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Chinese Teacher with more than 8 years Experience. Adults and children.

My students most are adults and teenagers: To prepare the exam for HSK/HSKK/BCT/YCT. To improve the expression ability of chinese. To know chinese culture. If you want to past the HSK/HSKK/BCT/YCT exam If you want to improve your chinese expression ability If you want to know chinese culture ........

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Ou want to join our new group of Chinese courses?

A new group of Chinese courses will start soon. The class will be held on Saturday mornings from 10am to 12 noon or in the afternoon from 13h to 15h (2h for a meeting). The price is 13 € -15 € per hour / person in a group. Depending on the number of lessons you order a reduction in the tariff can be effectuée.Contactez me tarifaire.

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Native Chinese from ancient city Xi'an ( Terra-Cotta Warriors's birthplace) teaches standard mandarin to power your China trip

English can be my tool to teach Chinese. I will offer comprehensive Chinese teaching including reading, writing, listening and much on speaking. My aim is to make my students like native Chinese speakers. Of course, Chinese culture and history are an indispensable part of my teaching. If you visit China someday, please do let me be your tour guide and host.

Los Angeles
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Mandarin native speaker graduated from USC with second language teaching experience in LA

My class is student-center. The content and teaching style is based on the student's learning needs and learning preferences. I always guide students to acquire knowledge and facilitate them to be independent learners. I am bilingual in English and Mandarin. Tutees can choose immersion or bilingual teaching style based on your preference.

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Language teacher just back from Taiwan teaches Mandarin Chinese, English and French as a Foreign Language around Bayonne

I pay attention to my students' needs. Generally my classes are in the form of tutoring, they are exchanges between my students and me, so that everyone can communicate well. When in a group I ask more advanced students to explain to those who feel a little lost, this way I put everyone to work and check what has been assimilated or not.

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Goal: Understand and speak Chinese - I'll help you - Together, it's fun to learn Chinese in Hamburg.

Whether you are a beginner or already advanced in Chinese language, we will work together to find the right approach to improve your language skills. First, let's look at what goals you have and what's best for learning languages. It is always important that learning is fun.

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Graduated from Heihe University in China, be awarded Mandarin second grade Certification,would be glad to help those people who are eager to learn Chinese but without a native teacher.

Free talk and interesting practice to make sure student get knowledge with interest. Relax student, hope I can make more people realize that conquer a language is not that difficult as we thought. I’m very easy going, would like to share life with friends from all over the world.

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Macquarie University students who came from China studying Bachelor of Secondary Education

My teaching method is quite flexible, I could offer any styles or types of lessons fit my students. Usually my topics will start from daily stuff, which helps students learn not only from me but also their personal experience. And then relate to cultural differences, which also what language learner should be capable of.

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Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese class for all learners in Saskatoon. Master degree with 2 year teaching experience.

I normally focus on learners' listening and speaking at first stage, build up their interest. And then reading simple sentence to let learners familiar with words. The last step is writing. Learners are really enjoy my Chinese conversation circle where they can know more about Chinese culture.

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Mandarin teachers provide mandarin teaching services and designed activities to engage students in learning mandarin

Engage students in activities such as role playing Design activities for students (who are estate realtors) such as advertisements and scenario to engage students in Mandarin conversation Reflection exercise - check out whether students understand dialogues by asking questions from the activties Reward based methodology -

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Native Chinese speaker offering mandarin lessons in Vocabulary, Writing and Listening in Birmingham

I am a native Chinese, speaking fluent standard Mandarin and understand Chinese culture. In high school, I got A* at A-level Chinese First language. I can teach all students who are interested in Chinese or need to prepare exam for A-level or others.

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Chinese Mandarin speaking student at SAIT gives Chinese classes in Calgary (or online) on weekdays after school

I will prepare for each of classes. For instance, in the beginning, I will probably choose to start from basic Chinese vocabularies: How to pronounce? What the characters look like? Each class must have one main topic, summarized by table notes I made. I would love to see students learning Chinese not only at the class.

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Mandarin teacher gives Chinese lessons to primary, secondary school students and adults in Leicester

I’m a visit mandarin teacher in De Montfort University. I can give lessons to both children and adults. You can learn Chinese from listening, speaking, reading and writing with me properly. We can experience Chinese culture together. Have nice time in life.

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Individual classes / performer / DELF / DALF / HSK Chinese and French in Ile de France

Hello, former student in economics from Paris IX Dauphine University, currently a student at the University Paris Sud XI Orsay faculty, with a good level of French (DALF degree in C2) and a good level of Chinese (in Chinese level equivalent of a Bachelor), I propose courses of Chinese individuals with 25 EUROS TIME for all levels.

São Paulo
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Mandarin uncomplicated for those who do not have time, with its own methodology and clear explanation.

The biggest shortage of this generation is the time, so I developed an easy and simple methodology to assimilate the oldest language in the world, Mandarin.

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I am a current student at Charles Darwin University. I used to teach native language in an organization for a year.

My teaching method is to design small tasks to help them understand the meaning and the method and to help them get through the difficulties by their own. I am a very positive and passionate person.I would like to help people get through the difficulties. It would make myself happier.

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Chinese Course in Mareil Marly,Saint germain en Laye,Marly le roi,Fourqueux

Hello I am a graduate in the College of Education Sciences Paris5, and Chinese teaching of Paris 7 university, I have 7 years of experience teaching Chinese. Having studied French for 4 years at university in China from 2001 to 2005, I can assure the ongoing explicit French. I can give Chinese courses of all levels: Introduction to Chinese language.

West Hindmarsh
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UniSA student giving Chinese tuition for both children up to high schools and adults interested in learning Chinese in Adelaide

I approach my lessons topic by topic, preferring to follow a laid out outline. If I feel that my student has an area that they need to improve on, I will focus on that area until they are very good at it.

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Fluent Chinese speaker with 8 years of learning experience and 2 years living in Taiwan

Anybody that wants to learn Chinese is welcome! We will be focusing on how to use words and grammar structures just like a native speaker would use them! Learning methodology will consist of a lot of speaking back and forth.

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College educator and international tutor teaches you how to communicate in Chinese

Learning with me must be as fun as it can be. My goal through teaching is to make sure to understand my student needs and create the teaching method that suits his needs. Every student has a different way of resolving, of comprehension and of practicing. What should a great private tutor bring to his student is confidence, skills and achievement in any form. Languages are a communication tool.

Ili nabilah binti
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Female Muslim Mandarin Tutor. Scholarship Recipient for HSK. Study at your own comfort.

-Frustrated because you want to buy amazing thing(s) at Taobao/JD/Chinese Shopping website but dont know how? -Or want (you) or your kids to learn Chinese and study at Chinese University? -Or wanted to go to China to self export and sell things here in OZ but dont know how to negotiate with local Chinese manufacturer? -Or just have an obsession with languages , in this case; Mandarin Chinese? As...

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Native English/Mandarin Speaker With 3 Years Experience - No Language Barriers! Offering Mandarin Tuition Online and in Liverpool. Tailored Exam Tuition For GCSE and A-Level. Casual Learners Welcome!

Our first lesson is complimentary and it is where we will spend time building up your student profile and going through your expectations from me as a tutor. We will also be assessing your ability and addressing your aims from tuition to create a suitable learning programme to get you to the level you want. I will also give you a small taster of what a typical lesson will be like.

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The University of Sydney PhD Candidate with Mandarin teaching certificaiton gives long term Mandarin lessons.

The core of my teaching is interaction. I believe that teaching is an interactive process. Students would gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject much more effectively by interacting with the instructor. Normally, I will first give a brief overview of the topic and a detailed explaination of important concepts.

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Native Chinese international student (fluent in English) giving Chinese writing & cantonese, mandarin speaking lessons

I prioritize on stimulating the interest that the student have in the learning topic, because I believe that interest and passion are the most important things when it comes to learning. My lessons can be constructed specifically to each of my student, for example: for traveling purposes, for examination, in-depth study of topic etc.

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Graduated in Chinese language at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice offers Chinese language lessons, individual or group, to students of any age!

I consider fundamental the study of grammar, words and "expressions made" present in every language as basic elements of knowledge of any foreign language; the topics of each lesson will be introduced through listening to a song, an advertisement, a piece of film or a book, in order to train the student's oral comprehension skills and arouse their curiosity.

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UniSA graduate gives students in Brisbane Chinese lessons as a native speaker

Teaching required patience and love, my teaching method includes: Teach through repetition. Children learn through repetition and active engagement with another language. Use big gestures and physical demonstrations. Create a positive learning environment. Teach through engaging activities. Do your own play-by-play.

San Antonio
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Bilingual College Student/Native Mandarin Chinese Speaker offering Chinese tutoring in San Antonio

I teach based on what the student needs. I can tutor anyone of any age and I will cater my tutoring style specifically to meet their needs. I can help with Conversations, listening comprehension, vocabulary, and of course mastering the accent and tones of chinese.

West Hobart
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A humorous teacher can make the complicated language simple, fluent and native (Come and improve your Chinese)

My teaching method is based on 8 steps including 5 on class and 3 after class. That is Pre-class test, New lessons, instant check, review, Post-class check, chat online after class for your feedback of homework, an short online class before next lesson, check your homework.

San Nicola La Strada
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I offer Chinese and English language classes, interpreting and translation services in English, Chinese and Italian

The preparation of lessons plans is aimed at achieving the objectives set with the student. My lessons are diversified by age and purpose, mainly divided into conversation, grammar and written language. They are addressed to people who have just begun to learn the language or want to improve their level. I am a friendly and positive person, attentive to the student's requests.

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Graduate student at Concordia in Mechanical Engineering, with knowledge of Electronic Information Science. Mandarin is my native language, also have 6 years working experience in Beijing, China. Extre

Based on my own language learning experience, I'd like to help learners find their interest, which will give them a good start of a better understanding of a new language. This will always keep them motivated in learning the language, which is super important. After they get familiar with related words and expressions, I will introduce them more difficult and relevant things to learn.

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Perfect! I never thought learning chinese will be that intresting and joyful. Shivani mam your methodology and communication skills are exceptional and ypur mesmerising smile makes the environment even more calm. Hallmark of the session for me would be your...

Prashant, Student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! She has a pleasant personality, and an interactive approach to handling the lessons. She possesses commendable knowledge of the subject, and was able to answer random questions with as much as ease as the course-related issues.

Raghav, Student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

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