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Students in 12th and B. Sc. in CBZ can be contact for tution

My teaching method is explaination with example on Board. Give home work for practice................

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College student learning dance from a young age both classical and western.Also, choreographed school dances and won Horlicks Wizkids.Recently, choreographed 2 sangeets as well.

My teaching method is simple and i start from the basics. For the first few classes (depending upon student's flexibility) i give up warm up sessions for the major part of the class and then i advance with other steps.Later,depending on number of classes a choreography is to be set within a week or 2.

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Psychology student giving dance therapies ;)w ehn moody just move your booty!

My teaching method is usually based on feels, what dance demands is feels and not steps always.Dance is an expression and not perfection. Though some of my methods include Freestyling, hand movements , body and hip movements.The main focus is always on waist movements.

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I am a dance teacher in my life and i really have the passion of it :)

i go with the way you learn so for me is very important to know i you like too learn visually or with image video . i do interact all my teaching for helping you to learn all you want to learn.

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All Star Cheer Coach, High School Cheer Coach, and College Cheerleader looking to teach athletes what I know!

My teaching method is hands on! I actually get in and do everything with you. Teaching basics skills that will advance over time into an all around athlete is what I strive for. I am a visual and hands on learner and I try to convey that into every lesson.

Greater London
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Cheerleader with many years experience here to coach and give cheerleading lessons

I can give lessons to anybody of any age who are looking to learn a new sport or simply expand! The main method of teaching is to have fun whilst learning. The main way to learn within cheerleading is to do.

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Cheerleading coach with 2 seasons, as well as, 6 years of experience

I coach at a high school level, but would also work with middle school clients. I start from the very basics and specialize in flying. You will learn motions, basic cheers, as well as tips and tricks to becoming a better cheerleader and have insight to what other coaches are looking for.

Surfers Paradise
Jenie rose
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Intl student with no restriction schedule. Dance is my life for 25years of exsistance particularly in handling batons.

Basically step by step. The basic usual routine to extreme. I know, I know the feeling. Get ready and you’ll get there.

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Put a little pep in your step by learning how to cheer the right way!

I like to begin to know each student on a personal level to figure out what is the best way for them. Every body learns a different way and I’m here to find the best way to help them and teach them skills in a way that they understand.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Former competitive cheerleader of 13 years gives private lessons in the Pickering area.

I base my classes on the idea that cheerleading and tumbling is 80% mental and 20% physical. I've always trained specific muscles needed to succeed in every tumbling aspect as well as jumps, stunts, and dance. It's important for me to create a private lesson based on your level of skills and position within stunting.

Wattisham Airfield
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Female dance teacher with over 3 years teaching experience working with children and adults

I am a dance teacher with over 3 years experience teaching children, and danced myself for over 10 years. My lessons are fun, safe and enjoyable by all who take part. I try take a friendly relaxed approach to ensure everyone (no matter of ability) can enjoy the class and learn new skills.

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Central Ohio High School Cheerleading adviser with 5+ years of coaching experience.

I like to teach either hands on if possible or via video calls. Visual learning is very important in this field. I have worked with both middle school and high school students- both beginners and advanced. I will coach on motion placement, jump techniques, creativity, voice projection and more.

1st class FREE!

Senior cheerleader who loves choreographing new routines who can video tape my routines and send them to you

Send me the mix you want for your routine and I can choreograph stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance into the routine. If there is a spot in the mix you want a certain portion, let me know. I can work with anything. I will send you a video with a front and back view with music and front and back view slower with counts. I can record each of the different ripples as well.

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