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North Las Vegas
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Get Accounting, Business, Management, Math, statistics, and Finance tutoring services right here.

I approach each subject differently based on student needs. I offer customized services for assignment help whether it is for an individual or a group. We can discuss over skype or any other collaboration tool. I offer lessons to students right from high school, college, and university students.

Birch Hills
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I am an Education student who is knowledgeable and capable in all Canadian curriculum areas except for languages. I’m highly proficient in mathematics, English, and art. I love bringing learning to li

My teaching methods are to provide the students with a lesson that incorporates their prior knowledge, and I connect that to the content we will be learning.

Valle Alto
Jose carlos
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Student belonging to the ASES program gives regularization classes and school support with avant-garde techniques in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

I like to teach freely, changing the blackboard-notepad-blackboard routine. I use accelerated learning techniques, techniques to take advantage of time and, above all, there is always time to solve doubts. I usually do an initial evaluation, we develop competences throughout the workshop / course / class and we see the progress in the final results.

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Current PhD student who is a Biochemistry/Genetics and Nanomedicine major offering chemistry/biology tutoring.

I like doing diagrams or links as well as recommending books. I like write notes for teaching as well as asking questions and where they feel they need more help at.

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A level Student offering GSCE Maths, English and Science tutoring in London :)))

I am happy to teach anyone up to GCSE for Maths, Sciences and English. I structure my lessons by approaching the harder topics with my students, learning from a range if sources is important to get those top grades so I use PowerPoints, books etc.

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Medicine student offers lessons in mathematics and English in Brescia (the demands of other subjects will also be taken into consideration)

My methodology changes from student to student. Each of us has his own way of understanding the arguments that are proposed to him. What I hope I can do is find the right method together with my student: the student's needs are my methodology.

Mount Royal
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Experienced Elementary Teacher available for tutoring in south jersey in any subject

My foundation is to remember that each child is an individual and they all learn in their own way. In my lessons I focus on the different learning styles to try and what works best for each student. I try to engage my students in their learning by relating it back to something they enjoy.

Kangaroo Point
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Qualified and Experienced British Teacher offering Student Support, in a range of subjects, in the Brisbane area.

My teaching methodology is based on the students needs. Once initial assessment has been conducted, I can make a diagnostises of what the student needs and support them as appropriate. I find innovative and creative ways of relating the learning to the student and I always deliver a quality service.

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Recent college graduate with several years of experience tutoring youth ages 5-14.

My teaching methods revolve around the student's personal needs. I can adapt to use the best methods that work for each individual student and for the specific subject they are learning. I have a supply of useful teaching materials including personal white boards, workbooks, and flash cards.

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College student who has recently completed her GCSE's (A* and A's) Online tutoring

I base my lessons of the exam specification and allow students to pick topics that they want to improve on. I can provide a lesson, questions, and presentations and can guarantee a better understanding by the end of the lesson. If you have any questions i will answer them to the best of my knowledge and can provide you with revision tips that helped me.

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Anthropology undergraduate student offering homework and study aid for elementary through high school students

I first approach topics by breaking them down into their simplest form. Then, we can work on the things you may not be able to grasp as well as other ideas. By the end of the lesson, I'd like you to be able to teach the concepts to me.

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Writing and editing tutor for undergraduate and graduate students. All subjects welcome

I approach each student individually, assess the problem and then choose the most appropriate method to help them achieve the desired outcome. The vast majority of students I help just have problems finding and applying structure to their work, so that is usually my main area of interest, followed closely by research methods and writing skills.

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I am good with PE,Math,and Ela. I teach online and I am very experienced.

My teaching method is on google docs, mobymax, nitro type, and other resources. I teach elementary students to 7th grade students. I love teaching and I am improving my skills to be a teacher one day. So I think you will love me being your tutor.

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PhD student offering academic writing, functional skills, proof reading and editing for all students around Cambridge.

I always ask my students to let me know what they hope to gain from each session. This way I can work towards supporting the students needs whilst helping them to reach their goals. Working through challenges and difficulties one step at a time patiently together, is a great way to learn and my students enjoy the collaborative approach to my sessions.

(9 reviews)
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Law student gives courses in Paris - Homework help, tutoring, French, philosophy, math, languages ​​(English, Arabic, Spanish) - primary / high school

I am currently in L3 of law at the University Panthéon Assas (Paris II). I got my L1 and L2 in my same university. Before I got my Bac ES mention fine French Lycée Lyautey of Casablanca in Morocco, which allowed me to get very good academic foundation and gain practice of literary Arabic, orally and in writing.

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High school student gives elementary, and junior high tutoring for all subjects

I tutor kids kindergarten to grade 9. PAT Preparation included. I like to teach, by showing examples and then giving examples for them to do afterwards. Along with that I teach the style that matches with a students learning style.

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Psychology student gives school support (Primary, ESO, Bachelor) and languages ​​in Madrid.

My teaching method is very simple, we will work as a team. We will review what you have given that day or that week in class, you will ask me questions, we will make a summary or an outline to facilitate the study and we will do the homework to review.

Anupom das
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Hey, this is Anupom currently doing my bachelor of computer science at University of Prince Edward Island. If you need help about your homework on math or physics, I can help you. Contact me. Will tal

I teach with care. I first try to understand what kind of problems a student is facing. Then, I begin with the basic. So, a student can understand the core idea of a lesson. After completingthe basic, I procede to advance level of study.

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Student of Psychopedagogy (graduated in Pedagogy) offers support in school tasks in the different levels of compulsory formal education (Primary and Secondary)

I assume that there is no specific methodology for everyone, so first I made a preliminary evaluation through observation and dialogue (both with the parents and the student), mainly to know general aspects about different student dimensions (personality, learning style, abilities, motivation ...).

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Future EXPERIENCED graduate TA/ Private tutor, ks1 and ks2, local, reliable, cheap,

I plan my lessons according to the child's need. for example if i'm in a one to one lesson i would speak to the child as well as the parents and work out what topic they need more support in. i have my own lesson plans, books etc. I will work together with the child to come up with a plan.

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International Business Student gives support to children in their jobs and school tasks, in Medellín.

I want to help the children of the schools to have better performance in their jobs and tasks. I am patient, calm, orderly and creative. I will look for the method that best applies to the student and I will adapt to this to facilitate their learning.

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Like reading a children's book to their little ones. Combat illiteracy from early childhood, foster a taste for reading, help in understanding any school subject! In any part of the country,

Through reading and familiarity with books, my goal is to introduce adults to the tools they need to help prepare children for success in school and life. Reading programs are almost always directed at children, on the assumption that there will be an adult who will read them a story.

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24-hour Online Learning with STAN Students (Passed Medical Diponegoro University 2017 through SBMPTN) all subjects, especially mathematics

I gave all the subjects for elementary school, science and mathematics subjects for junior and senior high school, my learning method is that you can use a telephone / video call / voice note, send learning videos, send photos of answers to questions, provide question files to answer, and many more depending on the condition of the child

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Current Student Providing Tutoring to Primary School (individual or group) Students in Canberra

I base my classes on what the individuals require most at the time, through positive encouragement I am able to keep children on track and inspire them to continue their learning throughout the week. I find new and interesting ways of teaching different subjects resulting in a more well-rounded and happy outcome for children, parents, families and myself alike.

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I am a psychology student at Universitat de Vic. I can give lessons of diferents subjects at primary school, secondary education and college levels.

I will base my lessons on the materials that the student brings from school. Before the calss, I will review the content that we will be working on. During the class, we will do similar exercises than the ones the student had to do at the school, insisting in those aspects that are being more difficult for him to assimilate and seeking, if necessary, different ways of explaining them.

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Engineering graduate offering maths and physics tuition for secondary school and A-level students

My in depth knowledge of the sciences and maths allows me to talk to students about the subject and work out where they have gaps in their knowledge. The initial classes will work on building a solid foundation and ensuring the student understands the basics, before moving on to specific topics covered in their school's syllabus.

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A Level Leaver: I have A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and also qualifications in Italian and French.

I like to teach in a way that ensures understanding. I will gradually build up knowledge and make sure that you understand the previous item before moving on. If you forget something, its important to not be frustrated when going back over it. I will make sure that learning is done in a fun way. They'll be no copying from a text book. It will all be involved.

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Elementary educator with 9 years experience in early childhood literacy and math.

I base my instruction on the needs of my students and differentiate based on what they know and can do and provide mini lessons for new topics and skills. As I implement a lesson, I ensure to check for understanding frequently and provide independent practice.

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Exercise and Physical Education Graduate Student offering assistance in Basic Math, ESL, Sports. Located at Montclair State University.

My teaching strategy is fun and engaging and to figure out strategies to overcome learning difficulties. I like to use flashcards, memory games, and more! I want my students to be the best that can be and to know no matter what challenges there are we will find ways to make it easier.

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Degree in Psychology available for repetitions addressed to students from elementary to high school (Milan)

Each student has the possibility to be supported in the most appropriate and personalized way. Respect for each student's cognitive and learning styles is the strength of my intervention methodology. that stimulates the attention and concentration of the student on the subject, accompanying it little by little to the expected positive results that will motivate him to further education.

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Perfect! She is a very good teacher......tries to clear every concept of all the subject.....really awesome

Ishita, Student
5 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! She knows how to make child read excellent in her tacknic my son now reads on his own

Dharmik, Student
10 months ago
(3 reviews)

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