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Arts student offering one-on-one tutorials of most of arts-related subjects. If you'd like to learn some drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting or collaging, I'm here to help.

My methodology is a combination between technique and practice. I prefer teaching the technical process first, showing the technique myself later and encouraging the student to try it afterwards. I love receiving feedback and I am happy to share my knowledge in this domain.

Diego alejandro
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Master in plastic and visual arts, renowned figurative painter with several years of experience in the artistic, cultural and educational sector

My teaching methodology is to exercise the two cerebral hemispheres (the creative brain and the intellectual brain) combining classical techniques of the old masters, as well as contemporary techniques where the student can express their ideas with techniques coupled with the student's abilities, enhancing their ability creative, technical and expressive managing to shape their ideas in ways...

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"La plupart des hommes mènent des vies de désespoir tranquille." David Henri Thoreau. J'aide les designers a éviter ça, grâce a leur côté créatif.

Designer, consultant et professeur depuis plus de 15ans, je propose mes services pour : design produit, design intérieur et mobilier, design transport, architecture, photo, dessin à la main, CAO, DAO, conseils aux inventeurs, méthodologie, ergonomie, marketing, cout, aides aux devoirs pour étudiants en design...

Marseille 2e
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Artiste Plasticienne Graduated from the National Superior School of Plastic Arts of Aix en Provence

My personal ecclectic practice and my experience allow me to accompany anyone in an artistic approach. Drawing, painting watercolor, acrylic, hinges from raw materials, sculpture, volume, digital and video photography, video, simple editing, writing; edition, performance, installation.

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Lessons of modern drawing: 15 euros by hours

Passionate about drawing since my youngest age, I studied, and soon my profession. Currently studying at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris, I wish to finance my studies by teaching this passion which holds a prominent place in my life! My method of teaching is simple: to identify what my pupil wants, and to help him to make it progress in his creative process ...

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College student, passionate about the visual arts and especially drawing, gives lessons

As for teaching, I deeply believe that it should be adapted to everyone. I like working with all types of memories and my gourds as well as some good little jokes, should help you learn in a fun and no less serious way.

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Private tuition for art in Madrid; Painting, drawing, illustration and photography. All levels.

home adapted to individual needs and student profile specific courses are offered. Aimed at children, adolescents or adults who enjoy the art. No previous knowledge necessary. - Individual monitoring the path of the student - Ability learning groups - Development of creativity and artistic skills. - Learning various techniques, traditional and modern.

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Fien Artist offering lessons in Painting, Drawing, Visual expression and Creative thinking

I approach each lesson by assessing who the student is and what their level of understanding of the subject matter is. Once I have an understanding of how to approach the student, I can then alter the lesson to fit their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

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Gives drawing / graphic design courses in Aveyron, graduated fine arts, teaching experience

We will tackle the technique but also we will be inspired by contemporary artists, the history of art, and especially your tastes. These guiding our prospections. We will keep a watch on the schools that have the wind in their sails, the ideal would be to end these classes by an exhibition.

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Fine Arts and Cultural Studies graduate offering tutoring in drawing, acrylic painting and art history.

I believe in fitting the lesson to the student’s needs based on their learning style and interests.

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Illustration Major in Newberg OR Offering Private Lessons to Jump Start Young Artists!

My philosophy is that art is just as much a learnable skill as any other subject. Anyone who wants to learn, can and I am here to help them succeed. I am particularly passionate about helping young artists jump start their knowledge in elementary and middle school when their knack for learning skills is at it's peak.

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Painter-Illustrator and Experienced Drawing Teacher gives Drawing Courses via Internet and in Montauban and surroundings

First, I discuss with the student to evaluate his artistic level and the objectives he wants to achieve. This allows me to offer him a personalized program with detailed courses that we will work together. My teaching techniques and methods are based on the pleasure of learning, working and progressing.

Tuxtla Gutiérrez
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Art for beginners! Classes of drawing, painting and history of the arts.

I believe in teaching through dialogue, knowing the interests of my students to focus on the topics according to their needs, exploring their skills and encouraging experimentation. In the Visual Arts it is much more enriching to encourage creative freedom at the hands of a knowledge of the history of art and the techniques of materials.

Ciudad de México
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Graduate of the Esmeralda offers classes in drawing, painting and photography. In Mexico City.

I structure my classes according to the study plans that I obtained in my professional training, I am patient and attentive to the particular needs of each student. The main objective is to achieve a practical theoretical equilibrium and the analysis of different creative processes. Providing a wide range of possibilities for the elaboration of an artistic project.

Los Angeles
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Watercolor painting and cartooning in Los Angeles from a published Illustrator, for all levels from beginner to advanced

I am an illustrator and concept artist with a Master's degree in Visual Development for animation. I will teach the basic uses of watercolor through more advanced techniques in order to paint portraits, landscapes, or whatever it is that you want to paint.

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UTS Architecture student passionate about realistic painting, ready to share my vision....

I approach the topic through a basic view. I like to add depths step by step as I like to teach the logic behind each step and also I believe this way students learn better. However, I tend to focus on a subject for a particular time until I believe the student has got a grasp over it.... In this way you become confident and like to push yourself further...

Esplugues de Llobregat
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Secondary education teacher. Specialty Plastic, Visual and Audiovisual. Extensive experience in drawing and sculpture, crafts and English

Wide experience in the artistic field: from the commercial and / or sales sector, the social one, to the educational one. Work places of high responsibility in accordance with the academic training received. Primary and high school classes have been taught. Especially reinforcement classes. Professor and creation of an artistic workshop at the Center for Solidarity Action for a year and a half.

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Fine Arts student based in Paris offers drawing and painting classes (introduction to different techniques)

I approach this subject freely, the main thing being to develop the student's creativity and his preferences from one medium to another. The courses will be based initially on the discovery of the drawing and the painting then in a second time, I will help the student to deepen the techniques which it likes. I can also provide support for the Baccalaureate Arts option.

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I’m a good teacher, engineer and also master of psychology with 20 years experience of painting(art work)

Based ob students my method will be changed , I use my knowledge in psychology to teach in right way

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I am a beginner if ever i pass my IELTs for uk

My teaching method is a approched them by entertain or teach them how to speak clear and ynderstand english well

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Young artist from London offers personalized lessons in contemporary design and art in Turin

My approach is based on the understanding of the space within which painting - or drawing - must take place and in the stimulus of creativity to fill it. Depending on the tastes of the customer, the style may be more traditional or more abstract. Some key elements are: drawing from life, learning to think with the eyes (and not with the mind) and finding your own personal expression technique.

Alfred Cove
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American University grad with a bachelor's in animation gives cartooning lessons in Perth!

My lessons are geared towards beginners who want to enter the world of animation and comics! My teaching method is very hands on, with a "follow along" structure for the student to learn with their hands. For example, first projects would look like a completed flip book. I believe that every student has their own pace, and it's best to see a student as an individual.

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Learn artistic techniques and materials without fear. Learn ancient techniques of fine arts and experiment with new materials of contemporary art. Increase your theoretical and practical knowledge

With a detailed focus on various techniques and materials. We will study ancient and contemporary painters, sculptors and illustrators. We will explore the materials they use and how they are transformed over time. The techniques of painting, sculpture will be taught rigorously but also with a certain lightness, in order to learn to deal with the great enemy - frustration.

Cruz de Huanacaxtle
(1 review)
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Art restorer, creativity teachear and plastic arts teacher with 20 years of experience.

I am aware that each student is different, so the first thing I do is to evaluate my students and apply the method that suits them best. I take into account if they are visual, auditory, sensory, etc. My method is a mix of several methods. Most of the cases I achieve favorable results in not so long periods of time, as long as the student is a committed and dedicated person.

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Painting and drawing course for experienced and without experience, preparation for fine arts (in Saxony, Dresden, Chemnitz) digital photography and image processing too (Photoshop, Lightroom Pr

I offer my more than 10 year old experiences in painting. I think in art creativity should meet with the knowledge and skills and it is a very important point. I would support and expand that cretinity and develop the drawing skills so that one can achieve more success.

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Former student of the ENSATT, Costume Designer gives drawing classes in Lyon

I remain convinced, after several years of high studies, that one method of education is not enough to cover the diversities of each person. So my methodology is to first observe and communicate with my student to identify the best way for them to learn.

Conquerall Bank
(1 review)
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Professional artist with more than 20 years of experience gives painting and drawing, watercolour and acrylic to students of any age and experience.

My approach to teaching students is offer a structured class environment, as well as being flexible in my approach in understanding students needs. With an an emphasis on basic practises in, drawing, composition, painting styles and techniques. Students will be encouraged to experiment with images, shapes and forms.

1st class FREE!

Need help gaining that extra artistic ability? Then you have come to the right tutor!

I am a calm, patient tutor that is happy to work at the pace of the individual, I am aware that everyone learns differently so different techniques work for different people. I am flexible and happy to listen to any questions you may have.

(1 review)
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Psychology graduate with A-Level art experience gives drawing lessons to all ages in Cardiff

Hi, I'm Elinor and I love Art! I'm a Psychology graduate who has not stopped loving being creative since completing my A-Level in Art to a high standard. I think drawing and all forms of creativity are so valuable in learning to express ourselves and can be very calming and fulfilling.

Rosslyn Park
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Painting is a form of defining ideas and thoughts with colours, with life, with creativity and adventure which always remains younger

Painting is my hobby, it always give pleasure and shape to ideas to make the society and surrounding vibrant. I am currently doing Master’s to learn more and to improve my skills.

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Perfect! Very dedicated teacher. Very patient. He understands what the kid wants to draw and then teaches him. He also entertains other kids who come to my house during the class.

Praveena, Student
3 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Really it was my dream came true. Jude is such a talented person in calligraphy. I was amazed. My class with him is going on super good... I would recommend him for online calligraphy classes. Thanks superprof for this wonderful teacher.Thank you...

Kani, Student
4 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Ebin has very good knowledge of the subject, being a student of Architecture. He is super nice and patient with kids. Highly recommend Ebin. All the best!

Sai, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Nikki is super good with kids and has good knowledge of the subject. Her special ability is to draw on the paper holding the book in her other hand and showing to the student (via webcam). All the best, Nikki.

Sai, Student
5 months ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Good teacher, was there on time. Calm, professional, understanding of children. Have asked for regular classes. Hoping for good learning outcomes.

Snehal, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! i,m not continuing with him. Because, he lives far away from my residence. Yes, i recommend.

Debashis, Student
9 months ago
(2 reviews)

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