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I'm a professional psychologist. I help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and make optimum use of the best in you.
Want to reduce your stress and feel empowered??
Come take 5 sessions with me and experience unconditional joy and happiness.


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About Jenil

I have been counselling children and adults for over a decade.

I have catered to Groups and Individuals, trained students at Post Graduate Levels.
My Alternative Medicines along with Counselling have helped people deal with their physical, emotional and mental problems.



  • 5h: ₹3,750
  • 10h: ₹7,500


  • + R₹500


  • ₹900/hr

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  • I would love my students to be as relaxed and stress-free as I am;)



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    [MEDITATION] Ever tried practising gratitude? NO? Well, we can practice it together^_^ My way of going around meditation...

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  • Meditation for calmness and awareness. Balance your body mind and soul.



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    The body-mind and soul are one. And through the practice of Meditation one can balance them. Meditation improves awareness...

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  • Let Go of All Your Stress! Get Into The Happy Zone Now! Let Me Show You How!


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    I understand an individual like I understand my own self! It begins with basic counselling! We speak! We talk! We listen! We...

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  • Learn Reiki & Mind Power online and get confidence to practice it professionally

    Dr Puran

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  • IMPROVE IMMUNITY! Guided Meditation To Effectively Address A Wide Range of Issues! A Key To Better Health Is a Strong Efficient Mind!  We live in Covid times! Stay Fit! Get Healthy! Mind Body Spirit!


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    I will guide you to relax and let go of your stress. Slowly you will be able to heal yourself. If you have any past trauma...

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  • Learn to Practice meditation techniques and breathing exercises (Pranayama) for a healthy mind and body



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    I base my classes on the concept of mind body connection and how everything that we do with our mind affects our body and...

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  • Relaxation is the most important key for a healthy body and mind.



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    the body is connected to each other if the soul is disturbed there will be a huge imbalance in the body so I work on the...

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  • Yoga therapy for weight loss. Get rid of stubborn fat and be in a beautiful shape.



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    I work according to body condition, working on the cause...like obesity is not a cause, the cause is something else, hormone...

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  • Anger is one letter shorter than Danger if not controlled will put you in the most dangerous situation.



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    My approach is pretty simple, I give practical steps/techniques on whatever is being taught by me. I generally teach simple...

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  • Graphologist level 1. I teach handwriting and signature analysis in easy way.



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    My teaching method is by starting with the theoretical aspect leading it towards the practical approach. With simple...

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  • I am yoga teacher and I am giving my classes to my foreign students



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    Keep Yourself Balanced. ... Demonstrate and Explain in Detail. Incorporate the Art of Breathing. Design Your Class...

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  • Learn Scientific Handwriting - improve your personality and character | Get your handwriting analyzed for free in the first class and learn about the improvements you can make in your life.



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    The first thing I do is analyze your handwriting and understand you from a subconscious level. Only then can I give you...

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  • The goal of meditation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions The goal is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn how to move through them without getting stuck. Let's Meditate



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    Meditation is NOT restricted to any particular age group. This can be practice by anyone who is breathing. We will...

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  • Meditation is the food for soul. from sound to silence is meditation. from movement to stillness meditation.



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    We'll learn to Meditate Effortlessly. With Help of Easy, Practical Tools and Techniques. We'll Learn what is Meditation...

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  • Certified international yoga Trainer || online and offline classes for individuals and groups.



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    Each session is going to be of an hour. The personal training sessions are Designed as per student's requirements. The one...

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    • 30mins free
  • I give  tips & secrets on how to heal or just how to create a more wholesome life. Learn meditation and holistic healing methods, nutrition & herbalism to solve any problem in your life and stay happy


    New Delhi

    5 (34 reviews)

    I created this account so that I can share my knowledge & interests with you. For the longest time I've been...

    • 10,000/h