Class 12th is considered as one of the most important classes of high school, and rightfully so. It is a board examination class and the marks of this class can determine the field you might have to choose in the future. So scoring good marks in your 12th standard is quite important for you. 

Particularly, chemistry is a very high scoring subject in 12th class, and if you work hard on this subject, it can raise your percentage of marks to a good extent. So in this article, we will study about making a fine curriculum for you to revise the topics of chemistry. It is essential for all the students to complete their syllabus at least 3 months prior to the examination. Check out the syllabus for class 12 chemistry

Then they can get sufficient time for them to revise and work on the topics they are struggling with. Making HSC chemistry notes is the best way to revise the topics as you do not need to spend all the time searching where to start and can directly work on the topics. Now let us begin with the article and have a comprehensive look at it. 

Why is it Important to make Chemistry Notes?

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Notes help you to study more effectively. Source: Freepik Credits: Mangostar

Chemistry is an interesting subject and the more you study about it, the more you want to explore it. When preparing for the HSC chemistry exam, it is important that you make proper notes of all the topics of the subject. Having notes can be beneficial in many different ways: 

  • A better understanding of the topic

Making HSC chemistry notes can be beneficial in a number of ways. The very first advantage of making notes is that you try to encapsulate the most important topics of a chapter in them. So when you are making those notes while studying the chapter, you will pay more attention to every concept so that the notes can be made in the right way.

  • Saves a decent amount of time for you

When you have made notes prior to the time you are studying the lesson for the first time, you can save time later. When the exams are near, you can just open your notebook and go through the notes that you have made. You will get knowledge of what is there on the topic and also will be able to revise the topics in the correct way. There would not be any need to refer the books again, especially for the theoretical part which will indeed save you a good time. 

  • Organizing the materials becomes easy

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    Organizing the study material is necessary. Source: Unsplash Credits: Delia

One biggest benefit of making the HSC chemistry notes is that you can find the topic that you need in just a minute. The syllabus for chemistry class 12 is complex and lengthy. When searching for a particular equation or a chemical reaction in a chapter, you might have to go through everything to find it out in a book. 

Once found, it takes more time to understand the terminology and equation used in the book. However, if you have notes with you, you can just find it in the easiest way and also just having a look at the topic, all the information you need will be there in your mind. Find the best way to revise all the chemistry syllabus.

  • Last-minute revision gets easier

We all know that last-minute revision is how helpful. Just before the exam, you can find all the students with their books and notebooks in their hands, trying to grasp more and more. If you have notes handy with you with various chemistry questions and chemistry lessons, then it will get a lot simpler for you. You can just see what are the most important topics you feel and in a minute you will get all the material related to it. 

Additional Revision Tips for you to Score Well in Your Final Examination

Practicing questions
Solve the same papers more than once to improve your chances of getting the answers right | Source: Lower Columbia College on Visual Hunt

The best tip you can get to score good marks is to make HSC chemistry notes. Having notes is really beneficial for every student, provided that they are making the notes themselves and not copying it. Copying the notes is of no help as you wouldn’t have written them yourself and when required, you will have to spend the same amount of time and effort to understand the concept. 

Notes are really helpful when learning topics such as the periodic table, general chemistry, thermodynamics, acids, and bases, atomic structure, etc. Other than the HSC chemistry notes, some other tips are given below that can help the student to obtain good marks: 

  • Concentrating on the topics that have higher weightage

The given topics are the most important chapters of chemistry and carry the most weightage in the final exam. 

  • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • p-Block Elements
  • d-and f-Block Elements
  • Solutions

You must master all these topics and certain topics that are under it, that can help you gain good marks in your exam. Check the weightage of various topics of class 12 chemistry. Topics that are important and must be revised before exams are chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, oxidation reduction, the nomenclature of elements, etc. 

  • Work with previous years question paper

One of the best things you can do for getting good marks is to work with the previous year’s question papers. Different chemistry questions can be found in workbooks and on the internet. They help you to make your concepts stronger so that you can work with all kinds of problems and numerical. By solving the previous year’s papers, you will understand the concept of the exam and will get a gest of how the paper will come.  Check the relevance of the previous year's sample papers.

  • Memorizing the formulas

When you study a chemistry course, you know the importance of formulas in the curriculum. Chemistry of class 12 is usually divided into 3 parts, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. In these topics, you will have to study the valence electrons, noble gases, different types of chemical compositions and most importantly periodic table of the elements. 

There are numerous chemical equation, ionic equation, etc. in chemistry class 12 which have hundreds of formulas in them. So, when preparing for the exam, it is important for you to know the formulas so that while balancing chemical equations and solving the problems, you do not find any difficulty. 

  • Get easy 10 marks with the last three chapters

The last three chapters in your chemistry book have a weightage of 10 marks and the topics can not be any simpler. Compared to the previous topics of the chemistry book such as different chemical elements, their compositions, and atomic structure, etc., these topics are simpler. 

The three chapters are Biomolecules, Chemistry in Everyday Life, and Polymers. All these chapters are easier and give you an easy option to score good marks. Study strategies should be made before you invest time in them and with a little study session and using your HSC chemistry notes, you can score some great marks. 

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