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Classes offered by Sukhendu
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Taught subjects
  • Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Guitar blues
  • Guitar jazz
  • All Levels

Learn Guitar at Kolkata from a certified teacher from London College Of Music


I do follow two types.1-Life style course,2-Academic course.
In Life style course i teach without any strictness like any song or any scale or any other emulations of guitar playing.
In Academic course i follow a strict syllabus for London College Of Music.
Its starts with Initial,Preliminary,Grade 1 to Grade 8.


I am a Guitar Teacher , full-time musician, Music Producer/ Independent Songwriter, and Studio Technician.I am fully qualified, with a Grade 8 in Acoustic Guitar. With a background in music tutoring, I am also accredited with the Registry of Guitar Tutors, London College of Music Examinations.I am proficient in classical guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass guitar and possess initial skills in piano & Keyboards and a collection of rhythm instruments.


Rate for online classes : ₹500/hr
Rate for 5 hours of classes : ₹2,300
Rate for 10 hours of classes : ₹4,500
Classes offered by Sukhendu
In group
The classes will be held
at his home
Taught subjects
  • Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Guitar blues
  • Guitar jazz
  • All Levels

Sukhendu's CV


Graduation in B.Com Honors in the year 2010 from Calcutta University.

● Passed RGT(Registry Of Guitar Tutors) Grade 8 with Distinction( 89.5%) from LCM(London College Of Music Examinations) in 2013.
● Specialization in Acoustic Spanish Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Electric Spanish Guitar and Bass Guitar.
● Specialized in various musical genres namely Country, Blues, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern rock, Modern metal etc..
● 10 years of private coaching experience as a tutor.
● Working in ‘Gurukul India’ as Guitar and Keyboard faculty for 6 years.
● Worked as a Guitar Faculty in ‘Theme Music Institute, Bangalore’ for 1 year.
● Worked as a Guitar Tutor in ‘Grace Institute Of Music’ for 1 year.
● Worked in a Pre-school named ‘Casa d Bambini Kudlu, Bangalore’ as a Guitar Faculty.
● 1-year experience in teaching guitar in a music school at Bangalore named- ‘My School Of Rock’.
● Worked as a Guitar Instructor in ‘Sur-sangeet Academy, Electronic City, Bangalore’ for 1 year.
● Teaching method-Stave notation and Tablature, both called ‘Guitarograph’.
● Stood 1st in Acoustic guitar(highest scorer) in London College of music,2013.
● Stood 1st in 'War of Guitarist', an event of Caledonia held in 2010 at the Scottish church college.
● Secured the 2nd position in the final exam of Singing Strings Academy of Salt Lake.
● Secured the best guitarist position in the event of INTEGRATION, held in 2010 at the Calcutta Medical College.
● The secured 1st prize at the guitar competition held in the Calcutta University Music Department.

● Audio Production and Mix-Master.
● Composer and Arrangements with Midi and Manual method.
● Guitar ‘Tablature’ and ‘Stave Notation’ Transcribers.
● Skilled in electric guitar controlling.
● Proficient in Percussive Acoustic Guitar.
● Proficient in instrumental story lined music.

● Operating System- Microsoft Windows.
● Software Skills-Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Internet, etc
● Proficient in the following music-related software
● Cubase 5
● Guitar Pro
● Guitar Rig
● Fruity Loops music Maker
● Pro Tools Music Software
● Logic Pro.
● Bias-FX.

• Schecter Damien 7 FR(7 string)
• VGS Soul master VSM-120(6 String)
• IBANEZ RG8(8 String)
• IBANEZ AEG-10NT(6 String Acoustic)
• PEAVEY BANDIT 112 Guitar Amp.
• LINE6 HD500X Processor.
• TC Bodyrez Acoustic Processor.
• Behringer C-1 Condenser Mic.
• Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 Audio Interface.
• Edirol MA-7A Monitors.
• Ashton UMK-61 Midi Keyboard.
• Bias Fx Pro Guitar processor software.
• Behringer DI20 Direct Injection Box.
• Audiotechnica ATH M40x Headphone.
• Seagate HDD External Harddrive.
• XlR Stereo and Mono.
• TRS Cables
• Capo.
• Slider.

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