The revolution brought by the internet and smart digital devices has changed our lives in so many ways. Whatever you want is right within the reach with the smart device in your hand, even learning and teaching. Yes, the technological revolution that started with connecting friends and family through social media platforms can now connect students and teachers through online tutoring jobs.

Today, on one end teachers have the feasibility of conveying their knowledge or skill by sitting at home and on the other, students can also learn at the comfort of their own homes. A few years ago, doing online classes was an alien idea to most of the people in India. This is because of our attachment to our roots where teaching in person was much more preferred. But with the increase in demand for online tutor jobs, this scenario has completely changed with more and more people enrolling themselves in digital courses.

Let us go through on some of the things that we can learn easily with the help of online courses.

Online education is a gift from digital world
The “e-learning” platform has completely changed the face of the textbook learning process. Source:

Learn And Teach Foreign Languages

There are two most appealing reasons for learning a foreign language. First, you have always been curious about learning the popular languages in the world and second, you are aware of the fact that a multilingual person is highly preferred by employers around the world. Whatever your call is, you can enhance your language proficiency with the help of online courses. The most commonly demanded languages are:

Spoken English

English is a global language and its dominance in the world is undeniable. Although in India, English has become a medium of education and there are many who can speak it, there are also thousands of people who cannot speak the language fluently. Since it is the only common medium of communication in the business arena, the demand for English second language is pretty high in the market. With an online tutor, you can learn the language as well as teach it if you possess the proficiency in it.

Learning French

With over 300 million fluent speakers around the world, French is declared as the official language in 29 countries. This itself justifies the fact that French is one of the most popular languages in the world. If you know the language well, you can take up a tutoring job online and become a French language teacher. Alternatively, if you are willing to learn it, you can avail online classes for learning from the best teachers.

Standard German

After French, the foreign language which is most demanded in the world market is German (with 49% of businesses identifying it). It is also the fourth most spoken language in the world which is why the number of German speakers is increasing significantly. Although there are renowned institutes which provide German classes across India, it might not be affordable for everyone to take up courses in any of these. So, taking online classes can help you from burning a hole in your pocket.

Spoken Spanish

Spanish is the third most spoken language with over 483 million speakers all around the world. You can search for tutor salaries that are provided to online tutors. If you know the language, you can also work as a teacher-in-training by availing online teaching jobs. As an eager learner, you can search Spanish degreed professors to individuals who are fresh from their own studies and therefore, are much more versed with the language mechanisms.

Learn Italian

Everyone who loves Europe has a special place in their heart for the Italian language. The second most spoken European language, Italian is also termed as the language of music. You would be amazed to know that there are many native Italian speakers who provide online classes and learning from them is no less than a privilege. People who have completed their language training weeks ago can also apply for online tutor jobs and easily enjoy work home. 

Learning foreign languages online is now easy
Online language learning process is a convenient option for getting a tight grasp over popular languages. Source:

Use The Digital Platform For Teaching Academic Subjects

The evolution of education from physical classrooms to virtual online classes started with academics. Online classes were commenced with the idea of helping students with their homework and doubts that arise during home studies and to simplify the tutoring process. From school to university level, you can teach every subject through tutoring jobs. By using the right online platform, you can provide:

School-level Tutoring

  • Maths Group: You can easily tutor online for algebra, calculus, arithmetic, geometry as well as trigonometry.
  • Science Group: No matter if you are a masters or PhD level science student or an experienced science teacher, you can give physics, chemistry and biology classes to school students.
  • Literature Group: English, History, Hindi and other vernacular subjects can also be taught online.

College-level Tutoring

  • Engineering Subjects: With the vast number of students engaged in the engineering field, there is remote work available for teachers and ex-students who can teach all these aspirants through online teaching portals.
  • Humanities: There are many students who are pursuing their career in humanities and literature but might fail to find a good tuition teacher in their locality. All these students would love to learn through online classes.
  • Statistics: It is a huge subject for which open jobs are available online.
  • MBA/CA subjects: Business school subjects also cover a large number of aspirants who are willing to learn from the best tutors in their city.

Competitive Exams Preparation

The craze of government jobs in India is as high as the number of people who are experts in competitive exams subjects but do not get the right platform to teach. They can also find students to discussing popular question-answer that are likely to come in exams.

Online class
Turn your digital device into a virtual classroom. Source:

Give Your Kitchen Skills A New Platform

There is no denying the fact that the right opportunities tend to miss a lot many doors and do not reach every person who has the quality to take advantage of those. This scenario is slowly changing as the world of online jobs is expanding with each passing day.

There are so many households with individuals who have inexplicable cooking skills whether it be mother, father or any other member of the family. The question is, how many of them get the right platform to showcase their talent?

We all have a talented cook in our homes who do not get the identity of a chef because their skills are confined to their own kitchen. Through online classes, one can make their own identity as a cooking teacher. There are thousands of ladies who are tired of serving the regular menu and wish to please their family members with authentic dishes. So whether you are an enhanced cook or you wish to be one, in both the scenarios online cooking class is the doorway to fulfilling your wish.

Use Your Hobby To Earn Money

Did you ever think that you can take your hobbies to an online platform and from teaching jobs that are available in India? In countries like England, the skill of musical instruments is taken as online tutoring subjects for a long time now. Well, there are many people who do not have any idea of work available online for guitarists, singers, harmonium and piano players, photographers, yoga trainers and dancers as well. Many people learn all these skills out of hobby but today with Superprof you can use your expertise in these fields to earn money and save job.

Learn Yoga online
Get yourself into the fit shape you always desired with online yoga classes. Source:

Superprof is a renowned online platform which has successfully offered thousands of online jobs to many teachers and tutors across the country. There are plenty of students who find their online tutors through Superprof website and if you make your teacher profile on that site, you can easily get students who take interest in your skill or knowledge. With the easy filters available, students can easily find a profile of their choice and the stronger you build your account the more you are likely to get contacts. This process is convenient as well as reliable from both the ends which makes it a feasible option for providing/availing online classes.

This entire discussion brings us to the conclusion that online classes are not only for school or college students who are engaged in their academic courses. Neither the opportunity of jobs open in India is confined to physical institutes and nor are you bound to go through hectic interview rounds for earning money. Out of the numerous benefits of online classes, the best is that you can earn money even if you are still a student because the wide range of categorisation allows almost every capable individual to utilise his intelligence. As the famous saying states, “If you are good at something, never do it for free”. So, use your talent in whichever form it is to aspire the youth to enhance themselves and learn something new.

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