As technology has grown at a rapid pace in the last few years, most of the devices that we use have completely transformed both in size and functionality. For instance, your phone. No one would have imagined a phone like Apple 11 or One Plus 7 with a curved edge. Other than that, no one imagined that there would be a fingerprint lock in the future. The same is the case with other devices like computers.

As the technology evolved, the bulky computer screen turned into LCD, windows improved, and desktops became laptops with internal memory, SSD, Ram, cores, graphics, and whatnot. In short, computers like desktops became portable in the form of laptops. Though laptops have taken over the market more than desktops, some people still prefer desktops.

If you are in the confusion of choosing between a laptop and desktop computer hardware, then this article is meant for you. In the coming section, we will take a closer look at some of the advantages of laptops and desktop products along with their cons. Hence, by the end of the article, you will know which one is best for you and of which brand. Let’s begin!

The Desktop Computer

Let us discuss the desktop computer type first. Now, no matter which computer it is, the core thing that matters is the performance of it. And if we talk about performance, that depends on various factors that the computer offers like core, ram, graphics, memory, processor speed, battery backup, storage, and more.

Man using a desktop computer, Source: Pixabay

If you have the required factors in your PC, the performance of your desktop PC will be off the charts. Now, the performance of the desktop can also vary based on the type of usage.

If you are using your desktop for gaming, it needs to have powerful graphics from Geforce, AMD, NVIDIA, RYZEN, or Intel. Moreover, it is also important to have high SSD storage or RAM memory to keep your desktop fast. For a better experience of your favorite game, you should pack your desktop with a big screen (inch wise), more GHz, and a powerful next-gen processor. Most of the tech giants like AMD, Intel, Huawei, and Dell produce high-end device parts for optimum performance.

This was all about the features of the desktop computer like SSD, core, speed, graphics, storage, RAM, etc. Now, there are many advantages of having a desktop computer like:


The very best thing that the desktop computer has is its modularity. If you are a professional at assembling your desktop, it will come in handy. Most of the parts inside the CPU like the processor chip, RAM, SSD (if any), Graphics card, display, storage, etc. of your desktop can be disassembled easily and replaced with the powerful ones with high performance.

So, it gives you a chance to upgrade your desktop as per your preference; you can add a big screen with an FHD display, powerful graphics card from NVIDIA, RYZEN, Geforce, AMD, Asus. You can even get a new motherboard with a new high-performance next-gen processor.

On the other hand, if you have an Apple desktop computer like the Mac, it is not advised to disassemble it yourself as you may lose warranty and, of course, due to its high price. In the case of Apple Mac desktop computer products, it is best if you consult an official Apple professional for help.

So, in a nutshell, the key factor about desktop products that can overpower a laptop is its modularity.


The second key feature that we can compare with the between the laptop and desktop is safety. And the desktop offers better safety as compared to a laptop. As your desktop will not move, unlike your laptop from place to place, it will have fewer chances of getting damaged. This makes it less vulnerable to damage and more secure.

Desktop Computer Price

The third factor or advantage of the desktop PC is the price. As compared to the laptop, whether it is Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Apple, Microsoft, or Huawei, the desktop computer is cost-effective. It is almost 20-30% less price as compared to the laptop. Hence, the desktop has the upper hand in case of price with performance.

The Laptop Computer

Now, let’s take a look at the portable version of the computer, the Laptop. First off, if you have a laptop, you have the freedom to go anywhere. And if we take a look at the brands, there are many in the market like Dell, Lenovo, Apple (Macbook, Macbook Pro), Huawei, Asus, and many more. If you go further into the features of the laptops, there are many of them that you can compare and buy. Know why Mac products are better!

You can choose the best laptop for yourself based on features like RAM, SSD, battery power, processor gen, graphics, screen size, display (FHD, UHD, etc.), speed (core, GHz), and more. Just like the desktop, the type of task you want to do defines the type of laptop you need.

Laptop computer, Source: Pixabay

If you are more into gaming, you can go for high-performance laptops that have high RAM, processor speed, SSD storage, powerful graphics (NVIDIA, RYZEN), longer battery life, more inch of screen, high-resolution display, etc. Yes, the price of such laptops will be high as they will offer you the best performance.

On the other hand, if you have light tasks to do on your laptop, you can buy the one with a low configuration. If we talk about specific laptops with long-lasting performance and power, you can go for Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro, Lenovo Ideapad, Asus Zenbook, Alienware, Microsoft Surface, and many more. These laptops will provide high GHz of speed along with awesome built quality.

Here are some of the pros of laptop computers products over desktops:


The key factor in comparing between a laptop and a desktop is the portability. You can easily carry a laptop anywhere you want, unlike the desktop that can only sit at your home in one place. This factor can be affected by the battery life feature, but if you are planning to take the laptop out for use, you need to get it charged beforehand.

Ease of use

The portability feature comes with a lot of more benefits, as you can easily use it anywhere. No need to check for power availability, and most of all, the bootup time gets reduced by a significant duration. Besides, the laptop cannot be upgraded as easily as the desktop. You cannot add graphics cards like NVIDIA, Geforce, AMD, Ryzen, Ram, Internal SSD, processor, or any other element. If you want to upgrade, you need to get a new laptop, and that will cost you more money.

Integrated and Lightweight

The coolest thing about laptop computer products is their small size. As all the essential elements like SSD, Ram, Graphics card, storage, battery, and processor are integrated into a single compact unit, it is extremely easy to use and carry. Most of the laptops that launch these days are lightweight, so that’s another factor that puts laptops above the desktop.

Best reasons to opt for a windows computer!

Laptop Price

The price of the laptop is more as compared to the desktop. But, it should not be an issue if you like convenience and portability in your hands.

Laptop Vs. Desktop

Here is the perfect answer to your question:

  • If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you must be staying at home most of the time. In this scenario, nothing is better for you than a desktop. Moreover, with a desktop at home, you can configure it as per your preference. You can modify its Ram, SSD, screen size (display, FHD, UHD), processor (GHz, gen, core), storage, graphics (RYZEN, NVIDIA, AMD, GEFORCE), etc. You will have a lot of choices for modifications. In short, you can go for a desktop PC for this scenario.
  • If you are one of those corporate professionals and spend most of your time outside your home, it is best for you to get a laptop. Go for Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro, Microsoft Surface, Asus Zenbook, Lenovo Ideapad, or any other. There are a number of choices based on features like battery life, price, display size (inch) and resolution (FHD, UHD), processor (GHz, core, gen), and many others. Hence, for working professionals, it is best to opt for a laptop.

Desktop and Laptop Price in India

A computer with debit cards, Source: Pixabay

Well, to be absolutely fair, if you will go on to design your own desktop for gaming purposes, it will cost you around 40-50k INR. The price may vary based on the specifications you need like processor speed, graphics, Ram, SSD, storage, type and brand of equipment or device, etc.

On the other hand, the price of a laptop may vary based on the same characteristics. The price range of laptops in India can vary from 20k-100k INR. It can also go beyond that if you plan on buying Apple products like Macbook or Macbook Pro. Know in detail about the cost of computers

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