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There was a time when online class was a taboo in the Indian society and people were very suspicious about its effectiveness. This is the reason that there was no such awareness about the existence of online teaching jobs. However, there is always a good reason behind the success of every new innovation or trend just like there is in this case. The Covid-19 pandemic has inclined every student to continue their study courses through online classes in order to follow social distancing.

This inclination is not only in India but all around the world as almost every country is trying to cope up with the inevitable changes that this pandemic has brought in our lives. So today, every physical classroom is turned into a virtual one where teachers are providing lessons through online platforms. Online teaching is the new face of the education system now that people have become very much friendly with its process.

Let us know more about the advantages of online teaching jobs and its feasibility.

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What Are The Benefits Of Online Teaching Jobs in India?

Since taking an online class is a very new teaching routine for most of the teachers and tutors, a very common question that arises in the fraternity is - what are the benefits of online teaching jobs in India?

The answer to this question includes a lot of items on the list as there are several advantages of online classes to the teachers and tutors who offer their services through this platform.

Vast Exposure

The offline teaching arena for every individual has a limited window. For teachers who work through schools or colleges are limited to one organisation at a time whereas the home tutors are confined to their localities. However, the online classroom is not confined geographically and gives a vast exposure to teachers who can teach students from different towns, cities and states. So, if you are good at spoken English, you can teach English online to students all around the country.

Utilisation Of Time

School hours and physical tuition class hours are limited to certain standard time-slots. Schools run during the predefined morning-evening period whereas the tutors need to set class timings depending upon the travelling convenience for all the students. The time management is made simpler and easier through online classes as tutors can take evening and night classes too. This enables proper utilization of time also because neither the students nor the teachers have to waste any time in travelling for making a physical appearance in the class.

Convenience And Comfort

Online classes enable you to take classes at the comfort of your home which is much more convenient than travelling to some other place whether it be a school or students’ home. Just by sitting in your comfortable space, you can take classes and teach your students through online tutoring jobs.

Hassle-free Process

Online classes eliminate travelling hassles and other hurdles that might arise in physical classes. For instance, heavy rain, a local strike, or a bad health condition can either prevent you from taking a class or make it a difficult and tiresome process. None of these creates a problem in the online teaching process.

Zero Administrative Pressure

As an online teacher, you work from your home or personal workspace which saves you from being surrounded by colleagues and contemporaries. Office environment creates an inevitable administrative pressure under which you have to conduct yourself in a very sophisticated manner. This pressure can be easily avoided if you teach online by taking up any featured job online that suits your skills and knowledge.

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Online classes eliminate the possibilities and pressure of being late for a class. Source:

No Geographical Limitation

Your knowledge and skill can never get restricted within the geographical boundaries of a particular organisation or a city if your teaching platform is set on an online portal. The internet is the largest gateway that connects people living in different cities as well as countries. So, even if you are a native English speaker, you can teach in any city or country other than yours.

Satisfactory Professional Experience

Most of the online tutors and teachers work as a freelancer under no defined branch of management. This means you can choose your own week hours and time of teaching. There is no higher authority upon you to give commands or instructions, which makes it one of the most desirable professional satisfaction sought by every working individual.

Variety Of Teaching Options

Suppose you are primarily indulged in an English teaching job but you also have enhanced singing skills. You can use the online teaching platform for teaching both the genres simultaneously. You can teach singing aspirants as well as English learners by efficiently dividing your class slots.

Fame In The Fraternity

Taking up an online teaching job means your profile would be exposed to digital media. There are plenty of examples of teachers or skilled individuals who made it big through online platforms. These people hold fame in the teaching fraternity as the vast exposure allows them to reach out to students in different cities. If you take successful classes, you would be able to build fame in your line of work.

Types Of Online Teaching Process

The online teaching process can be categorised into two different types:

Synchronous Classes

Synchronous means an action or activity that exists or occurs at the same time. These classes are taken when both the entities involved in the process, that is, you and your student are supposed to be online at the same time. This process is conducted through online video calling where both of you are visible to one another. Synchronous classes are interactive, fun and very engaging which is why students prefer doing these classes.

Asynchronous Classes

Asynchronous is the exact opposite of synchronous classes which means these classes do not require the presence of both the parties at the same time. To make an easy reference, you can call these recorded classes wherein you record your lesson of the day and upload it on the concerned site and your student would do that class when he comes online. Although there are certain online platforms that promote this process, you should know that there are certain limitations to this which must be kept in mind.

Establish A Strong Teacher-student Bond

A physical classroom environment is very formal and sophisticated as the institutes expect a certain way of behaviour from you as well as your students. You simply cannot skip main content and conduct a friendly interactive session because there is an aura you need to maintain in schools and colleges. Also, the number of students involved in a physical class is much higher than that involved in an online class which is also a considerable factor. On the other hand, online classes are much of a personal setting which would enable students to be relaxed and comfortable with you. Therefore, you can establish a strong bond with them and become their friend as well as guarding force during their educational venture.

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Enjoy a fun and interactive learning process through the e-learning platform. Source:

Take A Break From Traditional Teaching

The stereotypical traditional teaching process can be given a new face with improved and advanced methods of teaching that are implemented through online classes. No more chalk and blackboards, piles of copies that need to be signed and chaos of a packed-up class. The online platform is digitalized to the extent that you do not need a pen and paper.

Assignments and homework can be done through MS Office and other online applications that are available in the market. Your teaching process can be modified and evolved as per your creativity as you would enjoy complete command over the way you wish to conduct the classes. Students also get to relieve themselves from the tension that forms up in a physical classroom and can perform without the fear.

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Parents can also monitor their child’s learning process and academic growth as he/she attends online classes in their presence. Source:

Benefits of online teaching jobs far outweigh the liabilities and one can completely rely upon the process and pattern. Superprof is one such reliable platform which is a hub of online teaching opportunities and online jobs for students as well. With the number of featured jobs online, you can make a profile under the teacher category and the site would display your profile to the students who search for subject and locality preference that matches with yours. Superprof enables you to work as a freelance teacher of any subject or skill that you are good at. With a successful record of millions of happy clients, Superprof can definitely be life-changing for you as well. All you need to do is make an attractive profile on the website and your part of the job is done. Superprof will inform you if any enquiries are made on your profile. Boost your career by choosing the right platform for conducting your online classes.

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