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Trust and value of study.Tuition for class 1-class 8 for all subject.

I take classes according to students need. I clarify every topics and also provide inside questions for better academic results.

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Indian classical music learn it in a fun way and sing it in your way

My teaching method is based on reyaz How much you reyaz does you were the best in your music and your music knowledge

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Graduate with a BA in French, teaching French in Surat, Gujarat (India)

My teaching methodology is very specific to each student. I will start by assessing where the student is and go from there. I aim to make sure that the students not only learn what they need to, but also understand each concept throughly. These classes are for anyone looking for help in learning French, whether they are in primary school or looking to apply to college abroad.

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Stressed? Not anymore .. here I'm to help you cope with stress in a fun way with some knowledge from books and a lot by experience . .. start with,"Try me" rather than "why me?" .

Stress busters don't need methodology.. just a little bit of understanding and help ..and a lot of fun. A lot of patience is the key.

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Design Engineer Working In a Automotive Industry Giving Private Tution's For CATIA

I will make you understand from basic level to proficient level in 3D modelling and Generative Shape Design based on the individual capability I will make you understand how to read the drawing and how to complete the model by using easy approach

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A Doctor, Author, Stand-Up Comic and a Poet Teaching How to Take Life As It Comes...

I like to teach in a manner which can be easily understood by students, involving them in discussions, so that it is a two-way communication. Also, I tend to involve humour in my classes so that the students look forward to my classes.

Tamil Nadu
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Studution in school level take tuition in language in all over tamilnadu

My teaching method is very simple to understand any type of Students.

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Employee in automotive design industry giving tution's for the catia through online


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Need help with editing your work? Term paper? Business Reports? Fictional Writing? Choose me!

Choose me to help you edit your work--term paper, business reports, fictional writing, and any other writing piece you might be working on to publish or just for the fun of it! I will help you to pinpoint the areas you need to edit and change to make your writing the best it can be!

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Experienced Reading Teacher coaches educators in using new strategies for sound by sound blending words!

Choose me to help you teach your students how to sound out words; or Sound by Sound Blend the words to read them fluently.

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20+ educator can coach you in being the best public speaker on stage and in the classroom!

Choose me to help you develop your public speaking skills for the stage or in the classroom! I can help you with strategies to help you hold student interest or the interest of your audience! Let's team up together to create high quality experiences for your audience!

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Grab the opportunity to seek the Architectural drawing.(freehand perspective sketching, Architectural interior sketching & exterior Sketching)

My teaching method is to work on students ability to grab knowledge. With Working on tips n tricks to create great out comes.

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Former Asstt Prof with M.Tech giving tuitions in IS engineering ,Computer Science

I teach using lecture, multimedia and tutoring so that I can pay individual attention. I have the patience to teach each topic as many times the students ask for. I believe that learning a concept is better understood when its application is known,hence i teach a concept in a practical way.

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Completed masters in English literature and has 18 years of Teaching experience in a private college.

As a teacher I have 18 years of experience. I wish to provide this knowledge and experience for those who struggle in english literature and communication. With my unique and simple way of teaching it will be really purposeful for non english speakers.

Shubham kumar
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Mechanical Engineer from Bangalore and have very good Knowledge of Hindi. Contact me for tuition

1. First of all I will see how much knowledge of Hindi a person have 2. Then I will start with very basic based upon there knowledge. 3. Day by day I will teach them new word and will practice with the word that is already taught. 4. I will give lessons and mainly focus upon the accent, because most of the people don't pronounce it correctly. 5.

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Learn the basics of riding a skateboard and few more tricks ,in person

I take you through the very basics of skateboarding , including setting up a board to pushing the board. And will make you do a kickflip in two weeks .

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

Basic Programming For You In C,C++ and HTMl. Apply All Practical Knowledge On Your Theoritical Knowledge.

I am a fresher , so i have not any teaching experince before it but my method is that, i relate every problem to practical knowledge and and find the solution of every problem. All keys of success are placed in continuity.

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Keep Learning And Keep Growing! Improve Your Skills and Knowledge Today. Perform Sharp Learning!

My teaching method is Digital. I make presentations for representing concepts to students. Presentations are the process of representing ideas and thought by using pictures, movies, and sound. By using Text, Sound, Video students understand every concept with and ease.

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Basic knowledge of computer Operations abcs of computer Languages email Operations google objectives handling

Starting from basics of computers how to handle it operate it hands on work on computers programming designing of web etc

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Classes available for html,CSS,bootstrap,jsvascript,websitedesigning,Photoshop,PHP,json, and the framework.. Contact us the details

My teaching method is to teach and give programming works to the students then only they can understand the coding .

1st class FREE!

Anyone wants to know about IT world then join me all.I am here to help you.

Written query and verbal based.Dca advanced dca,bca,database expert,xml,html,xhtml,java script.Vb scripts.Language c,c++,c#,.every thing whatsoever you need here i am to help you.

1st class FREE!

Best tutor for basic learner of computer and software languages,like C and C++

My simplicity of my teaching methodology is first to understand the level of student according that i starts my teaching with basic fundamentals of the domain,then i like to teach them the significance of the subject in their area,s that they are curious about the subject or domain

Madhya Pradesh
1st class FREE!

My self Amita Tripathi I am having post graduation in history n English literature also having diploma in professional management, I am staying at M.P in India I can work from home. I can impore confi

I m post graduate in history, English literature,n Pol science having good academic records..also having 5years of experience in teaching sector.i will teach online my prospective students will be whom who just enters into college.my technique will be simple n easy to understand to the students.

1st class FREE!

Pursuing P.hD. and offering help to other students around Delhi for a better professional outlook

I approach the students through the very basics of their understanding and using real time examples with support from the virtual front. I appreciate and encourage real time participation from the second person and believes that the practice is the only way to boost up your level of confidence.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
1st class FREE!

Learn Linux and MacOS administration for Job as Linux admin within few weeks

My teaching technique is based on practical and real life projects. So, students can easily grasp the job. This class is for who are looking for job in Linux Admin.

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Taekwondo ( Korean Martial Art) I would like to introduce Taekwondo, an ancient Korean Martial Art and a free fighting combat sport in which an individual uses his or her bare hand and feet to repel a

The academy is dedicated to imparting the highest quality of traditional Taekwondo training. Besides traditional Taekwondo training, the curriculum also focuses on Taekwondo as a competitive sport under Olympic rules. Students train their mind, body and spirit as they immerse themselves into the traditional tenets of Taekwondo and the art.

1st class FREE!
1st class FREE!

A passionate English Lit graduate available in Coimbatore to transform your life

My teaching method is based on the day-to-day needs and requirements. I've used video and audio clippings in schools to help the kids learn a lot better. Providing equal importance to every student also gives them a better chance to learn.

1st class FREE!

Know the color of English through me, Grammar Tuition, Key, Pet & all Cambridge Syllabus

Learn English In playful manner and class room manner. I use TESOL/ TEFL methodology in my teaching style this is because what i have learned in TESOL/TEFL course so i prefer to adapt this as it gives more weight in understanding English language in an easy way for the students.

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Perfect! Ms. Shalini is an amazing tutor and i really enjoy working with her. I love the way she teaches. It is a great opportunity to get a chance to improve your communicative French.

Ishita, Student
2 days ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Her practical knowledge of the Japanese language made the classes much more interesting. The real life examples and her experience in Japan which she shared during the classes made learning so much enjoyable and I could imagine in my mind how Japan...

Sumit, Student
2 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Purvi is really patient with the way she teaches, took my first class yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Would highly recommend her.

Sanjana, Student
2 weeks ago

Perfect! Although I had only two classes, he is a very well experienced teacher. He teaches very methodically. It is pleasure to learn from him.

Durga rao, Student
2 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Sohini is one of the best English teachers I have ever come across. Her perfect teaching style and personalised attention is all you need to hone your English speaking and writing skill. I have been attending her classes for some days and I am...

Mehul, Student
2 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Superprof should take pride on teachers like Anita. She is not only a brilliant teacher but extremely fearless and confident. I have done very few classes with her but I have also learnt her way of speaking which is definitely going to help me in my...

Anindya, Student
3 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

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