There is no doubt about the fact that online education has become a mainstream learning platform for students across India. Millions of students are finding this new change very comfortable and convenient. From primary school children to adults, almost every individual is reaping its benefits. This is why more and more private tutors are taking this window for expanding their tutoring business.

However, there are always two sides to a coin. The world of the internet is capable of diverting young minds very easily. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to teach the students how to safely use the world wide web and interact with others during online tutoring.

Internet safety is a whole subject in itself that must be taught to every individual so that they are not diverted while pursuing online courses. Let us have a look at all the aspects of online safety and how it is helpful.

Follow security measures
Internet security is very important for securing the privacy of every individual. Source:

How Can Online Home Tutors Ensure Child Safety?

The online classroom is set on a virtual world that is prone to vulnerabilities. Although children are very smart these days and probably they know more about operating computers than many adults, they are incapable of identifying threats and signals of miscommunications. So, you should provide a lesson free of cost on online safety.

Teach The Concept Of Online Privacy

Most of the students do not understand the consequences of letting out their personal information on online platforms. Although most of the educational websites are verified, there are plenty of sites that are not. Also, you must teach them the difference between social media platforms and official online tutoring platforms. The amount of information that they provide on these sites must be limited to the purpose. So, educate your students about the concept of online privacy and ask them to apply it.

Seek Parents Involvement For Minors

The online tutoring services are largely availed by minors aged between 6 and 13. The first thing you should implement in your classes is to seek the presence of parents during the class. Children of this age group are very fickle-minded and agile. They are more likely to search for new things on the internet rather than sitting still in front of the computer system. Thus, make it the duty of parents to ensure that their child is concentrating on his studies. Telling some motivational stories and real facts may also help them to understand the importance of their online lessons.

Do Not Use Personal Applications For Classes

Many home tutors are providing online classes as a freelancer. You may also be like one of them and build your career without working under a defined organization. However, neither you should take advantage of this liberty nor your students should be allowed to do so. Choose the right online platform like Skype. Google Meet, Google Classroom, etc. for conducting the classes. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. must not be used teaching through video calls, not even for sending assignments.

This will not only secure your privacy but also allow your students to understand the difference between professional and personal etiquettes. Moreover, explain your actions and educate them on why it is important to use the right platform.

Discuss The Cybercrime Laws In India 

Every country has its own set of laws against cybercrime activities. Ever since the social media platforms were used for illegal activities, the governments of every country had to intrude on eliminating this practice. In India, the Information Technology Act, 2000 was implemented to lay out the rules and regulations against any form of online nuisance. You have to inform your students about these laws so that neither they engage in any such acts nor they become a victim of the same.

A student writing notes
Children should be guided with the utmost care during the online learning process. Source:

Share Original ID Proofs

This might not seem like a prime consideration to many online tuition teachers, but it is very important for maintaining security guidelines. As soon as a student enrols for your classes, you should ask him to send the scanned copies of his ID proof and address proof. In the case of minors, ask their parents to do so. This would also help you in retrieving money from the students who fail to pay their fees on time. You would not be able to track down the students who live afar if you do not have their valid details. Conversely, you should also be comfortable in providing your documents if it is asked for.

The user-friendly interface of online websites has its pros and cons. While most of us tend to savour the benefits of the pros, the cons get neglected. As an educator, you should educate yourself and your students about both aspects.

Tips For Work From Home Jobs in India

The online tutoring business is emerging as one of the best work from home jobs. College students, homemakers, part-time job enthusiasts, retired individuals, etc. are all eligible to provide tutoring services if they possess the required knowledge, skills, and resources. It is one of the most convenient jobs that one can do from the comfort of their homes. To succeed in this field, you can follow the tips given below:

  • Maintain a fixed schedule of your classes. This is a very common downside of online tutoring that the teachers tend to become very flexible with their schedules. This does not show proper work virtue and can leave a bad impression on students.
  • Organize a dedicated workspace where you can sit in silence for conducting classes. Offices have a natural work environment where people maintain sophistication in the ambience. The homely atmosphere is not ideal for working but it can be made good enough.
  • Refrain from involving yourself personally with the students. There is a thin line between being friendly and being a friend. Understand that difference and work accordingly. For instance, if you are working as an online English tutor, you should explain the chapters in a friendly manner but do not engage in personal conversations that lead you somewhere else.
  • Make time for personal commitments. Yes, sometimes home tutors get carried away with the workflow which causes an imbalance in their personal lives. This can create mental pressure in the long run which is not good for your online tutoring job. So, try to maintain a balance from the very first day.
  • Do not become irregular in the class and maintain punctuality. As an educator and host of the class, you should be present 5minutes earlier than the defined time to your students.

Following these simple tips can help you take off the workload and be more productive in the online tutoring business.

Online session
Channelize your talent and passion into making money from online tutor jobs. Source:

The Popularity of Online Teaching Jobs

 The online education industry is growing rapidly given the present scenario has made the world comfortable with its nature. Not only the demand for only courses has increased, but there are also hundreds of companies that are offering tutoring services. The demand for online teaching jobs is pacing faster than ever before. This is why it would not be a bad decision for you to take up the job that suits your area of expertise and start working on it. You can either start working under some organization or you may also commence your own online tutoring private classes.

For starting your own tutoring business on the online platform, you may take the help of Superprof. It is reigning in the world of online tutoring services from the U.K to India. The company works as a networking channel to connect the students in need with the teachers in service. The company has no role to play in providing the classes; it just allows you to take command of your classes by interacting with the students. This is the best thing about Superprof that it offers liberty and good service both. So, you can give a swift start to your career with this platform for sure.

Is Online Tutoring Safe In India?

If you choose the right online platform for delivering your tutoring lessons, you do not have to dwell on the thought that is online tutoring safe in India? Nothing in this world is out of harm’s way.

An online session
Online tutoring jobs can turn out to be one of the safest professions if safety guidelines are followed intently. Source:

The gun that can save you from danger is also capable of taking your own life if not fired properly. Thus, it all depends on the way of conduct of every person. By following the safety guidelines mentioned above, you can do tutoring jobs online. The slightest of ambiguous risks can be eliminated if both the parties involved in the business strictly follow the rules. The fact that this business is growing so rapidly in India is proof of itself.

The best career opportunity lies in the industry which is flourishing and looks promising for prospects. The online education business is catering to the needs of millions of students and teachers around the world. The good news is that India is also embracing this new face of the education system. Thus, find your comfort and fuel your passion through the right platform.

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