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Student of the nursing classes in Brasilia. Graduated in English course in 2014 and attending nursing since 2018.

My name is Taisa, I study nursing at UniCEUB. I have been graduated in English since I was 15 and I am a language teacher. I graduated high school in 2016. I teach reinforcement classes for children and adolescents from elementary to high school.

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Master student in Sciences Po Rennes - Caen Campus for homework help

I base my courses on self-confidence, it does not matter to make mistakes if you understand them afterwards. These are private lessons, so I want to take the time with the student to see all of his shortcomings and problems. The methodology is very important for me, in each subject, it is what allows reasoning and to take less risk of during exams.

Reggio Calabria
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Young mother tongue professor teaches Italian language and culture to foreign students

I believe a lot in my work, I carry out the lessons with a communicative linguistic method, paying particular attention to the requests and the training needs of the students.

El Pueblito
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Systems student helps you with questions in your homework any subject LETS DO IT


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Graduated in Philosophy and Graduating in Architecture, she gives repetitions in scientific, literary and artistic subjects to middle school and / or high school students in Rome

I am a 29 year old graduate in Philosophy and graduating in Architecture. I give repetitions in both scientific and literary subjects for more than 6 years in my city: Rome.

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Student in engineering school wishing to give courses or help with homework for primary, middle school or high school students on Belfort.

I prefer to base myself on the methodology studied in class at first, then to be able to clarify with other sources, and if necessary to deepen different methods to understand the mechanisms used. I like to use YouTube and concrete cases to illustrate what is being done, because it is often the lack of practical application that demotivates students.

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Graduated in Economics, tutor for economics, mathematics, law, English, help with the thesis and homework for students of all levels in Ferrara

Lectures aimed at theoretical explanations based on the practice and exercises. I try to make the subject as simple as possible, making practical examples. The method of approach varies according to the student and the subject and adapted according to the situation.

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Student at the Sorbonne gives French and English classes in Epinay Sur Seine and its surroundings.

I am a student at Sorbonne University (Paris 5th). I am in 3rd year degree in linguistics and French literature. I offer French classes to students from primary to terminal. I can also teach English up to college since I am doing a minor of English at the Sorbonne next to major linguistics and French literature. I help my students to perfect spelling, grammar, syntax and improve writing.

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Experienced student-tutor offers tutoring for a variety of subjects in the Hamilton-Stoney Creek area

I generally work with underclassmen high school students and elementary school students. I prefer to teach tailored to the students learning style (i.e. visual, audio, etc) and I am always open to hearing how you would prefer to be taught so I can give the best possible learning advice.

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French high school student helps with homework and gives lessons (middle school)

I adapt my methodology to my student, I try as much as possible to keep my student interested. I work with lessons already given to the student, as well as my personal notes, and help the student cope with possible difficulties.

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Experienced & Passionate Tutor Available For English/Writing/Literature Related Lessons For All Ages

My teaching method is to dissect each student's learning language. By this I mean that I observe students in a working environment and decipher if they are a hands-on or visual learner and set up lessons plans depending. It is because of this method that I am able to hand curate lesson plans for each specific individual for maximum results.

La Calera
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Student of Educational Sciences offers school support in spanish and literature, English, French, study techniques, history, social sciences and ethics / citizenship for elementary and secondary schoo

I am Sofia and I am a student of Educational Sciences! My teaching method is based on supporting the students in what they find difficult, bringing the contents closer in a more entertaining way and with examples that they can understand.

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Experienced Enrichment teaching offering tutoring in multiple subjects to students in the bay area

I believe that every students learning style is different, and that identifying what helps your students learn will help me advance their knowledge, and eventually allow themselves to recognize what does and does not work for them in an educational setting.

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Undergraduate English tutor with experience of teaching in a London sixth form!

In creating my own lessons, individually tailored to the needs of your child, and a teaching style based on simplifying the most complex of concepts and texts, my teaching aims to build your child’s confidence and ensure they understand key techniques until they are able to utilise them independently and effectively- this is unlike those who teach their students complex techniques and expect them

Harris Park
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Baulkham Hills High School Year 12 Student provides coaching for Opportunity Class and Selective tests at home

I specialise in honing students' abilities in General Ability, Mathematics and Reading. I provide questions and answers based upon previous papers which I go through in depth at the end of each lesson. If I feel that the student requires further help, I will assign necessary homework. I also provide tuition for early high school, up until Year 10 in Mathematics and Science.

Kings County
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NYS Certified Teaching helping students of all ages with all subjectsof homework including projects

I am a New York State Certified Teacher. I help students from Pre-K to high school with all subjects. I have a BS in Education and I am currently working on my Master's Degree. I teach through understanding the students' personality. I believe that learning is fun and I show this to my students with various strategies.

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Bachelor student, gives tutoring and can bring you up to speed, every level upto highschool

My teaching method is based around the comprehension of the notions and their place in the subject in general, in order to focus on notions that are an issue to the student without neglecting their impact and their role in the subject, as well as the possibility they open to better understand the subject as a whole.

Belmont South
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Hi, I am a primary teacher with 4 years experience. Upper North shore

I teach a variety of educational programs, learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support strategies that are intended to address the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or cultural backgrounds of individual students. I give explicit feedback when needed. I enjoy teaching and learning about individual needs.

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Undergraduate teacher provides school and extra curricular support in activities, homeworks, assignments and / or projects in all subjects. Do you have a task, homework and need to get the best score

My method of support is based on the innovation of creative activities depending on the student's difficulties, achieving significant learning. Together we can achieve the best score, percentage, grade and be an excellent example for the other classmates.

Ponte di Nanto
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Graduating in Foreign Trade, she gives lessons in English, German, Spanish and Economics in the province of Vicenza

My lessons are individual, I prefer to interact directly with the other person and in the first place try to understand what are the gaps and then succeed, making leverage, to fill them. My lessons are particularly aimed at middle and high school students.

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Lawyer who can tutor children and teenagers and homework helper in Campinas.

I belive that it is important to start from the understanding the doubts and difficulties of the student that I elaborate my classes. I have great facility in working with children and adolescents in the text interpretation and essays writing.

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Academic Tutoring Help, Master's Degree holder with 5+ experience in private tutoring and classroom teaching

- I have taught students of all ages and English levels from numerous countries. - My students have good foundational knowledge in especially in Math, Science and English reading/writing.

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Homework in Edmonton or anywhere can get tough i've been doing it for 15 years

I can teach in a few different ways but I always open and willing to try new ideas. I can teach Kindergarten to grade 8. I am a student myself so I can understand how to the children. Which means I won't give them answers but I will get them there. In the summer I can teach almost the whole day. (11am-10pm).

Antonio emilio
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Primary teacher with extensive experience teaches private or group classes in Málaga

Teacher with extensive experience with students of all ages I teach private lessons. There is no methodology that is correct, the most important is to adapt to the needs and the way of learning of the student; Only then will the objectives be achieved.

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Former Paraprofessional with 12 Years of Standardized Testing Strategy Methodology in the Bronx

I teach students how to approach word problems by breaking down the words and translating sentences into math equations and phrases into expressions. I teach students how to take multiple choice tests by eliminating the wrong answers instead of focusing on the right answer.

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ES high school student offers help with homework and support from primary to 3rd grade

Being a student myself, I know how to interest students in their work. I will accompany your child as much as he needs because each has its weaknesses and its strengths, which I will quickly identify.

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Graduate in Economics and Management in Bocconi offers mathematics, physics, English and Italian

My methodology depends very much on the type of subject studied. In the first instance, it is a matter of aligning the student's expectations and needs and calibrating the appropriate approach based on the urgency (of the vote, of improvement, of the study).

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I am a student in 2nd year of Administration and Communication at Toulouse 1 Capitole University

My teaching method is based first of all on an explanation of the course or the exercise, then I propose an example that I realize myself in order to implement the course in question. Then I propose an example that the student will have to solve himself to check if he understood my explanations. If this is not the case, I explain again the course and I mainly support points that seem difficult.

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English teacher and primary school teacher in the area of Fuengirola and Mijas Costa

My name is Laura, I am 22 years old and I am graduated as a Primary Teacher, specialized in teaching English as a foreign language. As a professional I consider myself a very responsible and dedicated person, who will do everything in my power to achieve the evolution in your children.

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10 year long babysitter/nanny with increasing experience in tutoring and school support. Living in London, highly available and willing to travel.

My teaching method is to firstly have a lot of patience with children, however be sure to teach good work ethics (be timely with everything you do). My characteristics are to get everything that needs to be done in a certain amount of time, relaxed so we are comfortable but strict enough to gain respect.

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Perfect! She is a very good teacher......tries to clear every concept of all the subject.....really awesome

Ishita, Student
4 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! She knows how to make child read excellent in her tacknic my son now reads on his own

Dharmik, Student
10 months ago
(3 reviews)

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