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Native mandarin speaker gives Chinese oral/cultural lessons to all ages in Birmingham

I speak native Mandarin and fluent English. In my lessons, I am passionate about improving your mandarin skills so that you can speak like a local Chinese. The lesson structure will be discussing a different topic each time, for example, food, festivals, or customs. I will be encouraging the student to engage with practicing and provide my feedback and insights.

Paris 5e
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Chinese classes for students of all levels (in French / English / Chinese)

For me, the goal is to give students the ability to express themselves in Chinese with confidence, spontaneity and clarity. The pedagogy for students at beginner’s level will start with learning Chinese characters, as well as the logic of the Chinese language, which is of great importance for learning a language like Chinese where there isn’t really any grammar rules.

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Master student of Contemporary Culture at the University of Complutense in Madrid. One year as a private teacher of oral Chinese to a Spanish student. Training of teachers from Chinese to foreign. OR

I'm Alba. Chinese is my mother tongue. I would like to give classes to those who are curious about Chinese and Chinese culture, especially daily conversations and oral expression. In my classes, the subjects are basic and useful. I lived 5 years in Beijing. I have known almost all the alleys there. I can tell the students everything they want to know about China.

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Graduating in Chinese teaching, she offers lessons for the curious or scholars of the subject in Padua!

I embrace the philosophy of the communicative approach in language teaching: I commit myself to bring the language that may be more relevant to the student's purposes, trying to enrich the lessons with videos, songs and other authentic materials to get more into Chinese culture. I rely heavily on the student in front of me to adapt my lessons to his needs.

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Native Chinese speaker would like to give class of Chinese(Mandarin and Cantonese) in NL. Canada

I will use some pictures and postcards to explain, some examples from daily life, and playing some games to help understand easily

Paris 5e
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Young trilingual engineer graduate giving Chinese classes to peers, 6 years experience learning a new language

Depending on your interest and purpose, I adapt my methods. In any case, teachings include two basic parts: oral and written. - Systematic teaching of Pinyin with a 4-tone accent for the purpose of authentically speaking and avoiding the accent. -Teaching the structure of Chinese characters to associate a complicated character and deviate its meaning and pronunciation.

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Native of Canton, China. I am studying the Master's degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Madrid. I teach in Spanish or English.

At the beginning, I usually use Chinese videos or songs to attract students. Activities such as games, role play and making manuals, we can learn in the game that is interesting for children. Quizizz, Kahoot, Quizlet are useful to review or evaluate. My students like it a lot.

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Native mandarin speaker with A* grade high school qualification offering mandarin lessons in Liverpool and online

I am willing to accept students of all ages, and will conduct my lessons based on the following procedure: 1. Familiarizing with basic and simple Mandarin characters (learning to write and speak) 2. Phrasing and completing full sentences 3.Writing in short paragraphs 4.

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Enthusiastic and inspiring Maths/Science(Chemistry and Physics)&Chinese(Mandarin) Tutor Covering: KS1-2-3, GCSE, A-level @20 miles around guildford (including Godalming, Woking, Camberley, Ascot, Blac

Teaching Experience: I've been trusted to mentor younger students who are struggling in particular sbjects, and have been recommended to other teachers and students too. I hope I can help more students to gain better grades. I have tutored GCSE/A level science and maths for a few years and really enjoyed teaching and finding methods that work for the student.

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Native Mandarin speaker teaches modern Chinese in a fun way in Victoria BC

I like to have a well-planned agenda for each of my classes. However, adjusting the plans according to individual's pace and process comes first before that. Thus, at the very beginning of my class, I will go through the things we will cover with my students.

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Native speaker who can teach Mandarin and Cantonese. I have very clear pronunciation.

Lessons can be tailored to students' needs. Focus can be on spoken, listening or written or all of these. Can start with the basics and teach the pinyin system (including the tones) to the very beginners. Can teach how to use a dictionary so the student may study independently in the future.

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Monash third-year secondary education student who has been worked as Mandarin teacher for more than one year in two language schools

My teaching method is Mandarin. I taught primary school Chinese for more than one year. I also had the general Chinese teaching in VCE and got a high score in my Chinese as first language in VCE as well.

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Chinese student from EPFL is offering courses on Chinese language near Lausanne

We can start with the romanization of Chinese (pingyin) and then the Chinese characters. One can also learn calligraphy and discuss Asian philosophy (Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism etc.). Classes are given to those who are interested in Asian culture (especially Chinese).

Huntington Beach
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10+yes experienced Chinese Mandarin /ESL teacher/ tutor in Huntington Beach

I graduated from yantai penglai teaching college in 1984.i majored English second language teaching for 3years.in 2001 I went to St. Martin college learning English teaching for 3month.I have the teacher license issued by ministry of education in China. I also took the national Mandarin level test .i got level 2 Grade A certificate in 2013.

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Traditional chinese and english american teacher in Brussels rate from 15 euro

Name: Lin First Name: Chih Huai Nationality: Taiwan Email Address: (concealed information) Professional Experience -Staff at International Hostel (lots of intercultural communication experience) -Private Chinese Teacher for 2 years -Teacher English for 2 years School Paths -Student at the High School Leonardo da Vinci -Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Languages ​​in Taiwan

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Private class of Mandarin / Cantonese Center Barcelona or at home (Teacher of Hong Kong)

-I have been teaching Mandarin in Hong Kong for more than 6 years -I have taught more than 30 students in Hong Kong and Barcelona -Different methodologies spoken with each student and I adapt to the most efficient way for students -I work in a financial company in Hong Kong , taking care of important customers of China

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Want to learn Chinese and know about our culture. Taiwanese teacher is here for you!!

I teach students from daily conversation, vocabulary since basic conversation is the most important thing. I will choose different situations to start our lesson like ordering food in restaurant, useful words for travel, and shopping, etc. Also, I will correct pronunciation.

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Graduate of Mandarin Chinese now teaching in London to Beginners and Intermediates

Real-life situations, interesting vocabulary, creative techniques using mnemonics and phrases to remember complex Chinese characters. Watching Chinese TV and films, listening to music and reading papers in the target language to increase real exposure and learn from an authentic source.

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Chinese teacher. Preparation for the official examination HSK & YCT (all levels).

Learn the language of the future! Material varied to prepare 听力, 口语, 阅读, 写 文. Enjoyable and fun training. Preparation for the HSK Chinese Official Exam. Many years experience preparing students successfully. Innovative interactive whiteboard lessons with webcam. We use Skype, Hangouts, Weixin, QQ, Facetime,...

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Linguistic and cultural mediation student at the University of Milan. I give lessons in Chinese, English and other subjects to elementary, middle and high school students

I think it is important for the student to find the most suitable study method , whether it is writing, repeating or drawing mind maps. This is why I like to establish a relationship with the student, so that we both feel comfortable in experimenting with different approaches to study.

Los Angeles
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Chinese tutor with 6 years of tutoring experience offers mandarin lessons in LA to all ages.

My teaching method is a combination of Scaffolding and Communicative Language Teaching. At first, I will give specific language points and examples to my tutees, and then help them use the language in their conversations, because the aim is to communicate with others successfully. Therefore, I will also choose topics closest to our daily life.

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Hi, I'm Eden, I'm a native Chinese speaker.I am currently a university art student.I speak Mandarin fluently and I would like to provide lessons for those who want to practice Chinese and learn about

I will practice daily Chinese express of different scenarios with students and I also got textbooks for beginners.I am more tend to give class in a relaxed environment.And I will also share some interesting Chinese culture and my experience about learning languages.

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Mandarin Chinese Tutor Southwest London - Helen Lu

Ms Lu, from Beijing, is a professional Mandarin Chinese teacher. She was awarded best Chinese teacher by British city council. She has gone through a number of professional training + more than 10 years' Chinese teaching and tuition experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Mandarin Chinese. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Monash Marketing Student with Bachelor of Chinese Linguistics & Literature degree, giving Chinese Lessons to students in Melbourne,

According to your Chinese level, i will design the course. Also, i want to ask your opinion about the course. this is because that different people have a different style. I want to make sure that you can accept my style. I can provide oral Chinese practice, or test related. I also can check your Chinese writing and correct it.

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Trilingual KCL Masters graduate from Hong Kong to teach Chinese in Manchester.

Born in the UK, moved to Hong Kong when I was 3 with my hometown in Guizhou, I am your perfect trilingual teacher. I have a Masters in Education Policy and a Bachelors in Law (LLB), so I will deliver an exceptional educational experience. I will plan lessons according to the level you are at, and the type of learner you are.

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7 years of teaching experience especially to Japanese and Chinese to speak fluently.

Imagination and creativity as a teacher! The teaching methodology is the most commonly used verbs and learn their conjugations, and the adjectives most used. Imagine everyday situations and create our own sentences. Make flexible our ears. The most useful verbs in spanish.

Greater London
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University student gives lesson in Mandarin HSK1, 2, 3, 4, Central London.

I got a relative experience in to teaching Mandarin to Primary and Secondary School students. I have been living in China for a while; nowadays graduated in Chinese and Global Communication. I speak Italian, English, Spanish and Mandarin. I have learned through my experience how to tackle HSK exams helping students to pass it with good results.

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Student Master in Law gives Chinese courses in Paris, 2 years of experience, appreciated by my students of different levels

I want to clarify before you continue reading: if the areas I mention below interest you, you win a Chinese teacher and a friend, we can spend a very rewarding and enjoyable time learning what you want to discuss with the Chinese! I am a student of Master in Law in Paris 2, before I came to Paris, I gave classes of Chinese to the individuals of different levels and ages during 2 years as well as...

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An interesting and effective way to learn Chinese in Leeds West Yorkshire

A postgraduate student in Leeds University Business school. Good at teaching, Once been a English teacher in Shanghai, China. I have speak mandarin for more than 20 years, and know more than 5 types of dialect.

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Experienced Patient Mandarin Chinese Teacher for All Level and All Age Students

I’m a native born Chinese and have resided in the U.S. for more than 20 years. I am an enthusiastic teacher who has been teaching Mandarin to English speakers for ten plus years. I can base the material off of your interests and level of proficiency. You will learn not only Chinese phonological system, vocabulary, grammar and conversational topics, but also Chinese cultures.

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Perfect! I never thought learning chinese will be that intresting and joyful. Shivani mam your methodology and communication skills are exceptional and ypur mesmerising smile makes the environment even more calm. Hallmark of the session for me would be your...

Prashant, Student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! She has a pleasant personality, and an interactive approach to handling the lessons. She possesses commendable knowledge of the subject, and was able to answer random questions with as much as ease as the course-related issues.

Raghav, Student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

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