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Hi! Undergraduate student in illustration who gives traditional Chinese lessons in Huddersfield

Hi! I'm from Taiwan, my native language is traditional Chinese. The oral and listening part is exactly the same as mandarin. I'm a very patient and friendly tutor, I used to work in after school for 2 years in Taiwan. Differ with other Mandarin tutor, I'll teach the Taiwan's phonetic symbol (Zhuyin) first, this can make the pronunciation easier to learn.

Greater London
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Professional Hong Kong Radio Broadcaster & Chinese (Mandarin &a Cantonese) Language Teacher

As a Hong Kong radio broadcaster and Chinese Language Teacher, I work as a trilingual host and voice-over talent in Greater China. I enjoy performing and educating younger generations particularly in the Chinese language discipline. By designing tailor-made lessons for every individual, students will be offered unique learning experiences according to their own needs and progress.

Greater London
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Native Mandarin speaker in London teaching Chinese for learners of all levels

Many of my friends joke that I will become a teacher because I am good at explaining things, and here I am! I am a native speaker and able to teach all four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) at all-levels and for all purposes to non-native speakers.

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Chinese native qualified teacher of Mandarin Chinese adult children and companies in Barcelona

I am Chinese native qualified and experienced teacher tutoring offering Mandarin Chinese mandarin for adults and children and mandarin Mandarin Chinese classes for adults and children in group group. I am a native Chinese degree in China Studies degree in English Philology.

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Online Mandarin tutoring by Oxford University graduate, more than three years experience

I can teach weekly lessons for those who are wanting to work towards a qualification or just those who want to learn a new language. I have just graduated from Oxford University where I learnt Mandarin from scratch so I can empathise with students.

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You're going to be drilled - - but kindly! MANDARIN: Pronunciation Training in Hamburg.

No matter which level you are in: Your pronunciation is targeted depending on your individual area of difficulties - whether it is certain words, phrases or the intonation: If you do not know where to start, I find a way to find out! Do you enjoy music as well? - Then we also have the opportunity to improve your pronunciation through songs! Vocabulary training is on board! Chinese: For...

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Chinese stuff with 6 years experience in business, the best choice for improving your ability

1.Langue available: French, English 2.Horaire: Course: Saturday and Sunday, Exercise: Monday to Friday, 19: 00-21: 00 3.

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Undergraduate student in psychology and counselling with the qualification (HSK5 in Chinese Proficiency Test) gives chinese lessons to primary school pupils or below in Chester.

I am an undergraduate student from Malaysia and studying first year psychology and counselling skills degree in the University of Chester. I have been work in a kindergarten and a primary school back in Malaysia before. I taught subjects such as Malay, English, Chinese and Maths to my students.

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Current student doing MA Education at UCL IOE with teaching experience in London

I am a current master student in UCL IOE. As a native Chinese speaker, my undergraduate major was English and I had plenty of teaching experience of Chinese and English language. Currently, I am doing my master degree of education in London and I hope that I can help any Chinese learners who want to improve their Chinese proficiency with my professional knowledge.

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Tailor your mandarin lessons with me while you are having a nice coffee in Bristol

Each learner are different, and my speciality is to tailor each lesson based on your needs with my knowledge and experience, no matter which aspect or part you would like to focus on. I usually would like to have lessons in a nice cosy coffee shop, because a nice hot drink can help you relax easier, and you won't be shy to say word loud in some back ground music.

Glen Carbon
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College Student from China, can tutor Mandarin to any level students near Glen carbon

My name is Alice, I come from China. I speak English well. I'm teaching Mandarin Chinese. I usually discuss with my student about what they wish to learn, and I'll be well prepared before the lesson starts. I also would like to build a good relationship with my student, and share my learning experience with them.

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Congratulations - You have discovered a Genius-Super-Tutor! Teaching UNSEEN breakthrough Chinese learning! of 100's of words per day! EASY!

Welcome, - Never Waste A Day Again Using Antique Learning Methods Never! Under time pressure to speak Chinese? Yes. Respond today. No pictures, or difficult words to learn, just learn up to 500 Chinese words a day! Please contact me. Use my time, and don't waste YOUR ...

San Diego
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Yoshi's Joy Chinese Class--Please Come and Try!! You can Chinese From Now

In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - Your characteristics as a teacher? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

Kings County
Min xiu
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Native Chinese speaker gives Chinese lessons in all levels during the summer in NYC. Can teach online or at home.

I was born in China and I am currently a student study in Skidmore College. I have many years of experiences in Chinese and I have learned Chinese since I was in kindergarten. I often speak Chinese with my friends and my family members.

Torre Annunziata
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The Chinese really easy! Chinese language and culture lessons for students

Chinese Language and Culture lessons for students . Each foreign language has its difficulties, but through activities, interactive lessons , the Chinese language becomes easier. The lessons are aimed at overcoming the language certification HSK, exsams at university or class tests at high school .

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I can offer Chinese courses, Chinese is my language, I come from China, and studying at the University of Kaiserslautern

I can speak very good Chinese Mandrin. All students can learn very typical Chinese pronunciation with me. I can understand the words above explain very well, in which situation to use here in China which words above. I can first say all records, and then read students.

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UCL current master student brings basic&interesting Mandarin lessons to you in London

Hi, I am Chang, a full-time master student in UCL and plan to continue my PHD research in education. I'd like to give you some interesting lessons on basic Chinese and Chinese culture during weekends. I prefer teaching primary or secondary pupils in London. I love work with children. I 'm always patient and friendly. Tuition fees is not important.

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Cantonese by Native Speaker from Hong Kong - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced All ages welcome

Local Chinese school in Hong Kong for 15 years Diploma in Legal Studies Associates in Business Studies BSc in Business Management and Marketing Pre-evaluation of your language goal Understanding your level What you want to achieve before we start our class. Class will be causal or I can tailor to your special needs.

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College student in economics gives math and chinese lessons in michigan area

I just graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and I minored in psychology and statistical methods. I enjoy helping others learn and know more so it can also help me improve my understanding. I'm pretty easy-going and energetic. I used to be a teaching assistant of Chinese in a summer camp and all my students loved to communicate with me about their questions.

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Native Chinese Speaker gives Chinese lesson to all level learner in London

Hi, I’m Miao. I’m from China, I am volunteering in London now. I’m a native Chinese speaker and speak English fluently. I major in Business Administration in Fujian normal university , After graduating,I'd worked as a HR for 2 years in Shanghai. I focus on teaching business Chinese,travel Chinese, basic Chinese ,and daily Chinese.

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Acquire the ability of expression, handwriting, comprehension of traditional Chinese with JP, made in Taiwan and majoring in Chinese literature at one of the top unis, in Manchester

Basing classes on sharing, I believe in that conversations in both ways teaches more, questions and answers. Also, I always prepare something common and usual to teach, make sure every student learn useful and interesting knowledge.

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Bachelor's Degree in Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations, Master's Degree in Languages, Economics and Institutions of Asia and Mediterranean Africa

My lessons have an average duration of 1 hour, at home or via Skype, are based on the learning needs of the breeding, on the age and attitudes of the student. I offer lessons in English, Chinese language and culture, humanistic subjects such as: Italian, Epic, Latin, Greek, Geography, History and Music.

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Master of Economics and Native speaker studying at UoM offering Mandarin course

For Mandarin , I am able to teach students from all levels. I believe that interest is the best mentor, so my teaching method is to encourage my students to explore the knowledge with my assist, and having fun during their studies.

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Andrew to give interesting and easy to understand Chinese teaching lessons enjoy

To individual or group of people, I like to teach in interesting way and make it easy to understand for everyone. Try to answer all the questions I can, and good explanation for people to understand. Encourage people to ask questions.

Bridge of Allan
Jin xuan
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Current masters student who have great experience to help you master Mandarin (Chinese Language)!

My teaching method widely varied and is personalised to the student. For children or more beginner in any subjects, I would applied combined methods by using visual and audio at the same time when teaching.

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Chinese native speaker who graduated from the University of Nottingham offering mandarin lessons in Nottingham

I base my classes on students' interest and requirements. I prefer to make the flexible plan instead of hidebound structure. For pinyin learning, I will tell them basic rules and combine it with oral learning. I will use interesting ways to help them understand and remember. For oral learning, I will teach students the formal way to pronounce, but I also will tell them how local people pronounce.

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ANU Medical Student available to give Chinese lessons for high school and university students

I like to begin by introducing the student to the overarching concept and building a solid foundation before moving onto the specific ideas and concepts. I like to use a variety of techniques such as mind-maps, checklists and flow charts alongside discussion and key note summaries for the student to take home at the end of each session.

Lyon 7e
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Student at Sciences Po offers Chinese courses at the college / high school / higher level in Lyon

As a result of Freinet pedagogy, I think it is important to find the method that corresponds to everyone in order to enjoy learning. I approach courses depending on what you want to work on as a particular topic or theme in order to work together.

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A native Chinese speaker Canadian give the Chinese lessons to who love Chinese culture.

My teaching methods are Online through wechat or face time.

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UNI OF ADELAIDE STUDENT Major in computing finding chances for widespread some awesome experiences in my life.

The basic technique for playing Guzheng, methods of memorising music scores in addition to recognising them. I can design a study model that may fit your unique characteristics.

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Perfect! I never thought learning chinese will be that intresting and joyful. Shivani mam your methodology and communication skills are exceptional and ypur mesmerising smile makes the environment even more calm. Hallmark of the session for me would be your...

Prashant, Student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! She has a pleasant personality, and an interactive approach to handling the lessons. She possesses commendable knowledge of the subject, and was able to answer random questions with as much as ease as the course-related issues.

Raghav, Student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

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