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Encouraging, positive, caring, and EXPERIENCED Spanish and Math *online* help from the 901! ! ! ! !

My teaching method is a mix between things like games, quizzes, role-playing, and group work. I like to have fun when I'm learning, so I make sure my do, too. If a student has a special request or accommodation I will try my best to make each learning style feel comfortable.

Fort Myers
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Hiring a Native French speaking tutor is the best way to learn French!

I can give every level lessons and focus on YOUR goal! You can be beginner, intermediate or advanced, your level in French will improve drastically in a short period of time! Everyone has different goals and needs, we will work on that direction to accomplish them and help you succeed.

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All rounder art/design teacher, web 2.0, entrepreneur/disruptor coach to find keen students

I like to use problem solving and project based instruction for students to both learn content and gain tools for independent learning. I also used the inquiry based instruction that allow students to learn in groups with peers or people from diverse backgrounds. However, I can also mentor 1 on 1 basis and groom students to achieve their highest goals.

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British teacher gives English classes to adults, teenagers and children in Madrid!

English classes, conversation, business English, and exam preparation! Individual or group classes for all levels and ages! I adapt my classes not only to the student's level but also to their interests and hopes. I want my classes to be dynamic and fun but at the same time of high quality.

Happy Valley
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Native English Speaker in Australia Gives English Lessons to Eager English Learners

I try to build strong personal links between myself and the student so that there are no blocks to learning. There I talk in English the whole lesson which is translated by me so that you as a student can repeat it.

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Expert designer with over 10 years of experience working for creative studios all over the world.

I want to help my students how to follow a unique creative process. How to be creative and unique in they're style, freehand painting and technique. I would like to help to be free in they're creativity and to express it with different techniques and tools.

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ESL English tutor, available online, Canadian, Native English speaker, Vancouver time zone

I base my classes on the students level and understanding. And can adapt the level of the lessons to match the skill level of the students i am teaching. With the right teacher anything can be easy if you put your mind to it.

North Port
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A Chinese student study at UBC teaching Mandarin without an accent in Vancouver

My teaching methods are: teaching + practicing + communicating. I base my class on how I learn Chinese and other teaching apps. For example, I will teach you about 1 hour in total: I will teach 35 minutes, practice 15 minutes and communicate for 10 minutes about what you are interested in or what is your problem. I am very patient and energetic, and I will try my best to make you understand.

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Student certified by TOEFL, teaching basic English for beginners, with some tips for learning in an organic way

I approach the subject in a free way, in which the entire teaching plan will fit the level of knowledge of each student, so, in a specific way and respecting the learning pace of each student we will evolve in the lessons taught.

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As a law student and native French speaker I offer french lessons.

First of all I try to understand what is the student needs and how we can achieve his goals. the first thing we will do is review the grammar and vocabulary basics. Then at each lessons the student will have a list of vocabulary to remember for the next lesson and a writing essay to prepare. During the lesson they will also have a time for speaking, listening.

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Native English speaker, and have taken college coureses on the subject. I live near Las Vegas.

I base my lessons off of what the student may or may not know already, and I bring examples to each lesson so that the student can start feeling more comfortable about how they will understand English. I also give the student basic strategies and techniques to help them become more proficient in understanding and comprehending English.

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Engineer who offers grammar and vocabulary lessons of Spanish (native language ) in Detroit.

The study method will be easily adapted to your needs, to what you want to learn. I consider it the easiest way to understand the language. I will try, once we know each other, to look for your best way of learning. With me, there is no doubt that in a few days you will learn from this diversified language.

New Town
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Native Chinese speaker with 4 years Chinese globally teaching experiences give private Chinese lessons at home

my teach method is through useful expressions and dialogues to help students build a basic Chinese learning ability ,such as tutor student about "ping ying" &"tone" firstly, every class I will also introduce Chinese culture based on different topics, and then we will practice these topics through lots of useful dialogues .

Queen Creek
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Certified and trained ESL teacher and English tutor, with 6 years of teaching experience. I teach children and adults how to speak, read, and write English.

My teaching methodology is that every student learns differently so they should be taught in a very unique and personalized way. I work hard to personalize the learning experience to help my students get the most out of their lessons.

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ESL Teacher just returned from teaching in China offering English lessons in Brighton

I love to make my lessons as enjoyable as I can by relating to the individual student. I find teaching a class of students is difficult as it's impossible to relate to everyone; which is why I loved my time working with each of my students individually.

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Trained Singing Specialist With 10+ Years Experience And Very Well Trained And Professional In Arlington And Dallas Tx.

I Am A Young Stay At Home Mom Who Give Lessons To Anyone Of All Age Groups Children As Well As Adults. My Technique Is To Basically See What I'm Working With First And Base How I Will Teach You On What You Already Know. My Technique Is To Explore Your Weaknesses And Hit That Spot Right On To Bring It Out In You.

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Spanish native speaker gives Spanish tutoring to students worldwide (via Skype or in person if you live in Montreal)

My teaching methods are based on worksheets, brief lectures, exercises, oral communication, and I use music as a primary base to help the language learning process. I normally will give a little bit of homework that I will revise with the student the following class, where I will also start some new material if the student is ready.

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Masters Student at the Royal College of Music, ready to teach singing.

My method is to asses the student’s ability, and then build one their skills to create a professional and well rounded singer. There are so many things that have to work together to be a excellent singer. I can identify each one using the same techniques that we’re taught to me.

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Happy to tutor Psychology A level as well as Maths GCSE, as well as run mental health wellbeing workshops to those who want to develop a more stress resistant mind.

I like to teach in a relaxed manner with an open structure. Essentially I will get you to tell me what it is you think you struggle with and given my background in Psychology, optimise learning as function of memory retention. I can discuss more details in brief with potential students free of charge.

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3D animation tutor, Autodesk Maya. No previous knowledge required, start from the basics

I believe in a completely practical approach when it comes to animation. Through exercises, using maya, I explain the principles of animation and how they apply to basic obiects all the way through to human characters. No one gets left behind, we advance when everyone is good and ready, with a comfortable knowledge of every stage of animation.

Vila Dom Pedro I
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Medical Student offers private medical English classes for Physicians and Medical Students in São Paulo.

I use learning and memorization techniques based on several methods of teaching English that I have studied. I apply from basic writing and speaking techniques to neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Hypnosis to accelerate the content retention results presented by me.

Cairns North
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Experienced English tutor offering speaking-oriented, dynamic, business or conversational English lessons online.

I consider myself a language coach, not a pedagogist. I analyze specific needs of each student, we set goals together and work like an athlete and coach. We are equal partners to achieve their goal. I base my teaching on speaking and functional language.

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I am a translator and cultural mediator specialized in teaching English and Italian for many years. I am Italian and I have been living in Granada for four years, where I work as a teacher

I treat the subjects in a free or structured way, according to the needs of the students. I also use video, songs and, above all, I focus on what I have spoken to reach a good knowledge and understanding of languages. Sometimes I use the methodology known as "flipped learning" to take advantage of the best way of the classes.

(2 reviews)
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College student offering tutoring classes for students interested in learning Spanish as a second language

I use the facilitator method when teaching which allows the student and teacher to undergo the learning process together. Independence in the student is fostered and less emphasis is on teacher instruction.

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Native spanish teacher offering spanish classes in birmingham (or near), west mindlands

I would base my classes on oral comprehension, learn how to express yourself correctly in spanish, learn our culture and traditions, learn to write and use useful expressions, words... I consider myself as an open minded teacher, who can help you with your difficulties and a responsible, puntual teacher.

1st class FREE!

Fine art student offering art tutoring in Rotherham, with knowledge of GCSE art and A Level art

My teaching method is getting the basics right, such as drawing and colouring in, before moving on water colours and then acrylics. As a teacher I like to see what the pupil s abilities are and then I work from there.

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Acclaimed performer and dedicated tutor in London! Learn Indian Music - Classical & Folk on Melodica & Tabla

For beginners: Fundamental lessons in tempo, time signature alongwith introduction to raaga theory, rhythm cycles of India and traditional songs of North India. For advanced students: 1. Indian Notation System 2. Raaga analyses 3. Taals and odd time cycles (6.5, 7.

1st class FREE!

Young Italian student available to give Italian lessons in a juvenile way

My teaching method is based on written and oral comprehension. In addition each time we can choose topics of discussion (according to the hobbies of the student) in which one will be able to develop reflections with a lexicon practical and adapted to the context.

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Perfect! She came prepared and helped me all the time to stay on track of the Lessons. I will definitely have more classes. Sehr freundliche und interessante Lehrerin.

Vidhyarthi, Student
4 days ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! A really good teacher and a very kind person, she has good abilities of teaching, she’s calm, patient and very organised. I recommend her to all of you

Charles, Student
5 days ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! She is a very dedicated and loving teacher. Her method of teaching is very good and my ward has got a boost in his language and an improvement in it too.I would like to continue this tuition till the end of the annual exam and I hope this...

Sonia, Student
6 days ago

Perfect! @Saswat @ is very intellegent , and experienced developer and give me very clear view of Blockchain technology I will recommend Saswat for Blockchain course.

Musadiq, Student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Very kind and compassionate .Loves to teach and makes time despite her busy schedule.Anybody would love to learn from her.

Ramya, Student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Quick response and happy to teach.Kind and compassionate.Due to certain technical problems and misunderstandings could not continue his teaching.But you would love to learn again from him.

Ramya, Student
1 week ago
(5 reviews)

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