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Speaking basic chinese with accurate tone and understand their basic

I am Singapore born chinese. I have been an independent interpreter for seller ( English speakers) and buyers ( chinese /Cantonese speakers) in Asia for more than 5 years . Speaking few asia language has become my daily life with different race of people around me .

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Engineering student offering maths and Chinese lessons up to A level in London

My teaching method consists of three main steps as follows: - Derivation of the theories - Practical application of the theories - Answer and explain exam questions During the lesson, I'd like to play some simple games, which can help students' understanding and also enhance the memory. Examples of real-life application tell the importance of maths especially for future career.

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Native Chinese speaker give Chinese Oral lessons face-to-face or online in Sunshine Coast

I am a traveller, and I had been lots of area in China, I could introduce you to China. Speaking. Teaching students to get speaking skills in a short time and give tips on social life in China. Writing. Teaching the most useful vocabulary if you want to visit China. Culture. I could teach students about the culture of China(such as tea, food, festival.

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Come up to me and learn Cantonese with Native speaker studied in Curtin!!

My teaching method is altered based on students schedule, starts from simple wordings and teach based on students need. Never feel shy to communicate and having fun is the biggest thing to learn, so choose you can choose topic that you are interested in to start and learn.

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Hi,看過來喔~ Top choice for learning Chinese Mandarin. Perfectly bilingual (English & Chinese).

P.h. D. candidate. I am very flexible with my teaching styles, and can provide the students with whatever knowledge they would like to gain. We can tailor the lessons to fit the needs. Including oral, writing, listening. The ultimate goal is for students to appreciate the language, and hopefully that mastering a new language may open their eyes to fresh angles of examining this world.

College Park
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Native speaker and graduate from normal university teaching Chinese and Japanese

I am a Master of Finance student at UMD, born in China and majored in Japanese in the undergraduate university. I can teach all aspects in Chinese and Japanese including reading, speaking ,listening and writing.

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University first year student, a fluent speaker, giving cantonese lessons in ruthin

I'm a university student who is currently studying physiotherapy. I am more than capable in teaching verbal Cantonese as I can speak fluently making me bilingual. I will make the lessons interesting to engage my students and set goals of improvement for them to reach.

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University student in cosmetic science to primary and secondary pupils that teaches Chinese!

I will be teaching in a creative and fun way in lessons! You can bring me any of your problems and I’m sure I can solve them! Learning Chinese is fun! Don’t feel stressful to learn them.

Beatrice maozhi
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Chinese postgraduate in Finance gives Mandarin Tutor to students from beginners to high-level learners in Leeds

To provide all rounded Putonghua teaching to foreigners and non-native speakers of Chinese including: vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing with special emphasis on speaking skills;  To improve their ability to communicate in Chinese with common topics about daily life and work;  To help them to internalize basic knowledge of Putonghua sounds, grammar and vocabulary thro

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Private Mandarin tutoring in South Canberra from Chinese Language Major ANU graduate

I am very passionate about teaching, I love to see my students flourish overtime. My teaching method is tailored to the individual student: what they wish to achieve,their strengths and weaknesses. We will do aural, listening, speaking and reading exercises to practise sentence structure and vocabulary. I am always open to new methodologies dependent on student interests.

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Native Chinese Mandarin tutor, learn to speak Chinese in 6 weeks with Ella

I am a native Mandarin & Cantonese speaker from GuangDong ,China.And I speak fluent English as well. I hold a qualification in Early Childhood Education and care. I work in the childcare industry and have more than 4 years experiences .I teach Mandarin to the children in my workplace.  I am having a chinese learning hub called Chinese Zone now.

Yi yun
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A passionate and energetic nursing student whose native language is Chinese.l believe we can enjoy leaning Chinese.

Everyone regards chinese is the most difficult language to learn so my approach is introducing funny videos and discussing with you.Let students learn chinese in a comfortable environment.

High Barnet

Rita - High Barnet - Chinese

I am Rita, a Mandarin native speaker from Taiwan. I love teaching students to speak and write Mandarin through craft, games, toys and colouring in, to ensure they learn Mandarin with joy. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Everyday Mandarin: I teach everyday Mandarin for children and adults, aged more than 4. This will focus on speaking, listening and reading.

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Middle school Chinese intern-teacher & Australia master student teaches Mandarin speaking and correct your Mandarin grammar

I based my class on Chinese books and practices. Also, I can correct your grammar and pronunciation, as well as writing.

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Chinese teacher who can teach Chinese and Chinese dance

I am Chinese student who can teach Chinese and Chinese dance .I'm in France for 3 years.

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Native English Speaker Who Lived and Worked in China and Learned from Native Speakers IN Beijing

I base my methods of learning on practical application. It's good to have a lecture it's better to have an experience. Therefore I try to balance both lecture and pragmatic learning so that the student can grow in their knowledge and confidence.

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British teacher fluent in Chinese. happy to teach Chinese as a foreign language

Learning is most powerful and effective ehen done actively and by the power of association. Teach my students how to learn and have fun while Learning.

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Student Bordeaux Montaigne gives Chinese lessons

Born in China, I speak French, English, Korean and Chinese, I taught Chinese in south korea for 2 years and now I am studying in France

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Perfect! I never thought learning chinese will be that intresting and joyful. Shivani mam your methodology and communication skills are exceptional and ypur mesmerising smile makes the environment even more calm. Hallmark of the session for me would be your...

Prashant, Student
6 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! She has a pleasant personality, and an interactive approach to handling the lessons. She possesses commendable knowledge of the subject, and was able to answer random questions with as much as ease as the course-related issues.

Raghav, Student
10 months ago
(2 reviews)

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