If you are preparing for your final board exams of HSC chemistry. You need proper guidance regarding the method of studying for the examination. Now, there are many chapters in the HSC Chemistry syllabus of yours. There is no limit to their names but the very basic ones are introductory chemistry, balancing chemical reactions, types of reactions, history of chemistry, chemical equations, atomic structure. And not only this, there are many other topics that are a bit tricky to prepare in general. Hence, one needs a full proof plan to prepare for the chemistry exam. Find the syllabus of class 12 here

Frankly speaking, the subject has a lot of logic but the contents of the subject are a bit difficult to remember as they are so many. Now, it might be easy for some of you to remember everything as you have a brilliant mind. But, to lighten it a little bit, you need assistance. This is where the previous year’s papers come into play. The entire chemistry course can be covered easily if one practices these papers carefully. There are a lot of benefits of having a revision of previous years papers and those benefits will be highlighted in the article so stay focused.

Keys Benefits Of Previous Years Test Papers Of Class 12 Basic Chemistry

First off, if you need to get past the tough topics of HSC chemistry, you need to practice the previous year’s exam papers. Some of the topics that papers will help you in are electrochemistry, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, redox reaction, chemical kinetics and more. Know more about the most important topics of class 12 chemistry here. Let us study the benefits of the sample papers of previous years.

Offer A Brief Revision

Revision is the best way to prepare for an exam. Source: Freepik Credits: Aasha

During the year you study a lot of subjects like spectroscopy, elements of the periodic table, organic chemistry, atomic theory, and many others. These chapters seem to be interesting all year. But in the end, as the length and quantity of syllabus are more. It becomes a bit tough for you to cover all of them in a short period of time. I can’t speak about those who haven’t followed anything the whole year. But, for those who have studied and carried their revision of the chapters a whole year. In the end, you all can refer to the previous year’s papers for a quick revision. The key benefit of this is that you won’t have to study all the chapters again from the inception. You can just target on major sections of those chapters.

Learn Pattern Of The Exam

What if you knew everything that would be coming in the examination? It would be great right. Though it is not possible, one thing about the sample papers is sure that one gets a brief idea about the pattern of the examination. Now, the term pattern includes various things like the number of questions in the examination. Plus the topics that would be having more weightage in the exams and more. The topics that have high weightage in HSC chemistry are organic chemistry, solid-state, electrochemistry, biomolecules, and others. 

Along with the weightage of marks in the exams, one should also be aware of the number of questions of each chapter. All this information is pretty critical for your preparation. It helps you in building a strategy for attempting the exam.

Time Management

HSC Chemistry
Managing the time is necessary for the preparation of an exam. Source: Freepik, Credits: drobotdean

It is the most crucial element of the examination. And when it comes to chemistry, it becomes more critical. And the funny thing is that if you have a good preparation strategy of attempting the HSC chemistry exam but no time management. You may not be able to do it properly. On the other hand, with sufficient practice of test papers and time management, you will rock it. The important thing here is that when you start attempting the HSC chemistry papers, you get a hold on the time that you need to invest in each question. Which makes it easier to manage time.

Some of the sections of the exam that have high marks weightage require sufficient time. This can only be learned by those who have attempted the test papers.

Recognition Of Weak Spots

Apart from everything else, the best benefit of practicing previous year exams is this one. When you learn the chapter whether it is related to solubility, enthalpy, molecular structure, ionization, entropy, or any other. You may not know what you are missing from the syllabus. This will not only disrupt your exam practice but may also ruin your exam. On the other hand, if you have been practicing the papers of previous years. You will get to know the section where you lack in chemistry. This helps you in working on that specific section for your final examination. The overall benefit of practicing papers is to maintain a flow while attempting the paper.

Attain Perfection

It is pretty obvious that if you out yourself to an ideal, you become someone else entirely. The same is the case with practicing previous years papers. With constant practice, it is possible that every question in the subject may have been attempted by you. You may not remember the answer to that but you will surely remember the way it is done. Hence, if you have enough practice of the previous year papers of chemistry. You will surely be able to attain perfection in attempting your final exams. It will, in turn, help you in getting high and better grades.

Where To Get The Papers For HSC Chemistry Exam?

hsc chemistry syllabus
Finding sample papers is easier on the internet. Source: Unsplash Credits: Rio Vagera

As we have discussed almost all the benefits of practicing previous years papers of HSC chemistry. It is time to take a look at some of the chief sources of getting hands on the previous year’s papers of class 12 chemistry. As we know that the central board of the Indian education system is CBSE, it is best to go for their website for finding the exam papers. This is because they will be authentic and trustworthy. On the other hand, the availability chances of the papers will be the highest on the CBSE website. Study here the ways to revise your class 12 chemistry syllabus.

On the official website, you will get everything related to the exam such as the official exam date, study material, previous years papers and more. Hence, it is best to get the papers from the official board website.

Third-Party Websites

Apart from this, there is another option by which you can get previous year papers. There are various third party websites on the internet that have previous years papers for practice. And not only this, there will be chapter and topic related papers also for practice on those websites. You need to be careful with such sites as they can be fraudulent. But not all of them are the same, some of the websites like Vedantu, Byju, and others are authority sites. These sites offer you a lot more than previous year papers, you can even take an online course from these sites.

Offline Books And Guides

Now, this is also a way to get the previous year papers. The only thing that is bitter in this method is that you have to pay for the papers. Every year, practice books and guides are printed to help students get the necessary material for exam preparation. So, unlike those who have internet connectivity, you want to get good grades in your HSC chemistry exam, you can opt for this option. But you have to pay for that.  Check how to get brilliant marks in your chemistry exam

Superprof And HSC Chemistry

Sample papers and previous year papers are one of the best ways to prepare for your exam. All the important topics of the subjects are revised in papers like Theoretical Chemistry, Molecular geometry, periodic trends, and others. Also, they give you a brief idea about what you will be up against in your final exam.

Along with the use of samples and previous year papers for exam preparation, the presence of a good tutor is also necessary. And with Superprof, you can get one.

Superprof is a tutoring platform that offers a plethora of tutors to the students looking for them. The platform though requires free registration from the students and teachers. And when it is done, you as a student can look for tutors not only for HSC chemistry lessons but also for other subjects. The main perk of getting a tutor from Superprof is that you can choose as per your budget and by checking the performance of the tutor so far. If in any case, you are not satisfied with the tutoring technique of the tutor, you can switch tutor. And to know if the tutor is right for you or not, you can opt for a free first class with the tutor. Another great benefit of the Superprof platform is that you can get tutors for private tutoring. This means that you get the utmost attention of the tutor while studying that will help you succeed in the examination.

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