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Learn Classical Music, Bollywood, Western, Bhajan, Piano From an Experienced MUSIC Teacher/ Vocal Trainer

About the lesson

First, I observe the level of student, their catching power. Then accordingly I start teaching Sargam, Alankar, Raag and all about Music which will help the student to grow.

I teach Indian Classical, Bollywood, Western, Devotional Music (Bhajan, Shabad, worship songs) etc


Basic Level :-
1. Beginning of swarabyasa - in three layas
2. 2 Swaramalikas
5 Lakshnageete
Alap - 4 ragas
Taan - 4
3. Bhajan - Vachana - Dasapadas
4. Theental, Dadara, Ektal (Dhruth), Chontal, Jhuptal, Kaherwa Taal - Sam-Pet-Husi-Matras -
should practice Tekav.
5. Swarajnana
6. Knowledge of the words - nada, shruthi, Aroha, Avaroha, Vadi - Samvedi, Komal -
Theevra - Shuddha - Sasthak - Ganasamay - Thaat - Varjya.
7. Swaralipi

1. Paribhashika Shabdas.
2. 7 types of Talas - their parts (angas)
3. Tabala bol - Tala Jnana, Vilambitha Ektal, Jumra, Adachontal, Savari, Panjabi, Tappa.
4. Raga lakshanas of Bhairav, Shuddha Sarang, Peelu, Multhani, Sindura, Adanna, Jogiya,
Hamsadhwani, Gandamalhara, Ragashree, Darbari, Kannada, Basanthi, Ahirbhairav,
Todi etc.,
Alap, Swaravisthara, Sama Prakruthi, Ragas criticism, Gana samay - should be known.
5. Geetha Prakara lakshana of Drupad, Damar, Ashtapadi, Keerthan, Vachan, Gazal,
Tappa, Hori, Kajari, Chaturang
6. The classification methods of Ragas by Pandith Venkatmukhiya.
Raga - Ragini System
Raga - Samaya- krama- Rasabhava
Comparative study between Hindusthani & Karnataki Sangeetha
7. Life history of Musical exponents.
8. Kala - swarasyanubhava
Status of music in five arts
Status of music in cultural heritage of India
Status of music in Social set up of life
9. Famous places of music
10.Introduction to different Gharanas - Agra, Kirana, Gwaliar, Jaipur, Patiyala.
History of Indian, Hindusthani, Karnatak Music
11.Introduction - Practice of different types of music - Classical, light, devotional, dance, folk,
drama etc.,
12.Short notes - Alapi system
Important Philosophical ideas
Gayaki - Nayaki
Rasabhava Prakaras
Nibaddha - Anibadda Prakara
Raga Alap - Roopkalap
13.Musical Essay - Song composition system - Instrumental Musical System.

Prescribed All Ragas like: Bhairav, Bhupali, Yaman, Durga etc. Vocal Music: Vilambit and Drut Khayal with gayaki in all the ragas. Presentation of one semi classical /devotional or light composition. Instrumental Music
And elaboration in all the ragas


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    Music Theory

    Music Early Learning Activities for children


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Gagan Deep is an Accomplished Indian Classical & Light Singer and Music Teacher. He did graduation 6 years Sangeet Prabhakar in Classical Music (North Indian Style) From Prayag Sangeet Samiti (Allahabad). He has more than 5 years of working experience with renowned Schools, Music academies, vocal trainer In many musical programs, Shabad competitions, youth festival Where he has taught almost Every type of Music Western, Indian Classical, Bollywood, Devotional Music (Bhajan, Shabad, worship songs) etc. He is the Owner of Music academy named RAAGA STUDIO Karnal



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