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Sonam - Prof basic computer - Rewari


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  • Basic computer
  • C++
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Gmail
  • Mail

Fundamentals of computer learnt briefly to the students in school , rewari

Class location

    • At Sonam's house: Rewari

About Sonam

My name is sonam. I live in rewari. I have done in computer science last year 2016. Currently, I am working in a school as a computer teacher at tgt level (4-8) class. I explain the every concept briefly and do practical also. How we use ms word, how we create a web page in html, how we make a account in gmail, why we need for that. I can also teach math of 12 class
I taught the math to 12 class students at home. I am interested in maths

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I teach the computer subject to students at a tgt level. I also give the practical knowledge with theory. Because without practical students can not understand what he teach nd don't make interest over their. So practical is also important .

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  • ₹500

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