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A mature sociology student giving tutition for ks1 and ks2 tuition to all children and babysitting

I am a mature sociology student with a passion for teaching and aim to make learning and life fun and rewarding for all children.

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Very strong background in Math, Calculus, and physics. I have MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering.

I can teach university students as well as school students. I love mathematics and physics. I will never tell you to solve or go for steps unless illustrate to you the meaning and the target of the calculations to make everything understandable and clear.

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Currently studying Special Education in Miami Florida. Working Full Time as a Paraprofessional

I work well with Special Ed. Students. I work mainly with Elementary School students. I am currently studying to become a Special Education Teacher. At the moment I am working in a classroom with students who are physically impaired and also who have multiple learning disabilities.

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1st class FREE!

Make English teaching Fun and applying it with best understanding and knowledge

Interactive teaching is always a key to learn English with confidence. My approach to English language learning aims at the Communicative English Teaching Method, a way of teaching that employs a number of holistic techniques to English grammar, English vocabulary, spoken English, English listening, and English reading and writing.

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Oxford University student gives language lessons and school support to secondary school pupils

I'm a student of Modern Languages at Oxford University with several years of teaching experience. I have taught stage classes (ballet, tap, modern, musical theatre, contemporary dance) as well as English lessons to people of all ages both in large groups and individually.

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literature / french / philosophy lessons given by a passionate in Aix en Provence!

Hello, I am a student in Master this year. I give lessons depending of the difficulty of each student that i have. My goal is to transmit my passion in pedagogue way so that the student is willing to learn. It is also important to me that a trust atmosphere settles to progress gradually.

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Certified English teacher gives reading and writing lessons in Worcester County

I am a certified (middle and high school) English Language Arts teacher and a writer. From my experience, I know that writing is very intimidating for many people and not something that students enjoy doing! Over the years, I've developed a method of teaching writing that is easy to understand and that applies to all kinds of writing.

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Master student in Sciences Po Paris offers help for homework, babysitting, methodology

21 years Belgian-British British student. I offer classes and homework help to primary and high school students. I am patient and dynamic. For younger students I encourage fun teaching techniques, and for older students a focus on the subjects which are more complicated for them, always with a focus on methodology and critical thinking.

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Support and reinforcement classes for Primary and Secondary. psicopedagogia evaluation and educational guidance. Study techniques.

El estudio es un trabajo, y como tal hay que aprender a realizarlo de manera adecuada y eficiente. Su importancia es tan grande que no solo tiene relevancia su recompensa académica, sino que el estudio cambia a la persona psicológicamente, la hace madurar y modifica la visión de las cosas.

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Giving french and english lessons

I have a double degree inHistory and English (honors B level) and a validation of three years of classe prépa littéraire. I offer tuition: - In French literature prep level - In English: I am trilingual - In history, geography, philosophy and arts history ds: prep level - exam preparation possible - Assistance in drafting of training reports - Assistance in your search for internship, learning .

Connor william

Native speakers of English teacher offers private lessons and customized at every level in Bergamo

English classes with a native speaker, ideal for learning English in a fun and easy way or consolidate knowledge which without exercise would be lost. Lessons are personalised for each student offering the best possibilities of learning english The lessons are aimed at all skill levels and ages.

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Etuditante engineering school gives special Mathematics Bordeaux

Student in engineering school, I tutored Mathematics for grade school / high school level throughout the year, either in a timely manner, on a point of the program that was not understood or that needs to be thorough, or more regularly to monitor the education of the student. I usually includes: a review of the lesson, with additional explanations if required, and exercises adapted to the level.

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University of Leeds tutor with 3+ years experience: research projects, essay-writing, dissertations, FMP

Hi there! My name's Elly and I've been teaching at university level since 2012. For the last three years I've been a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leeds in the School of Design. I also guest lecture at Leeds Arts University and London College of Fashion. I've taught over 100 university-level students including guiding them through their final year research and creative projects.

Englefield Green
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Professional friendly experienced tutoring by PhD researcher

Hi there! I'm doing PhD Research at the University of London. My BA is in English and my MA in Creative Writing. I have a broad experience in teaching.

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Aerospace engineer gives private lessons at any level between ESO and university

Graduate in Aerospace Engineering with extensive experience and excellent results, teaches at all levels from primary to university. Experience with students from secondary school and university in subjects like math, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, algebra, calculus, electrical engineering or technical drawing.

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English classes in Valencia

I give classes for children, youth or adults who want to practice oral and written English. I am bilingual, my English: C2. I pueo helping with homework, practice conversation, play games or help with particular vocabulary, etc.

Santa Eulària des Riu
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Teacher of support in any of the subjects until Selectividad in Ibiza

My name is Paola and I’m are currently a student of the degree of Protocol and International Relations. I have all the previous graduates (ESO and Bachillerato) as well as the degree of Educadora and Monitora of free time for children and youth. I am a dynamic person and with different techniques of study since I have been a student with ADD.

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Student in literary prépa (Khâgne) teaches French in Versailles - Paris surroundings

Hello, welcome to my profile! Student in 2nd year of literary prepa, I just spent the exam of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lettres in Lyon and the exam for the business schools. I wish I could share what I learned during those two years giving lessons at home or on the internet.

La Tour-de-Peilz
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Student Master gives school remedial courses. All ages and many subjects

Student completing a Master in marketing and communication at the University of St. Gallen, I offer school remedial courses. Many subjects can be taught up to the high school level (Mathematics, French, English, Economics, German). I can also give many tips to better organize / learn more efficiently during classes / studies.

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High School Student with 8 National 5 Subject experience and childcare experience can teach primary school kids and babysits children too

I am a high school student who is able to teach Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology, administration and IT, French, Yoruba and Modern Studies. I do this by using textbooks to explain the concept to the individual and online past papers and questions to help them practice. I also give regular short tests to help me and the child know what they are grasping and what they need more support on.

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Counselor/Teacher teaching middle school math in Texas with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Masters in School Counseling with more than 20 years of experience working with students

* 6th - 8th grade Math teacher, special ed teacher, and school counselor * Use hands-on, visuals, and paper & pencil instruction to teach TEKS * Differential instruction methodology

Villanueva de la Cañada
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Bilingual teacher

I offer private English classes and bilingual classes. Experience in nursery, primary and secondary, as well as adults.

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Aerospace engineer helps from primary school to high school in Cannes and its surroundings

The duties should not be a chore for either children or for parents! Therefore, I offer my support services to duty and tutoring of primary school students to high school. In fact, being totally attentive to the needs of the student, I adapt to his level and its requirements.

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Teacher support in English, French, German and mathematics for pupils, schoolchildren or sophomore in the Eure et Loir and Yvelines

I can help you if you are pupils, schoolchildren, students of second class, if you prepare a contest, follow training or take a refresher course, I see what your needs are, your skills and I adapt my classes to your planning and so you progressed quickly.

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Elementary Education teacher candidate offering academic tutoring in math and reading with 3 years of experience

I will be a certified Elementary Educator in a few months in grades 1-6. I believe the students learn best through student investigations and practice. Implementing these higher level thinking skills is likely to help students understand the content at a deeper level.

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Academic writing and study skills specialist. Essay planning/writing/structure/research/referencing tutoring offered. Social sciences (criminology) specialist, research and report writing experience,

Hello! I currently work with first and second year undergraduate students, giving one to one sessions and workshops to those requiring extra study assistance. These may be students from all ends of the academic spectrum, some high achievers and some with more complex particular needs.

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Elementary Education PK-4/Special Education PK-8- Tutor Teacher-Masters in Reading-Three years of teaching Experience

Hi, I am a Long-term sub and day-to-day sub. I tutor elementary education and special education students. I love teaching students and helping them learn in their own way. I differentiated the instruction per each individual. All students learn in their own way.

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English and Drama Undergrad at Loughborough, training to teach in the future, can also teach maths to A2 Level and all other subjects to GCSE level.

I'm an undergraduate at Loughborough University studying English and Drama, I'm planning on becoming a prep school teacher so I'm very excited to get all the experience I can at tutoring. My lessons are based around you, come to the session with whatever it is you want to work on and we'll sort our way through it at your pace.

West Covina
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Physics and Mathematics Cal Poly Student here to serve and help those who are struggling

I am currently attending California Poly Technical and am in the process of obtaining my Physics degree. I have great interpersonal personality and can explain relatively difficult topics pretty easily. I have tutored before when I lived in San Luis Obispo and never had anyone dislike me nor my methods.

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Perfect! She is a very good teacher......tries to clear every concept of all the subject.....really awesome

Ishita, Student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! She knows how to make child read excellent in her tacknic my son now reads on his own

Dharmik, Student
7 months ago
(3 reviews)

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