A decade ago, online education in India was nothing more than a fantasy. Most of the Indian parents were of the opinion that traditional teaching methods are the best. But who said opinions cannot be changed? As per the latest reports, India volunteers the third-largest e-learning market in the world after the USA and China. The registrations in online courses have also increased by 70% in the last 12 months. The new start-ups and online platforms have opened doors to various online jobs.

With the “Digital India” initiative of the government, the online education infrastructure is also developing in recent days. In such a rapidly growing sector, finding jobs online is not a big deal. However, retaining the job and assuring sustainable growth in the field requires advanced skills and in-depth knowledge.

With online teaching, one can easily earn a lot of money. Even if you are pursuing a degree, you can sign up as an assistant teacher.

Take a degree to start as a teacher
The e-learning platform offers many online courses to students across the world. Source: techcrunch.com

Useful Tips For Online Teaching

Just like online retail, you can also start an online tutoring service. While in the retail sector, you will need an online retail assistant and online retail sales executive but here, one requires learn how to teach.

Use Text Slides

In a physical classroom, teachers keep writing pointers on the blackboard so that students can look at it for reference. The same method should be followed in online classes. Make PowerPoint slides on the topic you will explain in the class and let students view details. Refer to the slides through the screen sharing option while explaining it. This would make your teaching more impactful, offering you to earn better.

Interact With The Students

Students find nothing is as easy as bunking online classes. A student can easily disappear from his screen after logging in the class. This would go unnoticed if you do not interact with all the students present in the class. Keep calling their names anonymously and see if they respond or not. Ask the students to explain the topic in their own way. Constant interaction will keep them occupied during the class.

Reveal Your Expectations

Talk to your students about what kind of performance you expect from them. Tell them about how they can improve in studies and how it would benefit you along with them. Doing this would create a positive pressure upon them as they would know that their teacher is expectant of them.

Voice Modulation

Keep modulating your voice while you are explaining something. The expression of your voice would play a vital role in improving your online teaching skills. As you would not be physically present in the class, your students would judge your explanation power by only hearing your voice. Online teaching jobs require a good amount of soft skills training. Moreover, maintaining a monotonous tone of voice can become very boring and irritating in the long run.

Record Your Classes

A recorded online class can be beneficial for you as well as your students. Students can refer to the class whenever they face any doubts regarding the topic. For you, the recorded class can act as a mirror of your performance. If you are new in the e-learning business, you should positively review your classes and make acute observations. This would allow you to improve yourself as a teacher. You can also refer to it for planning the content of your next class.

Besides, there are many social media platforms

Take Breaks

Take a 5-10 minutes break between the class hours so that it does not become very stressful. Continuous online lectures can strain a student’s energy and make him disinterested in the class. Even if you are not teaching any academic subject, you should take a break. Talk to your students about general topics during the time. Give some motivational tips that would encourage them. Online classes can be extremely boring if not conducted in a balanced way. Thus, you need to constantly catch the attention of your students in order to engage them in the class.

An online teacher
Interactive online classes turn out to be the most fruitful ones. Source: Indianexpress.com

Keep Yourself Visible

You should not keep your camera off during the online class. A teacher’s presence is very important to a student for being active in the class. Your facial expressions can positively affect your verbal communication. You should understand the importance of non-verbal communication to effectively use it. No student would enjoy a class that is only audible to him. Keep yourself visible to your students and use appropriate expressions to make an impactful speech.

Give Assignments

It is absolutely important to assess the students’ performance to understand what and how much they are learning. For this, you should keep giving them weekly assignments and home tasks. A simple 20-questions quiz or a written activity can effectively engage the students in the learning process. Students keep looking for challenging tasks and activities in order to prove themselves. You should channelise their will power in the right direction to get maximum benefits.

Connect Emotionally

Your students should not be afraid of you or be intimidated by your presence. Every person looks for a friend in their home tutor so that they can enjoy the learning process. Establishing a friendly bond with the students can definitely help you in your teaching career.

As they say, the love of a teacher is as pure as that of parents. Students would be automatically attracted to your online lessons if they find a friend in you.

Adapt To Virtual Class Environment

If you are new to online teaching jobs, it is important for you to get familiar with the virtual class environment. In India, there are many middle-aged teachers who are best in their field with a lot of experience. However, not all of them are gadget-friendly because of which they are unable to conduct online classes. If you are one of them, you should learn how to operate digital devices. Also, enhancing your MS-office skills is very important. You should know how to prepare PowerPoint presentations and text slides. Since these are used as the reference to a topic while teaching, making attractive slides should be known to you.

Regular online assessments can improve the performance of students. Source: aptitudetest.com

A student practicing
Regular online assessments can improve the performance of students. Source: aptitudetest.com

Focus On Enhancement

Every individual should keep a fixed focus on enhancing his own skills. The social media age tells us how much is going in and around the world. You would find yourself lost in this league if you put a full stop on your learning process. Teaching jobs demand constantly active brains who can keep modifying themselves as per the changes in the educational sectors.

Like a decade ago, none of us could think of taking e-learning platforms as a career option. However, the example can be made up of online retail or e-commerce. Today online retail is a great success and is no less than the offline market. In fact with a few customer-centric offers like bonus scheme and cash rewards, it is being preferred by shoppers.

But since these cash rewards online are not possible for education, one can make a class more interesting by creating competition and reward for the topper.

Find Your Online Job Through Adverts

A very common question that arises while thinking of e-learning platforms is, how to become an online tutor in India? The process is very simple and there are plenty of options that are available in the market. Local newspapers, online advertisement, adverts posting on social media platforms, etc. can be looked up to for finding online jobs. However, if you advertise through the newspaper, you will be charged money. So, it is better not t pay if you have free options like Superprof for starting your online classes.

It is an online platform which you can use for finding students. There are plenty of students who keep looking for online tutors for taking one-on-one online classes. Superprof has successfully connected millions of students to their desired online tutors. The best part is, you can connect to any place on earth. For instance, you can a teacher based in London to teach you English.

The process is very simple and hassle-free. Once you decide to sign-up for this work home service, you will need to create a teacher’s account.

Superprof offers a range of tutoring options to start home jobs like teaching musical instruments, dancing, singing, painting, yoga and academic subjects from school to college level. Choose the right platform for showcasing your skills. You would be able to establish your online teaching career in no time!

A child with a laptop
Children understand their lessons easily through the visual learning process. Source: gonewsindia.com

Online platforms are offering various opportunities to tutors and skilled youngsters around the world. In India, this e-learning platform is rapidly growing with new start-ups, working home opportunities and innovative ideas. A few days ago, online jobs and home-based jobs included work like data entry, a sales role, online retail assistant, etc.

People also used to take an active part in home-based sales, which required scheme cash rewards, month commission OTE, bonus scheme cash, etc. But today online retail offers more convenient customer service.

A growing industry like this is welcoming sharp minds with open hands. Just choose the right platform for showcasing your talent. Keep your focus on being a better online tutor and you would definitely be able to establish yourself in this field.

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