Remember the time when online shopping sounded crazy? Well, we have come a long way from online shopping to online teaching and learning. Today, teachers and home tutors are providing online lessons through various e-learning platforms that are available in the market. These platforms also enable students to pursue distance learning programs and an online course. Also, many high school students who wish to earn some pocket money by doing any kind of part-time jobs can take up to this platform and work as private tutors.

One can teach almost everything through online lesson like the English language, academic subjects, singing, dancing, musical instruments, yoga, etc. Home tutors can get online jobs in any of these lines of work and earn a good amount of money as well as professional satisfaction. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are certain resources and skills that are required for you to become an online tutor. You need to be active online constantly during your defined working hours in order to successfully conduct the classes.

Requirement of an online class
A laptop/desktop powered by Windows 8 or Windows 10 is a sufficiently capable device for online classes. Source:

Pool The Resources For Taking Online Classes

Your digital devices will form the virtual classroom in which you would conduct the class. Any malfunctioning device or poor internet connection can create chaos in the teaching process. After all, continuous disturbance and glitches can irritate the students as well as divert their concentration. As a teacher, the responsibility of providing a healthy online environment falls upon you. There are certain general factors that must be taken care of during class hours.

Digital Devices

The devices that you need to conduct an online class are:

  • Desktop/laptop - For conducting online classes, you must have a well-functioning computer system. You do not need a highly configured device for streaming online. As long as your device is in a decent working condition, you are good to go.
  • Webcam - If you have a desktop at your place, you need to avail a webcam to be virtually visible during the classes. Laptops and other modern devices have inbuilt cameras so you do not need one in this case.
  • Headphones/microphone - Although laptops have inbuilt speakers and microphones, the quality of them might be questionable. It is always better to use a good quality headphone with a telescopic mic.

Remember, the effectiveness of an online class largely depends on the quality of communication. So, you would not want to make a compromise in the quality of the headphones you use.

  • High-Speed internet - Whether you use a wireless connection, a broadband link or a fibre optic connection, the speed of the internet must be around 2-3 Mbps. This is the ideal internet speed for conducting online classes. Your students will lose interest in the classes if there are constant network failures.

Application And Software

As the general protocol, it is the sole responsibility of a teacher to select the right platform or application for conducting the class. However, if you work as a freelance online tutor you must choose the right online platform. There are over 200 applications that facilitate online classes. Two of the most commonly used applications are Skype and Zoom which have the facility of screen sharing.

However, these apps do not have an inbuilt recorder which counts as a big drawback. So, you can choose a platform like Google Meet, Dropbox, Sky Drive, Team Drive, Wuala, Cloud Me, etc. These applications facilitate file sharing, class recording and stream video free of cost. This way your students can also watch recording sessions for revision even after the class is over. It would improve students’ performance and your goodwill in the fraternity.

A Calm Environment

Chaos and learning can never go hand-in-hand as the process requires a lot of concentration. Especially during online learning as you would not be physically present with your students. Therefore, it is also important for you to arrange a space in your home which is calm and quiet. A bit of noise can create disturbance in online audio which might not favour your class reputation.

Online learning
The computer system is just like a virtual classroom wherein online classes are conducted. Source:

Online Tutoring Service Providers

The boost in the demand of online teachers and tutors has consequently increased the number of companies who are providing online courses. Like the hike in demand for fluent English speakers induced many online tutoring service providers to offer online English courses. For starting your online tutoring venture, you can contact:

Private Tutoring Agencies

There are various tutoring agencies which provide English language courses, foreign language courses, academic courses, etc. Many of these facilitators have embraced the massive open opportunity of online classes. They hire teachers and tutors who can use their own resources to provide classes to the students who will be allotted by them.

E-learning Websites

Ever since India accepted e-learning with open arms, the market of e-learning websites has seen immense growth. With advanced features and attractive options for students, these website owners are leaving no stone unturned to make a mark in the education sector. If you are pleased with any of these platforms, you can apply under the category of home tutors.

Other Online Platforms

There are very few selected names in this arena who facilitate online classes in a very different way. Among these, one of the most renowned names is Superprof which acts as the connecting agent in the e-learning industry. There are many students who keep looking for online home tutors for not only academics but other skills and art forms. Superprof has set a platform where every enhanced individual can get students who are willing to learn.

Suppose you create your profile on the website to offer online English courses in Bengaluru. Now, whenever a student searches for English teachers, your profile would appear as a potential choice. Then if selected, you can choose your preferred medium for providing online classes to the student. This makes the entire process very simple and straight.

You can learn to play harmonium online
Teach how to play the harmonium by choosing the right online platform. Source:

Challenges Of Online Teaching

The idea of online classes is convincing. A lot of people start thinking that conducting online classes is as simple as blowing a candle. Well, every work requires dedication and hard work and so does online tutoring. Taking private lessons online has numerous benefits but there are certain challenges that you would face during the process.

  • First, you have to keep immense patience because sitting at one place in front of a computer can be tiresome. It not only stresses your eyes but can also make your body stiff.
  • Second, if you are camera conscious then you would find it difficult to represent yourself confidently during the classes. This is a very common issue and can be overcome with prior practice.
  • Third, you would need to be a much more active listener besides a confident speaker. The physical presence of a teacher has a very strong impact on the students which is not possible through virtual classes. Therefore, you would need to get a better command over your speaking so that it sounds impactful.

Enjoy Professional Comfort And Independence

Professional comfort is something that is desired by all but received by only a few working individuals who are lucky enough to find the right opportunity. There are so many professionals who constantly struggle through office pressure and a tense work environment in the world. However, with online tutoring jobs, you can enjoy the comfort of your own company.

You can learn dancing via online class
Take your passion for dance to the right digital platform. Source:

Working from home has a lot of advantages. Also, you can teach your hobbies, your skills and anything that you are good at which keeps you connected with your passion. Whether you love playing Guitar or Tabla, singing or dancing, Science or English, all of these skills and knowledge can be taught through open online courses. You can even offer private online English courses and teach the aspirants who are willing to learn. Turn your passion into your profession and teach what you love while making money out of it.

Online teaching jobs require a very limited number of resources and a lot of patience and dedication. You cannot excel in your career in this arena if you do not constantly keep improving yourself. With a few basic digital tools you can set up a virtual classroom but its environment would be regulated by you. So, keep polishing your skills, keep learning and make all the possible efforts for becoming the best in your field.

The best part of online tutoring jobs is that it offers jobs even to students. The teacher-in-training category is for the individuals who are still pursuing their studies but have the knowledge to teach school-level children. This variation is not new and it is already making a large contribution to the growth of the online teaching sector in India. Besides, it is removing the financial burden of parents who are not very capable of providing for their child studying in higher-degree in university. By earning a bit of pocket money by giving part-time online tuition, these students are making full use of their time and effort.

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