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Learn with 7 Years of Experience Music Producer Gives Music Production Online

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Practical Approach for my students and I think my one hour of session can make a big difference. If you are stuck at creating music on your software or on instrument, I can help you with writing, composing and producing. Once the song is in front of you, I can teach you how you can make clean and loud enough to make a decent release on distributed platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and other channels.


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About Rajat

"Mixing an album can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, during which time the mixing engineer is unlikely to focus on much else."

I am rigorously detail-oriented, organized, and highly focused. This work can be precise and demanding, making the ability to concentrate closely for long hours valuable. At the same time, I am flexible, as work—or work-related requests— can be available in at all hours of the day. While the work is largely solitary, it remains a collaborative art: whether listening closely to the goals and requests of producers and artists, or inferring the intended direction and stylistic aim of a track merely from other elements of its production.

My aim as a mix engineer is to achieve harmony between the vocals and the instrumentals at the desired frequency. It is because of the efforts that you are able to hear the words of a song over the sound of the instruments. I am responsible for the fine balance of various elements of the song that makes it pleasing to the ear. To achieve the provided goals, I will:

1. Balance the levels of different tracks
2. Eq each track to that it sits perfectly in the mix
3. Make the stereo image of the song consistent.
4. Apply required Effects like delay, reverb, Phaser, Flanger etc
5. Apply required compression to the tracks
6. Additionally, correct the pitching of vocals using Auto tuner.

I work with high end digital audio equipment to achieve desired results. So he needs to understand the basic theory and practice of audio technology.

• I have an excellent grasp on high audio sensitivity to be able to distinguish between different sounds and various pitches to be able to get the best results for the end product.

• Mixing is more a creative profession, though there are technical details involved. I have a creative streak, where I am willing to take risks and attempt something unconventional for achieving optimal results.

• This is a profession where the expertise improves with each job. So I have started audio production in 2013 and taken education for the related industry since then I am improving my experience and have worked on a wide variety of genres.

Professional Skills

*Studio mixing
*Mixing/sound board
*Music production software
*Music recording
*Superior ears for detail and nuance
*Creative vision



  • 5h: ₹8,000
  • 10h: ₹15,000


  • ₹600/hr

free lessons

  • 1hr


If you already at some level where you need guidance to get more out of your music, We can discuss and change the pricing as per your level. I will take a test of yours and then if you clear that test, we can change the fees as per your course.

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