experienced in anime/cartoon drawing, acrylic and oil painting and design. I also love teaching sacred geometry in art such as mandalas and the flower of life. I have tutored English and am passionate about reading.

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UofT Social Sciences student and award-winning artist teaching visual arts in Mississauga

Having learned and done art all my life, I am extremely passionate about it and have developed a simple methodology towards art- art takes time, takes inspiration, and is subjective. This is how I've always operated and therefore plan to teach in a similar way- push students to draw material from their thoughts, feelings, or surroundings, and taking time to do so.

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Art student with over 8 years art experience offering tutored art sessions that include drawing, painting, sculpting, art history and cartooning to anyone of any age!

My name is Amy Donegan I am a 19-year-old art student and would love to be able to teach anyone of any age key art skills whether it be for personal, educational or therapeutic use. I am knowledgeable and skilled in all areas including drawing, painting, still-life, sculpture, fashion and textiles, photography and art history.

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I.e: Fine Arts and Advertising/Design teacher gives classes for high school and university students in Vancouver. A visual art specialist with a degree in art and plenty of experience as a teacher and

In my current role of Art Instructor, I am a professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Advertising and Design, and seven years of experience teaching art. I am familiar and comfortable with a number of art forms including visual expression, design, advertising, ceramics drawing in various mediums painting and sculpture.

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Visual artist from Finland teaching visual arts emphasizing on drawing, comic and illustration in Berlin in English! The lessons are fun, exciting and useful for developing observatory skills and visu

I teach by connecting, discussing and working together. We will observe color, light and shape through photography and sketching and develop motoristic and visual skills by performing drawing exercises to realize how to catch shape on a paper using color and textures. Goal is to understand color and shape, to develop amazing observing abilities and draw like a master.

Bronx County
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Jolee's NYC Shift Gear Art Class. For Illustration, photography and graphic design.

Wood Tobe Coburn is where I studied Graphic Design. Most of my foundation, however, is self teaching. I found that during school I'd read ahead in my design to be extra prepared. Yes, a bit nerdy but Very relatable. My method of learning and teaching is like a pyramid - I help you understand what makes everything in art.

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Architect-designer gives the drawing, painting and art history classes in Bordeaux 33000

I am an architect-designer graduated from ENSA Marseille. Someone very passionate about teaching I propose the drawing, painting, plastic art and art history / architecture. Art has always been present in my life. 5 years of the School of Fine Arts, and finally desing BTS Master in Architecture.

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Chinese American world class artist.drawing,water color,calligraphy,Boston area .within 45 minute drive.children 7yrs.and older,adults

I am female Chinese artist.48 yrs old.5 yrs art school Beijing,5yr. Art teacher Beijing,teach group or private art classes 2 hrs.$50 each lessons.teach part time 2 schools Andover mass.children groups Saturday mornings,after noon,Sunday day and evenings.drawings,water color,calligraphy,history,etc.teach in private homes in Winchester,Newton,Arlington,west wood.open to new area's with group.

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Architect, Project Management student. Teaching Drawing, ELS, Art. South West to Perth

Learning by visualisation is a key to demonstrating how something is done. I like to encourage participation, it is important to note that mistakes are normal and that it is much easier to try and fail and learn than not try at all.

Saint Lucia
Sher yi
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International student who learn Chinese calligraphy since 7 years old give lessons to everyone!

I would like to introduce you to the idea of calligraphy and do a demonstration. After having you set up your work spaces, you can just follow along my brush strokes. I will teach you steps- by-steps. We can have fun watching Chinese Calligraphy related videos or visiting Chinese Calligraphy exhibitions if there are some.

New York
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Liberal Arts Sophomore Student with 10 years of art experience At Your Service

I like to give my students a bit of creative freedom while guiding them into what provokes them and knows them best. I like to stat off with experimental freedom then give them subjects and themes to base their work off, such as themes of relationship, color, and shape.

Las Condes
Juan ignacio
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Graphic Designer teaches his llustration techniques, Mix Media, painting, using different mediums and image composition

My methodology is based on shaping the interests of the student, strengthening their weaknesses, delivering the knowledge that complements his skill and identifying their tastes, to create a pleasant and fluid environment, so that learning is a natural process for him. The variety of techniques that I know, make the experience customizable and for any level of knowledge.

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Goldsmiths university student gives online tutoring and discussion about your art practice

I am currently studying for my BA Fine Art degree at Goldsmiths, mostly specialising in sculpture however encorpirating a range of techniques. Here to discuss and give guidance to any age. I can help with both practical solutions and backing up your work with research and discussion.

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Learn to develop graphic narratives (comic) effectively. Learn how to translate your ideas into paper

These classes and consultancies are addressed to anyone who is interested in learning to translate their stories into sequential drawings. "You will learn the power of perspective. -The importance of a color palette. - The need to use the environment to tell your story - Intelligently design your character - How to structure a story from beginning to end.

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Artistry Lessons: Realism, Hyper Realism, Comics, Fundamentals, Processes (worked with Star Wars, Star Trek, and Marvel Comics)

I am an artist that has worked with Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and other entities. I can teach fundamentals for beginners or help you refine your own work. I teach color theory, classic theory, and fundamentals and principles of art.

Greater London
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Expierenced acrylic artist fabric painting and art skills detail working and fabric color

i have businessof my own where i work with fabric canvans painting mainly on shoes and tshirts, fabrics designs and patterns and every style, i am expierenced with fabric painting now i can nearly paint anything with using acrylic paint, potraits, landscapes, designs etc

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Student in 4th year at Arts Deco Paris gives drawing lessons and awakening creative home

Hello, My name is Lena. I am currently a student at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 4th year. I propose to give private lessons drawing or waking creative home. It has been four years that I teach for children and adults.

Los Angeles
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Improve your inner artist from painting, drawing, or art history near Encino

I have studied art at varios places including the University of California at Berkeley, UC Davis, the California College of Arts And Crafts. I have been practicing drawing and painting as long as I can recall. I love to teach, I hold a duel degree in Special and Elementary Education. I taught in public schools for 3 years. I do facepainting, murals, and private art lessons for any age.

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Ashridge Atelier with Amazing Artist get all the arty techniques in the bag!

I like to work from a problem or a task and work with my student as a team to create ideas for an outcome. I lead by example. I make mistakes, but learn from them, and have a bit of fun. I use all of the methodologies of teaching visual, oral, kinaesthetic, verbal etc. And then the student is let loose on a project with more autonomy.

Rancho Cucamonga
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Graduate student for Creative art therapy with art degree gives art lessons

I hold a bachelor's degree in Fine art with experience in community college level and university Level studio art courses. I am able to tailor a method of instruction to the individual and their comfort level with art and what they would like to learn to begin in and strengthen their skill in. I believe we are all innately creative.

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To one art student to another- Trying to help when I can

I'm an art student on the way to an uncertain world. The only comfort comes from drawing and I want to share this comfort with others. I have an associates and am almost done with a bachelor's. Probably going for my Masters as well.

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Student of fine arts gives classes of painting and sensory art bcn

I finished the university degree of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. I am currently studying a degree in Fashion Photography and Advertising at Fotodesign Barcelona. I teach all the plastic arts and photography. In addition to talking about the psychology of art.

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Art and Design Tutor available for private lessons in Edinburgh and Glasgow

I hold a BA in Visual Communication and an MA in Illustration. I have a total professional working experience of 5 years in the the Art and Design industry and have taught children and adults of all ages in Hong Kong.

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How to paint like a pro? Easily learn the basics of drawing and painting

A course of painting to learn the different techniques of drawings and paintings (pencil, watercolor, gouache, oil, pastel and not that ....) is addressed to anyone interested in painting, drawing, Experience, journey, figurative / abstract desires ... Or to students interested in the entrance exams in art school, can give advice and help prepare a portfolio.

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Art Professional with over 20 years of experience. Drawing, painting (different techniques with different materials), 2d art, illustrations.

My teaching methods: I paint simultaneously with the student, and the student repeats after me. I work with each student individually, depending on his level and desire. The standard lesson lasts 2 hours, but at the student's request it can be up to an hour or more.


Artist and Archaeological Designer gives classes in drawing, painting and other plastic arts in Toulouse

My teaching method is practical. I base my courses on what the student wants or seeks, if the student had no idea I can suggest an idea and we can work on it. I approach the subject in a free but structured way, reaching goals.

Ciudad de México
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Professor of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Experience with all Mediums (Video, Drawing/Illustration, Sculpture and Graphic Design)

For three years I worked as an art workshop facilitator for the Haggerty Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love to talk about the history and theory of art, teach different methods to learning several mediums of art and design and go to exhibitions to observe and discuss the ideas of the works.

Greater London
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Art Tutor, Drawing, Painting, Fashion, German, English, London, Creative beginner to advanced

Beginners or Advanced. no matter if you would like to get into drawing or are already an advanced student. Drawing or painting together is always more fun and rewarding than doing it allone. It helps to have support from a friendly person if its moral or professional.

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Classes of therapeutic or child illustration. Digital techniques (photoshop) or manuals (watercolors, graphite, pencils ..)

I am a graduate in Communication, Design and Illustration. I am currently studying a master's degree in creativity. I have worked in France teaching children about illustration. The objective is to find inspiration techniques and encourage creativity, both in children and adults. I think that drawing can be very therapeutic and a very introspective activity to take a very nice part of us.

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Fine artist, professional art teacher, very high evel in London, U.K.

I'm fine artist, Emad Taai, master degree, worked for a long time as private Art teacher and also in Art college, I give a very high level lesson contain all the techniques of oil painting, drawing, abstract, acrylic, honest, friendly, and serious

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Perfect! Very dedicated teacher. Very patient. He understands what the kid wants to draw and then teaches him. He also entertains other kids who come to my house during the class.

Praveena, Student
2 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Really it was my dream came true. Jude is such a talented person in calligraphy. I was amazed. My class with him is going on super good... I would recommend him for online calligraphy classes. Thanks superprof for this wonderful teacher.Thank you...

Kani, Student
3 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Ebin has very good knowledge of the subject, being a student of Architecture. He is super nice and patient with kids. Highly recommend Ebin. All the best!

Sai, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Nikki is super good with kids and has good knowledge of the subject. Her special ability is to draw on the paper holding the book in her other hand and showing to the student (via webcam). All the best, Nikki.

Sai, Student
4 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Good teacher, was there on time. Calm, professional, understanding of children. Have asked for regular classes. Hoping for good learning outcomes.

Snehal, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! i,m not continuing with him. Because, he lives far away from my residence. Yes, i recommend.

Debashis, Student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

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