Under normal circumstances, for students in middle and high school, guidance from teachers is crucial in order to help them on a path of success for the duration of their student life. Additionally, there are always private tuitions at home to help each student with their homework and provide personalised coaching, helping them stay concentrated at home.

However, during this period of lockdown, private home tuitions are not possible anymore, as everyone has to remain home to not spread the virus. Luckily, home tuitions are not the only option: it is possible to take online classes via the Internet.

Superprof allows you to discover a means to take private tuitions online with a teacher to help you with your schoolwork, which is essential during this time of crises. We are also going to cover the price for such type of classes, the difference between a private class and a normal class, necessary materials such as great applications and websites to continue learning!

A class teacher
Teaching is considered as one of the most reputed jobs in India. Source: Times of India

Indeed, on the Superprof website, more than millions of visitors per month are looking to find a tutor in our database of nearly 11 million teachers around the world, ready to give classes to some 15 million students around the world every month.

So just go to the Superprof page, type in your subject and city to find the teaching experts that will suit you best. These teachers usually teach at home, but in this period of lockdown, they accept to do private online classes while teaching in a joyful and cheerful atmosphere.

For example, if you are looking for a math course in Mumbai, you would type "Maths" in the subject search field and "Mumbai" in the address, city or neighborhood search field.

It's that easy to find courses for the subjects you want to improve!

These tutoring courses are available in the 28 countries where Superprof is present.

In addition, 95% of our teachers offer their first hour of classes for free, and it is ideal to try out a teacher before committing to one. The average price is ₹600 per hour for a private class and Superprof does not take any commission on this amount. It is the same for a home teacher as it is for an online course.

In order to benefit from Superprof's services, you will need to purchase the Student Pass which costs ₹699 per month in India during the lockdown, an amount that you will not have to pay in the long term once you have found your teacher. Your webcam classes are therefore insured with Superprof, once you have found your teacher.

Lockdown: Why opt for private classes via webcam?

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A private tutor nurtures a child’s focus in a better way. Source: The Indian Express

As all schools are shut down during the period of lockdown, pupils cannot benefit from their usual school hours in their school. School classes are the most important part of education, whether it is Maths, English, Physics and chemistry.

Fortunately, there are school-support organisations such as Superprof. Every private teacher can give classes to students, both middle school and high school students, in their homes using the webcam as a tool to contact each other to revise.

Of course, this implies that there are many differences from the normal classes at home.

The first of these differences is that distance private classes are individual as opposed to group lessons given in class. This allows for better educational support because the teacher can concentrate on a single student instead of spreading out their attention over a class of 20 to 30 students.

The second difference concerns the subject matter of the courses which is a the choice taken by each student: they can choose their classes to be in the form of a tutoring programme set up by the teacher but they can also get a teacher to function as a helping hand with their homework.

Finally, private tutoring can be used as a revision course for the student.

Those who have difficulties in class can be accompanied on their journey by teachers who are specialists in pedagogy and academic tutoring. Normal classes usually do not allow a student to focus on the points he or she has misunderstood during the school lessons: private classes via webcam can do this.

What materials do I need to take an online course?

write a book or create an impressive report
Adequate material is necessary for online classes to be successful.

For middle and high school students who are looking to take online courses, it is necessary to have a schedule as well as adequate material so that they can have an uninterrupted dialogue with the tutor at a distance. Every teacher who offers online classes also has this basic equipment for the smooth running of distance learning courses.

The first tool you will need is a webcam on your computer. This is because a class cannot take place without the teacher and student being able to see each other. The webcam is usually included in all laptops you can buy, but if it is a fixed computer, you will need to buy a separate one.

The second tool needed to take private online classes is a microphone. Again, it is usually included in all computers. However, you will need to do some testing before you start taking distance courses as some microphones do not work well.

It is important that the microphone works well so that the dialogue between the student and the teacher can take place!

You will need a good internet connection to be able to contact the teacher. We suggest that you have a good connection and this goes through your internet subscription. As a general rule, it is better to have a fast working broadband connection so that there is no interference between you and your teacher.

Another tool that will be essential to communicate with your teacher is an online discussion platform. There are several that you can download from the internet, such as Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or Discord. These tools are necessary to get in touch with the teacher and will require a microphone and a webcam.

Finally, we do not need to tell you that it will be necessary for the student to have written notes for the classes and homework that the teacher will give him or her. If you have the possibility to use notebooks for a better follow-up of the classes, or take blank sheets of paper to write down everything your teacher will teach you.

To summarize, here is a list of the tools you will need to take online courses:

A webcam,
A microphone that works,
A good internet connection (broadband recommended),
A platform for discussion,
Notebooks or sheets for taking notes.

With all this material at your disposal, you will have no trouble getting in touch with a teacher who gives private classes!

Complementing online tutoring with applications and websites

Which are the best guitar apps?
Complete your learning experience via websites and applications

Taking online tutoring with a teacher is a very good initiative, but it can be complemented by the use of websites and downloadable applications to optimise your learning experience in all subjects. Many of these are free of charge and can help and complement private tuition.

Here is a list of free sites that may be useful to you:

Khan Academy

If you need your academic results to be optimal and you like intensive work, then take advantage of this period of lockdown to go to these websites. On these online tutoring websites you will find revision sheets, exam papers, video or audio courses and summaries of courses that follow different education curriculums such as CBSE, ICSE, etc.

You can also take advantage of the applications to improve your skills in different subjects, from  Maths to Science to History-Geography. To do this, you will need to have a working smartphone and an internet connection. You won't need to pay to access them as they are mostly free.

Here is a list of free applications that may be useful to you:

Khan Academy

With these sites and applications, you will benefit from substantial tutoring assistance that will complement the courses provided by your private online teacher, so you will have no trouble passing your exams when the lockdown is over!

Find out also how to resist distractions during lessons at home!

You now know everything you need to know to take private lessons at a distance thanks to Superprof. For more information on online courses, you can consult our other articles. You can also take private classes on our site through getting in touch with a teacher!

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