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Student who study computer science in ANU gives mandarian lessons in Canberra

My teaching method is interactive class. I would like to teach you basic pronunciation and vocabulary at the beginning. And then I will change my teaching process depending on your learning conditions. The only thing I want is that you can have a good understanding of mandarian and enjoy the study process.

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Engaging registered teacher with tutoring experience offers Mandarin, Malaysian language, Junior Science, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Home Economics, Health Science, Nutrition and Religious Instr

My teaching methods are constantly changing according to students' and parents' feedback, and my reflections to tailor students' learning goals and styles. I base my lessons on the learning goals made and agreed by students, parents and myself, which range from supporting students to further understand and complete school work to other contents that interest you.

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Graduate of MBA Paris Dauphine gives Chinese courses in Aix en Provence

I base my courses on teaching materials and in a structured way, these can be aimed at students of all levels of Chinese. Of course you can practice freely in oral with me. I am always patient, motivated to share the Chinese culture to the students.

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Have lived I china for more than 9 years,cleared HSK exam back in 2008 and taught English to different age groups with a bachelors degree in medicine

Well since I've taught English to a Chinese kids in different age group it all depends on which age group you are teaching to and specific way of interaction to them for instance with kids you play games,make them enjoy and interact more so they will eventually learn more

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Chinese studies undergraduate student offering Mandarin speaking and listening lessons in Durham

Friendly speaking and listening focused with an emphasis on learning grammar and vocabulary. At the start of each lesson I usually do a re-cap of the previous lesson to make sure the content has stuck, followed by the teaching of new vocabulary (with a 'theme' each week) and one or more grammatical structures.

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I am native Chinese and I work as a Mandarin teacher in Leicester. Let's learn some Chinese!

My teaching methods depend on what, who and where I teach. Usually I teach kids with songs, dances and physical games. For adults, I will give them more practical exercise, logical activities, and deeper culture awareness of course.

Glen Waverley
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Standard Mandarin speaker who has engineering master degree gives Chinese lessons to students in Melbourne

My teaching method consists of two main points: discovering points of interest and establishing connections. I will proceed from the knowledge points that students are most concerned with, and teach learning methods and related knowledge according to the level of students, and strengthen the learning effect by establishing a connection between one knowledge point and another.

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Master of Accounting with Super Standard Chinese provides special Chinese language teaching in Glasgow

My teaching method is that I will give you enough patience, listen more, then sum up your questions and keep asking questions to correct it. I think that being good at summing up is the key to learning. I will help you build a Chinese learning note.

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Master of Economics and Native speaker studying at UoM offering Mandarin course

For Mandarin , I am able to teach students from all levels. I believe that interest is the best mentor, so my teaching method is to encourage my students to explore the knowledge with my assist, and having fun during their studies.

St Andrews
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Native bilingual (Mandarin and Cantonese) offering personalised Chinese classes in St Andrews

I find it extremely important to personalise my teaching method. Having taught students ranging from toddlers to adults, I know that different students need different levels of motivation and way of engagement. For young children, I recommend learning through games and stories; for mature students, I recommend a more conversational based approach.

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ANU Chinese PhD student (major in literature, with 5 years teaching experience in college) give lesson to people who want to learn standard mandarin or want to learn Peking Opera

I am good at using stories in all kinds of literary works to make the lesson more interesting and informative. Chinese poetry is also a very important content in my teaching. I believe it is necessary to know about the culture and literature when one wants to truly obtain the language.

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Chinese freelance teacher with 2 years of experience offers all level Chinese Mandarin courses

I propose two types of lessons: Free lessons: You choose a subject, or I choose a subject (for example the news of China) and we discuss it together. I will correct your mistakes and guide you if necessary in grammar. Structured lessons (material provided) We will work with a book containing texts and exercises. You will practice different skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

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Grad Dip of Secondary teaching (chinese and business) & Mater of Eductaion (TESOL)

Although Chinese is my first language, teaching a language requires a lot more than what people usually think. I taught students from secondary schools before according to their curriculum and found it is a bit problematic when there is a lack of cultural aspect in the delivering of the class.

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Energetic Mandarin Tutor with 1-year experience, providing customized lessons for individual needs

The lessons I taught starting from beginner to professional level for their career, survival or moving to foreign countries. On the other hand, I also like to include cultures and interesting topic in the lessons to keep the learning environment active. In my class, I aim to create an enjoyable learning journey.

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An Architect and urban designer from Shanghai giving Mandarin Chinese classes in Saskatoon.

Firstly, I would like to know the aim or goal of the student. Then, I will make a customized learning plan for every student.

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Macanyue Chinese Tutuoring teaches basic and advanced mandarin to children and adults

My methodology includes games, and challenges that would entice students learning and activate their long term memory. A typical class would start with a game warm up, then a new topic with a lot of visual aid.

Sandy Bay
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Melbourne University commerce student teaching Chinese to students who is learning or interested in learning Chinese.

My teaching methods are based on the requirements of the students and provide the corespondent ways for students to learn Chinese with also some self expression way to make them understand it better in a more impressive way.

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UQ students as a native speaker give Chinese Lessons to any level

My teaching methodology is based on my own teaching templates tailored for students which vary based on their desired outcome and current knowledge level. Each class consists of review session and homework checking session. Every teaching modulus completes with a test to track learning progress and the teaching outline shall be adjusted accordingly to best suit learning status to date.

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Bilingual Architecture Graduate gives fun Chinese face to face lesson in Melbourne City

My teaching is very much based on real life interaction, let's skip the dry part and make it fun. I will teach you how it actually is to for locals to use Mandarin in their daily lives, and you would learn so much more than just the textbook.

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Education Student with 1 year of experience offering oral and written Mandarin in Bath and nearby

My teaching methodology is based on relationship between first language and second language. In other words, I help students find the common rules between mother tongue and foreign language as well as the differences, such as grammatical rules.

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British born Chinese fluent in Chinese (simplified) offering to teach GCSE Chinese

I think for anything practice makes perfect, so for my lessons I would prioritise that the language is practiced orally for at least 20minutes each lesson.

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Mandarin native speaker give language lessons to all learners who want to speak mandarin fluently.

Chinese pinyin method,helping students find links between English and mandarin. Using the vivid and interesting examples and stories to help memorizing.A large amount of reading and following helps students correct their pronunciation.Closely related to scenes in the real life for teaching.

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A native Mandarin speaker, formerly a risk manager in BOC, with 3 years experience in teaching Mandarin .Enthusiastic about to teaching language skills in a fun and engaging manner. Have excellent com

I adapt many ways to motivate the interest of students. Games and rythmes are my favourate. Games with some context are very popular by my students. They enjoy the class and meanwhile new words and expressions roots subtly in their minds.

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An English graduated / International trader teaches Chinese oral or written courses online

I have to adjust it according to the different students' requirements. I have enough time to teach you one by one word and to correct you from the beginning. I promise you will love Chinese and learn it very easily.

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Former Chinese lecturer of the Confucius Institute at CDU gives Chinese lessons to students in Darwin

I am an enthusiastic and devoted Foreign Language Teacher with excellent communication skills. High degree of fluency in Chinese and English; specializes in managing students and maximizing learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings. A rich experience of teaching Chinese as a second language and is skilled in summarizing as well as integrating Chinese and western teaching ideas.

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Enjoy well-structured Chinese Mandarin lessons with a talented teacher who knows how to help people learn!

I prefer to teach students who aim to have high-level Mandarin skills, but I am also happy to teach students who just want to learn enough to get by on a trip to China. I believe that language lessons should be structured and focused, interesting and engaging, and with a focus on real-context input (we need to get a strong 'feeling' for the language.

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Engaging and interactive Bilingual (Eng/Chi) Singaporean giving Chinese lessons in/near City centre

Lessons are based on imparting listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to students of any level. Beginner or intermediate learners are welcomed. Lessons are interactive and engaging. Periodically quizzes are also conducted to check on the learning progress and to modify learning objectives if needed.

Allan hua heng
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PhD gives Math, Physics, Chemistry, Languages & many more lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

I have good listening skills, and I believe to understand the emotions and problems the children face. Benefiting from this ability, I was able to connect with the student other people could not connect with. Students are rarely bored with me in the classroom, because I always make the lessons engaging, and interesting for them.

New York
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Professional Chinese Tutor with 5 years of experience gives all levels lessons

I give all levels Chinese lessons ( including Business Chinese,HSK , HSKK exam preparation ). my course is personalized, I take into account the level and learning situation of each student , usually my course consists in 6 parts : listening , reading, writing (pinyin and characters) , oral practice, grammar and Chinese culture .

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Chinese law student gives lessons to anyone who is interested in Chinese and show the beauty of the language.

I am a law student and a native of Mandarin. I love to show the beauty of my mother tongue and spread it to anyone interested in. Even with Chinese children, I emphasise the unique character of the language. Learning a language is more about practising, and learning Chinese is more about feeling.

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Perfect! I never thought learning chinese will be that intresting and joyful. Shivani mam your methodology and communication skills are exceptional and ypur mesmerising smile makes the environment even more calm. Hallmark of the session for me would be your...

Prashant, Student
4 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! She has a pleasant personality, and an interactive approach to handling the lessons. She possesses commendable knowledge of the subject, and was able to answer random questions with as much as ease as the course-related issues.

Raghav, Student
8 months ago
(2 reviews)

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