One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. - Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

Mumbai is the city of glamour. Wherever you look, you will find gyms brimming with aspiring models, actors and bodybuilders. Thus it is of no surprise that you will get enough results on your search for nutritionists near me. Besides that, people these days take good care of their nutrition, health and weight irrespective of the career path they choose.

A health nutritionist can guide you the best regarding your food habits and address your disorders. We may not know but we often miss out on the important nutrients which later show up in the form of diseases. And then, we helplessly resort to supplements. The body finds it more difficult to absorb these supplements compared to natural food. Therefore, nature is the best way to go.

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Looking For Dieticians Near Me?

It is almost impossible for a layman to come up with an individualized diet chart. Of course, you can download one from Google but it will not be half as accurate as a dietician.

This is because a nutritionist is trained to take into consideration all significant factors like lifestyle, the kind of sports you play, sleeping pattern, food allergies, your nutritional needs, weight, BMI, etc. and only then chart up a plan that will suit your needs the best. If you were to forward the same to your friend, there is a high chance that it will not work as efficiently as it has for you.

Search for a nutritionist online
A nutritionist charts out the best food plan for you. Source: Women’s Health

Why a Nutrition Expert is Irreplaceable

A nutrition expert is irreplaceable in the field of nutrition as a physicist is in the field of physics. Since they have read and acquired extensive knowledge about the subject, they have cultivated the talent and practice of giving the best diet advice, nutritional therapy, weight loss, and sports nutrition diet plan.

Nutritionists are as Important as Doctors

Often a dietician is not considered as important as a doctor or personal trainer. People think that there is no more food than google. Why waste time and money on something that comes for free? That is where most people go wrong.

First of all, Google comes with very generic suggestions. We will try to understand this with the assistance of an example. Let's say Reeta is a 35-year-old woman who is lactose intolerant and has Thalassemia beta trait. She googles a diet that recommends foods rich in iron and milk as a source of calcium (as post 35, women need more calcium).

Since Reeta has lactose intolerance, she cannot have milk and this will disbalance the entire diet plan. A person with Thalassemia beta trait is not recommended to have large portions of iron-rich food. Now, this changes the entire scenario for Reeta. There is no way she can balance out the chart unless she has an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

A nutrition dietetics specialist can step up and balance out that chart for Reeta. This is why one cannot completely rely upon the online results that you derive from google searches.

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy is a way of detoxifying the body and treating certain diseases by using nutrient-rich foods that will help combat those illnesses. It is impossible to conduct therapy without a specialised nutritional therapist. They include functional medicine and healthy eating to help treat the patients.

Personal Trainers Cannot Replace Dieticians

People who are engaged in gym training at home, often consider their personal trainers equal to nutritionists. While it is true that they have some knowledge in the field but they cannot replace a nutritionist. They can give you a fair idea but never work as a substitute. Remember that their expertise lies in physical activities and what will keep your body fit and help you achieve your body goals.

Just as your dietician can recommend you certain activities and not train you, your trainer is also not equipped to replace your nutritionist. If trainers could replace nutritionists, no sports team would require a dietician.

Find best nutritionist in Mumbai
Nutritional therapy leads to weight loss and better health. Source: Synergy Health 360

How to Find the Best Nutritionists in Mumbai

There are several nutrition and dietetics colleges in Mumbai. Each year hundreds of nutritionists pass with valuable degrees. They go on taking up prestigious jobs in colleges, medical institutions, sports academies, gyms, etc. Some even conduct their personal practice. Thus, it is very easy to find a number of nutritionists in Mumbai.

There are several ways to look for one. Depending on what your needs are, you can speak to a nutritionist. One may either choose to make an appointment while some may want to have a dietician recommend and monitor their food habits. Let us go through the ways that might help you find the best nutritionist in the city.

Look in Hospitals

Some hospitals may have dietitians on their list of specialists. You can visit those clinics and make an appointment. However, the problem with such an arrangement lies in its timing and irregularities. The timing may not be according to your convenience and hence, you have to make a certain compromise. Secondly, Indian clinics are known to be lacking in punctuality. The nutritionist may arrive late or not come at all.

Look in Diagnostic Centres

Diagnostic centres often have doctors and nutritionists in their panel. Again, this solution comes with an inherent problem. These specialists recommend you a ton of tests to receive a commission from the diagnostic centres.

Search Online

You can simply search online by typing dieticians near me and you shall get a ton of results. One must, however, remember that these searches are auto-generated and no filters to recognise fraudulent content are applied. It means you may very well find a nutritionist whose degrees are not genuine. While it may not be the case every time, there are still chances of it.

Find nutrition courses here on Superprof.

Find a dietician in Mumbai
Your personal trainer cannot replace your dietician. Source: SELF Magazine

Thus, the best option is to ditch generic search and look for a website or platform that will ensure that your search is responded to by authentic results. Several sites apply technology to scan certificates and degrees to see if they are authentic or fake.

Some do not accept written degrees unless you give them a soft copy of the proof. Such sites are great for searching dieticians as you can compare and contrast the basic education qualification and pick the one that suits them best to your needs.

In Gyms

Several gyms claim to have dieticians for their members. While some really have qualified nutritionists to prepare food charts for individual members, some pass their trainers as nutritionists. While it is possible for a trainer to recommend healthy foods, only a professional dietician can come up with a diet plan that will suit your individual needs and conditions.

If you visit a gym that has a legitimate nutritionist, nothing like it! You need not look further but make sure that you have seen the credentials of the respective person. Do not trust pamphlets and big talk.

Search for a nutritionist online in Mumbai
When you look online for dieticians, make sure that you segregate the authentic ones from the fraudulent ones. Source: Nutrium

How Superprof Can Help You Find the Best Health Expert

Having a balanced diet is essential and a diet that works for one may not work with another person. Only a qualified nutritionist can come up with a diet that will work the best for an individual.

The entire world and its functions have gone online. Thus people find it extremely easy to look online for anything they need- be it a doctor’s appointment or a food parcel. Similarly, when we talk about getting a nutrition expert, the first thing that strikes us is to look online.

Now looking online means a variety of actions that you can choose from. You can either visit a site that has a list of nutritionists or straightaway type nutritionists near me in the search tab of your browser. The latter gives you a very haphazard list which makes it difficult for you to sort the best one. This leaves us with the option of a platform that has a list of dieticians with authentic credentials. Superprof is one such website.

Superprof allows you to get the best experts in the field. You can access their certificates and degree credentials and see for yourself if they are eligible for the purpose you have in mind. Moreover, there are several options to choose from. You need not restrict yourself to nutritionists in your city alone. This gives you a plethora of options and you can pick the best from a lot of bests.

With Superprof, you also get flexibility. If you have a busy schedule and find it difficult to allot time to visit your dietician, you can very conveniently conduct the meeting online. Finding a health expert who can understand your health and diet needs is hard to get but with Superprof, you have a chance at a healthy lifestyle once again.


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