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Anirudh - Prof singing - Bengaluru
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« Perfect! I've been taking classes from Anirudh for over a month now, and I... More »
« Perfect! I've been taking classes from Anirudh for over a month now, and I feel I have already learnt so much from him. He has an immense range of music knowledge and goes really deep to make you understand the process, while keeping it fun and engaging. He is humble, kind and extremely encouraging and I highly recommend Anirudh for whoever wants to learn music. »
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  • Singing
  • Music reading
  • Guitar
  • Vocal coach
  • Musical education
  • Bass guitar
  • All Levels

Learn from a professional musician how to sing with your free natural voice


Learn the simple techniques that ensure a beautiful, healthy and long-lasting voice.

Having trained in Indian Classical music and worked with many vocal students, I can tell you that most people struggle to get their voice right.

While students have a strong desire to learn to sing, they begin to face hoarseness, fatigue, pain, discomfort, distortion and other such issues that become a barrier to their dreams of singing.

The truth is: None of these problems ever need to come up.

If we understand how to access our natural voice and develop it, we can let the music flow freely from within us.

I have struggled with my voice for a number of years, and faced multiple problems because I didn't have the tools to access my true free voice...but not anymore.

The techniques are surprisingly simple. After years of research, personal experimentation and learning from the methods of more than 15 vocal coaches from across the world, I know what it takes to free your voice.

There are certain vocal habits that will help us gain mastery over our voice. What are these habits?

Hint: It boils down to the right intentions.

By making certain kinds of sounds, and varying the pitch, vowel and loudness, you can learn to become best friends with your natural voice. The art is in knowing which sounds will be the most helpful at any given time.

That's where I come in.

In short, 20-30 minute sessions, we will use simple sounds and intentions to get you truly connected to your voice. We will follow this up by applying this to a song or melody that you wish to sing.

At the end of the day, we're doing all this to help you sing what you want. I will always focus on that.

The best part: you will begin to see results within the first two sessions.

I found new freedom in life and music by connecting to my true voice. I would like to help you experience the same joy.

I look forward to hearing from you soon :)

Super Teacher

Anirudh is one of our best teachers. A high quality profile, verified qualifications, quick response rate and loved by students!


I'm an ex-engineer who has been teaching music for 10+ years, specializing in guitar, voice, rhythm and composition.

I started singing at a very young age and was training in Indian classical music before I started playing guitar, bass and drums with a number of bands.

While it was exciting to be pursuing music full-time, especially as a multi-instrumentalist, I felt that my original connection to music was fading away. That prompted me to dedicate all my time to one of my first instruments - my voice.

I began training in the Dhrupad style of Indian classical music, which focuses on extremely subtle nuances of pitch in the context of raag and taal. Along the way, I also developed my skill with the rudra veena and mridangam.

I found that the better I was at a few simple fundamentals, the more connected I was with music. My ability to express myself grew in ways I couldn't ever imagine.

While I have a lot more to learn, I've developed many skills, which I share with anyone who is interested in being a better musician, no matter what their level. If you'd like to give it a try, all you have to do is ask :)

Wherever you may find yourself, I hope your skill continues to grow. May you find a teacher who guides you in the right direction while letting you be free to go your own way.


Rate for online classes : ₹1,450/hr
Classes offered by Anirudh
The classes will be held
Taught subjects
  • Singing
  • Music reading
  • Guitar
  • Vocal coach
  • Musical education
  • Bass guitar
  • All Levels

Anirudh's CV

Music Projects:
* TriangleHead (Music, Music education)
* Around Sound (Music Education)
* The Observatory (Bass guitar)
* Sung n' Strung (Composition, Arrangement, Voice, Guitar)
* Vocal Coach
* Sound Engineer at Dhrupad Sansthan (Acoustician, Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer)

Professional Qualifications:
* BE (Hons.) Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BITS-Pilani
* MSc (Hons.) Economics from BITS-Pilani
* Modern Musician certification from Berklee School of Music
* MA Music (Vocal) in Dhrupad from Janardan Rai Vidyapeeth [Awaiting final semester results]

Musical Education:

* Vocal training under the guidance of Shri Dalvi ji (1998-2000)
* Vocal training in Kirana Gharana from Pandit Parameshwar Hegde
* Dhrupad training in Dagar lineage under Padmashri Gundecha brothers
* Vocal and breath training from Mr. Eric Arceneaux
* Vocal training from Mr. Keegan DeBoheme

* Harmonium training under the guidance of Shri Dalvi ji
* Guitar training
* Application of Karnatik rhythm from Mr. Rafael Reina
* Mridangam and Karnatik solkattu training under Sri Burra Sriram
* Rudra Veena training in Dagar lineage under Padmashri Gundecha brothers

* Live Sound Mixing from Mr. Mathias Durand
* Technical Ear Training from Mr. Jason Corey

Musical Proficiency (0-5):

* Pop/Rock - 5
* Poetry/Rap - 5
* Konnakol - 4
* Western Classical - 4
* Dhrupad - 3
* Jazz - 2

* Acoustic/Electric Guitar - 5
* Bass guitar - 4
* Rudra Veena - 4
* Harmonium - 4
* Voice - 3
* Piano - 3
* Drums - 3
* Flute - 3
* Mridangam - 2
* Cello - 2

Language Proficiency (0-5):
* English - 5
* Hindi - 5
* Tamil - 4
* Kannada - 3
* German - 1

* I have taught vocal and instrumental music for 11 years to 80+ students
* My focus is to help students connect their intention with their musical expression
* I believe that all forms of music and instruments are viable tools for self-expression
* I teach the fundamentals of rhythm, pitch and tone, so that students can explore music in depth
* I try to guide students based on their goals and give them options from which which they are free to choose.

15 reviews on Anirudh
  • 5/5

All our ratings are collected by us and are given in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

Perfect! I've been taking classes from Anirudh for over a month now, and I feel I have already learnt so much from him. He has an immense range of music knowledge and goes really deep to make you understand the process, while keeping it fun and engaging. He is humble, kind and extremely encouraging and I highly recommend Anirudh for whoever wants to learn music.


Perfect! Anirudh is a brilliant musician and guitarist and an even better teacher and a human being. His classes are tailor-made and he meticulously makes you work on your desired goals. I went to Anirudh 3 months ago with a goal to learn Music and every class since then has added immensely to my learning curve. He is extremely methodical, teaches the correct techniques, very punctual and helps you unlearn wrong techniques, if any.

He gives very good examples and exercises which makes learning really easy and fun. I will highly recommend him as your guitar mentor.

Anirudh's response

Kunal = Persistence. He can go a very long way!


Perfect! Anirudh is a singer that's failed more times than one can imagine. So you can be sure, any problem that you could have with your singing, he is sure to have experienced it and  already overcome it. I've taken many classes from different natural born singers and experienced teachers, but no one gets me like Anirudh. 
He is able to isolate my problems within minutes and even give me a solution that shows results in 1 class. His approach towards teaching is not through generic prescription of exercises, but through isolating and targeting issues and by dismantling mental blocks. He nurtures and enables your natural voice to find itself, which has helped me confidently sing with the voice and style I have and improve it, and not imitate other artists. 

Anirudh is one of those few teachers dedicated to the craft, and not the money. He will teach you to be independent and not depend on him for classes. He transfers knowledge without hesitation or insecurities. The more classes you attend, the lesser you'll need him.
Apart from classes, he is a kind and humble human and is available to address your doubts, hear your songs and give you feedback :) 

Anirudh's response

I love his voice. He can be a major sensation in the world of music. His thoughtfulness when applying concepts is very commendable. Very fun to have classes with :)


Perfect! Anirudh has been a great teacher so far. I have enjoyed taking singing and guitar lessons from him. I feel like I have learnt a lot since I started my lessons with him. I liked that he started with the fundamentals of music and focused on ear training. He breaks up long-term learning goals into small manageable pieces that can be completed in between classes as homework, and he offers plenty guidance along the way to help me achieve them. Another nice thing is I can send him daily an audio clip of whatever he asked me to practice, so I can get more frequent feedback outside of classes. He is also very patient in explaining concepts and ensures my understanding of it. Overall, I recommend him. :)

Anirudh's response

Very prompt. Methodical approach. Likes to see into the heart of things. I think he can go a long way :)


Perfect! An amazing musician and a possessor of a depth full school of thought about music and singing, Anirudh can bring out the 'why' of your singing which has the potential to make you fall in love with yourself and YOUR music. Highly highly recommended.

Anirudh's response

Committed to learning. Keep it up!


Perfect! My experience with Anirudh was really good, Anirudh made my journey of learning vocals a pleasant one and focused on areas tailored to my current skill set and needs. Anirudh is really a talented and learned musician combined with it - his wisdom, dedication, and discipline make sure that we progress in skill in the right way.

Anirudh's response

A very smart student. Analyzes things quickly and implements. An intellectual. He'll do well


Perfect! Anirudh you are an excellent guitar teacher and Thank you for your time, your patience and your realness. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring us to learn!

Anirudh's response

Very nice to speak to. Cheerful and prompt :)


Perfect! Parent:Anirudh's teaching is very systematic. His teaching techniques are very effective and my son Rohith enjoys his lessons.

Rohith (Student): Anirudh sir is very talented. He taught me many techniques that made singing easy and I started to enjoy singing. He is very friendly and he makes the learning fun and enjoyable.

Anirudh's response

Very prompt. Excellent communication. Rohith, the student, is very talented :)


Perfect! "How much ever talented a person might be (in any domain), there is something else which qualifies him/her as a good teacher. I would say that Anirudh has a balanced skillset that qualifies him as a great tutor. His experience with the instrument, his intuition towards music, his pedagogy, and his commitment are his forte. All through my course, he was more like a friend and very approachable. He always gave priority to the content to be covered over the time that particular session was supposed to last. To conclude, he is exactly what he has described himself above.

Music is a wonderful journey and every musician has their own perspective about it. Anirudh, despite his own point of view, has helped me explore what music is to me and the music thus produced is full of heart and soul."

Anirudh's response

A very enthusiastic musician in the making. Preetham's diligence and zeal are very inspiring. His promptness in responding is superlative.

6 recommendations


Anirudh is a very good teacher. He will teach you the basics initially and it might feel slow, but trust me, it all ties up in the end. From playing chords, to getting your finger positions right, to be able to hear and recognize notes, he will teach you guitar the way he wished someone would have taught him. His emphasis on getting the basics right to spontaneously explaining the history of guitar, music, or the different systems that are employed by people to compose music are highly informative.

Highly recommended. Just be patient and trust his process. You’ll be a much better guitar player few months down the line.


Anirudh is a very talented, dedicated and passionate guitar teacher. His teaching methods are unique and effective, in the sense that it is more aligned towards the musical goals of the student. Learning guitar from him has been a satisfying journey for me. I am able to play tunes and songs which I never thought I could! His classes will strengthen your knowledge in music theory such that you could play any musical instrument. He also provides notes after every class which is very useful to track you progress and also serves as a reference material.
I would definitely recommend Anirudh's classes for anyone interested in music.

Ram Sundar

I have been learning how to play bass guitar from Anirudh sir for the past three months.
Anirudh sir is more than just a teacher - he is a mentor who educates about music as a whole - and not just one or two aspects about it. Sir has helped me compose simple basslines for songs of my liking and has also elucidated the methods for doing so.
Going beyond a strict curriculum, sir has also introduced me to excellent bands like Tool and Flying Colours which has helped in broadening my musical tastes.
Sir will also go above and beyond the class duration to ensure that the specific ideas and concepts discussed are well understood and practiced.
Anirudh sir is also approachable outside class hours and has always responded to any queries I had or comments I needed over a specific recording.
Furthermore, sir’s excellent weekly live streams on ‘Rhythm For All’ are not only interesting - but they also are extremely informative with each one illuminating a specific concept clearly and concisely.
I can confidently say that with Anirudh sir’s guidance I am becoming a better all-around musician - not just a bass guitarist.


No matter what we learn - Vocals, Guitars or Rhythm, there’s a bunch of musical verticals being built in us. Craft skill, Ear training, Expression - Music is the most beautiful language after all.

What I love most about Anirudh is whether you’re a beginner or you already composed your first couple of songs - He will take care of all the verticals for you. He will do the planning, the hardwork behind the scenes so that you can just have fun expressing yourself and get better everyday. I always look forward to my next class with him, there’s a sense of positivity and thrill about it.

Anirudh is a serious music talent himself, one to really look out for. But he’s an even more passionate, committed and innovative teacher. No matter what level you’re on, hit him up if you want to learn music.


One of the most patient and productive teacher i've come across. He listens and observes the vocal obstructions very keenly.
And gives the necessary guidance without making it really complicated for you.


You are the best.
Mera apke sath experience bahut hi acha tha maine apni life me bahut logon se seekha per apke trik or sahi guidance se meri voice me effect aaya.
Apka batane ka tarika shandar he .ye Mai itne confidence se is liye keh sakti hu kyuki sur lagane ka projection sahi hua he wo bhi 3 mahine me
Mujhe nahi lagta agr sahi guidance na milta to Mai recover kar pati..
Or utna hi patience ki agr aise nahi aa rahe to tum ye trik try karo..ya other trik se aayega...
Such a very talented personality

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