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Freelance Photographer with hands-on experience gives photography classes to photography enthusiasts in Vizag.

About the lesson

I am Bhargav, an engineering student cum freelance photographer with a lot of interest and experience in photography, will teach classes to people interested in the subject with a basic knowledge in photography.
Training will be hands-on and practical application of subject.


  • Photography
  • Digital photography
  • Wedding photography


  • English


  • Intermediate
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About Vithal

I used to give classes a year back, stopped then.
I have taught 7 students.
3 of my students are pursuing degrees in their respective interests and 2 other are freelancing.
The other two are part - timers balancing their work with passion.



  • 5h: ₹2,200
  • 10h: ₹4,500


  • + R₹200


  • ₹400/hr

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  • Completed my degree... Student in Animation Institute... Photography is my hobby... Looking forward to learn cinematography too...

    Chandra Kumar


    I use simple language... Because I am not a great at giving speeches... But more of a chit chat person in a group... I...

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  • Student in mechanical engineering, expert in automobile and In simulation softwares, well known for my photography techniques



    My teaching is basically on practical thinking and what is most necessary for the current world, my way is creative and you...

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  • Amateur photographer, I will teach • Photography • Photo editing • Film Making • Video Editing



    My teaching is not just limited to the camera settings but applications and real life usage and make my student take amazing...

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  • Learn Photography and Photo editing from a Kolkata based Engineering Student and Freelance Photographer



    4.9 (9 reviews)

    I just want to make you love with photography. Will motivate you how to look at something at different perspective than...

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  • Enthusiastic Native French Speaker in Andhra Pradesh interested in tutoring in a Long/short term position students in international baccalaurate or language immersion high school educational setting.



    5 (32 reviews)

    Instructed students in French grammar,vocabulary and pronunciation. Dynamism,adaptability,innovation and...

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  • Every beginner had a photography passion, will teach you how to develop your passion. I am a photojournalist and law student living in Trivandrum.



    30% Theory + 70% Practical = 100% Photographer Photography is an art. If we love the art they show how its Passione with us....

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  • 1. Learn how to create the best out of your photography with some unique tips and tricks, rules etc.  2. I've won competetions and shot for national competetions as well.



    5 (2 reviews)

    1. I prefer that one should practically do the things. 2. Assignments about photography which includes clicking pictures...

    • 500/h
    • 45mins free
  • I am myself a photographer with a experience of 3+ years in this field and it would be a honour to me to teach you about photography and it's value in our life.



    5 (5 reviews)

    There is no particular teaching method of mine, I will give you full end to end knowledge of Photography as much as I can...

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  • A graduate in BFA Photography teaches basic and advanced techniques of shooting to all those are interested! No age bar, no cast bar, no gender bar. Creativity is for all :)



    5 (7 reviews)

    Hello all! You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn how to take better shots and create some beautiful...

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  • I'm always start my class with basic drawings because correct drawing is base of every masterpiece painting or art work.


    New Delhi

    My teaching method based on basic drawing. Amidst this recent movement, the “art” of teaching connotes those elements in...

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  • Digital Photography where all the things are left behind but It's the Light matters...


    Aroma Nagar

    Classes includes basic understanding of the lighting, learning about basic approaches in the field of photography. Providing...

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  • Personal specialized photography learning classes by professional fashion & portrait photographer from Mumbai



    Online or offline individual specialized photography classes with basic, intermediate & professional levels of photography...

    • 1,999/h
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  • Award-Winning Photographer and Worked for many International media as Photo Video journalist

    Shahrukh dawar


    I'll teach you uniquely before going technical and theoretical aspects of photography, No matter even you never hold a...

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    • 30mins free
  • Student studying online in CANADA COLLEGE in field of digital media designing



    I don't prefer a proper teaching method as evey student has different power of grasping some just understand from book and...

    • 500/h
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  • I've started all along from the scratch to here with more than 3 years of experience and right now a production head at firm! Learn with me and teach me too because there no limits to learn.

    Param Villa

    The way I've learnt and gain the the knowledge was quite rough but will make sure to feather up the learning process for you...

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  • Teaching is job but for me it’s an art and I am passionate artist



    My teaching method is very vibrant, I don’t want to keep it monotonous. I love teaching through stories, experiments,...

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  • Highly experienced Photo Educator gives tuition in Photography for students & professionals in Kolkata.



    My teaching methodology: - Starts from very basics - Interactive presentation - Live demonstration - Regular assignments &...

    • 1,200/h
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  • Ready to giving you premium quality teaching with 7yrs experience. Best of Luck for your new career


    South Dum Dum

    I'll teaching you with theoretically and practically you also can learn photography with me on the street walking.After the...

    • 1,000/h
    • 1hr free
  • Photography is capturing your Imagination, Student Of Arts, Just 18 Years Old.



    5 (3 reviews)

    My teaching will be based on perspective and your vision because photography is all about looking at things in your way....

    • 400/h
    • 1hr free
  • An all India Photography Contest winner teaching how to take some amazing pictures (photography) from the very basics



    My teaching method is best suited for both absolute beginners as well as for those who are here for brushing up their...

    • 750/h
    • 30mins free
  • 5 years of experience and worked with well-known celebs teaching how to be a professional photographer.


    Navi Mumbai

    My method changes with different students. Everyone has their own pace for learning new things and obviously grasping power....

    • 1,000/h
    • 1hr free