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Native Mandarin & English speaker offering Mandarin lessons at all levels. Oxford degree. 5 + years experience.

Hi, I’m Le-My! I am a native Mandarin and English speaker from London. I hold a BA Modern Languages from the University of Oxford. I have over 5 years' experience teaching Mandarin. I have taught at all levels, ranging from complete beginners to advanced, and everything in-between. Lessons are tailored to you and your specific needs.

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Highly Experienced Tutor for Chinese Mandarin/Primary & Secondary Maths/11+ Test in Birmingham Area

I am a native Chinese, speaking fluent standard Mandarin and English, and graduated from The University of Birmingham after obtaining a PhD degree. I have extensive experience in teaching Chinese language and culture to pupils from different countries with diverse linguistic background.

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I have been teaching languages for more than 4 years now, I have students from all over the world.You will find learning mandarin is so fun and easy with me! If you want to learn mandarin while you ar

Most of my students are adults, but I also enjoy teaching children. Most of my students start with me from the very beginning. My teaching strategy is very much based on the class I am taking, since I have been teaching a long time, I do have certain books and materials that I normally use, but the materials are varied from case to case.

Taylors Hill
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Singaporean VCE Graduate scoring 47 raw in Chinese SL offering Chinese tutoring

I am not only extremely comfortable with the VCE syllabus, but my knowledge of the language goes beyond the syllabus, and I am able to help you in improving your vocabulary, writing, communication and listening. I have many resources available to cater to students of different Chinese standard.

Haoyi (jason)
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Canberra ANU International Relations Postgrad & italki Bilingual Teacher gives language/cultural/literature lessons

- My Lessons & Teaching Style - 1. My lessons are generally culture-oriented, with some improvisations, new ideas, news, Internet slang, movies and books, and intercultural elaborations in each class - keeping it light and fun. 2. A trial class is highly recommended before starting formal courses.

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Immigrated Chinese Lady teach Chinese in Guelph, has MSc degree, patient, knowledgeble,

Chinese is my native language. I have been in Canada for 17 years. I have no problem to communicate with you in English I can teach different level of Chinese. I can use both Chinese and English to teach according to your understanding ability. I use textbook, multimedia, app, game. I can talk to you everyday via phone or internet after regular lesson.

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Monash master of education give Chinese lessons to students at all age

Actually the teaching method depends on the students.For those young students who are lack of self discipline,the attention maintaining is essesial.As the students' attention can be easily attracted in the first 15 minutes, I would like to teach the basic but important knowledge like the key words and phrase they need to master in the 15 minutes.

Sandy Bay
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UTAS international postgraduate student gives private/ group Chinese lessons in Hobart region

Guiding students into learning culture of a country is extremely important as it leads to a divergent thinking way of the language. Getting to know each other is definitely the first step of all. The following is the interspersed learning between speaking and writing from the very basic sentences and words.

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Macquarie University students who came from China studying Bachelor of Secondary Education

My teaching method is quite flexible, I could offer any styles or types of lessons fit my students. Usually my topics will start from daily stuff, which helps students learn not only from me but also their personal experience. And then relate to cultural differences, which also what language learner should be capable of.

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Mandarin tutor London by English-Mandarin bilingual tutor (homework, conversation, pronunciation, chinese philosophy)

My focus is on practical Mandarin e.g. learning by conversation, discussing traditional Chinese philosophy application in today's world. I can expand into Chinese culture, economy and market. I can also help with homework for primary and secondary level. This is suitable for both children and adult.

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Chinese student in PSUD school who is patient and dynamic teach in Chinese

I approach the subject freely. you can choose what you want to learn or just chat with me.I can teach you the most authentic chinese. I can always answer all your questions about China. We can communicate with English too.

Taylors Lakes
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Registered Primary/Secondary Teacher in Melbourne with Teaching Experience in Mainstream/ Alternative Education Setting

I focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening and the cultural aspect. Also, study skills, learning strategies and difficulty of the learning program would be tailored to individuals. Learning materials will be provided for you with learning checkpoints for you to assess your learning progress.

North Melbourne
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Melbourne Uni student from Hong Kong teaching Mandarin/ Cantonese lessons at an affordable rate!

I am very patient with teaching because I believe that languages are indeed not that hard and everyone should be able to do it as long as they put in the effort. However I think the only way to learn a new language is to use it consistently, then practice, and practice. I am very opened to different styles of teaching, even watching videos in Chinese and teach students new vocabs or etc.

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Mandarin teacher teaches classes for young people and adults in the Lisbon area

The Three Kingdoms System - The Kingdom of Initiation (acquire vocabulary through reading small texts and tokens) - The Kingdom of Peter Pan (realization of dynamics that promotes the various competences of the language) - The Kingdom of Wisdom of texts or other more advanced activities, according to the objective of the student)

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Chinese student with 3 years of experience offering Mandarin tutorials/lessons in London

My teaching methodology varies depending on the students. For example, if the student wants a book or already has a book, then for each class we'll study the book first and do some exercises and then have a conversation later; if the student do not have a book, then I'll make study materials for him/her based on his/her level, which includes vocabularies and grammars.

Cheng-hung (jerome)
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Taiwanese teaching Mandarin and traditional Chinese characters in Edmonton, fluent in English.

I will start with listening and speaking, to make you familiar with the tone of this language and then will move on to reading and writing. I will find video clips on YouTube with both English and Mandarin subtitles, which can help you correlate the sound with the words.

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Teaching Chinese as a foreign language with 12 years of experience at University

I have rich training and experience in student-centered learning, task-based instruction, and curriculum development. I have taught for both lower and higher levels of Chinese courses.

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Chinese teacher with a BA of Chinese Literature and 2 years of Teaching experience.

My teaching methodology is helping students learn the real official mandarin. Most of the Chinese people can speak Mandarin, but only a few of them know what is the most right and elegant way to speak and write it. I will tell my student the history and logic of the Chinese language to help them become a real native speaker.

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I am a current student at Charles Darwin University. I used to teach native language in an organization for a year.

My teaching method is to design small tasks to help them understand the meaning and the method and to help them get through the difficulties by their own. I am a very positive and passionate person.I would like to help people get through the difficulties. It would make myself happier.

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Chinese from Venice with deep knowledge of Chinese language and culture, cross-cultural interaction and real teaching experience

- I prefer to interact as much as possible with the students - I tell real fascinating stories about China today - I understand very well the western mentality and apply it in the lesson - Well educated in China, I have authentic pronunciation

Central Broxbourne

Yan - Central Broxbourne - Chinese

Music Teaching Diploma, Grade 8 Piano & Singing, Grade 7 Music Theory. Advanced level of International Chinese Teaching Certificate. Just keep smiling, and you can achieve anything. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach piano, music theory, singing and Chinese/ Mandarin. - Tell me about your qualifications. Music Teaching Diploma, Grade 8 Piano, Singing, Grade 7 Music Theory.

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Uni Adelaide Master student can give support on Mandarin and Maths, Thanks!

My teaching method is talk with each individuals and set up the suitable method to teach different students. But the whole concept is make sure every student can understand the knowledge in short time and use it easily. I hope every students will feel happy after my class.

Sant'Agata de' Goti
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Graduated in Linguistic Mediation offers classes of Mandarin Chinese in the province of Benevento.

My lessons involve the acquisition of skills based on the needs of the student. After a first free and cognitive lesson, in which I evaluate the starting level, I fix the didactic objectives and structure a program of lessons in accordance with the needs of the student.

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At HSK4 level (University of Harbin) graduate and experienced teacher offers Chinese lessons. Do you accept the challenge?

I divide a lesson into different parts (talking, listening, reading and writing). At the start of the lesson I ask you to buy 3 books that include all these items. Speaking and practicing conversations is a big part of my lesson. Everyone can learn at their own pace / level.

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Masters Student in London (studying Advanced Chinese Studies) offering Mandarin Lessons (up to GCSE) in London

I can teach up to GCSE level Chinese or HSK level 1 and 2 with a focus on writing, reading and vocabulary. I am very flexible with teaching style, depending on how the student best learns but I have found that with learning Chinese there are some very simple memory tricks that help to make the language a lot easier to learn.

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Master Student offers Mandarin lessons for beginners and people approaching Chinese Culture

My main method is based on awareness I have on the difficulties the Chinese language can represent for a non-native speaker. Indeed, it is considered one of the hardest languages on Earth. But it is not impossible, and we can learn together how to deal with the actual language Chinese people speak everyday.

South Brisbane
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Native girl teach Chinese in a no book, lively and logical way

My lessons are mainly with games and communications. The games are used for words remembering. Games help us to categories the certain words suitable for different situation in everyday lives, and each picture will be used to explain these words in detail. Communication helps students to make the words they remember become the words that can be used in real life.

Richmond Hill
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Native Chinese mate gives Chinese classes for ALL ages in Richmond Hill/Vaughan

My teaching method is always to begin with things people are interested, familiar and easily get practice. The basic function of the language is to communicate while the deeper purpose is to open your mind to a whole new culture which may end up enlightening you in the future.

Paris 15e
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A chinese student university of lyon give lessons of chinese

- Course content: oral expression, written expression, oral comprehension, written comprehension ...

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A great Chinese teacher with deep understanding of Chinese culture, politics, economy and history with a global perspective

I use a creative, innovative way to teach and learn a language. I make learning language become an easy, fun and joyful learning experience. More than a language teacher. I will teach you a way to become a linguist. I myself once learned and mastered two foreign languages within 5 months.

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Perfect! I never thought learning chinese will be that intresting and joyful. Shivani mam your methodology and communication skills are exceptional and ypur mesmerising smile makes the environment even more calm. Hallmark of the session for me would be your...

Prashant, Student
4 months ago
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Perfect! She has a pleasant personality, and an interactive approach to handling the lessons. She possesses commendable knowledge of the subject, and was able to answer random questions with as much as ease as the course-related issues.

Raghav, Student
8 months ago
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