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Learn Reiki First Level for concentration, touch healing and for stress management

About the lesson

Reiki First Degree
About Course
Level 1 of Reiki is first step to enter the world of positivity and connecting with Divine Power.

At Level 1, you get initiated into positive energy by Reiki Grandmaster and feel that energy in your hands and palms. Level one is all about touch healing for self and others. it is start of cleansing process of your chakras and balancing chakras and cleaning the negativities which you have gathered over the time.

After Level one attunement and during practice and healing self, one can easily feel relaxed, stress free, out of depression, clarity of thoughts.
Since Every Individual is different hence sensing and feeling the energy for them will also differ. Some might feel warm, air, coolness during the healing, some might feel sleepy, some might feel changes in sleep patters and other changes but all for positive outcome.


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  • Relaxation
  • Alternative Medicine
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About RK

Course Contents
History and story of Reiki
History and story of Reiki
Dr. Mikao Usui and Story
Om Meditation
Preparing for attunement
Attunment Ceremony
Self Healing Process
Aura Cleansing Process
Others healing
Code of Ethics for Healers
Protection of Self Energies
Things to Do and Donts
21 Days Daily Healing Process and Its Importance
Certificate Award Ceremony

Course Duration
Class Duration 4 Hours One Day

Course Fees
Rs. 2500/-

Reiki First Degree Kit :
(You will get the following items with this course )
My Clear Bag
Manual of Reiki First Degree
Note Book
Prospectus of Reiki Power
Reigstration Frorm
Reiki Power DVD
Certificate of Reiki Frist Degree



  • 5h: ₹10
  • 10h: ₹20


  • + R₹500


  • ₹1,000/hr


Reiki First Degree Rs. 2500-
Reiki Second Degree 5000-


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